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I sigh as I attempt to scrape the dry mud off the floor, almost scratching it in my haste. Aaron landed an hour ago, so he would walk in any moment now. I know I’m technically not supposed to do cleaning beyond light housework, but I don’t want him to come home to a disaster zone.

When Liam initially got suspended, I’d phoned him right away. The call had gone to his voicemail, and I’d left a brief message. He called me back some time later telling me we’d talk about it when we got home. Liam had begged me not to tell his dad. But co-parenting means being a team. Aaron would never keep a secret from me. So I have to follow his example.

Giving up, I leave it as is, and get to my feet. The scraper gets put away in a drawer, and I make myself busy wiping down the counters. The clock on the stove reads 10:30, and still no Aaron. I make my way to the basement to do some laundry. When I get back, Aaron is standing in the foyer, staring at the dried mud.

“Did it rain today?” He says, kicking off his shoes and loosening his tie.

“Yes,” I say. “This morning. Liam tracked in mud when they came home from school.” He makes a noise of acknowledgement and sets his brief case by the island as he takes a seat at the bar stool. I stare at him for a second, before jumping into action.

“We had lo mein and dumplings for dinner. I can heat it up.” I offer. He nods and mumbles a thank you. Aaron seems to have something on his mind, and doesn’t seem to be in the mood. I’m hoping that maybe we can talk in the morning, after I’ve gathered my wits. But then again, I might wake up and he might be gone.

Aaron works with the government, specifically the FBI. He travels alot for work, but I’ve never heard any specific details about what he does. If someone asked me, I couldn’t really say for sure. I know that he used to be a lawyer with the DA’s office. But ankara escort he stopped working there a few years before we got married. Not even Liam seems to know anything about it. Everything is fairly hush hush.

His work hours are erratic. Some days, he has regular hours, and goes to work at 7 and comes home around 5. Other days, he leaves in the middle of the night, or at 3pm, and comes back days later. There’s no real way to tell when he’ll be home and when he won’t.

“What did Liam do exactly?” He asks, as I set his plate down in front of him. As I fish in the kitchen drawers for chopsticks, I answer him. “Um, plagiarism,” I say. Aaron “hms”. Liam has been acting out lately. I don’t blame him. I’m trying to play the nice step-mom, but he’s been through a lot.

“What’s his punishment?”

I start loading the dishwasher. “Cut time on the internet, and no video games,” I tell him. Before he can open his mouth, I continue. “And we talked about why plagiarism is bad, and that if he needs help with school work, he has tons of people he can go to for help.”

He seems pleased. “Alright Laila. Go wait for me.” I shut the dishwasher and comply, my face hot.

When I get to the living room, I sit back on my haunches in front of the couch. Aaron joins me after a few minutes, his suit jacket abandoned. He’s slower than usual; tired. I’ll make this short.

I get to work, unbuttoning his pants and the bottom buttons of his shirt. His bare skin is enticing, and I can’t help the kisses I press to his belly. He slides his hands into my hair, and almost purrs. I mouth at his cock over his boxers briefly before fishing it out. He doesn’t like being teased.

Aaron is easily a Type A personality. He’s dominant without being suffocating, an Alpha male, but in the most reassuring way possible. I’ve seen him in court once or twice. He’s never escort ankara cocky or arrogant. Aaron talks matter-of-factly, and never without reason. He’s someone people want to follow, someone people want to submit to.

“Open,” he orders, and I do. He slides his cock into my mouth, slowly. I maintain eye contact as he hits the back of my throat, and then pulls back, ready to go again. This is foreplay for me, and I can feel myself get wet. Around the fourth or fifth time, Aaron holds his cock down my throat until I’m choking around him, and then finally lets me go. Red faced and breathless, I splutter and almost fall over.

He cradles my face gently, and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to do that.” He says, eyebrows pulled together with worry. I nod, and murmur an “It’s okay.” His case must’ve been tough. For someone so dominant, he’s oddly vanilla. That was uncharacteristic of him.

“Come up here. I want to be inside you.”

I climb up onto the sofa, and lie down on my back. Most people seem to think missionary is boring, but Aaron goes crazy for it. Being with him has made me appreciative of it too. I love being able to see his face, and hold him while he fucks me.

He’s quick to untie my sweatpants and pull them off me. Then, he moves on to my shirt, pushing it up over my chest so he can give my breasts a quick squeeze. He leaves my panties on. Maybe it adds to the whole depravity of the situation, I’m not sure. The first time we had sex, it was in the driveway after our first date. I was wearing a sundress, which he pushed up around my hips. He yanked my panties to the side and buried himself in me. After that, it seemed to become a habit.

Aaron doesn’t tease. He doesn’t press himself up against me, or make me beg. He kisses me, and asks if I want it. I say yes. He pushes my panties ankara escort bayan to the side, and gently warms me up with two fingers. It’s a bit of a stretch. He’s been gone for almost a week now, and I’ve been too busy with Liam to play with myself.

His thumb rubs up and down my clit. “Tell me you want it,” he says. There’s a look on his face I can’t decipher.

“I always want you.” I reply. He smiles, and places his fingers in my mouth. He replaces them with the head of his cock, and pushes in without hesitation. I take him easily. I’m wet and stretched out and I’ve been dreaming of our reunion for days. We both groan when he bottoms out.

It’s not super romantic. There’s an air of hurry. We’re right out in the open, and if Liam wakes up for any reason, it could mean disaster. I’d rather not have the sex talk with him at the moment.

“Aaron!” I push at his shoulders when he comes down to kiss me. He pulls away, confused, and stops mid-thrust. “What’s wrong?” He asks.

“You’re not wearing a condom!”

He picks back up where he left off, a lazy smile on his face. “I know,” he says.


He bends down again, except this time, he catches my mouth with his own. “You’re such a good mommy to Liam. Don’t you want another one?” He asks, words sweet as honey. He never uses this voice. Aaron is straightforward, severe, even boring. He’s rarely irresponsible or impulsive. Work must be kicking his ass.

His thrusts get a little sloppier, and he rubs at my clit again. “We’ll have a baby that has your nose and eyes. Liam’s always wanted a younger sibling.” He’s rambling now. This is an Aaron I’ve never met. Scattered, a wild look in his eyes.

He kisses me again. Hard. And he keeps rambling, grabbing my hips and pulling me down to meet his thrusts. I close my eyes and whine, reaching between us to rub at my clit.

He cums right after I do, collapsing onto me. I’m too tired to push him off, or be worried. In the morning, we’ll talk about Liam, and how Aaron is never home, and other children. But for now, I let it all go, and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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