My Daughter Takes Charge Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: The story combines incest with BDSM. If either of these topics is offensive to you please read no further.

For those who have been awaiting this chapter sorry for the delay. Based on some feedback I have received about the first chapter I added some material to this chapter which I hope will be helpful in understanding the mother and daughter dynamics involved in the story line. Also there is not a lot of sex or BDSM in this chapter for that matter. But stick with me there will be a lot more in future chapters.

I awoke in the morning to see my mother Mary still asleep curled up on the bed next to me. Or should I say to find Pet still lying next to me. The whole revelation the previous day of discovering that my very own mother has become submissive sex slave was still weighing quite heavy on my mind.

Still a little groggy with sleep I made my way from the bed into the master bathroom. Splashing some water on my face washing away the sleep from my eyes and staring at my reflection I remembered something Master David had told me about Pet when we spoke privately the other day and a wicked thought began to enter my mind. I decided this morning I would begin to test the limits of my new control. I walked back into the bedroom then gripping the covers forcefully yanked them from off of the bed.

As Pet abruptly woke up I spoke in a loud harsh voice, “What do you think you are doing still a sleep. You should already be down stairs getting breakfast ready. Now crawl into the bathroom and kneel down in the shower tub. It is time for your shower.”

Following Pet back into the bathroom I watched as she kneeled down on the shower tub floor.

“Are you ever not going to wake before me and not have breakfast ready when I wake again?”

“No Miss Beth,” Pet spoke as she looked up at me from her kneeling position.

“Are you ready for your morning shower?”

“Yes Miss Beth.”

“OK here it comes.” Lifting my night gown above my waist I let loose a golden stream of hot liquid from my lions. The hot stream landed directly between Pet’s tits then ran down her chest coating her entire upper body with the warm golden liquid. When my stream began to subside, “Now finish with the rest of your shower then get downstairs and have breakfast ready when I come down.”

While Pet finished her shower I made my way down the hall to my old room now Pet’s room to retrieve two particular items. Finding her box of bondage gear and toys in the closet I quickly found the two items I was looking for and pulled them out the box. I then returned to my room after hearing the shower turn off and Pet making her way downstairs. Back in my room I entered the shower and began my preparations for the morning ahead. After I finished I made my way downstairs. Again I dressed only in a tiny black bra, skimpy black thong panties and black high heels. As I passed by the living room I set the two items I had retrieved on the living room coffee table.

Entering the kitchen I noticed that two places were set at the table.

“Pet why are there two places set? Did anyone give you permission to eat at the table?”

“No, Miss Beth, I am sorry I forgot my place it won’t happen again.”

“Put your plate down on the floor right now.”

“Yes, Miss Beth,” Pet said as she picked up one of the place settings and set it down on the floor.

“You will eat on the floor like the pet you are unless told otherwise.”

Pet then proceeded to bring out breakfast starting with glass of juice followed by a cheese omelet and toast. While I ate at the table Pet knelt on the floor next to me eating her breakfast. When I finished, “Pet clean up the kitchen then come and find me in the living room,” I then left the room.

Taking a seat in the living room I comfortably waited for Pet to finish in the kitchen.

Several minutes later Pet came in to the living room and knelt before me.

“Miss Beth, I am sorry for not having your breakfast ready for you this morning. It won’t happen again. Is there anything else that you would like for me to do for you this morning?”

“Pet, stand for inspection,” I ordered.

Immediately Pet jumped up to her feet and assumed the commanded stance. Spreading her legs at shoulder width apart and interlocking her fingers behind her head with her eyes focusing straight ahead.

Rising from my chair I began my inspection. Circling Pet’s body I could see her tits were still a light shade of red from my flogging the night before. The results of Miss Veronica’s whipping on Pet’s back the day before also still showed quite red as well. Casually I ran a finger down the center of her back and then cupped her right ass cheek in my hand giving it a slight squeeze. Walking around in front of her I again ran a finger down her chest between her tits until reaching her cunt. Pausing slightly I gently rubbed her clit then pressed my hand against the smooth flesh of her cunt.

“Pet, how often does Master David require you to shave your cunt hairs?” I asked.

“Master beylikdüzü escort David requires that I shave at a minimum of every other day.”

“How long since the last time you have shaved your cunt?” I questioned.

“I shaved my cunt on Saturday just before Master David arrived here.”

“Then you should be doing it again sometime before the end of today?”

“Yes, Miss Beth I will perform that task before going to sleep tonight.”

“Make sure that you do that. I don’t want to inform your Master that you are disobeying him.”

“Does he require anything else?” I asked.

“Yes I am required to get a waxing at least once month also.”

“How long since the time you last had a waxing?” I questioned.

“I had one last week.”

Circling her one more time I picked the first item from the coffee table the small flogger and harshly flung it across Pet’s exposed ass without warning. I used much more force than I had the previous night. Wanting to test Pet’s limits and see how much control I really had. Quickly I made ten lashings. Five directly onto each of her butt cheeks.

“Pet, do you like it when I whip your ass?”

“No Miss Beth.”

“Then why do you let me whip you?”

“It is not my choice. My body is yours use as you desire.”

“Do you want me to whip you harder?”

“Miss Beth, You can whip me as hard as you would like. It is not my decision to make.”

“But you would use your safe word if I used too much force is that correct,” I asked.

“Yes, but only if your whipping became more than I could stand.”

Upon hearing this I again flung the small flogger against Pets ass cheeks delivering another half dozen blows this time even harder than before. When I had finished Pet’s ass was a very dark shade of red. She would not be sitting comfortably for some time I suspected.

Next I wanted to test something else Master David had revealed to me about Pet. “Pet wants to be humiliated,” he said. I decided I wanted to see this for myself.

“Pet kneel,” I commanded. As Pet kneeled down onto the floor I put down the flogger and picked up the other item from the table. A very large black cock shaped dildo about ten inches long and very thick.

“Pet this morning we are going to play a little game I thought up. I call the game ‘Fetch the dildo’.”

Then after a brief pause I continued, “This is how it is played. I am going to toss this dildo across the room. You are then going to crawl across the room as fast as you can. Pick up the dildo with your mouth. Then bring it back to me. Drop it at my feet and then beg me to let you fuck yourself with it. Do you understand the rules of my little game?”

“Yes, Miss Beth.”

“Ok then, Go Fetch,” I said tossing the dildo across to the far side of the room.

Without hesitating Pet immediately scampered across the room chasing after the fake cock. Upon reaching it she grasped it in her mouth and returned it to me placing it at my feet.

“Miss Beth please let me fuck myself with this big black cock.”

“Not fast enough, Go fetch it again,” I said picking up the black dildo and flinging it across the room once more.

Again Pet quickly crawled across the living room floor. Grasping the fake cock between her teeth and returned to me dropping it at my feet. “Miss Beth slave Pet really wants you to let her fuck herself with the big black cock.”

Even before Pet finished her request again I picked up the fake cock tossing it far across the room.

Pet followed the black cock with her eyes quickly chasing after it. Her long auburn hair was flowing behind her. The whole site made me think she looked like an Irish setter retrieving a stick for its owner.

For the third time Pet dropped the big black cock at my feet.

“Miss Beth, please, please I beg let your slave Pet fuck herself with the big black cock.”

“Good Job! Pet, you have done well,” I said patting her on the head. “You can fuck yourself with the big black cock as your reward. But remember you are not allowed to come without asking permission.”

Taking the black cock she placed the head at her cunt entrance with her legs spread wide knees bent sitting on the floor. Slowly she started to work the thick black member into her cunt. With each push more of the black cock disappeared between her fold. Soon the entire length was sliding in and out. Pet spent several minutes fucking the big black cock on the living room floor. Her legs spread wide completely engulfing the large black cock. Soon her cunt was taking the whole length deep inside. After several more minutes I could tell she was getting close to making herself come.

“Miss Beth slave Pet requests permission to come.”

“You have done well this morning, Pet. You have my permission to come.”

Almost immediately Pet let loose her with orgasm. The black rubber cock becoming completely covered with her juices. Slowly she began to withdraw the fake cock from her cunt.

“Now beyoğlu escort clean that cock with your tongue,” I ordered. Pet obediently did as instructed licking her come from the plastic cock.

As Pet recovered from her orgasm and was cleaning the fake cock with her tongue I unfastened my bra to reveal my breasts then slipped my thong panties down and off my legs exposing my pussy. All that remained on was my black high heels. Spreading my legs wide my pussy came into Pet’s view.

“Pet is it time to practice your pussy licking skills. You know what they say, ‘Practice makes perfect’.”

Pet set the black cock back down on the table as she moved into position between my spread legs. First she kissed my exposed lips then ran her tongue from the bottom of my lips up to the top. There she paused briefly to focus on licking my clit. After several short licks of her tongue on my clit she again began running her tongue up and down the length of my slit. Then with one hand she started to spread my lips.

“No, Pet. Use only your mouth.” I commanded.

With this Pet placed both arms behind her back and attacked my pussy with only her mouth.

Very quickly I could feel her efforts taking effect. Heat started to radiate from my groin flowing into my body. My breathing started to become short and labored. With both hands I gripped Pet’s head and pulled her in deeper between my legs. Her tongue, lips and mouth continuing to pleasure my sex the approaching orgasm peaked and rocketed through my body.

“OHHH Don’t stop. I’m cumming. Keep licking,” as my whole body quaked in the throes of orgasm.

Finally I came down off from my orgasm thinking I could get really used to this every morning.

Thoroughly convince now that Pet was under my complete control and would do anything I asked including humiliate herself I said, “Pet you have earned the right to have some of your belongings returned to you. Go down into the basement and get all of your business work clothes. I can’t have you going into your office completely naked. But you can only have some of your everyday clothes. Just enough outfits to go occasionally out in and also some of your lingerie and night gowns as well. When you have finished with this task come find me in my room.”

I left Pet to her tasks returning to my room to dress and get ready for the rest of the day.

Before I dressed I also gave my pussy hairs a little trimming. Soon I had a nice straight landing strip neatly trimmed into my fiery red pubic hair above my pussy. The hairs on either side of my lips was completely shaven away.

Returning to the bedroom, I dressed then sat down at my desk opening up my laptop.

While waiting for Pet’s return I decided this was good time to write down a few rules of my own that Pet would obey while under my control. I had been writing for about fifteen or twenty minutes when Pet returned to my room knelt down to her knees and lowered her head.

“Have you finished your task?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss Beth.”

“Show me,” I instructed.

Pet rose from her kneeling position and I followed her out the door and down the hall to her room.

Once in her room I opened all of the dresser drawers and went through her closet to make sure all of the items of clothing Pet chose to have back met my approval. All the work outfits that Pet chose were the newer dresses, skirts, blouses and ladies business jackets’ that I knew her Master had purchased for her. The rest of the clothing items included lingerie, some thong panties, sexy bras, stockings, a few evening dresses and some casual dresses. The only other items were some t-shirts, short shorts, an assortment of shoes and a white soft fluffy robe.

Satisfied with her choices I pointed to the night stand dresser next to the bed. “Clear out everything in those two drawers and put all of your toys in there instead. I want them in a place easy to access. And you will have to purchase some more items to keep in my room as well when you get a chance.”

“When you are finished return to my room,” I said as I walked out the door.

When Pet returned to my room she knelt on the floor to await my instructions. I took a few moments to ponder the changes that had taking place in our mother/daughter relationship in less than 24 hours.

Finally I spoke, “Pet, I have two things on my mind. First you are to write a Declaration of Submission to me similar to the one you wrote for your Master. Second I have started to write down a list of rules that you will obey when under my control within this household. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss Beth,” Pet replied.

“Very good, I want your Declaration ready to give to me by Friday night. At that time I will present you with my rules as well. Call it an addendum to the rules which you already abide by. Now I have few questions for you.”

“Ask me anything that wish, Miss Beth.”

“Pet, why is it that you not repulsed by the act of engaging in sex with your own daughter?”

“Miss bomonti escort Beth, I am a submissive and as such I have no say in how my body is used to pleasure others. The fact that you are my daughter makes no difference. I am yours to use and do with as you choose.”

“But you are straight yet you appear have no problem having sex with both men and women?” I asked.

“I don’t consider myself to be straight bi, or even a lesbian. I am whatever my dominate wants of me.”

“So if I were to bring the entire high school football team over and told them to use every one of your holes in any way that they wanted you would let them?”

“Yes if you commanded me to do it I would.”

“But then your secret could be exposed to everyone you know. Isn’t that a violation of your Declaration of Submission to your Master.”

“Yes it would, but as you have already instructed I am to write a separate Declaration of Submission to you in which I could give you the power to share me once you have been granted that permission from Master David. As you already know I still maintain the right to revise my existing Declaration at any time for any reason. The declaration that I will write to you would include that same wording.”

“So you are not worried or terrified about your secret being revealed?”

“Yes I am very worried about that. It would have tremendous implications to both my personal and professional lives. But if sharing me with others is something that you intend to do in the future you will need to be granted permission from Master David. The authority that he has giving you so far does not include sharing me with others without his permission if you recall. It only pertains to the change in relationship status that currently exists between the two of us. Remember I still belong solely to Master David. Your control only pertains exclusively between the two of us for now.”

“Very well put, Pet” I said. “Is there anything else that you wish to say?”

“Yes, Miss Beth,” Pet began to say, “I know that this will be very difficult, but for now you cannot tell anyone about this change in our relationship not even your best friend Sara.”

“But Sara has been my best friend for like forever. I have never kept anything a secret from her,” I said. “We have always told each other everything. I know I can trust her not to reveal anything.”

“With great control comes great responsibility, I would never have let you know my secret if I didn’t think you were mature enough to handle all the responsibility that comes with it. In time you will be able to tell Sara everything, but for now this has to stay just between the two of us.”

“Yes I guess I can understand that.”

“In time there is much more that I will tell you and that you will learn about my new life but for now all you need to know is that within the walls of this house I belong to you.”

“Is there anything more about your new life that you want to tell me about now?”

“No Miss Beth. Not at the moment.”

“So what should we do for the rest of the day?”

“You need to take me to see Allison.”

“Who is Allison?”

“A very good new friend of mine and somebody I think you really need to meet.”

“Ok, go and get dressed then meet me downstairs.”

“Very well Miss Beth.”

A few minute later Pet came downstairs wearing a beige print sundress that stopped just above her knees. It showed some cleavage with short sleeves that left her arms exposed. On her feet she wore a pair of very sensible heels. At the bottom of the stairs she lifted the dress bottom to show me she was panty less then lowered the top showing me she wore no bra either.

Handing me the keys to her Honda CRV she said, “We will take my car, but you should drive.”

“Ok so where are we going?”

“Northside Mall”

“That’s clear over on the other side of the city.”

“Yes I know, I’ve been there many times.”

“Where is your collar?” I asked taking notice of Pets bare neck for the first time.

“Where it always is when I am not actually wearing it, in my purse.” Mary said patting the small purse hanging on her right shoulder.

The drive to the other side of the city and the Northside Mall took close to an hour. During the drive my mother and I talked about all the normal stuff mothers and daughters talk about. What is going on in school, any boys showing particular interest, and plans for college the next year dominated the topic.

Then Mary asked, “You haven’t told me yet why you came home early from your visit to the State College and found Pet with Master David and Mistress Lynn?”

“Oh, this other girl on the trip, Julie, you know her, she has been over a few times. She got really sick and wanted to go home so I volunteered to drive her.”

“That was really nice of you. See I knew that you are very responsible. So where did you stay the other night after you left?”

“I went to Sara’s House. Her parents were out for the night. How did you know it was me that saw you that night?”

“When Mistress Lynn said she saw a young girl with red hair spying on us I knew that it had to be you. Who else could it have been?”

When we reached the Northside Mall Mary led me up to the second floor and into a woman’s clothing store called “Allison’s Closet”.

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