Hotel Liaison

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A little more expensive that the cheaper motels, Dave always preferred the Holiday Inn and was happy to pay for it. It was worth it to him to have free use of a gym; he was under no illusions about his need to shed a few lbs.

A session in the gym was always followed by a quick swim to cool down. On this occasion his only companion was a lovely brunette sharing the pool. At heart Dave was still the same dirty little schoolboy he’d always been. He took a very deep breath and dived under as she was on her return length. He had a fine view of her large breasts filling a pretty, blue swimsuit and, with the cool water, her nipples were very clearly defined.

Also visible was the unmistakable outline of an indentation where the lycra was stretched over her pussy. Then there were her beautiful, smooth thighs. Dave loved all kinds of tits but never compromised on legs!

He couldn’t hold his breath any longer, and she must have seen his sub-aquatic ogling. He left the pool to retire to the sauna; to cool off! Only a couple of minutes later the pretty stranger joined him. Dave could see her coming through the glass door and failed completely to look nonchalant as she entered the hot room. She sat on the bench furthest from the door and, unfortunately, also from him.

She sat up and spread one leg along the length of the bench, bending to touch the toes on her outstretched limb as if doing some flexibility exercise. This parted her legs just enough to give Dave a glimpse of her cameltoe; a view he loved. She flexed a couple of times and sat upright before hitting him in the face with a small housebrick.

“Do you mind if I roll down my top?” Without even waiting for the answer she pulled down the top half of her swimming costume to let her large breasts fall free from their constraints. “It gets so hot in here it’s uncomfortable. Would you be so kind as to tell me if anyone else comes along so I can cover up please?”

“Er well, I mean, yes er of course.” Dave hadn’t recovered from his concussion yet.

She lay back on the bench and Dave couldn’t tear his eyes from her large breasts as they lay against her chest with one nipple pointing, almost accusingly, at him. They stayed like that for ten minutes when Dave noticed a family enter the pool area; the young daughter made straight for the sauna.

“You’d better get decent, someone’s coming.” He did think briefly about not telling her but decided against it.

“Thank you.” She pulled the garment up over her beautiful breasts with no little difficulty; and left!

Dave got up to leave and then quickly sat down again. It wasn’t that he wanted to stay with the youngster, that wasn’t his thing at all. No, he sat down again because his shorts did nothing at all to hide his huge hard on.

He was far too hot to stay for much longer but really couldn’t move from the awkward position he was now forced to sit in. The girl waited as her mother joined her.

Dave was dying and stuck. There was nothing else for it, he had to make a break for it. The girl was looking at the thermometer but the mother didn’t miss his arousal and smiled at him in a way that made it perfectly clear she was aware of his embarrassment.

Dave raced into the changing rooms. He soon lost his erection when he realised he had no idea where the woman was; possibly not even staying at the hotel as the health club was a separate business with outside clients.

Showered, refreshed, horny and frustrated all at once he retired to the hotel lounge for a beer and a quick catch up on the internet. He emptied his pockets onto the table next to his half-finished beer and settled down to read his emails, waiting for the one from Davina McCall asking him to test drive ribbed condoms on her. Surprisingly there was no such email in his in-box.

Still a little bruised a second brick hit his sore face – she walked past him in the lobby. He stared at her again not unlike a kids face at a sweetshop window. At least he didn’t let his jaw drop this time and he managed to avoid drooling like the geriatric who always occupies the corner chair in cheap pubs.

She was wearing a short skirt that provided a fine view of her lovely thighs and heels just long enough to force her calves into an alluring shape but not so long as to make walking difficult. Her blouse was a pleasing shade of green, just tight fitting enough and low cut enough to show a tempting amount of cleavage, but not so as to look cheap.

She winked at him and smiled.

“She winked at me, she did, I’m sure she did, she winked at me.” Dave screamed in his mind. He watched her stroll on past him. She gave her curvy arse a sexy little wiggle.

“Christ! She wiggled her arse at me, I’m certain she did.” His thoughts deafened him.

But with that she disappeared out of the hotel door. Dave quickly gathered his things and made off at a pace that did nothing to hide the fact he was obviously following her. Upon reaching the door it was clear she’d gone; he scanned the car park for 10 minutes to no avail.

He cursed and muttered under his breath, “The fuckin’ cock teaser!”.

His dick had spent the whole evening pendik escort swapping from ragingly hard to lettuce limp and now his balls were fit to burst. Only one thing for it, back to his room to watch some porn on his laptop and relieve his sexual tensions. Armed only with his right hand, the silver screen and some Kleenex he brought up one of his favourite movies. Nicely underway with a cock that could bang in nails, there was a knock on his door.

“What the fuck now for Christs sake?”

He struggled to pull some running shorts on and opened the door. It was, of course, her.

“You, here? I mean why, er or how?” Dave had always struggled at school with getting words the right way round for a question.

“Your room key was on the table. I’m Linda.” She announced herself as one would for something no more exciting than a doctors appointment.

Dave just held the door open wider, unable to form speech any longer. Linda strolled in with no undue haste accidentally brushing he back of her hand against the head of his huge cock which was bulging in his flimsy shorts. She was beautiful, cool, confident in her appearance without a hint of vanity; and clearly loving every minute of it. Dave closed the door behind her, still dumbstruck.

“Shall I start with Alan, Andrew, Anthony and just keep going till I strike lucky?” She had sarcasm down to a fine art. For a moment it flew over Daves head.

“Er what, pardon? Oh, oh yeah, er Dave.” He almost managed to get a verb in; his power of speech was coming back.

“Pleased to meet you Dave. Nice tits!” Another throwaway comment that caught him off guard.

The busty model in his movie was bouncing up and down riding her co-star’s cock. The intervention of his sceensaver saved more than just his screen.

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting company.” he’d just about managed to get himself together.

“That’s OK.” She giggled a little, “She’s quite fit!” This was a first sign of genuine warmth and she broke into a smile that accompanied it. It lit up her pretty face and Dave began to feel more at ease with her.

“I didn’t think I’d see you after you left?” indeed he didn’t.

“I just went round the corner, I wanted to see if you really were interested in me.” He tone was softer and more friendly now. She sat on the corner of the bed.

“How could anyone not be, especially after your little display in the sauna?” he too was more relaxed now, looking for the coffee sachets these places always had, except today!

“Oh sorry about that. I like to be a bit of a tease, you didn’t mind did you?”

“No, not at all, it was lovely if a bit embarrassing.” There was something beginning to start up between them.

“Some men play all interested but, if you’re not some size 0 supermodel they just fuck you off; or they think you’re out for a free meal.” For the first time there was a hint of insecurity in her voice.

“I can assure you, my interest is very genuine. I’d offer you a drink but…” he didn’t finish the sentence.

“I know, that’s why I’ve lead you on a little. I don’t just tease.” She patted he bed next to her and Dave took up the offer.

Linda placed a hand on the top of his thigh. Despite it’s proximity to his groin it wasn’t a sexual gesture, more one of warmth. She placed the other on his hairy chest an leant over slightly. He responded with a gentle kiss on her lips which lingered and slowly grew more passionate. He placed his hand across her tummy to her waist and they kissed a while longer, deep passionate kisses as lovers would; not necessarily strangers who’d only just met. She broke off the oral embrace to stand in front of him.

Without taking her eyes off him she stood on one leg and lifted the other behind her, just far enough to reach round and remove the shoe. Rock steady she repeated the exercise with the other. It was clear to Dave that this was the start of a lovely show. Never moving her eyes from him and still with that disarming smile, she started to unzip the back of her skirt. The zipper stuck! She lost her balance a little and giggled. Far from spoiling the atmosphere, this unexpected interruption to her striptease added to it. The ambiance between them was friendly and sex in real life isn’t like some choreographed movie, things don’t always go to plan, zippers do get stuck!

“Please, allow me.” Ever the gentleman Dave volunteered to assist in the removal of her clothes. There was a little more giggling; she wasn’t quite as expert at this as she’d seemed at first. He fancied all the more for it.

Her skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. He returned to sit on the bed, still fully erect and immensely turned on by her presence. She was wearing stockings held up by lacy black suspenders but, to Dave’s surprise, no knickers.

“I don’t always do everything by the book, you would have been expecting them, so I took them off. I like to be a bit different.” He stared at her bare pussy. He’d only ever seen pictures of shaven girls before and had certainly never kissed or licked a hairless slit. For a few moments he was transfixed by it, her pussy looked beautiful to him.

She escort pendik lifted off her green top to reveal her wonderful breasts again but this time in a pretty black bra that matched her suspenders. She had a flawless, rounded tummy that formed a waist made for an arm to rest around. Dave wanted to plant lingering kisses all over her. The calm persona had dropped now and she smiled in response to his attention. He much preferred this; cool is very professional and even sexy but this was far warmer and more friendly. He joined her in being a little embarrassed at his uncontrollable erection; they were like two teenagers trying it all for the first time.

She unclasped her bra and her heavy breasts fell free again. This time she was standing and they formed a beautifully natural shape as they hung against the white skin of her torso. This was getting a bit too much for our hero who just had to give his rigid cock a little rub through the thin material. She was finished, the stockings were staying on. Dave stood up and made as if to remove his sole item of clothing but Linda intervened.

She placed a hand on his and moved it away from his waistband. She knelt in front of him and he looked down on her pretty face. She pulled down his shorts but his cock was caught by them. It snapped free, bouncing back up to make a slapping noise against his fat belly. This brought another smile from both of them, soon stopped when she gently took hold of it and traced a finger tip about the head, moistened by drops of clear pre-cum. He took in a very sharp breath at the exquisiteness of her soft touch. She looked very closely at his cock as she peeled back his foreskin to reveal the glistening head. Dave closed his eyes and focussed hard on not cumming far too soon. Very slowly, and without any fraction more force than was necessary, she pushed his foreskin back and forth a few times almost as if she wanted to see how it worked. Of course, what she was really doing was collecting clear pre-cum from the slit in it’s head which she gathered on her finger and licked off.

The effect of touching the tip of his cock with her fingertip was not lost on her and she sucked it, not only to taste his seminal juices but also to wet it before tracing it all over his helmet and the ridge at the base of it. This alone was ecstasy before she’d stared to run her tongue along the underside of his length. She took her hand from his cock to run it over his large, hairy, round stomach. In any other situation this would have tickled beyond compare, but now it greatly added to his sexual enjoyment. Still tickling his cock head with her fingers she licked down his shaft, only this time, she kept going on to his hairy ball sac. They tightened noticeably and was immediately accompanied by a loud moan. Daves balls were the most sensitive part of his body and she had the lightest of touches with her tongue over them. She covered every part of his ball bag with the tip of her tongue still performing her finger massage on his cock and stroking his abdomen. This was all getting too much.

“You’ve gotta stop Linda. Fuck I’m close, I’m so close.”

She did; she lifted her head from his balls and took her hand from his cock… so she could put it into her mouth instead. Now there would be no mercy for him. Her left hand switched to gently scratching the underside of his balls with her fingernails, her right hand moved to wanking it’s shaft; and her tongue and lips played havoc with his head and cock slit. Her upwards pulls would sometimes trap her tongue under his foreskin which she’d push back with her lips to free it again.

“Fuck Linda, no, no, I can’t, it’s far to soon. No ohhh shit!”

He started to flood her mouth with seemingly endless streams of thick, white spunk. Her teasing had wound him up all day and his balls were bursting and now they erupted forth their contents. Even though she loved the taste of semen she simply couldn’t swallow it all fast enough and some fell down his shaft and onto his ball bag. She kept sucking until long after his final spurt. The muscles in his thighs stood out, well defined and hard as iron as his whole body tensed throughout his orgasm. She licked up the errant jizz from his balls and shaft which made him flinch again in their heightened, sensitive state. Then she took his softening, smaller cock back into her mouth and really started to massage it with her tongue. Dave started to go into raptures again; his cock and balls were always at their most sensitive just after he’d come. Clearly she’d seen this before. He couldn’t take it any longer and pushed her face away a little too forcefully.

“Oh God I’m so sorry, I’d never usually touch a lady..” She interrupted him, laughing.

“It’s fine, really. I love it when I can make a guy lose all control. You should do every now and again, it’s good for you.” With that she lay right back on the bed and spread her arms out, as if being crucified. This was a clear message to him : come on lover boy, match that!

Dave sat astride her, his floppy cock lying on her tummy. He bent over and started to kiss her on the mouth again as they had before. And, as before, it started pendik escort bayan off very tenderly before increasing in passion and depth with their tongues exploring each others mouths. All the time Linda kept her eyes closed hiding their lovely, blue colour. He moved his oral attentions to her neck, planting soft kisses deliberately designed to tease, but never mark, her lovely skin. One hand found a breast and began to tweak the nipple gently. However, here was a part of the body where she seemed to like a firmer hand. Indeed, the more roughly he massaged and kneaded her large tits, the more she appeared to like it. He took a nipple into his mouth and gripped it firmly in his teeth, but without biting. She sighed, loudly. He shuffled down a little so he could comfortable use both hands on her lovely tits. He was really squeezing them quite hard, all the time watching for his pretty lovers reactions. She did like this treatment, really quite rough but never so as to bruise or leave marks. His cock was beginning to rise again and he moved back up to clamp her tits around it’s growing thickness. This was selfish, after all it was supposed to be her turn for pleasure now but she did appear to enjoy some rough treatment of her beautiful breasts and this was a continuation of that.

With her eyes still closed throughout, Linda took a hand in things and squeezed her own tits together round his stiffening cock. Dave reached over the bed for the shoulder strap from his bag. He pulled his cock out of it’s lovely, warm den and moved her hands away. He couldn’t believe how much she was moaning and sighing and he hadn’t been anywhere near her pussy yet.

It was time for him to get back to using his tongue again. Linda was a curvy girl with a lovely, round tummy and flawless, white skin. He stoked her sides with both hands and began to plant more kisses all over her stomach. He teased her belly button with his tongue, swirling it round in the small depression. Linda’s moans turned in to giggles for a moment, this was obviously ticklish. Despite interrupting the nonstop stream of her sexual pleasure, she did like it. Dave returned to licked her tummy, slowly descending towards her uninhibited pussy. Here was a lady who clearly paid great attention to her most prized possession; the pubic hair having been removed with great care. His face drifted further down and he bypassed this mecca for his tongue, and continued onto her legs.

Linda had fantastic thighs and wasn’t shy about giving men a view of them when the opportunity provided itself. They were full, firm and smooth, free of scars or blemishes. They were also very sensitive when kissed on their inner surface. Having traced his tongue down the inside of one he made the return journey by kissing up he inside of the other. She was wet, very wet and her juices smelled lovely to him. He’d teased and caressed her body so much now, he couldn’t keep his tongue from her pussy any longer. He paused for a moment to enjoy the close up vision of her pretty slit. The pleasure process continued with him running his tongue up and down its length without pressing hard enough to open her outer lips. He was just tasting some of her pussy juice to begin with; no-one was in any hurry here. He put a couple of fingers form each hand on her outer lips and gently parted them to reveal the full wetness of her insides and, more importantly, her clit. Determined to leave her lovely pleasure button until the last he licked the inner surfaces for her pussy lips. She was so wet he was almost drinking in her juices; and she tasted very nice indeed. Dave made sure he covered every part of her pussy lips with his exploring tongue before moving to her clit.

Linda was, quite frankly, making one hell of a racket; the people in the adjacent rooms simply had to know what they were up to; and he couldn’t care less, “Let the jealous bastards listen through the wall.” He’d won the prize, this beauty was with him and no-one else. He tongued her clit for a few minutes to ensure it was thoroughly soaked in his spit. He sat back and took her hand, positioning it to hold her own pussy wide open. He then started to rub his fingers across her clit, pressing it against her public bone. He speeded up and slowed down in time with her breathing. As she started to breath far more deeply, maybe getting close to orgasm, he took the middle two fingers of his other hand and slowly pushed them deep into her pussy, feeling for her pubis. She began to lose control now, both his finger-fucking of her and this clitoral stimulation were certainly bringing her to orgasm.

“Oh fuck it Dave, don’t stop, don’t stop I’m coming. Shove you fingers right up my cunt, get ’em in deep.” Normally this kind of language from a lady would have shocked him, but it was his turn to take it as a sign she was losing control. Now was the time to push her over the edge completely. He stopped rubbing her clit and put his face down. Still with two fingers deep inside her he ran his tongue over her swollen clitoris pressing it as hard as he could. He circled his tongue all round her love bud, each time he pressed it one way it would spring into another position and he’d chase it again without mercy. Linda wasn’t going to take her hand away from holding her entrance wide open for him but, with her other, she held the back of his head hard to her snatch. She had no intention of letting him go!

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