On holiday with my parents Pt. 06

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Many thanks for all your votes and comments. They make all the hours of work worthwhile.

There is NO reference to underage sex in this story!

If you have been reading ‘On Holiday with my Parents’ you will probably have noticed that Mum jumps from being pregnant with Shaw and I to Shaw and I being at University. Quite a big hole in the dialogue. Mum’s argument for curtailing our growing years was simply that she was telling her story and it is for Shaw and I to decide if we want our own story made public.

Continuing traditions.

As you will be aware, if you have read the previous parts of this series, the aspects of Shaw and I even being is, let us say, unconventional. Grandfather is our Father. Mother is our half-sister. At least Grandma is our Grandma, as far as we know .

We were made aware of the situation quite early on. As we grew older the implications were explained very carefully. When Shaw and I approached adolescence our parents explained the details and process of adolescence in detail, why our bodies were changing, the affect the changes would have on our minds, perspectives and desires. They even advised me that my periods could be difficult, painful and irregular. In that event I was to talk with my Mum. They even warned Shaw that I might become bad tempered and then warned me not to make capital on that information. They warned us that as we passed though the various stages of adolescence we would probably develop deeper feelings for each other and or other people, and desire to express those feelings in more physical ways.

We were told, in no uncertain terms, that such expressions of love WERE ABSOLUTELY NOT PERMITTED! until we reached the age of majority. If we broke those rules we would need to be slit up. If we abided by those rules, when we reached the age of majority, we would be free to do whatever we wished, together. As long as nobody found out. Incestuous love was taboo, we were reminded.

Shaw and I agreed wholeheartedly. Being apart, even for a few days, was very unpleasant. We seldom went on school trips unless we could both go. We were prepared to wait as long as required. Probably the longest period of foreplay in history.

My menstrual cycles were not easy and the family doctor happily put me on the pill. They made an instant improvement. Even Shaw made the observation that I was far less grumpy and he’d never mentioned me being grumpy with him. Neither of us were unaware of the beneficial result of officially being on ‘the pill’. Even with that safety factor we remained resolute in our promise. If anything it made it easier. We knew, when the time came, I didn’t have to worry about any ‘accidents’.

Our school was also very progressive and, as students approached the age of majority, the school ankara escort sent a letter to the parents, of qualifying students, saying that they, the school, were very well aware that some parents had difficulty discussing matters of a sexual nature with their adolescent children.

Accordingly the school was offering four, after school classes, over a period of one month, to help prepare the student for adulthood. The class for the boys would be taken by Mr. Ankers while that for the girls would be taken by his wife, Mary. Students may attend the relevant classes provided that a letter from the parent, giving permission to attend, was produced.

As you will have realised Mum had no problem writing two suitable letters. The classes were sensible and informative. Mrs. Ankers’s class was particularly useful to me. Some of my contemporaries were horrified that their first attempt at full intercourse was likely to be painful, messy, and was unlikely to be either nice or satisfying. She did go on to say that, with the right partner, it could, eventually, become quite enjoyable. She wasn’t sugaring the pill in any way whatsoever.

When I told Mum and Grandma about that particular class they both laughed.

“You’re just going to need to kiss loads of frogs, Darling,” chuckled my Mum.

I kissed Shaw, that was allowed.

### ### ###

The day that we officially and legally became adults and able to make decisions for themselves was two days before the end of the school year. We had to go to school on our birthday. If our exam results were good enough we’d be off to University in the September. A lot to celebrate.

Breakfast is served at seven on school days. Grandma was just bringing in the bowls of porridge when we entered the breakfast room, naked as were they. We’d reminded them the night before that cum morning we would be adults and expected them to treat us as such.

We were holding hands and smiling delightedly as they all sang ‘Happy Birthday to you’. I was standing with my legs parted doing nothing to hide my very swollen, wet pussy, my shiny thighs and the little dribble of my Brother’s glistening cum moments from falling from between my pussy lips onto the carpet.

My Brother stood, equally boldly, his fat cock lolling contentedly at half mast and still shiny from the mixture of mine and his own emissions. Neither our parents nor our Grandmother were in the least surprised, we’d been hard at it since one minute past midnight and making quite a celebratory racket.

Dad rose and walked to Shaw, holding out his hand.

“Well done Son!” he enthused taking my Brother in his arms.

I was congratulated by my Mother, hugging me close.

“Well done! Good?” she whispered in my ear as her hand stole down to my dripping escort ankara pussy.

Scooping up the dribble before it could drip onto the carpet she brought her finger towards my lips. I opened my mouth greedily. She giggled wickedly and popped the dripping finger into her own mouth and sucked voraciously.

I was shocked then giggled.

“When Shaw’s spunk is dribbling from your pussy, it’s mine!” I declared delightedly.

“Deal!” she agreed giving me another hug.

Dad and she swapped kids. She hugged Shaw close, pressing herself against his crotch with a hand on his bum.

“You like the taste of my spunk or Sandy’s pussy?”

I heard Shaw ask cheekily.

“Both,” she confirmed, “and Sandy wants to taste your spunk after it’s been in my pussy.”

Dad hugged me tight;

“Well done Baby-Girl, I hope it was worth waiting for? Did your Brother please you? It certainly sounded like he did.”

“It was, he did and I’m hoping you will when we get home from school tonight.”

“Looking forward to it already Baby-Girl.”

Grandma came and joined us.

“Don’t forget me! I’m not too old to take a length of young cock nor enjoy a swollen cunt when it’s available,” she chuckled dirtily, “now that that’s all settled — breakfast isn’t getting any warmer.”

### ### ###

Dad had semi-retired by then, only working as a consultant on a retainer. Grandma had retired and Mum was taking a few extra days off to prepare for the family holiday, starting early Saturday morning.

We arrived home from school excited and holding hands. We knew Mum, Dad and Grandma didn’t wear clothes around the house when we were out so, as soon as the front door closed we stripped off. We were now adults and had been told we could behave as they did. We walked into the empty kitchen.

“We’re on the patio, kids! Come and join us,” called Mum.

They were all naked. There were two empty chairs around the table, set for a proper English tea. That’s tea with scones, thick cream and strawberry jam.

“Any longer and we’d have scoffed the lot,” observed Dad happily.

“Have a good day?” asked Mum and Grandma together, “must say you look utterly radiant Sandy,” continued Mum, “still buzzing from this morning’s wake up call?”

She, Dad and Grandma sniggered knowingly.

“We stopped off in Blakey Wood on the way home,” admitted my Brother smugly.

I just grinned innocently.

The Birthday tea was lovely but there were more pressing things occupying mine and my Brother’s mind’s. There was still more than a few hours before midnight and we’d plans to spend as many as possible up close and very personal. A sort of personal best for a twenty four hour stint. We planned on breaking the record on each subsequent ankara escort bayan Birthday.

“OK if we have a shower together now?” I asked after the tea pot was empty and not a crumb remained on the plates.

“Of course,” Mum replied, “save water, shower with a Brother,” she giggled.

“Don’t use all the hot. We’re all going out for a Birthday Dinner tonight,” added Grandma to our departing backs.

Mum later said that they had waited for the reaction. It wasn’t long in coming. We rushed back down the stairs and back onto the patio.

“Thanks Mum, Dad, Grandma! It looks great! Our own bedroom with great big double bed to…”

Neither of us finished that thought, aloud. We smothered the three of them with big kisses and tight hugs. A birthday present we wouldn’t be able to tell our mates about!

“C’mon Bro! Shower then let’s try it out!”

There was absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that we took after our parents in every possible way. We were not quiet. On the contrary we were very definitely boisterous. After our shower my Brother and I were going to fuck on our new, shared, giant, bed, no question. Our parents knew it. That’s exactly why they got it for our Birthday present. Neither of us even considered closing the door. I’d made it clear to my Brother that I wanted Dad’s cock before the night was out and he stated that he’d have his cock in both our Mother and Grandma before he even considered sleeping.

### ### ###

I was riding Shaw’s cock enthusiastically very shortly after our shower. Foreplay wasn’t required. We’d had far too much of that just waiting for the day. I glanced over my shoulder to see Mum, Dad and Grandma stood in the doorway watching me ride my Brother’s cock like a jockey at the Grand National. I leaned forward and rode the cock easily so that our parents could watch as it slid in and out of my dripping cunt. No subtlety at all. A pure ‘look at me Mum my Brother’s cock is fucking me!’ sort of pose.

I whispered in Shaw’s ear that ‘the old folk’ were watching us fuck. It sent him off on one, as I’d hoped. Suddenly I felt his cock ram harder and deeper into my cunt than he had before making me squeal excitedly.

“OK, Bro, fuck my sweet new cunt! Make your lil Sister cum on your big fat cock, Bro!”

Shaw started to fuck me frantically as I pushed my cunt down hard to meet him. I came quickly but didn’t stop urging Shaw to even greater effort.

After a few more urgent strokes Shaw filled my cunt as demanded. I sat up straight letting him empty his balls into me while our Parents and Grandmother watched. Fuck! That was so hot!

I let Shaw rest a few minutes, just gently trotting on his cock, keeping it ready for the next round.

“Mummy, Grandma, you want to fight over my new cream pie or would you like sloppy seconds, Daddy? Let Mummy and Grandma enjoy my Brother’s cock?”

There’s more to cum, if you would like?

Love and Kisses

Sandy & Shaw

PS Votes and comments always welcum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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