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I was in the middle of a month long business trip across New England and found myself incredibly horny one night and nowhere to turn in this small Connecticut town. I lay in my hotel room with my hand between my naked legs, desperately trying to bring up memories of the last fuck I had, which unfortunately had been quite a while before. After twenty minutes of trying to get wet, I gave up hope of ever getting off that night. I eventually fell asleep cranky and just as horny as when I started. When I work up the next morning, I knew I had to do something.

I needed to get off on something or someone and I decided to do something that I’ve never done before— ask the internet for a stranger to come fuck me. I took to Craigslist’s Casual Encounters and wrote the following:

Subject: Mid 30’s business woman looking for anonymous hotel sex

Hi, this is new for me but I’m horny and alone with a hotel room in Bridgeport for the next 3 days. I’m 5’7, 135 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, c cup and I desperately want your cock between my legs. I don’t want to know your name or what you do, I’m not interested in chit chat or snuggling. I want you to come in to my hotel room and immediately unbuckle your pants, let them fall, and then push my head down to your hard thick cock. After that is all up to you. I like a bit of kink (rough but not too rough) and all my holes are up to you to use. I ask that you be between 30 and 55, can take charge, and know how to use your tongue and fingers just as well as your cock. Be clean, unmarried, and sober. It’s no fun to fuck if you’re too drunk to keep it up. Message me if you’re interested in getting into all my holes.

As to be expected, I got several messages within the first five minutes alone but the one that caught my eye the most was one that came about an hour later. A 40 something, recently divorced ex-military pendik escort with a 9 inch cock? Sign me up. He was super hot and knew just the right words to get my pussy to start leaking cream. After a few messages, I gave him my hotel & room details with strict instruction that when I answer the door, he is to immediately drop his pants and usb my mouth down to his waiting member. I had a huge craving for cock and just the thought of his had me foaming at the mouth.

The next night

I’m wearing a red low-cut dress with the lacy bra and panties I had picked out just earlier in the night specifically for this occasion. I had a great ass and this lacy red thong put it on its best display. My tits looked great in the matching red bra, but hopefully neither the bra or panties would stay on for much longer. At exactly 9pm, there’s a knock at the door— my mysterious stranger is right on time. I walk slowly to the door, letting my heels do a bit of the talking, and then I even more slowly open up the door.

He’s exactly as he looked in his picture. Dark hair, dark eyes, about 6’0 and muscular. He’s wearing gray slacks and even just the brief glance I made as I’m letting him in, I can tell that he’s already hard for me. The bulge is impressive in his slacks and I have the biggest desire to just grab him right there but I wait for him to make the first move.

It doesn’t take long, once completely in the room, no hellos or acknowledgments, he comes in and quietly and quickly takes off his belt. He drops his pants and I get the first view of what’s coming next. His giant dick looks like a mountain in his boxer briefs and he immediately shoves my mouth onto it. God, he smells amazing.

I find the outline of his head with my mouth and quickly start licking it over his briefs, using my tongue, I suck and kiss and I see a giant escort pendik wet spot forming. He grabs my hair and snarls at me to quit fooling around so I pull down his briefs and his cock is standing at full mast. It’s longer than any cock I’ve had before and almost as thick. I start by licking my way up the shaft while cupping his balls with my hands. I kiss my way down to his balls and gently put one in my mouth. I love the way it fills in my mouth but I have a need to feel completely full and I go from his balls to his cock and immediately try to get as much in my mouth as possible…

I have to really stretch my jaw but I can feel him tickling the back of my throat as his hands are behind my head forcing me to gulp down as much as his cock as I can. I use my hands on his ass to force him deeper and deeper down my gullet, so deep my eyes are watering an impossible amount. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I feel him tense up and his hot cream hitting the back of my throat. His cock was just want I needed. He takes a few seconds to collect himself and grabs my hair in his hands and pulls me up from the ground. Before I’m even fulling standing up, I can feel him lifting up my dressing and forcing my panties aside with his fingers. He takes his other hand and forces it into my mouth. After it’s sufficiently wet, he lowers them and shoves two thick fingers into my tight pussy. He’s whispering in my ear that he has to loosen up my tight twat for his fat cock…

Between his tongue in my ear and his fingers in my pussy, I could have cum right there. He whispers into my ear, “I want to stick my tongue so far up your pussy that you can taste it in your mouth. I’m going to put two fingers in your ass as another one is in your wet fuck hole.”

I didn’t even notice that he had grabbed his belt off the floor but when he turns me around and pendik escort bayan ties my hands together behind my back, I can tell immediately that it’s with his belt from earlier. He pushes me over the couch and bends me over, pushing my dress up my back and finally just tearing my panties apart with his hands. He shoves two fingers back into me and rocks me into the couch, almost so hard that I feel like he’s lifting me up from the ground… Maybe he is.

He gets close to my ear again and says that I’m still too tight so he quickly rams a third finger into me as his mouth is around my left earlobe. I can feel the juices leak out of me like a faucet and just when he moves his mouth to my neck, I explode. So much pussy cream is coming out of me that I think I’ll need a mop to come by later. I was still shaking from my orgasm when he removes his fingers and shoves his entire 9 inches into me all at once. The pain was quick and almost immediately I’m in the greatest pleasure. He pushes me further over the couch and keeps his two hands on me, pushing me down so my ass is completely up in the air now. I feel him take one hand off and I hear him spit just as I can feel a bit of liquid on my ass.

Almost as fast as that happened, I feel him shove his thick finger into my tight asshole. I now have his giant cock in my pussy and his huge finger in my ass.. On top of it all, I was able to grind my clit across the top of the couch! I was just leaking so much, much more than ever before. I must have squirted and he was too busy ramming me in all my holes to notice. As I’m starting to reach the peak of my fourth orgasm, he pushes down roughly on the couch, pulls out, and shoots his hot cum all over my back. I can feel it dripping off and he turns me around to shove my mouth onto his cock so I can start cleaning him up— one of my favorite things to do. I love cum, especially when it’s still fresh and warm.

He stands me up, unties my hands, puts on his belt, tucks in his shirt and before I can even flatten out my dress back over my body, he’s already gone from my hotel room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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