One Night in Shelbyville

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My brother’s a cop. I’m a sucker for a man in uniform.

Warning: This is primarily an incest story, but it has elements of exhibitionism, group sex, and reluctance in it. It’s written for the story event One Night in XXX.


I had returned home to Shelbyville, Indiana, for the marriage of my cousin. She was a double cousin, actually, since my father was the brother of her mother, and my mother was the sister of her father. She looked like my twin.

I grew up in Shelbyville, but I was one of the few who got out, moving to Chicago for college, eventually graduating, and then staying there. Chicago has a great bar scene. In fact, I can’t imagine any city, anywhere, having a better one.

Shelbyville in contrast is a small town in Southeastern Indiana, and most people knew it for the speed traps on Interstate 74 for ten miles north and south of the Shelbyville exits. Nobody knew it for its bar scene. There were bars, to be sure, but not the type a horny girl might go to in the hopes of meeting a nice guy and getting laid. Not that type at all. Not even a little bit.

My older brother Ethan was one of the cops who would give you a ticket even if you were only two miles per hour over the limit, unless of course you lived in Shelbyville. If you lived in Shelbyville, he’d ticket you if you were foolish enough to try to drive home after getting as drunk as a skunk at one of the bars. The arrival of Uber and the like in Shelbyville gave Ethan the moral high ground: Even if a guy had driven to the bar, he could always take an Uber home if he was, shall we say, a wee bit too intoxicated.

The best hotel in Shelbyville is the Holiday Inn Express, and the out of town guests at the wedding were all lodged there. I had to get to town the day before the wedding, because my double cousin Debbie, the bride, had made me a bridesmaid, and there were rehearsals and the like.

I couldn’t believe the dresses the bridesmaids had to wear. It reminded me I was once again in deep Indiana. Aren’t empire waists out of style? Try wearing a strapless empire waist dress if you’ve got a large rack, okay? It’s not pretty, it makes you look fat, even possibly pregnant, and it’s no fun, unless you’re my brother making fun of me.

The paranoid side of me thought that Debbie deliberately chose empire waist dresses for the bridesmaids so that we would all look fat and ugly. Maybe it was her revenge upon me for having a rack that all the men loved, and which she just didn’t have?

That one time, when I got drunk and stoned and entered a wet T shirt contest at the sleazy girlie bar up the road in Indianapolis is a case in point. Debbie never got over that. Neither did her fiancé Mike, who voted for me even if I didn’t win, despite my showing of my boobs and flashing my pussy, and Debbie never forgave me for that, either.

I found it ironic that my double cousin Debbie was marrying her half-brother Mike. I don’t think she even knew Mike was her half-brother, because nobody knew that Debbie’s father Zachary, my uncle, had secretly knocked up Mike’s Mom Eileen, back when she was a high schooler waitress at the local coffee shop.

As soon as Eileen had learned she was pregnant, she put out for Sam, who had long had a crush on her. Eileen told Sam she had given him her virginity. In reality, Sam was around six or seven men too late to get the gift of her virginity, but he was young and gullible. She next told him that he was the father and he did the honorable thing and married her. Personally, I think Sam was thrilled to land a sexpot such as Eileen. The woman had the reputation of being heaven incarnate in bed. Life is complicated in Shelbyville, but Eileen played Sam the way Itzhak Perlman plays the violin.

Mike is a great guy, by the way. He has a great cock and he is a great fuck. Maybe inherited his sexual talent from his Mom? Debbie also doesn’t know that Mike and I got it on a few times during my slutty teenage years in high school. Well, I guess we got it on a tad more than a ‘few times.’

You know how it is with sex when you’re a teenager and the guy is good in bed, good in the back of his car, good in the woods, good in a changing booth at the local pool, and well, only okay in the deep-water section of that same local pool, good in the boys’ bathroom on the second floor of your schoolhouse, and well, good in all sorts of places.

I really liked Mike but when my Uncle Zachary told me the secret that Mike in reality was my first cousin, I dropped him like a lead balloon; or was it a hot potato? Incest was just not my cup of tea, and it freaked me out to be fucking my first cousin. Anyway, Mike didn’t know what’d hit him. I was only fifteen at the time, and it was all just too much for me at that age. I’ve kept Uncle Zachary’s secret ever since.

If Uncle Zachary were still alive, I’m sure he would have tried to stop Debbie and Mike from marrying. What kind of man would want his son to marry his daughter? Alack and alas, however, he was a victim of the opioid epidemic. There are a lot ataşehir escort bayan of victims of that epidemic in Indiana, I’m sorry to say. Mike’s Mom Eileen should have been the one to have told him, or she could have told Debbie. I suspect, however, she was afraid of losing the love of her long-suffering husband Sam.

Sam put up with a lot, as Eileen had a lot of trouble keeping men out of her panties, even during her marriage. If Sam were to discover that, on top of her infidelities, his marriage to Eileen was based on a lie, well even though he was still crazy about her, who knows how he might have reacted?

Anyway, maybe Eileen did tell Debbie or Mike, and they just don’t care? My point is, I felt that the night before the wedding was just too damn late for me to be sticking my nose into their love and marriage, even if they were, perhaps in all ignorance, brother and sister. The marriage, after all, was imminent. I did wish, however, that I could feel more confident in my judgment in this regard.

The Holiday Inn Express is a nice hotel, clean and correct, even if the walls between rooms could use a bit more soundproofing. I’m a light sleeper, and the bedroom fun of the couple next door woke me up around 2AM. Boy, could that woman moan! I heard a discussion after the sex, and the man was getting dressed, preparing to go home. So he was local? Then the woman said that she, too, had better go home.

What fun! Both of the lovers were local! To my way of thinking, that meant only one thing. There was a good reason their liaison could not be in either one’s home. There could be many reasons, but the obvious one was that they were both cheating. How delicious, I thought. Hey, maybe I know one of them?

I threw on some clothes, not even bothering with a bra and panties in my haste, and went down to the lobby with a book. If they left the hotel, each one would have to pass by me. I sat there, pretending to be reading my book. If anyone asked, I would just point out I was temporarily escaping from being forced to listen to the amorous noise coming from the room next door to mine.

The two illicit lovers did indeed pass me, too, on their ways out. What I saw truly surprised me.

The great moaner was my own Mom, and the man was her brother, my Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack left first, with his head down, his John Deere hat pulled down over his forehead, and he didn’t even look at me, so he certainly did not recognize me. When my mother came through the lobby five minutes later, on her way out, she saw me, and her face turned egg shell white.

“Hi Mom,” I said. “Sorry if I gave you a fright. Couldn’t sleep, you know.”

“I can explain, Nancy,” she said.

“No need,” I said. “It’s part of life. You don’t know it, but I fucked quite a few of the boys in my senior class of high school. You’re entitled to have fun, too.”

“I knew all about you in high school, Nancy. All the men called you the Shelbyville Slut, and they all fantasized about having their turn with you,” my Mom said.

“How charming,” I said. “Thanks for the warning. It’s a little late though, don’t you think?” I didn’t tell Mom, but a few of those old guys who lusted for my lithe teenage body at the time, acted upon their desires, and I obliged them. Back then, I was that type of girl.

“I suppose so. It should be a nice wedding tomorrow, glad you came,” Mom said.

“How could I miss the wedding of my double cousin?” I asked, rhetorically.

“Yes, well I must be going,” Mom said. “See you tomorrow, then.”

I don’t know why I said it. Perhaps it was because I hate my Mom? I do, you know. She was a total bitch of a mother. Anyway, I said it. “How is Uncle Jack in bed?”

Mom again turned as white as a sheet. “You know?”

“For how long have you been doing your brother, Mom?”

“Shh! Keep it down!” she whispered.

“For how long?” I repeated.

“That’s none of your business, my dear,” my Mom said.

“I know, but you probably want me to keep it a secret, so tell me: For how long?”

There was a long silence. Our eyes locked and we stared at each other. I guess Mom was evaluating my threat. She knew she had to tell me something. I figured she was trying to decide what to tell me. She ended up telling me the truth. Remember, Indiana is a farm state.

“I was fourteen and your Uncle Jack was sixteen when we began,” my Mom said. “We’ve never stopped.” Life is full of surprises. Suddenly I was scared.

“Is Uncle Jack my biological father?” I asked, terrified of the possible answer. Nobody wants to be the child of an incestuous coupling.

Mom visibly relaxed. “No, of course not, dear. Jack and I are always careful. Now I really must go. Your Dad’s shift ends in a half hour.”

“Are you going to fuck him tonight, too, Mom?” I asked.

“That’s definitely, absolutely, and totally none of your business!” Mom said, whispering but making it sound as if she were yelling. Her fear and shame had morphed into anger.

“Are you?” I asked.

“Positively escort kadıköy not your business!”

“I know, but are you?”

Mom’s shoulders sagged. She looked defeated. She sighed. “He’ll expect it,” Mom said.

I giggled, remembering Mom’s moans when Dad would fuck her at 4AM when he got off the graveyard shift at work. He fucked her every single night, and Mom dutifully moaned. Mom knew Dad loved it when she moaned. I learned well from Mom, and I moan for all my lovers, too.

Mom relaxed when I giggled. She gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips and she left to go put out for her husband, also known as my Dad. I figured Uncle Jack used a rubber, so Mom would not be sloppy for Dad. But who really knew how kinky Dad might be? Maybe he likes sloppy seconds? I developed a rule growing up in Shelbyville, adapted from Matthew 7:1: judge not, lest you get too freaked out!

I went back to my room, but at 4AM there was a gentle knock at my door. Who comes a knocking at 4AM? I figured it was not Edgar Allan Poe’s raven. I looked out the peephole and it was my brother Ethan, of the State Police, just finishing his own graveyard shift of giving tickets to speed demons on I-74.

I sleep in the nude, so I threw on a long T shirt. My nipples poked at the shirt, and it’s possible my dark bush could be seen through the thin white fabric. I shrugged, since after all it’s only my brother, and I opened the door. Ethan rushed into my room. “I have to talk to you, Nancy! You’re the only one I can trust. I don’t know what to do!”

“I thought you’d be fucking some drunk speedster sexpot by now, Ethan,” I said, knowing that he gave the Holiday Inn Express a lot of business, as women would be desperate not to get yet another speeding ticket, or more likely an OWI arrest. (OWI is Hoosier for ‘operating while intoxicated.’)

Ethan really liked that benefit of his job, I’m quite sure. I once overheard him telling his friend Tim of the different sexual antics that women were willing to get up to, in order to avoid the long arm of the law. Instead, as Ethan told it, they avoided the long arm of the law only often to get the long cock of the lawman.

“This is serious, Nancy. The wedding is tomorrow!”

“I know, Ethan. That’s why I’m here. I’m a bridesmaid, remember?” I replied.

“I know that. I’m the best man, remember?” he said, trying to outdo my sarcasm.

I giggled. My brother, the best man? I was pretty sure he fucked our double cousin Debbie, the blushing bride, every chance he got. My Mom called me the Shelbyville Slut, and maybe I was, too, but I couldn’t compare to the blushing bride Debbie! If I was the Shelbyville Slut, then she was the Shelbyville Slut on Steroids.

Debbie gave true meaning to the word slut! I was a rank amateur compared to my sweet little double cousin. I was sure the unfortunate Mike had no idea Ethan had carnal knowledge of his blushing bride, when he asked Ethan to be his best man.

Mike also probably didn’t know, even if everyone else did, that maybe half of the men slated to attend the wedding had carnal knowledge of Debbie, and the other half were hoping to acquire their own carnal knowledge of Debbie, once she was married! Maybe, though, marriage would change Debbie’s nature of not being able to say no? Yeah, right. Sure.

“I would have loved to have seen the bachelor’s party,” I said. “Who was the girl who did the show? Teena?”

“Yeah, it was Teena,” Ethan said. “Don’t get that face. We paid her two thousand big ones. She earned it, too.”

Teena was my best friend in high school but she was a prude. I was being sarcastic when I suggested the entertainment had been Teena. She did have a hot body but I had thought she would never strip for a bunch of horny men. Well, people change, don’t they? Two kilo dollars is a lot of green, too, especially in Shelbyville, where nobody ever seems to have enough green.

“All she did was strip, right? Nobody molested her, right?” I asked. Poor Teena, I thought! It made me sick to think about what she now felt she had to do to earn some money.

“Oh, come on, Nancy! You know the groom has to have a little fun at those events!”

“A blowjob? She gave Mike a blowjob??” I asked, incredulous. It would have been with the others watching, too, and probably she would have been naked, on top of it all. How degrading!

“A blowjob and a fuck,” Ethan said.

“And you watched Mike fuck Teena??” I was outraged. I was sick to my stomach.

“Everyone did. That’s the way those parties work, Nancy. Don’t play the high and mighty innocent to me!” my loving brother said. “Besides, Teena gets around, you know?”

“You’ve fucked Teena too??” I asked, getting angrier and angrier. Ethan didn’t have to answer; I could see the answer on his face.

“Look, Nancy, don’t be so high and mighty. Didn’t you fuck the groom Mike back in 10th grade? Or was it 9th grade? How many times did you put out for him?” my charming brother Ethan asked.

I didn’t answer, I just threw a pillow at him. Very mature, bostancı escort I know.

“Why did you come to my room at 4AM?” I asked him.

“I know something special about Mike and Debbie, and it’s driving me nuts. If I tell them they might quash the wedding, and hate me forever. And if I don’t tell them, and they find out, they’ll also hate me forever,” my brother said.

“You mean that they’re brother and sister and don’t know it?” I asked.

Ethan almost fainted. “You know, too?”

“Mike’s Dad told me when I was hot and heavy with Mike. Mike is our first cousin after all, even if he doesn’t know it. I was fucking my first cousin. Too bad, too, since he’s a great fuck. Debbie’s a lucky girl,” I said.

“How can you say such a thing?” Ethan said. He was shocked, incredulous.

“Oh, come on, Ethan, a little incest is not such a big thing these days. For example, don’t you think I’m sexy?” I knew Ethan had been staring at my boobs, through my thin, partially transparent T shirt, and almost drooling when I would shift positions and ‘accidentally’ flash him my pussy.

“You’re my sister, Nancy. Yes, you’re sexy, but it doesn’t matter. It’s different, because you’re my sister,” Ethan said.

“Really?” I said, my voice heavy with sarcasm. Ethan didn’t answer and avoided my eyes.

“If I may perseverate a bit, wasn’t it incest when you fucked Debbie all those times?” I said.

Ethan just looked at me.

“What? Do you really think I didn’t know?” I asked.

“That’s different. Debbie’s a double cousin, sure, but you’re my sister, for Pete’s sake,” Ethan said.

“Oh, we’re talking about degrees of incest? Quite a nuance, if you ask me,” I said.

“Stop showing off your fancy college education, Nancy, with words like perseverate and nuance,” Ethan said. He always was a bit defensive about having not gone to college.

“You look sexy as hell in your uniform, you know. I do love a man in uniform. Especially one with a hard body like yours, Ethan,” I said, as I swayed my body suggestively. I figured that remark should remove Ethan’s annoyance with my vocabulary. I love Ethan and I didn’t want him to be mad at me.

“Nancy, are you trying to seduce me?” Ethan asked.

“No, silly boy. I’m just making a point, that incest can be fun. You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you?” I said. I lifted my T shirt, just a little, exposing some pubic hair. My legs were tightly together so all Ethan saw was a little part of the edge of my bush, but it was enough. The consequence was a rather prominent bulge in his sexy uniform.

Ethan didn’t answer, so I asked again, “You’re thinking of throwing me down and fucking me, aren’t you, brother of mine?” I said, and I winked.

Ethan still didn’t answer.

I lifted my T shirt and flashed him my boobs. “Now are you thinking of fucking me, Ethan?”

Ethan was still paralyzed. Was my poor brother in shock?

“How about now?” I asked yet again, this time standing and lifting my T shirt up to my neck, moving my legs apart in a wide stance, brazenly showing Ethan all my goodies. Ethan’s eyes got big. I let my T shirt fall back down after the ‘flash.’

“It’s not much different than when you used to spy on me in the shower. Did you enjoy watching my boobs grow, getting bigger each year? One time I masturbated in the shower just for you, my handsome voyeur of a brother. Did you enjoy that? And then there was the time when John Wilson was fucking me in my room, and you watched us fuck via your spy cam. Was that fun?” I was letting Ethan have it.

Seeing Ethan’s shock, I said, “Yes, Ethan, I knew about your spy cam. That’s why I used to undress for bed so slowly and sexily. I was giving you a show. I pretended I was one of those web cam girls, you know? Did you enjoy my little shows, you horndog of a brother? Did you like it when I would stroke my pussy before it disappeared under the covers? Did it make you hard?”

“What? How? You knew? …Why…” Ethan was flummoxed beyond speech.

“I knew everything, my lovely pervert of a brother. All of us girls put on shows for our peeping Tom brothers. We used to get together and giggle about it, and compare tactics. I’ll bet you got together with Bill and Doug and compared notes. Did you also share your cam videos with each other? How did I compare to their sisters? Admit it, Ethan, you want to fuck me now, don’t you?” I asked.

“I know you fucked Bill’s and Doug’s sisters. They told me. Did you know Bill and Doug fucked me after you showed them your cam videos of me? All your friends fucked me at one time or another. You’re the only one who’s missed out. Too bad for you. I’m told I’m a great fuck, and that I’m great in all three holes, too. It’s something about how very wet I get, how my pussy grabs the man’s cock, and how I’m up for most any perversion the man wants, you know? Your friends’ sisters told me, though, that you’re a straight missionary kind of guy.”

I paused. I thought Ethan’s cop uniform pants might burst open at any minute. It must have been painful for him to be that hard. I then let him have it. “Your friends Doug and Bill, though, their sexual tastes are kinky! Doug is an ass man, if you know what I mean, and Bill likes exhibitionist, risky sex. Did you know that, dear brother?”

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