Hot Summer in Mexico

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Gina knocked nervously on Mr. Rudinsky’s door, and he shouted, “Enter!” as he rifled through papers on his desk. She walked in and took a seat across the desk from her boss. ??

“Gina, you have been here about two years now,” he stated. She felt relief as she noticed his voice was soft and pleasant, not the voice of someone who was planning to fire her.

“Yes sir,” she answered with a gulp.

“Your work here has been excellent, and we want to add you to a new marketing team to work with international businesses,” Mr. Rudinsky continued. “It will mean a ten percent pay increase. Would you be willing to travel to Mexico for three weeks to learn business Spanish this summer?”??

Gina’s heart leapt into her throat. Would she ever! “I would be honored to work with this new team,” she said, attempting to keep her professional demeanor. ??

Gina found herself in a fast-forward life for the next few weeks. She obtained a passport, enrolled online in the Cuernavaca Language School, and made travel arrangements for July. Gina learned she would live at the school in dorm while attending the three-week intensive class in business Spanish. At only 25, she felt the world was hers for the taking!

The flight into Mexico City took all day on a Friday; after arriving Gina located the shuttle bus which took her about hour south to the town of Cuernavaca. As she unpacked her bags Gina met a couple of her new dorm mates, Linda and Lisa, who had already been there a few days; they offered to take her shopping the next day and then to check out some night life. ??

Gina enjoyed a day of shopping and exploring the city with her new friends, trying to learn new words from the street vendors and shopkeepers along the way. After a long day, the three returned to the school for dinner in the dining hall; Gina showered and changed from her jeans into her new “Mexico” dress she had bought earlier in the day. The dress was a gauzy, black beauty with buttons up the back.

“Wow,” said Linda when she saw Gina in her new dress. “You look amazing!”??

“Gracias, mi Amiga!” said Gina, trying out some of her new words.

They hailed a cab and headed downtown to a bar Linda had heard about. It was a small place. Tables were scattered about in the dark main room, with a few stools along the bar on one wall, and a platform stage at the front with a single microphone and chair. Gina ordered a cold “Cervasa” when the bar maid came by the table. She was engrossed in conversation when she heard the gentle sound of classical guitar. ??

Gina turned to look at the guitarist, and was stunned. He sat in a wooden chair on stage, eyes closed, cradling his guitar. His dark, curly hair framed his handsome face. She watched intently as his fingers delicately worked the strings of the guitar. He played several songs, each more beautiful than the last, keeping his eyes closed and focusing intently on his music. And then he started to sing as he played the next song. ??

“Besame,” he sang, “besame mucho.”??

Mesmerized, Gina stared at the stage with her mouth slightly open. She had never seen or heard anything like this man. His music, his voice, his beauty — all were overwhelming. ??

“Earth to Gina,” Linda laughed. “Do you want another beer?”??Gina had not noticed the bar maid, or the two local men who had joined their table. Gina ordered another beer, and asked them, “What does that mean, Besame mucho?” ??

The man beside Linda answered in a thick accent, “It mean, uhhh, kiss me. Kiss me many time. Kiss me. Uhhh, to kiss, tonight, this may be the last time, so kiss me many time. I want to feel you close. Besame mucho.”??

As the bar maid returned with drinks, the musician stood and placed his guitar on a stand. The audience clapped as he stepped down from the stage into the bar room. He took a couple of steps, and was standing at Gina’s table where he reached out his hand to the man sitting with Linda; they shook hands and spoke in rapid Spanish that Gina could not follow. At one point she made out the words, “Besame mucho,” as the man gestured toward Gina and winked. ??

The guitarist smiled at Gina, and she blushed. She knew the man had probably just relayed how Gina had sat there gawking like a lovesick schoolgirl. But then he extended his hand to shake hers. Gina reached her hand out to his, but rather than shaking her hand he pulled it to his lips and kissed it softly. ??

“Me llamo Carlos,” he said, still holding Gina’s hand in front of him. He waited.??”Oh,” Gina said, stammering. “I am Gina.”??”Mucho gusto, Gina,” Carlos said. She noticed his accent made her name sound like “Henna,” which made her smile. He was still holding her hand. ??

Soft music started playing through a speaker system. Linda and Lisa stood with the two men who had been sitting with them and moved to an open area near the stage where they began to dance. Others joined in. Still, Carlos stood in front of Gina holding her hand in his; he continued gazing at her. Gina felt as if she was the bursa escort only woman in the bar.

“Bilar,” Carlos said, pulling Gina’s hand so she would stand. She assumed he was asking her to dance. By the time she was able to think of what he had asked, she was already walking to the dance floor with him, hand in hand.

Carlos pulled Gina to him. His arms draped comfortably around her waist. They swayed to the sound of smoky jazz, then flamenco guitar. After a few more songs, Linda danced by Gina and leaned in to tell her that she was leaving. ??

“Ok,” Gina said. “I will meet you back at the dorm in a little while.”??

Linda winked at Gina and said, “Right. We won’t wait up — and you don’t wait up on us either!” Linda giggled and left holding hands with her dance partner; Lisa and the other man headed out the door behind them leaving Gina on the dance floor with Carlos.

Gina turned back to Carlos and smiled, looking into his dark brown eyes. He pulled her close. He was just tall enough that his chin rested slightly above Gina’s head, and she nestled into his chest, pulling her arms up around his shoulders. When she turned her face toward his, Carlos looked into Gina’s eyes and smiled. “Gina,” he said. “Bonita Gina.”??

Gina felt herself melting, her knees growing weak at his words and his beautiful white smile framed by his dark skin and curly brown locks. At the end of the song, Carlos pulled away from Gina and said something to her that she could not understand. He held her hand and started walking toward a door to the side of the stage. Gina followed closely, holding his hand tightly.

When they entered the room Gina realized it was a storage room for the bar. There were cases of beer and boxes of tequila stacked along two walls. One corner of the room had a curtain across it, but the curtain was pulled back so that Gina could see a wooden chair, a music stand and small desk. Carlos walked Gina across the room to the corner, and loosely pulled the curtain behind them. ??

Suddenly Carlos turned to face Gina, and his hands were on her waist, feeling their way around her back, her sides, up to her neck. His mouth was on hers, his open lips gently touching her lips, his tongue darting out to lick her lips and then move to her ear. His breath was warm on her neck, and he sighed softly into her ear. Gina felt a jolt through her body that gravitated to her pussy. She was getting wet. She instinctively pushed her body against his, and felt his hard dick through his jeans, pressing into her mound.

“Oh,” Gina gasped. Never had she needed so badly to feel a man’s hands touching her. She grabbed his face in both hands and kissed him deeply. She ran her hands down to his chest, then around his waist and to his firm ass. She pulled his hips toward her, wrapping one leg around his waist and resting a foot on the desk behind him, so that her pussy could grind against him. The feeling of his hard dick pressed against her was intoxicating. She needed more.

Carlos placed his hand on Gina’s thigh, raising her dress so that his hand rested on her bare white skin. Gina reached down and placed her hand over his, and slowly slid their hands together toward her waiting pussy. Carlos slipped his hand between her legs, feeling the heat and moisture that had begun to grow. He rubbed his entire hand up one thigh and down the other, briefly stopping to rub his palm across her throbbing pussy through her black lacy panties.

Gina rocked her hips back and forth over Carlos’ hand as it caressed her pussy. Her breath was becoming ragged, and Carlos moaned as he slipped one finger under her panties, dipping a finger into her wetness. She sighed as he wiggled two fingers under the crotch of her panties. He trailed his fingers up and down the length of her slit several times, spreading her juices up to her clit, and then dipping gently into her pussy to pull out more wetness with each stroke. His skilled fingers began to focus attention on Gina’s throbbing clit; he alternated between slowly circling her swollen nub and then tapping it lightly as strumming a guitar string. ??

Gina gasped and pumped her hips uncontrollably against his hand as an unexpected orgasm flooded her body. “Oh my God, yes” she moaned wildly. She was trembling as the waves of release washed over her.

Standing on one leg with the other still propped on the desk, she wobbled as she tried to regain her composure. Carlos looked at her and shook his head, laughing softly with an obvious smirk on his face. ??

Gina blushed. She was terribly embarrassed. She had just been felt up by a stranger in the back room of a bar. Not only that, but she had cum so quickly on his hand – and with her panties still on. And he was laughing about it, looking at her like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar! Gina tried to slow her breathing and recover from the orgasm that had taken her by surprise, acting like it had not happened. ??

As Gina tried to smooth her hair and adjust her dress, she heard a bursa escort bayan sound in the room behind the curtain. Gina peeked out to see the bar maid lifting a case of beer; the woman glanced in their direction but quickly left the room. ??Gina reached to pull open the curtain to leave, but Carlos grabbed her hand and said, “No.” ??

He took her hand and placed it squarely on his dick, still fully erect. He looked into her eyes and smiled. Even in her embarrassment she desperately wanted to feel him inside her. Gina was frustrated by her thoughts. She wanted to feel that dick buried deep in her soaking pussy — but she was humiliated by her lack of control and his snickering at her. And even if she did give in to him now, she knew there would be no privacy behind the thin curtain.

“No, no, Carlos,” Gina said. “I cannot.”??

“Pero tu orgasmo,” Carlos said. Gina thought he must be protesting. She got to cum but he didn’t. It had to be obvious to Carlos that she was still wet and ready, and her hand rubbed his hard dick even as her lips told him no. ??

“Not here,” Gina said. “No aqui.”??

“Ahhh,” Carlos replied to let her know he understood. “Okay, si,” he said.

He immediately took Gina’s hand to lead her again, walking out the door of the storage room, through the near-empty bar, then into the streets of Cuernavaca. They walked quickly down three blocks, Carlos leading the way. Gina found it difficult to keep up at times, as her legs were still shaky from the orgasm she had just experienced. ??

They arrived at a sign that read, “Auto Motel.” It looked to Gina as if they were turning to walk down an alley, but with a two-story motel on the right side. Below each room was a parking space just large enough for one car with private stairs inside leading to the motel room above; each carport had a large curtain covering the entrance. Some of the curtains were open, but a few were closed to conceal the car parked inside. Gina smiled to herself that she was about to check into a “no tell motel” where people could hide their cars behind a curtain and walk up a private staircase into a sleazy room for a few hours. Her earlier embarrassment had faded, and now she felt wild and naughty. ??

As soon as they were in the room with the door shut behind them, Carlos turned to Gina and began rubbing his hands over her body. She sighed as she pressed her body against his to feel his erection. ?? Gina felt Carlos’ hands roaming over her shoulders, her back, her waist, her ass, then back up to her neck. He grabbed a handful of her long auburn hair and gave it a firm pull, driving his tongue into her mouth. His fingers then moved to the buttons along the back of Gina’s dress, nimbly unbuttoning each one until the dress fell to the floor below her. He stood back a step to look at her creamy white skin, accented by her lacy black bra and panties; he sighed and smiled.

Gina reached out and unbuttoned Carlos’ white shirt, pulling it down his muscled arms. Her hands caressed his smooth shoulders and chest. Then she unsnapped the button of his jeans and unzipped them, and slipped her hands inside the waist of his silk boxers to feel his skin. Her hands cupped his tight ass; she could not resist the urge to pull him toward her again to rub her pussy against his hard dick, now covered only by a thin layer of blue silk.

Carlos reached one hand around Gina’s back and unsnapped her bra. She leaned forward slightly and gently shook the bra loose from her shoulders. Carlos groaned as his hand cupped her bare breast, kneading and cupping each of her firm breasts before pinching and twisting her erect pink nipples. This sent a shockwave through Gina directly to her throbbing clit. She cried out, and Carlos continued his assault on her sensitive little nipples as he bent down and kissed her neck, nibbling her ear and speaking words Gina could not understand. She didn’t care if she understood his words; she needed only to rub her panty-covered mound against his hard dick to understand that he wanted her.?

Gina slid her hands under Carlos’ waistband, placing both hands on his throbbing cock. She felt the rounded tip, and rubbed across it with her thumb to spread the drop of moisture she found there. She rolled her thumb over and over the tip while her other hand kept a firm grasp on the shaft, then dropped to her knees in front of him with her dress scrunched beneath her on the cool tile floor.

“Mmmmmm,” Gina said at the taste of him as she darted her tongue over the tip of his large, pulsing cock then sucked noisily on the bulbous head.

With one hand stroking firmly on the shaft, she licked and sucked the head of his dick. Her drool began to drip down the side of his pulsing cock, moistening her hand as she massaged its length. She took more and more into her pursed lips, continuing to pump with her hand. Carlos groaned in approval, then grabbed Gina’s hair and pulled her away from his dick with a “plop” as it left her mouth. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled escort bursa Gina to her feet.

Carlos pushed Gina onto her back on the bed and removed the last thread of clothing between them, tossing her damp panties across the room. He positioned himself over her body and looked up and down the length of her torso with a deep sigh of appreciation. Her breasts were large with dark pink nipples as hard as little pebbles, and her pubic hair was trimmed into a tiny “v” shape pointing like an arrow toward her puffy pussy lips. Carlos reached for Gina’s breasts and began to gently pinch and pull her nipples before taking them into his mouth to suck them and nibble them softly. ??

Carlos kissed her neck, her breasts, and then focused again on her nipples. He reached one hand between her thighs. He stroked her pussy lips gently with his cupped hand; he pulled the lips apart with two fingers to expose her hard little clit, rubbing circles around her sensitive nub with his finger. He moved to sit between her open thighs working his fingers over her hard little button, smiling at Gina’s moans and sighs of pleasure.

Carols bent down between Gina’s now wide-open legs and touched her pussy lips with his tongue. Spreading the lips open with his fingers, he circled her exposed clit with his tongue; he began alternating between lapping at it gently with the full width of his tongue and sucking it between his lips. He slipped one, and then two, fingers into her while keeping up the tongue-lashing of her aching clit. Gina felt an orgasm quickly approaching; she moaned and thrust her hips rhythmically in time with Carlos’ manipulations of her pussy. But suddenly, he removed his fingers from her juicy cunt and stopped licking her clit, instead kissing her softly on her inner thighs and rubbing his hands up her body to fondle her breasts. Gina realized he was intentionally denying her an orgasm that was so close.

After a few minutes Carlos descended on Gina’s steaming pussy again, licking and sucking at her throbbing clit. His fingers again found their way inside her cunt, rubbing intently against her g-spot. Again Carlos brought Gina to the brink of orgasm then backed off, trailing his kisses down her thighs to her knees and back up toward her soaking pussy. She tried to push her pussy toward his mouth, desperate for just a little more attention there. If he would just lick and stoke it a little more, she could cum. But Carlos ignored her obvious attempt and passed over her thrusting pussy, and instead focused again on her sensitive nipples. ??

“Ahhh….” Gina groaned in frustration. Carlos looked into her eyes, then winked and smiled. He was in control. She knew she had no choice but to lay back and wait for him to touch, kiss, and tease her as much as he wanted. Once again he brought his mouth to her pussy, this time just teasing her lips with his flickering tongue, occasionally letting it dart lightly across her exposed clit causing her to jerk and moan.

Carlos positioned himself beside Gina on the bed, with his massive cock in front of her face. Gina took it in her hand to stroke it while sucking the head into her hungry mouth. She lapped her tongue over the tip to taste the salty pre-cum, while twisting and stroking along the shaft that she longed to have inside her. From this position she could not take all of him into her mouth, so she pulled herself up to sit on the bed. Carlos pushed Gina roughly back onto the bed. He covered her body with his own, kissing her mouth, her neck, and her ears.

Gina spread her legs apart and wrapped them around Carlos, so his hard dick was laying in her warm slit, almost slipping inside her. Carlos moved his hips from side to side, letting her feel his hardness against her pussy lips. Gina began to writhe beneath him, desperately trying to wiggle in a way that might force his dick inside her.

Carlos put his hand between them to touch Gina’s juicy pussy, and rolled her hard clit between his thumb and forefinger while pushing his dick deep inside her with one long, slow thrust. Gina’s hips rocked uncontrollably, as she rubbed her tender clit against his fingers and thrust herself onto his cock. She knew she was about to cum, and looked into his face hoping that he would let her finish this time. “Por favor,” Gina begged, looking into his eyes. ??

“Si,” Carlos replied, and that was all the encouragement she needed.

Gina’s orgasm was intense, and she thrust herself onto his cock, rapidly fucking herself on it, while he continued to stroke her clit. The orgasm seemed to last for several minutes; just as she started to descend from the strongest climax she had ever experienced, Carlos thrust deeply inside her again and again in rapid rhythm. She felt his dick grow even more as he groaned and released his cum deep inside her. The sensation jolted Gina into yet another orgasm, pumping and shaking her body wildly. After a few seconds, Carlos smiled down at Gina and kissed her face. “Bonita,” he said, “bonita Gina.”

Carlos pulled out of her and fell exhausted onto the bed beside Gina. Her body was trembling with aftershocks, and covered in sweat. She cuddled her naked body against him, and he smiled, eyes closed, content. She drifted off to sleep……peaceful sleep……??

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