Now Daddy!

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This is the official disclaimer. This story is a work entirely of Fiction. It is fetish related, and quite dirty. It deals with extremely humiliating events performed on a father/husband, by his daughter and wife. Some of you may be offended by this story, and if that is the case, I urge you not to read it, as I do not want to offend anyone.

Where to begin? I suppose I should start with my real life and then my fantasies. In real life I’m a happy father and husband. My little girl, is barely a little girl anymore, she’ll be heading to college soon. Anyway in real life I handle the finances of the house, I’m confident and successful, and both my wife and I work. My wife and I enjoy a moderately healthy sex life, that being 1 to four times a week depending on the week, and I truly love her.

Now let me fill you in on how this trouble started. I am an insomniac. There are nights, usually once a week, sometimes more when sleep simply will not happen for me. I can be up until two, three, or sometimes even four or five in the morning. The following day I am exhausted, but it seems to reset my sleep cycle. During these nights sometimes I would look at porn, something my wife was aware of, and has done with me on a few occasions. Other nights I would play on-line games, or just surf. It all started with those on-line games. You can chat with the other players, and as this is the internet flirting is pretty commonplace and I began to flirt. I liked the flirting, and after a while I began only playing female players.

The profile for on-line players allows for a picture, so I threw one of me up. Now occasionally a woman would tell me I was cute, and I would thank them. Then one night I played a woman and the flirting started. I had been looking at porn all night and was hot and erect and just very horny. She asked what else I was up to and I honestly said, playing scrabble and looking at porn and threw a lol (laugh out loud) at the end.

She asked if I was jerking off. I had long since removed my pants and had a big comfy blanket wrapped around me and in all truth was absent-mindedly stroking myself. I told her ‘a little’. She responded that she wanted to see. The thought aroused me intensely. At the time the only fully digital camera we had was a junky little mini-cam, it didn’t even work as a web cam. My profile picture I had had to scan from an older photo album shot.

Tentatively I agreed and asked her how. She suggested webcam on instant messenger I told her I didn’t have it, but could do a low quality still. So she told me to put the still on my profile. I set the little digital camera up and aimed it to capture about two feet from my thighs to my abdomen, and wrapping one hand around myself I snapped a single image and as ordered posted it to my profile. (Something anyone in the game room could look at, even though she and I were at a private scrabble table.)

I waited with baited breath and a cock so hard and strained I thought it would burst as she went to check my ‘new’ profile. Finally she came back with something like ‘Ooo nice, now cum for me.’ I’m not bragging, but the fact that this sudden exhibitionist side of me could come out was helped by the fact that I am fit, and I am moderately well-endowed, a little over seven inches hard. The game was forgotten as she began to ask me about my progress. I ended up posting about a dozen different pictures to my profile, and finally one with cum oozing down over my knuckles.

I was hooked. For the next few months Any time I was up late I would surf for porn and play scrabble only sitting at tables with women. I tried aiming for suggestive screen names only. I had already made a suggestive name of my own several in fact. I began getting better at finding the women willing to have me strip and after three or four telling me I should get instant messenger I finally did. The following night I bought an inexpensive webcam. I installed it and hid the icons, I even put the program for it in an obscure folder so my wife or daughter wouldn’t find it. The camera could be un-plugged and hidden in another room.

During those months I quickly learned that beyond even my exhibitionist side was a submissive side. I liked these women telling me what to do for them and the webcam would REALLY allow them to kind of order me around. I even put a few photos on the Literotica bulletin boards under the amateur picture feedback. Most of them just wanted to see me masturbate, or shake my buns. (I have a really toned butt) A few though began to get a little raunchier. At my encouraging, I told them I was their willing subject.

I remember the first time one pushed my limit. It was before the webcam, I was e-mailing her pictures three at a time while we played scrabble. She told me to take one sitting in my desk chair and to spread my legs and keep stroking. So I did, then she told me to lower the camera so she could really see my cock, I set it on a shelf in front of my chair. She told me to drape a leg over each arm of the chair, taksim grup yapan escort this meant I had to REALLY spread my legs. I did, really horny that she knew EXACTLY what to tell me.

I looked at the image and there right below my balls was my asshole. My legs were spread so wide you could see it. I sent the pics. ‘Nice Asshole.’ She answered. ‘With your legs just like that touch your asshole.’ My hands were shaking and precome was openly running down my erect penis. I reached down and touched my asshole. That would be the first of three pictures. For the next two she had me first rub some of the afore mentioned precome on it and take a shot of it glistening, and then stick my finger in just a little bit. I clicked send and waited knowing I had done exactly what she had asked.

‘Very good.’ She answered needless to say when I finally did come for her it was with one finger deep in my own ass. The reason that I’m telling you all this is, first off to give you an idea of just how embarrassing it would’ve been for someone I know to find out about this. Also to show you that I was developing a real fetish of enjoying being a little humiliated, and definitely enjoying being told what to do.

Next came the webcam, and I gave up the scrabble rooms for chat rooms, at first I was dismayed by the low volume of actual people in chat rooms, almost none of which were women, so I went back to the scrabble rooms, where there was an overabundance of real people, and quite a few of them were women, I knew it was hard to tell a REAL woman from a man on the internet, but for people just playing scrabble I figured not many would lie, and there was also quite a bit of conversation about mundane things before I began laying hints at my willingness to perform for them.

With the webcam I would spend sometimes as many as two hours in the dead of night naked with as many as two or three women watching me for all intents and purposes degrade myself. I began to really yearn for the raunchier stuff, and fingering my ass was also getting me off, especially if someone could see me. So I would offer to do whatever the women wanted, and although a lot were willing to watch very few were willing to tell me what to do, much less willing to tell me to finger myself, or do anything more or very different. They would ask me what I wanted to do, or sometimes things that I had been asked to do and quite often I would have to ask them to TELL me to finger myself. Most would.

Then it all changed. My daughter, eighteen years old, active, social, beautiful (not that I had ever thought anything more than that of her) found a handful of clues on the computer and with a young person’s knowledge of computers had soon found and looked into my on-line profiles, checked the outbox of my on-line mailboxes, (I was smart enough to open free internet addresses that aren’t used as the default for our regular home e-mail) She apparently didn’t tell me anything right away. She waited. When she finally confronted me with it, she had been keeping tabs on me for a few weeks. More than that even, she had visited a friend on a night when I was on and tracked me down.

I remember the night vividly. I was playing scrabble and fishing for a horny woman to get naked for when along came an invitation from flirtymistress. There were some other numbers or something in the name, but the screen name said everything I wanted it to. I accepted the invite. Within a few minutes of playing she told me she had read on my profile that I liked showing off, and entertaining the whims of bored horny women. I replied that I did indeed.

Within minutes we were on messenger not playing scrabble. I plugged the webcam in and invited the woman who wanted to be called mistress to view it. She sent me an invitation for her webcam too, I had only been on with two women who also had cams before and it was immensely hot to see a naked or partially naked woman touching themselves while telling me to do things to myself. When her webcam came on it was a shot of a girl from the underside of her breasts to her lap. All she had on was a bra and panties.

‘From your profile it said entertain my whims. Does that mean you’ll do what your told?’ Flirtymistress asked.

‘Yes’ I answered. I was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. My cam said I had one viewer I knew it was her.

‘Get naked’ she said. My screen name was makemegetnaked. So the request was fitting. I stood and took a step back so the camera could see all of me and I pulled off my sweatshirt and sweatpants, standing in just my boxers, which were thin and tenting visibly from my intense arousal. ‘The boxers too!’ She typed.

‘Yes mistress.’ I replied hoping to show her how willing and submissive I was. I slid the boxers off causing my cock to spring free where it swayed heavily sticking almost straight up. I was watching mistress as I did it and I could see her arms pass the camera to type.

‘Very good, turn around taksim masöz escort slowly so I can get a good look at you.’ She typed.

‘Can I get a better look at you?’ I answered. Then before she answered I spun around slowly.

‘Do you want to see me or do you want to be told what to do?’ She asked.

‘Being told what to do is my big turn on, but you are very hot, so getting to see you would be an intense thrill.’ I replied finishing my turn. I watched her webcam as she undid the bra and her pert young breasts came into view. They were full and easily a C-cup, her tiny pink nipples were hard and pointy.

‘Will you do whatever I ask?’ She asked.

‘ANYTHING!’ I typed in caps to lead her.

‘We’ll see, maybe you can earn me showing you more.’ The mistress replied.

The display quickly progressed from touching myself to spanking myself. I had been asked to do this before, not wanting to wake my wife I would swing my hand quickly but stop just before my ass. Flirtymistress seemed pleased and from there I was bending over and sticking my bum out to the camera. I knew my asshole would be on display, and figured I’d soon be fingering it. When I looked back at the mistress there was another girl standing behind her. All I could see was her midsection including tiny panties.

‘Who’s your friend?’ I asked.

‘It’s her house, I’m staying here tonight, she’s been watching the whole time too.’ The mistress answered. ‘Now sit back in that chair and bring your knees to your chest.’

I sat in my desk chair, on my big fluffy blanket and brought my knees to my chest facing the camera. I watched her webcam from the corner of my eye, and they could see me looking. The new friend turned and began peeling the panties, which I now knew were thongs down her legs. A moment later she turned back and I could now see the soft black strip of her pubic hair. My cock was spewing a near constant stream of precome.

‘Spread your legs apart.’ The mistress ordered. I did watching my cheeks separate and my asshole once again come into view. ‘Have you ever fingered your own ass?’ She asked.

‘No’ I lied.

The mistress paused. I watched the screen although I couldn’t see either face, it appeared they were talking.

‘Do it now.’ She said.

‘Finger my ass?’ I typed, making sure.

‘Yes finger your ass.’ The mistress said. Within minutes I had two fingers all the way inside my bum. ‘Now come for me.’ She said. ‘Leave the fingers in there.’ I began pumping myself while my middle and index finger remained up my ass. A moment later cum erupted all over the blanket and my belly, and the fingers buried in my ass.

‘Very good.’ The mistress answered.

‘Thank-you that was hot.’ I typed. Having just come I always felt a little guilty, my pride returned a little and I suddenly felt self-conscious. ‘I should be getting to sleep now.’ I answered.

‘Not so fast’ Flirtymistress answered. ‘Who said I was done with you?’

‘It’s late here and I have to work tomorrow.’ I typed.

‘I’m in your time zone, it’s three AM here too.’ She replied. ‘I want to play with you some more.’ I was tired and spent and ready to crawl humbly into bed beside my wife. I could still see their cam, and the friend was rubbing herself, realizing that it wasn’t often I got one girl on a webcam and that I may never get two again I reluctantly agreed to stay on.

‘You look like my dad.’ Flirtymistress typed.

‘Oh sure now I look old.’ I answered.

‘Oh stop, I can’t imagine treating my daddy like this, it would be so wrong.’ She answered. Meanwhile her friend reached down to fondle the typer’s exposed breasts, I felt blood in my cock. It would be a few minutes before I was hard, but I definitely would be. I felt the urge to pee, and decided to get it out of the way before we started again. The daddy talk was a little strange, but she was VERY attractive and I was horny and willing.

‘Be right back.’ I typed.

‘Where are you going?’ She asked.

‘Gotta’ pee.’ I answered, and waited for the reply. There was a pause, a pause that made me a little nervous.

‘Wait.’ She typed.

‘Wait?’ I answered.

‘Go to your kitchen and get a glass. I want to see you do it.’ She typed.

‘Really?’ I asked. I had read watersports stories here before, and found it mildly erotic, but had never been asked to do this before, and was nervous, but also somewhat excited. This was REALLY raunchy, and the part of me that craved humiliation was loving it.

‘Alright.’ I typed. ‘Be right back.’

I slipped quietly to the kitchen after shutting the monitor off in case my wife looked in while I was gone. When I returned I had a tall water glass, it was clear.

‘Make sure you pee in front of the camera I want to see you do it.’ Flirty’s friend was still playing with Flirty’s breasts.

I re-arranged the camera onto my desk so I could stand in front of it with the glass and positioning the glass taksim otele gelen escort just right I began to pee into it. Through all of this I was totally willing. Now the glass, which was pretty tall, was nearly full and my flow finally trailed off.

‘Set the glass on the desk in front of the camera.’ She instructed. I did. ‘Now sit so I can see your face beyond the glass.’ I did. ‘Now lean over and smell the pee.’ She instructed. I leaned over and the scent of pee was overwhelming; filling my nostrils. It smelled so dirty so nasty. ‘Very good.’ She typed now watch me for a moment.

I watched her webcam and her friend continued to pull and twist her breasts gently.

‘Do you want me to take off my panties?’ She asked.

‘Yes, oh god yes!’ I typed.

‘Beg me.’ She said.

‘Please mistress, please take off your panties.’ I typed.

‘You want to see my pussy?’ She typed.

‘Yes’ I answered.

‘Say it.’ She typed.

‘I want to see your pussy.’ I answered.

‘Will you be my slave forever?’ She asked.

‘Oh god yes.’ I answered.

‘Promise.’ She asked.

‘On-line I am yours.’ I replied.

‘Only on-line?’ She typed.

‘I like the anonymity of the internet, it lets me be dirty, and still be pretty safe.’ I answered sensing she might ask me to come see her, I had been asked this before, and was unwilling to meet anyone in real life.

‘So you wouldn’t fuck me in real life if I told you to?’ She answered.

‘No.’ I said.

‘I’m disappointed.’ She answered. Her fingers played over her panties. ‘I think I could make you though.’ She said. With that she stood and lowered her panties. Her soft brown pubic hair followed by her pussy came into view. Her outer lips gaped ever so slightly a tiny strip of pink between her soft brown hair, the lips glistened with her obvious arousal.

‘Tell me you love my pussy.’ She said.

‘I love your pussy.’ I typed.

‘Put your hands behind your head and keep them there.’ She typed. I did making sure she could see it on the cam.

‘Now watch me.’ She said. She reached out and the camera began to pan up as she adjusted it. Her breasts then neck came into view, and then her chin and full lips, then her nose and eyes, and I stared. For a second my thoughts clouded. I looked under the monitor at the picture of my daughter. For an instant I though wow she looks like my daughter, then it hit me.

‘Hi daddy.’ The instant messenger said as it sounded its little reply chime. I had the volume so low I barely heard it. I looked at her message and at the screen I could tell by the way her eyes trailed just past the camera that she was watching my face intently on the monitor. Beside her was a friend from high school Jenny. I lowered my arms to my sides, my eyes caught sight of the glass of piss, I could feel the slimy cum on my belly. The clock said three fifteen. ‘Oh god.’ I thought.

‘Don’t put your arms down daddy.’ She typed. I sat slumped in the chair. ‘Daddy, you seem to be forgetting that I own you. You’re my slave forever right?’ My eyes read the words she typed I wasn’t realizing fast enough. ‘DADDY!’ She typed the words were red the font was huge. ‘Do you want me to show all these pictures and videos to MOM?’ She typed. I shut my eyes and thought of my wife in the next room asleep. On screen my daughter held up a cell phone. ‘I could call and wake her up, how fast can you clean up?’ She typed.

‘What do I do?’ I asked. Typing.

‘Very good Daddy.’ My daughter typed. She was more leering than smiling on the webcam. ‘Drink the pee Daddy.’ She typed.

I looked down at my desk and the tall glass of light yellowish liquid. There was a hint of foam at the top and no mistaking what it was. I looked to the monitor for freedom and met my own daughter’s eyes. She looked triumphant, and she looked down her nose at me. I suddenly realized how low I had let myself become and that this was the consequence, the very fate of the road I had walked.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the glass. It was warm, very warm. I lifted watching the surface of the urine wobble as my unsteady hand brought the glass to my lips. The smell invaded my nostrils. It was almost to my lips I heard the instant message chime and prayed she was saving me from this fate.

‘Just a sip for now Daddy, don’t chug it, I want you to drink it a little at a time.’ It said. I put the glass to my lips and tilted it taking not even a mouthful in and swallowing it without tasting it. The aftertaste burst forth from every pore in my mouth the pee had passed over. It was bitter and salty. I took another sip a little bigger hoping to shorten this torture. The instant messenger went off again.

‘That’s enough put it down now daddy.’ My daughter Marie said. ‘Stand up let me see you in all your naked glory.’ I stood and backed away from the desk so the camera would see all of me. I had to squint to see the messages as my daughter noticed a little life returning to my penis. It now hung semi-erect engorged and sticking out a little straighter. ‘Daddy. You’re getting hard again. Do you like looking at my pussy? Come back to the desk.’ I walked back over.

‘Move the camera so I can see your face and your dick.’ She typed. I shuffled and re-arranged. ‘Now watch closely.’ She typed. I watched the screen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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