One Hell of a Saleswoman

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I used to frequent a message board, now defunct, for people who get off on incest. One of the forums was for incest-related photos. The story that follows was inspired by one such picture. The last three words of the story are the caption that accompanied the picture.


I run a successful home-remodeling company. I started it with my then-wife Lauren, who left me for her Tai Chi instructor a while back. After our daughter Donna finished college, I gave her a job in sales, and she proved to be damn good at it. A little over a year ago, we were exhibitors at a home improvement expo on the other side of the state. She’s taken on other responsibilities since I hired her, and she made the reservations for us. I did worry that she was getting so comfortable living in the same house that she wouldn’t “launch,” to use the phrase from a few years back.

We carried our bags to the check-in desk and Donna asked for our pass keys. I won’t try to give you the entire exchange verbatim, but somehow they had only reserved a single room for the two of us. Donna insisted that she had reserved separate rooms for each of us. “I even asked for two that were next to each other,” she added.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Estes, but the reservation is one room for double occupancy,” the clerk said.

Donna protested, “It’s Miss. Frank is my dad, not my husband. I distinctly remember telling you—I mean, the reservation agent, not you personally—that we needed rooms, plural.”

“Be that as it may, the reservation is what it is. We always send a confirmation e-mail. But let me look at it more closely. The reservation was made—Oh. No surprise there. The agent who handled your call no longer works for us.”

I could see that Donna was ready to strangle him, so I interceded. “Mistakes happen. Just get us two rooms, preferably a suite.”

“I’d like to, but we’re completely booked tonight. Here’s what I can do. Your reservation is for three nights. If a room becomes available, I can put one of you in there. In the meantime, I’ll let my manager know what happened, and he has the authority to do something to make it up to you.”

I looked at Donna and nodded. Donna told him, “I guess that’ll have to do.”

“Here are your pass keys, and again let me apologize on behalf of the Prince Edward.” He handed the pass keys to Donna, who gave one to me, and we took our luggage to our room on the fifth floor. Personally, I was more annoyed at our distance from the exhibition floor than I was at having to share a room with my daughter.

I started to think that I shouldn’t have asked her to come with me to this convention halfway across the state, not because I doubted her word about the call, but because we were going to be in closer quarters than we normally are at the house. Then I remembered that she had volunteered to come with me. She’d probably regret it now.

To make matters worse, the room had only one bed, and there wasn’t room for another. We both changed into clean clothes so we could set up our booth and grab some dinner afterward. When we came back, my back was hurting so I took an ibuprofen and lay down. Donna said she was going to the hotel’s gym to work out her frustration. I was asleep when she got back.

We got leads from several people the first day, so it was off to a good start. We ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, which wasn’t fancy, but it was nice. The whole day was enough to make Donna forget our accommodations until we got back. As soon as we were inside, she told me, “I need to take a shower so I can relax.”

“I need one too, but you can go first,” I told her. She pulled a medium-size robe off one of the permanent hangers, and she headed into the bathroom. I turned the TV on to see what they had. Immediately I was faced with several adult movies on demand, and I clicked away from them quickly so Donna wouldn’t see the titles. After I heard the weather forecast, I got undressed. When I heard her start the blow dryer, I knew that I had time to take everything off as well as putting the robe on, so I did. Of course she’s seen me in my underwear enough times that I wasn’t really worried.

Donna came out wearing only a towel. She could tell I was staring at her, and she explained, “The robe wasn’t big enough. The towel covers more.”

“No need to explain,” I said, but I tried to look away while I pulled a fresh pair of briefs out of my suitcase. Donna had a baby when she was sixteen and gave it up for adoption. She went from being on the slender side to borderline voluptuous. I tried not to notice, but I knew that guys looked at her admiringly.

I got into the shower and thought about work. Our current accounts-receivable person was about to go on a leave of absence to care for her mother, and I thought about who should take over while she was out. I also wondered whether we’d brought enough fliers. Once I’d finished in the shower and dried off, I put my underwear on and stepped out of the bathroom. Donna was on the left side of the bed, from her point of view, ataşehir escort bayan with the hem of the bedspread just below her neck. I wondered whether she remembered that her mother used to sleep on that side. Something didn’t look right, but I wasn’t sure what.

I turned the last light off. As I pulled up the covers on my side of the bed, I said, “Night, Donna.”

While I was getting under the covers, she answered, “Night, Daddy.”

I pulled the covers up. My briefs were riding up on my left side, so I reached underneath to adjust them. Donna moved to the edge of the bed so I’d have room. When I was done, she came back and put her arms over the bedspread. When I brought my hand up past my waist, I felt skin. I thought, “That’s probably her thigh.” I straightened my leg out to get comfortable, and I felt her knee against mine. The bare skin I felt wasn’t her thigh. I put my hand back underneath. I felt around looking for her wrist and reached over. I hadn’t watched her pack, so I didn’t know whether to expect pajamas, a nightgown or a long T-shirt. I felt her stomach. I pulled back and found her thigh. When I reached over from there, all I felt was more flesh. I turned over, replacing my left hand with my right. Before my hand felt anything, I could feel her bare back against my chest! Now I knew what was amiss earlier—I should have seen straps on her shoulders. I continued the motion of my right hand and felt her bare hip and thigh. I moved it down and felt pubic hair.

I thought I heard Donna giggle before she said, “Hi, Daddy.” I put my palm over her mound, and my middle finger bent a little further in than the others. She hummed her approval.

“Donna …”

“I just wanted to see if you were as straight-laced as you usually act around me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I hear you make semi-lewd jokes with the other staff that you never make around me. You even tell ’em when women are around. Just not me.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No one minds,” she assured me. “I hear you laugh at the same jokes when they make ’em. I’m just saying, there’s a whole area of conversation that doesn’t happen if I’m there. I wanted to see who’s the real you, ‘Daddy’ or ‘Frank’.”

“And?” I probed.

She looked down at the bulge in the blanket where my hand was. “And you haven’t pulled away,” she said.

I could feel my dick getting hard. “Neither have you,” I pointed out.

Donna started to roll over toward me. I scooted back to give her room. We were both lying on our sides. Donna put her hand on my hip, taking the edge of the waistband of my briefs between her fingers. “How long has it been since you had sex?”

I laughed uncomfortably. “I guess that’s that ‘area of conversation,’ isn’t it?” I didn’t want to admit that I had enjoyed some nice afternoons with various female customers over the years. I thought out loud and answered, “Well, it’s been seven years since Lauren left, so … I guess eight.”

Donna pulled my briefs down a little. “That’s too long,” she said.

Once we had them off, I got out of bed, partly to turn a light on and partly to give both of us a chance to change our minds.

Donna wasn’t backing out. She patted my side of the bed and said, “Come on, Daddy.” I jumped on but didn’t try to get on top of her yet. She started stroking my cock.

I returned her gesture, adding, “If it’s been eight years since I had sex, it’s probably been ten since I saw a vagina up close.” I eased her onto her back. I leaned over her and kissed her. She returned the kiss in a very un-daughterly way. I moved down and proceeded to caress her breasts. If we were perverts, we may as well be satisfied perverts. I moved down and sucked each nipple into my mouth. I kissed a line down to her holiest of holies and inhaled the scent.

Donna laughed. She asked, “Is it as good as you remember?” and separated her legs.

“Better, because I didn’t have to beg for it,” I said, and I moved around. She pulled her knees back, and I leaned in closer. I separated her lips and licked another circle just inside them. Now she brought her legs down over my shoulders. I poked my tongue into my daughter’s soft pussy. When the tip touched the back wall, she flinched, bringing her heels to my shoulders. I had to pull out to keep from choking. I joked, “I guess I’m not the only one who’s gone too long without something.”

“Yeah, if you’re measuring it in years,” she said.

“How else would you measure it?”

“Number of times I’ve given since the last time I received.”

“Then you’ve been with the wrong guys,” I said. “Guy.” Awkward silence. “I mean, it’s none of my business how many.”

“I’m with the right one now,” she said. She let out a moan and continued, “That’s all that matters.”

I slid my tongue back in and made a five- or six-pointed star deep inside her walls. I put my lips over her pussy and let the air out until she was flush against my mouth. I ran my tongue along and inside her pussy lips until escort kadıköy I could feel her pulling her heels back again. I didn’t stop until I could feel more juices flowing into my mouth. When I thought she’d finished, I moved up and kissed her on the lips. “And I’m with the right woman,” I added.

I got on my knees and moved in closer. I put my cock over her pussy. I felt a crick in my back and moved my shoulders a little. I moved so much that we weren’t touching any more. I guess Donna misunderstood what I was doing, because she told me, “You can still back out. You won’t hurt my feelings.”

I was glad I’d turned the light on, because I could see her tits and pussy at the same time. I told her honestly, “I’m just enjoying the view. Our health plan was worth every penny, ’cause it paid for your postnatal exercise classes, and I don’t see a single stretch mark.”

“That’s ’cause you don’t have your glasses on,” she said.

“I could see ’em on your mom,” I informed her. “But I don’t wanna think about her right now.”

“Me neither,” Donna agreed. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

The encounters I mentioned earlier were nice, but they were also brief. It wouldn’t be my first fuck in eight years, but it already looked like it would be the longest. I put my cock where it had been before. I moved it back and forth, watching Donna’s flesh engorge as I went. Finally, she reached down and separated her cunt lips. I pulled back one more time and slid inside her velvet pussy. I didn’t thrust the first time; I wanted both of us to savor the moment. When I was in, I came down on top of her.

Donna saw what I was doing and rose a little so I could put my arms around her. She put hers around me and kissed me. I pulled back and thrust a little. She urged me, “Make love to me, Daddy.”

I can never hear that without getting inspired. I went faster and assured her, “I will, I will.” After a couple minutes, I raised myself back up so I could watch her breasts shake while I pounded into her.

Donna ran her fingers up my spine, and I pushed even further inside than I’d been before. I must have touched a sensitive spot, because she squealed, “Oh, Daddy!”


“Come for me, Daddy!”

“I’m about ready,” I assured her. I brought myself back down so we’d both have an extended feeling of my cock rubbing against her pubic bone.

“Oh, God, Daddy, I’m coming!” she shouted. I was glad that the people in the next room had their TV up so loud.

I could feel her muscles contracting around my dick, and I announced, “Me, too, honey!”

I was looking down at this beautiful young woman as she moaned, “Yes! Yes!” My daughter’s womb was filling up with seed from the same source that created her. Her head tilted back while she moaned, and I took the occasion to kiss her neck before her shoulders.

Once we’d finished coming, I lay on her briefly and then pulled out to lie beside her. Donna put her hand over my now soft dick and whispered, “You really like my tits, don’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?” I asked.

“Every other guy seems to,” she said. “Why should you be any different?”

Remembering what was going on, I said, “‘Cause I’m your dad. I’m not supposed to notice them, let alone like ’em.”

She put my hand on her left tit. “Yeah, but we’ve moved beyond that, haven’t we?”

I caressed her tit half-heartedly. With the other hand, I found her pussy and moved my finger inside. “That’s an understatement,” I answered. I moved it in and out, and she arched her back. I added a second finger, and she got on all fours. “Hey, I can’t see your tits from here,” I said. This was the first time I’d said “tits” in front of her. It wouldn’t be the last. I pulled on her left thigh, and she rolled onto her back.

Donna scooted up so her legs were on either side of me. “This what you had in mind?” she asked.

“Even better,” I said. I traced a circle around her pussy with my index finger. I put it to my nose and I could smell the sweet and sour mixture of our juices, along with that sweaty smell that’s only erotic when you know where it comes from. I needed to build my strength up again, so I lay back. Donna lay with one breast against my side. I absent-mindedly ran my hand up and down her spine. Without looking at her, I said, “I should have asked you this earlier, but are you protected?”

“You taught me well, Dad,” she said. “I put a diaphragm in before we left in case I met someone I liked at the convention.” She laughed.

“Did you meet anyone?” I joked.

Donna looked at me, apparently not picking up on my tone. She got up and sat on my legs. She pointed my cock up and stroked it a few times. “No, everyone I’ve met I knew before.” She straightened up and pointed the head at her pussy. She rose up on her knees and came down, swallowing my cock inside her pussy.

I put my hands on her hips and said, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Donna sat up straight, but she went up and down on my cock, making sure her tits swayed bostancı escort from side to side. “It’s okay. I still had a good time.”

“Found a hot stud, did you?”

Donna slowed down to tell me, “Define ‘found.’ He’s been here all along, and I just never noticed before.”

She picked up the pace again, and I told her, “I’m gonna come again.”

She mashed herself down on my crotch and said, “Good!” She put her hands in the air like the women I’ve seen in religious ecstasy.

I put my hands up, and when Donna brought hers down, she grasped mine. I lowered my arms to bring her down on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her waist. Not only did it keep my cock deep inside her cunt, but I could feel her breasts against my chest. I was so caught up in the two sensations that I barely noticed her kissing me. That changed when she opened her mouth. It had been a while since I had a sincere, passionate kiss, but I knew to open my mouth in return. My daughter’s tongue felt so good on mine that I felt like I was having an epiphany. I wanted to tell her I love her, but you’re supposed to love your kids anyway. Instead, when she pulled out, I told her, “I’m so glad they only had one room.”

“You’re just saying that ’cause you’re sharing it with a woman half your age.”

I corrected her. “A beautiful woman half my age.”

“I was teasing you, Dad. I’m glad too. I was afraid you’d get mad at me for not checking the confirmation e-mail.” She kissed me again and rolled onto her side. I moved back to my side of the bed and let this beautiful lady fall asleep next to me, where she belonged.

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of something on my dick. I opened my eyes and saw Donna’s profile. She stopped licking my shaft long enough to say, “Morning, Daddy.”

“Morning, Angel.”

Donna said, “If it’s been ten years since you got laid, I’m guessing it’s been even longer since …” She interrupted herself to take my cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down. The second time, she stopped with just the head in and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She stroked me a few times while she swirled her tongue across the head.

“My first birthday after we got married,” I told her.

“Holy shit! Not in my lifetime?” she asked incredulously. She took her hand off and took me all the way into her mouth. She bobbed up and down several times, then let me go to say, “I hope it was worth the wait.”

“You don’t have to do this,” I reminded her.

“I want to,” she said, and she went back to licking my shaft.

“Then let me return the favor,” I said.

“Whatever you want, Daddy,” she answered. She swung around so I could see that beautiful pussy again. Last night I had been so eager to dive in that I ignored her bush. I wouldn’t really call it a bush, though. She shaved it barely the length of the hairs on my arm, but with her raven hair, it was unmistakable. This time I made a point to sift through it with my tongue before I settled for just the right spot on the ridge of her pussy lips to touch her. As soon as I made contact, the lips separated a little, and I was able to slide up and down to open them further. I tongue-fucked her while I rubbed her clit. When I rubbed it just the right way, she arched her back and lost my dick momentarily. Feeling the cool air on my dick for just a few seconds was actually a bit of a turn-on, and she was greeted with an iron shaft when she returned. That seems to have made her even more enthusiastic. I could feel her lips as she moved up and down.

“Yes, yes,” I said, trying not to be heard outside the room. “Suck your daddy’s hard cock.”

Donna lowered her hips and replied, “Eat your little girl’s moist pussy.”

“Deal,” I said, and I was able to delve even deeper. Just to make it that much more arousing, I wondered how many other men’s tongues had touched the flesh mine was touching. Then I remembered what she’d said the night before. Those other bastards didn’t know how lucky they were.

Donna was trembling while she said, “Daddy! Daddy!”

“I hate to ask now, but do you swallow?”

“For you I will,” she answered. I couldn’t warn her any sooner. I could tell she didn’t have me in her mouth when I started coming. She tried to make a show of swallowing the cum as it shot into the air, but soon she was trembling too.

Once we’d served each other the morning juice, Donna rolled off me and told me, “That was the first time I said ‘shit’ in front of you,” she laughed.

“Among other words,” I said. “Some I liked more than others.”

Donna looked smug and asked, “Well in that case, do you wanna fuck me again?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I said. I tried to climb on top of her, but she scrambled off the bed.

“Catch me!” she said. She headed for the sliding door that led to the balcony. This naked woman was as beautiful from behind as she was from the front. Her hair came down almost to her waist, which I find a huge turn-on. I wondered if that was part of why we made so many sales the day before. I didn’t want us to get arrested, though, so I got to her as quickly as possible. It was obvious that she slowed down deliberately to make sure I caught her. I put my arms around her and pulled her to the wall between the chair and the desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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