One Big Happy Family Ch. 01

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* DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, mutual masturbation, voyeurism and fingering. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. All characters and scenarios are completely fictional, all characters involved are of legal age, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Megan was your typical 18-year-old: she enjoyed going out with her friends, she went to school to finish her mid-level education and was anticipating going to college, and she loved shopping. In some ways, though, she was quite exceptional: she had a high IQ and wanted to pursue a career in science, she was also highly athletic, and… she was having constant exploratory intercourse with her parents that bordered on the pornographic.

She wasn’t always like that. The smart and sporty sides always existed, but the incestuous side, that sprouted very late in life. And that is where our tale begins…

Several months earlier, she and her father Damien were alone together while her mother, Cynthia, was out with her friends at a local restaurant for her weekly girls night out. Her mother usually stayed with one of her friends after these times because they enjoyed their alcohol so Megan knew she wouldn’t see her mother til the next day. Megan’s a petite girl, 5’5″ with long blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Her B-cup tits made sexy curves in her loose shirt, and her bubble butt nicely filled her denim short shorts. Damien, though, was a tall man, 6’3″ with short brown hair, brown eyes and a muscular build. He was a carpenter so he knew how to use his hands.

On this particular night, they were innocently watching TV in the lounge, a funny home movies-type program, when she decided, it being around 10pm, that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Damien didn’t have to work the next day and wanted a late night so he kissed her goodnight on the forehead and bid her a good sleep.

She went to her room, got undressed and got into bed completely naked. Her small tits jiggled a little as she got comfortable, and her satin sheets rubbing against them started to arouse her and stiffen her pink perky nipples. Usually as soon as she was in bed she would fall asleep, but tonight she felt like entertaining herself.

She slid her hand down her perfect body, feeling her electric touch on her soft silky skin until she reached her tight bald pussy. As she spread her legs and subsequently spread her lips, she began flicking her tiny bud while squeezing her nipples with the other hand. A soft moan escaped her lips as her head arched ever so slightly back into her pillow.

She could feel her warm juices slowly oozing out of her. The feeling she was giving herself was amazing. She began rubbing more vigorously, sliding her wet fingers over her special area and moaning louder and faster. She was sure her dad would hear her if she was any louder so she made a special effort to bite her lip and contain as much as possible the audible pleasures she was releasing.

Suddenly, there was a noise in the lounge. Megan put her hand over her mouth, trying not to make a sound, which was hard since the hand covering her mouth was the same one that was playing with her pussy only moments before. Her fingers were wet and musky, and turning her on even more. As she laid there, listening out for that sound again, her tongue licked her fingers and tasted her sweet clit cream. She let out the softest moan and went back to listening.

What’s that noise? It sounds like… fucking. Is Dad watching porn? Megan was thinking all these things, and her thoughts were getting the best of her. Despite her being naked and dripping wet, she decided to spy on her dad and see if that noise was indeed originating from him.

She quietly opened her bedroom door and snuck down the hallway. The lounge wasn’t too far away so ataşehir escort she didn’t have to go far. The thrill of being naked in the hallway was making her even hornier, and her juices were now uncontrollably flowing from her pussy. Her long hair draped so eloquently over her tits and her nipples were getting pleasured from the gentle sway of each strand. She peeked into the lounge and what she saw shocked her, eyes wide and mouth agape.

Her father was watching porn on her laptop! If that wasn’t enough, the title of the video was “Daddy Fucks Daughter in Ass in Bedroom”. He was watching incest porn! On her laptop! And if that wasn’t enough, she saw that he was jacking his 9″ cock off while smelling a used pair of her panties! He was sniffing them and licking them as he pumped his thick cock and watched daddy/daughter porn.

That’s disgusting, she thought. The idea of her own father getting aroused by his daughter’s used underwear was gross, in her mind. But if she really did think that, why did she catch herself frantically rubbing her pussy while she watched? Could it be that she too was aroused by that thought? Did she really not mind her father getting turned on by smelling between her legs, albeit if he was using a medium to that end, or worse, even excited by the idea? She had to go back to her room before he came, but she was frozen solid, eagerly playing with herself and even fingering herself watching her dad do something so wrong.

She watched his face as he writhed in ecstasy with her panties over his face. His tongue was wrapped around the tiny patch of fabric that touched her pussy, and he was lapping at it like he was dying of thirst and her panties was the only glass of water left in the world. His hand was pumping faster and harder, his big cock standing tall and proud as it got jerked off.

His face contorted into a mess of ecstatic faces as he neared release. Seeing her father this close to orgasm was enough to send her over the edge, and with one swift motion, her fingers dove deep in her pussy and opened the flood gates; her juices were coming out of her like an open faucet.

Within moments of her own orgasm, she saw her father cum, and she was so turned on by what she saw! Long thick ropes of white cum shot up into the air like creamy fireworks, landing on his hand, his legs and her laptop. He was so spent after this quite visual display of exertion that he just laid there, utterly exhausted from his sexual exploits. Before he could look around, Megan quickly made her escape, completely forgetting about the puddle of liquid desire she left in the hallway. She jumped right back into bed as fast and as quietly as she could, a big smile on her face, eager to go to sleep and dream about what she just witnessed.

The next morning, Megan got up, put on her dressing gown and went to see her dad. He was in the hallway, right where she was playing with herself only hours before. The puddle! Fuck!

“Hey Dad, what are you doing?” she asked nonchalantly, folding her arms. Her heart was beating so fast but she was hiding her nervousness quite well.

“Hey sweetie. Just cleaning up some water that spilled here. Must have a leak or something, but I can’t find it.” Does he really think it’s water? Megan thought to herself. Surely he didn’t see her there watching him pleasure himself last night. She decided to drop the issue; if he had seen her, she was positive that he would’ve said something to her and not just let her watch voyeuristically. Well, almost positive.

She excused herself and headed for the bathroom for her morning piss. Right before she closed the door, though, she peeked back at her dad through the small gap to see what he was doing. She now knew he knew the truth. He had the cloth he used to clean up the “water” up to his face and he was breathing it in! His eyes were closed as he drew his breath deeper kadıköy escort into his lungs, breathing in his daughter’s sex scent. He knew what the puddle really was, but that still begged the question: did he see her while he was jacking off, or did he figure it out before she awoke this morning? She had to find out, but how…

She closed the bathroom door, hitched her gown up around her waist and sat on the toilet, contemplating her options while she pissed. She could just be open about it. She had always been open and honest with her parents about everything: her first period, her first sexual experience, even that she was bisexual. Her parents knew everything about her, but being open and honest about her father being sexually attracted to his daughter was another issue entirely. She didn’t know if he was actually attracted to her or if he knew what he was doing was pure fantasy and would never cross that line in real life. She had to find out.

After wiping the piss from her pussy, she stripped naked and hopped into the shower. She felt conflicted. On the one hand, her father was not someone who anyone in their right mind would encourage her to fuck, even casually; on the other hand, though, she got herself off by watching him get himself off with her used underwear. If her morals had an issue with having incestuous sex with her dad, they were quickly diminishing.

She cleaned herself up, grabbed a towel and headed to her room. Knowing that she was alone with her father and she was wet and naked was inexplicably turning her on. Her head didn’t know what to do, but her pussy definitely knew what it wanted.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt went off in her head. Megan knew what she had to do. She had a plan.

A week went by and her mother left the house for her weekly girls night out. Again, as always, Megan would have her dad all to herself for the night. She had been nervously anticipating this night all week but she knew what to do.

As they were together watching TV in the lounge, Megan cuddled up to her dad, encouraging him to wrap his arm around her as she nestled into him. He rested his head on the top of her head. Her breathing was laboured as she waited for her moment.

“Are you alright baby? You seem off,” Damien asked.

“Yeah, just tired. I might hit the hay now, get some sleep.” She got up and shakily walked to her bedroom. Time to put the plan into action.

She got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote something on it. She then took off her baby pink lace panties and quietly opened the door, spying down the hallway to make sure her dad was still in the lounge. Once she was sure, she stealthily bolted to the kitchen with her panties and the paper.

Placing everything just so, she placed her panties in a bunch on the paper so the writing was readable. She reread it to make sure it made sense. Happy with it, she bolted back to her room, stripped naked and laid on the bed, seductively posed for optimal visual arousal.

She took a deep breath, realising this was it, the point of no return. “Daddy?” she yelled.

She could hear him fumbling as if he was startled. He was jacking off, she just knew it. She giggled to herself a little knowing what she was about to do was so wrong and yet so enticing.

“Yes sweetie?” he yelled back. “Could you get me a glass of water, please?”


She could hear him walking towards the kitchen, his footsteps heavy on the floating floorboards. Then the footsteps suddenly stopped. Her heart was beating so fast and her pussy was already so wet.

When the footsteps resumed and seemingly coming towards her room, her heart paused for a moment, as did her breathing. This was it. After he opens the door, the entire family dynamic that is her and her father’s relationship was going to be forever altered. For better or worse, nothing would ever be the bostancı escort same again.

He opened the door and walked inside, naked with her panties in one hand up to his nose, the note in the other hand and his stiff member bouncing with each pounding heartbeat. Their eyes locked and their chests rose and fell sporadically with each shallow breath.

He read the message to her: “These are the panties I wore today. If you want me, come to my room naked. Love, your daughter Megan.”

Megan spoke first, her hands gently caressing her skin. “Did you like my message?” The lust in her voice was evident. He nodded without a word. “Would you like to come over and sit next to me?” Again, speechless, he nodded. One foot in front of the other as if in a trance, he walked over to her bed, sitting down with his erect cock sitting straight up only inches away from her. Her eyes were fixed on it, a small droplet of drool escaped her mouth.

Looking back up at her dad, she grabbed his hand and placed it gently on her boob. He gasped when he felt it, the desire in his eyes growing exponentially every second.

“Do you want me?” she asked. Her voice was soft and wispy; she knew what she was doing and her innocent daughter act was only turning them both on more. He nodded as he gulped. She put her hand on the back of his neck and lowered his head down to her nipple, allowing him to take it inside his mouth and taste her.

His tongue was addictively rough, and the swirling motion was driving them both wild. She reached out and wrapped her tiny hand around his thick cock; it was so wide, she almost couldn’t close her grip. He inhaled sharply when she held him, momentarily pausing from pleasing her nipple. Slowly pumping up and down, Megan couldn’t believe she was actually jacking off her dad while he licked her tit. She wanted him to touch her too so, while still pulling his mouth more onto her tit, using her other hand she guided his other hand – the one not currently caressing her other nipple – to her wet pussy. She was so wet, her sheets were soaked with her juices. The squelching of the puddle beneath them aided their arousal as father and daughter played with one another.

He slide his index finger between her pussy lips and found her hole. Looking up at her, hoping for approval, she let him in. He pushed his finger inside her as she gasped and pulled his hand deeper. Her father was inside her, feeling her depths and sending bursts of sexual excitation coursing through her whole body.

She decided to return the experience and pump her dad’s cock faster, bringing them both closer to orgasm and mutual satisfaction. Feeling his tongue on her nipple, his hand on her tit, his finger in her pussy and his cock in her hand, she was so close to the edge. She moaned so loudly, thrust her head back, arched her back and less than a second later, was pumping creamy teen sex ooze out of her pussy onto her father’s fingers. That caused him to cum too, shooting wads of creamy cum over his daughter’s hand.

He leaned in closer and passionately kissed his little girl, his fingers still sticky with her goo. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed some more. No more were they simply father and daughter. Now they were lovers. She was his fuck toy, and he was hers. They laid together in her bed, the room filled with their combined scent.

“When did you find out?” he asked, turning to her.

“Last week, when I spied on you jacking off to daddy/daughter porn.” She winked and touched his still semi-erect cock again.

“What now?”

“Now,” she said, sitting up and straddling her father, his cock almost touching her tight hole and his big hands on her ass, “we spend the night together and discuss things in the morning.”

They got under the sheets, happily exploring each other’s bodies, and before long they were asleep. How the rest of this tale pans out is a story for another day…

Thank you for reading my story! Please rate it and leave a comment telling me what you think. Also, if you like daddy/daughter incest stories, please read my My Vacation with Daddy saga. Enjoy!

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