Hotbeds Ch. 10

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Introduction: The supposed sexual adventures of a prep school teacher in the 1950s and 1960s. Chapter 9 is an account of his crossing the channel and entering another channel. Chapter 10 finds him still in France and offered the chance to consummate with Denise the sexual activities with her which constituted part of his initiation, as reported in Chapter 1.


I presumed that Denise was coming to her country retreat to put it to bed for the winter, or, possibly, to quiz me about the month with Jeanne. Maybe even to report on her friend’s state of mind and body after that time with me.

Her letter arrived on a Tuesday, so I had four days to fill, in effect, before she arrived on Friday evening. That not only settled my staying on for those days at least but gave me things to do during them. I busied myself changing the beds, cleaning the place throughout and going to the village market and shop to replenish supplies. Between whiles I cycled many miles around Normandy and swam a good deal on the local and other beaches. The idea was to tire myself to enable me to sleep and avoid brooding on missing Jeanne, her magnificent clitoris and the great, deep, compelling eyes which had drawn me in.

I made sure to be outside in the twilight to meet Denise, and she rather surprised me by getting out of the car, embracing me hard and kissing me, lips to lips. I could tell she was tense, agitated, and wondered if Jeanne had returned to Paris distressed. But would Denise greet me so warmly if that were the case? Perhaps she was rewarding me if Jeanne had seemed in a better state of being?

I had a meal waiting and we settled to eat, but she picked at the food and kept looking into my face questioningly.

Eventually I asked, ‘Do you want me to talk about how Jeanne and I got on?’`

‘I know all about it,’ she said, smiling, ‘She told me everything, every last detail. In both languages and several times.’

‘Was she happier?’

‘She’s still grieving at the loss of her breasts, of course, and will go on doing so, but you showed her she can still be desired, still have sex. She loved it, every detail. Telling me helped her to enjoy the memory. She got excited again at the thought of what you did together.’

‘What about her husband?’ I asked.

‘We discussed a long time whether or not to tell him about her infidelity. Would the knowledge that another man wanted her help him think of her sexually? Or would it just finish off the marriage?’

‘What was the decision?’

‘Say nothing for now and hope.’

I said, ‘Has she used her mouth? What about her offering him sex from the rear, so he doesn’t need to see her chest? She’s got a lovely bottom after all, and if he doesn’t appreciate that he must be a fool.’

‘I think she’s tried, but he rejects her.’

She sounded distant, as if Jeanne’s situation was no longer the point, so I asked, ‘There’s something wrong, isn’t there? Something personal to you.’

I was not surprised when she began to cry. I reached across the table to take her hands.

‘It’s Marcel,’ she said, ‘He’s got a girl.’

‘How do you know?’ I asked. ‘Did he tell you?’

‘No,’ she sobbed, ‘I caught them when I got back from here a month ago. He thought I wasn’t coming home till the next day, which was the original plan. I went a day early to leave you and Jeanne alone sooner.’

‘Is it serious?’ I asked. ‘Does he want to leave you?’

‘He doesn’t know. He says he’s in love with her. She’s a girl from his company, half my age.’

I wondered what to say next. ‘Is it a middle-aged man grabbing at his youth thing?’

She struggled to stop weeping. ‘The question is; do I want to leave him?’

Obviously only she could determine that, so I said nothing. She went on, ‘All those years we were apart and I didn’t let any man into me, because I thought that was what mattered. You know about bursa escort that. We never had full sex. You were sweet about that. I know he was unfaithful during that time, but I could manage that so long as he was faithful after we were together again.’

She got up and moved round the table and sat on my knee, and began to cry again on my shoulder. I held her tight and waited for the storm to pass. She said bitterly, ‘I wish now I’d had done it properly with you. But we can remedy that, if you still want to. If you aren’t empty after Jeanne. Of course I know I’m older and fatter.’

‘You are as beautiful as ever,’ I said, ‘And of course I want to. But I don’t just want to be your revenge, because you’d regret that afterwards.’

‘I want you because I want you. I need to do everything you did with Jeanne, everything. Remember, I know what you and she did.’

‘That would be wonderful,’ I said. Did I really have scruples? Surely I was agog to get into the woman I had fallen in love some years ago?

‘But we’ve only got till Monday morning, not a month,’ she said.

‘We’d better get started, then,’ I replied, already hardening. ‘Off we go to the sea.’

‘Oh yes. I have to get grass up my arse.’

‘You wouldn’t have used such a word last time,’ I pointed out.

‘No, well, I’m not so prissy-mouthed nowadays, especially since talking with Jeanne and finding out about Marcel. I want to fuck and fuck and call it anything I feel like.’

As we came onto the beach I proposed that we speed up the chain of events Jeanne and I had followed. So she should take off her skirt and knickers.

‘My arse is bigger nowadays,’ she said. ‘Look!’

In the twilight I inspected it with delight. ‘Maybe a little. But all the better.’

I urged her legs apart in the shallows, bent and put my head through them and stood. Her vulva was now pressed to the back of my neck and her cheeks on my shoulders.

‘That’s interesting,’ she said, rocking back and forth, holding my upraised hands for balance. ‘Can you feel my cunt? Is it different from Jeanne’s?’

‘I can feel it all right. Leaking nicely. Not so hairy as Jeanne’s and her clitoris is so large I could feel that, too.’

‘Mine isn’t large, but it works all right. Remember?’

‘We’re going to test that now,’ I told, carrying into the dunes and laying her down.

‘Is this where you fucked Jeanne?’ She asked.

‘No. This is where I sucked her off. Like this.’ I bent to apply my lips to her labia and began to lick up and down vulva.

‘Suck my clitoris, like you did hers,’ she instructed. ‘It’s hard now.’

I took the little nub between my lips, licked and sucked.

‘Did she come quickly?’

‘Quick enough,’ I said. ‘And I think you’re on the way, aren’t you?’

‘Yes. Keep going. I’m going to have this one. Here it comes!’

She uttered a high-pitched roaring sound and thrashed her bottom up and down, side to side, grinding the cheeks into the sand.

‘Good one,’ she said. ‘I wanted that so much. It was as if I were fucking your mouth with my clitoris. Now I want you to fuck my cunt.’

‘That wasn’t what came next,’ I told her. ‘We went back to house for that.’

‘But I want to know whether my cunt is longer than hers,’ she objected. ‘Go in and test me. You can get in easily.’

That was what I did. I pushed into her, as far as I could and held still.

‘Well?’ She asked. ‘Does it feel different? Do cunts feel different?’

‘They vary,’ I said, ‘Not just amongst them, but the same one changes, depending on how aroused, how slippery, how close to orgasm. But Jeanne’s is longer than yours. I’m up against your cervix without cramming in the final fraction.’

‘I don’t know why, but I want to talk about what you do with other women, what their minges and cunts and clitorises are like. How did Jeanne’s minge differ from mine?’

‘Well, for one thing it’s bursa escort bayan very hairy, and right past her vagina and up her crack.’

‘That sounds disgusting, but you liked it, didn’t you?’ She asked.

‘I loved it.’

‘Are you going to come in me now?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘I want to go back to the house while you get ready again, because I want you to come again when I come in you.’

‘I can come again now, and when you come in me,’ she said. ‘Just suck me again till I tell you, and then go in and come. That’ll do it. Never mind about Jeanne for now.’

I withdrew from that warm, delicious vagina. The evening air was chill on my damp tool and I longed to dive back in. But I bent again to lip her re-erecting clit, and after some minutes she tapped my head and said, ‘Quick, now!’

And I was happy to plunge back in. Her cunt was slick and I slid home and ejaculated, and she bucked beneath me in the throes of her orgasm, whooping and shouting, ‘You’re coming! I can feel you. Spunk into me!’

We lay still, spent and beginning to shiver in the autumn darkness, for summer was ending. Then she said, ‘What was it like, going inside me at last?’

I had to think for a minute. ‘Slipping into cunt is the most wonderful feeling in the world,’ I said, ‘And slipping into a cunt you’ve longed to get into is even more wonderful, and slipping into the cunt of a woman you are, or have been, in love with is beyond wonderful. Magical, apocalyptic, fulfilling.’

‘Apocalyptic cunt. Hm. So I have a magical minge, a fulfilling fud.’

‘Yes. Come back to the house and let me into it again,’ I suggested.

We didn’t bother to dress again but walked back, me naked and she half naked, in the dark. Every hundred yards or so I stroked, kissed, kneaded her bottom. Yes, it was larger now, but it was even more beautiful, and such was its effect that by the time we were in her bedroom, with a double-bed, I was hard again.

As we lay down, she asked, ‘What did you do with Jeanne after the dunes?’

‘I sucked her off with her clit and went in we came.’

‘Do that with me?’

‘Gladly,’ I said, and positioned myself to tongue her vulva.

‘I’ll start coming soon,’ she said, already breathing hard and moving her pelvis up and down. ‘Then you go in. It should be wet enough.’

‘Oh now!’ she screamed. ‘Oh now!’

I scrambled into position, felt for her opening and plunged in. The sheer shock of the sticky heat within tripped my coming, and she dragged at my hips to pull me as far in as possible to prolong her climax

After this we were temporarily spent. I asked her if we could do what I so longed to do when we were colleagues at my first school, sleep together. All the time she had had her chest covered, because to emulate the sex with Jeanne there would be no access to her breasts. But now she took off the blouse and bra. Then we pulled up the covers and she tucked her bottom into my thighs and stomach and we slept.

For a long time after we woke, we lay facing, embracing and kissing. I stroked her bottom, ran my fingers down its cleavage, poked a finger up her anus. She ran her hand up and down my half-erect penis. Slowly our desire gathered.

‘I know this doesn’t fit with your fucking with Jeanne,’ she said, ‘But I want you to make love to my tits. They’re a bit bigger, too, and droopier, but there’s also even more feeling in them. Could you do that?’

Of course I could. ‘Like your bottom they’re even lovelier,’ I said, and began to lick, caress and suck, rolling the nipples between finger and thumb, drawing the areolas into my mouth. When her breasts began to swell I knew she was approaching orgasm.

‘I can come, if you like. Would you like to fuck into me? I’m slippy enough.’

That was invitation enough, and I was soon easing my way in and out of her, my cock tingling and throbbing with that amazing sensitivity which grows with escort bursa each successive entry in a sequence. ‘I can stay like this till you’re ready,’ I said. ‘There is so much joy and delight in just being in you. But I can come any time.’

‘That’s good,’ she said, ‘So there’s no hurry. I love having you in there. I can feel you bumping my cervix. That makes me feel dizzy with almost-orgasm, and as you move in my cunt it feels like I’m rubbing you off.’

We lay still a short time and without my moving within her my cock swelled and relaxed a little, and her vagina walls closed a little and then also relaxed. We remained in a state of suspended near-climax, till she said, ‘I’ll lose it if you don’t come now. Just move a little, only a little.’

Poised as I was on the cliff-edge it took only two slight movements to tip me over and I came, my semen flowing rather than spurting, and she came with a deep sigh of mixed pleasure and relief.

‘I’m sucking your sperm up my tubes,’ she said. ‘I can feel it going up my cervix into my womb. My womb is absorbing it. It’s feeding my whole body.’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘And my penis is absorbing your cunt-cum. I can feel it percolating into my muscles, soothing my nerves.’

And when at last my cock shrank out of her, there was hardly any overflow, as if she had indeed drawn in my ejaculations.

We slept again, and woke late to eat a hearty breakfast and then return to bed for further sleep and conversation.

‘Tell me about all the fucks you’ve had since Tony and Gwen,’ she commanded. She enjoyed my narration of the events in earlier chapters, quizzing me about the smallest details. Then she told me that Marcel had apparently become less assiduous, almost perfunctory in his love-making. Perhaps from familiarity, perhaps from wanting variety, leading to his affair with a young colleague.

‘Will you tell him about us?’ I asked.

‘I may well. I want him to know that if he doesn’t find me desirable someone else does, and if he wants to continue the marriage he had better try harder.’

‘You don’t have to go back to him,’ I said. ‘You could come back to England, with me. Even without me. But with me would be perfect.’

‘You really want me, don’t you?’ She said. ‘That is wonderful. But I have to give him a chance. Besides I’m getting older and you’re still a young man. You need a girl your own age, who can have babies and make a home with you.’

I did not argue with her, because there was good sense in what she said.

After a while we got up, had another meal and went for a long walk, relishing the sunshine and each other’s company. Following which we went to bed and slept together without further sex that day.

There is only one other episode in the week-end that I recall particularly, our last congress on the Sunday night, which began with her asking, ‘What else did you do with Jeanne? Was there something special? Can we do it?’

‘We can try,’ I said. ‘Because of the size of her clitoris I could slide along her groove till I touched it, then dive into her vagina, then slip out and slide up her vulva to her clit, again and again, and eventually she came, and I drove in and shot my spunk.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘I know my clit-bit isn’t very large, but it would be fun to try So I kneel like this and offer my arse. You’ll like that, anyway, even if it doesn’t have hair up the crack. Or at least I don’t think it does.’

I was dubious about the efficacy of this position, but was keen to try, especially as I knew this would probably be the last time we would ever make love. So I eased into her, thrust a few time, eased out and slid my cock between her labia. They were not so long as Jeanne’s, so the slot was not so deep, but careful guidance took my cock-head onto her clitoris.

It was more the excitement of just doing this which brought her on, I think, than the actual friction, but I felt the tide of her orgasm beginning to flood and I redoubled my efforts, and was rewarded with her gasping, ‘Hard, hard! It’s coming. I’m coming. Hold my bottom. Right in. Come now!’

The shared orgasm was tumultuous, triumphal, and valedictory.

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