Hot Tub Fun

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“May I join you?”

I look up at the sound of your voice. I’d been lost in thought, enjoying the privacy and the roiling water of the Jacuzzi. In truth, I’d all but forgotten about the party going on in the main room of the clubhouse. I’d snuck in here when I realized nobody else wanted to use the hot tub, preferring the games and entertainment out there. That was fine with me. I’d kept the lights low and enjoyed the solitude. But there’s no reason to say No to you, especially when I notice you’re carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. So instead I smile and nod my head.

You walk over to where I’d discarded my sweats and coat and shoes. You kick off your own shoes and quickly slide off your jeans and remove your shirt, revealing your swimsuit. I admire your toned body as you climb into the hot tub next to me. “It was getting a little to crazy in there for me,” you say by way of explanation. I nod sympathetically. “Honestly I’m surprised more people aren’t in here. The invite said the pool would be open.”

I shrug. “It’s cold,” I say. “Maybe nobody else wanted to worry about being wet when they left.” You grunt in agreement as you untwist the cap on the wine bottle and fill the glasses. You hand one to me and we clink them together in a toast.

I sip the wine, letting it roll past my tongue, savoring the tart fruitiness. You drink some of yours, then lean your head back and stretch your arms along the tub’s rail. You give a contented sigh, which I echo.

We sit in companionable silence for a while, sipping our drinks. I surreptitiously watch you. You are quite attractive. The combination of the wine, the jets in the water, and the subdued, almost romantic, lighting is putting ideas in my head, and I wonder what it would be like to kiss you. Instead, I drain my glass, then hold it up and ask for a refill.

Picking up the bottle, you slide closer to me and refill first my glass, then yours. You hold up your glass for another toast. With a small smile I close the distance between us even more, then I curl my arm around yours into a classic romantic toast maneuver. You chuckle as we drink. As we lower our glasses, our faces are only inches apart. We look deeply into each others’ eyes. You swallow again as though nervous.

What the hell, I think, and lean in to kiss you. You freeze for just a microsecond, then kiss me back. It’s a brief kiss, but surprisingly intense. I pull away only long enough so we can disentangle our arms and set down our glasses; then I take your face in my hands and pull you into another deeper, longer kiss.

Your arms slide around my waist as we make out, our tongues pushing against each other. I move my hands from your bursa escort cheeks to the back of your head and press my breasts against your bare chest.

Without breaking our kiss, I push you back against the wall of the hot tub and climb onto your lap. My hands slide around to your front and I squeeze your chest briefly. In response your hands reach down to squeeze my ass. I make a small, encouraging sound and grind my ass against your lap.

You pull your lips away to begin trailing kisses down my neck to my collarbone. I keep my eyes closed and hold you by the back of your head as your mouth moves down to my shoulder, then along my suit’s shoulder strap. I raise myself up off your lap slightly and lean my head back to give you better access to my cleavage, and am rewarded with the feel of your tongue sliding down across the tops of my breasts. I’m incredibly turned on right now, and glad I wore one of my cuter bikinis.

Your mouth moves down between by breasts, and I hold your head in place with one hand. With my other, I reach back to untie my bikini top, then pull it off and throw it over my shoulder. With my tits now fully exposed, you move your mouth to lick and kiss my nipples. I squeeze you with my thighs, my head thrown back in ecstasy. “Yesss…!” I hiss softly. God, I love having my tits sucked!

Your mouth does wonders to both of them, and you use your hands to play with whichever one isn’t in your mouth. I feel my pussy get wet as you alternate between licking, sucking, and gently biting my nipples. I grind against your crotch, and can feel your erection straining against your swim trunks. I dig my fingernails into your shoulder and you suck hard on my tit, making me moan in pleasure.

I pull away from you, and tilt your face up to look at me. I give you another kiss, caressing your tongue with mine. I slide off your lap and stand before you, waist deep in the churning water. My tits ache for your touch again, but there’s another need building that I want to satisfy. I take hold of your hands and pull slightly, indicating I want you to stand. You do, and draw me close for another mind-bending kiss. As our tongues wrestle, I reach down to palm your hard cock, which is tenting your shorts. I pull the drawstring on your trunks, loosening them so I can reach my hand in to wrap my fingers around your shaft. You sigh into our kiss as I gently squeeze your erection. I stand on my tiptoes to whisper into your ear: “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

You nod and say “Oh god, yes,” just loud enough to be heard over the noise of the Jacuzzi. I lick your earlobe and push you away. You stumble backward, then climb out to sit on the edge of the hot tub, pushing your bursa escort bayan shorts down as you do to reveal your cock. I take a moment to admire it in the dim light. It’s long, thick, and very hard, and appears to be shaved clean, along with your balls. I step closer and kneel on the Jacuzzi seat, then take your cock in my hand. I bring my head down to kiss the tip gently, and look up as you let out a small sigh. I blow you a kiss, then return my attention to your hard cock.

I start by licking from your balls to the tip of your dick, up one side and down the other. I fondle your balls with one hand as I slide my tongue up your length again, before parting my lips and taking you into my mouth. You give a low growl as I bob my head up and down on your dick, sucking hard as I pull up and sliding my tongue along the underside as I go down. After a few minutes of this I wrap my hands around your shaft, twisting them in opposite directions as I lick and suck on the head.

The taste of your precum tells me you’re approaching your climax. Normally I’d be perfectly happy to suck you off and taste your cum right here. But as it happens, you’re sitting right above one of the jets, and in my position on my knees before you the water is shooting right against my pussy through my bikini bottoms. The combination of that pressure, plus your impending orgasm, not to mention the fact that other party goers could come into this room at any moment, has cranked my personal excitement up to eleven, and I desperately want to feel your hard cock pounding into my willing, wet pussy. So as much as it pains me—and as much as I know it’ll pain you—I pull away from your dick.

I look up at you: your eyes are closed and your head thrown back, but as soon as your cock leaves the warmth of my mouth, you look at me with a mixture of frustration and confusion on your face. I give you a sexy smile and swim over to the other side of the hot tub. I give you a come hither look and crook a finger at you, then turn around and step up onto the seat. Facing away from you, I pull down my bikini bottom and bend over, my hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi, my ass in the air. I look at you over my shoulder.

You waste no time coming over to me. I expect to feel you climb up behind me and stick that hard cock in my pussy; but you surprise me. You place your hands on my ass cheeks to spread them apart, then lean in and start eating me out.

I cry out as your tongue slides into my wet pussy, and continue moaning as you start licking all around me, licking from my asshole to my clit and back again and fucking me with your tongue. I close my eyes to enjoy the sensation as your tongue brings me closer and closer escort bursa to cumming. Then I feel you insert a finger inside me, pistoning it slowly. Just as I’m getting used to that, you add a second finger. My knees buckle slightly when you curl your fingers inside me, and my moan turns into a growl. “Oh fuck!”

I’m super horny for your cock now. I tell you I want to feel you inside me, and you withdraw your fingers and give my ass a smack. You step up behind me, and I feel your fat cock pushing against my lips. I push myself back and we both groan as your cock slides into my wet cunt, stretching me deliciously. You put your hands on my hips and start fucking me. I push my ass back to meet your thrusts. Your fingers grip my waist as you drive your cock into me over and over. I brace myself on the floor with one hand, and with the other start rubbing my clit.

All too soon, I have a massive orgasm. My body tenses and I squeeze your cock with my pussy; then I flop forward with the release, giving a hoarse cry as I do so. Fortunately your hands are still holding my waist, so you keep me from falling over completely. You don’t stop fucking me, but you do slow down while I catch my breath and regain my sense of balance. That takes me a moment.

Once I come back to my senses, you pick up speed again, slamming your cock deep in my pussy, faster and harder. I know you want to cum, so I squeeze you with my pussy as you fuck me and start moaning how badly I want you to fill my wet cunt with your huge load. “That’s it…fuck me harder…faster…cum for me…cum deep in my pussy…fill me up with your hot spunk…come on, baby, give it to me…fucking give it to me!” I’m practically screaming now; no doubt anyone outside this room can hear me. I don’t care, though. I just want you to cum in my pussy.

I hear your breathing getting faster and harder. You pull my ass back, jamming your cock deep inside me. I know you’re getting close, so I keep up the dirty talk. “Come on, lover. Give me that cum. Shoot it deep in my pussy! Fill me up with your hot load! That’s it, baby, fucking cum inside me! Give it to me! Give me your fucking cum!” With a grunt, you pull me back onto you one final time, and I feel your cock tense and flex inside me as you unload your spunk deep into my hole. Your hands grip my waist tightly, and I feel you shudder as your cock releases its load.

After a few seconds you withdraw from me, leaving me feeling empty but satisfied…very satisfied. I turn around and pull you into a deep kiss, then run a finger along my pussy to scoop out some of your cum. Looking deep into your eyes, I bring my hand to my mouth and suck your cum off my finger. “Mmm…” I say. You chuckle.

We take a few moments to dry ourselves off and pull on our clothes. When we leave the Jacuzzi room, we’re greeted with cheers and applause from the other party goers. I take your hand and smile as we leave the clubhouse together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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