Hot Box Lunch

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I worked at a grocery store. I was the frozen food manager. I was in charge of ice cream and frozen pizzas, frozen vegetables and the like. I enjoyed my job, even if it didn’t make me wealthy. Unfortunately for me, I was going through the aftermath of divorce. I had caught her fucking around on me. I almost beat the other guy to death.

I don’t know how I escaped getting thrown in jail. But both cops went through the same deal. The district attorney told me about HIS cheating wife. Some how, I not only did not get charged, I didn’t even get arrested. But I had to pay the fuckers medical bills to the tune of ten thousand dollars. I guess I got off cheaply. Live and learn I guess. This kind of crushing debt added to the lawyers for my divorce, hers and mine, plus ‘spousal support’ and she wanted me to pay child support too! I said, “DNA, DNA, DNA. HELP ME SO THAT I DON’T PAY! The test confirmed that I was NOT the father. But I still had to go back before a judge and prove it. Several more thousand dollars gone down the tube.

Then my ex did something wonderful! She remarried. YES, I was off the hook. He adopted the little tykes. I wanted to tell him, watch out! She’s sharpening the knife to cut your heart out with, but I had no real evidence, except a couple of little bastard children. It wasn’t their fault mom was a big slut.

She even wanted to get together one more time on HER WEDDING DAY to fuck my brains out. I guess she remembered something nice about me. I said THANK YOU, but no thank you. I could see the last support check in my mind! So close! As long as she doesn’t get caught.

She looked stunning in a white sleeveless gown, her boobs trying to escape. I gave her a card. And the last check. Oh yeah! I gave her a big kiss and left. I prayed she could get through her ‘I DO’s’ before she cheated again.


So back at my job, not quite salt mine, more like Siberia, I was learning to live within my means. I’d work like crazy pendik escort for four hours, get a lunch hour, they wanted me to take a full hour in case I had to take over the front end.

It did happen occasionally. Kids get sick, folks have car accidents, people quit for weird reasons. That would thrust me to assume responsibility for the front end of the store. That is where the money is, quite literally. I even had to run a register a couple of times. You haft’a take care of your customers. One time, this gorgeous woman, forgot her card. A hundred dollar order. I said to the cashier, “Bill this beautiful woman has been coming here for years. I trust her. Use my check card for her check. I’ll ok it.” That means if the check bounces, I HAVE TO PAY IT. But what the fuck. It’s only money? Right!


The next day, I’m walking to my delicious lunch of bologna and cheese. I hate these sandwiches, but they are really cheap, cheap, cheap. My middle name!

I hear a soft voice behind me. “Is that what you want for lunch?” The gorgeous woman asked me. She was so stunning! Tall, buxom with a beautiful heart shaped ass. Long, dark hair, almost black. She was dressed in that I-am-so-professional way women dress except she had on fuck me pumps. She stood eye level to my six foot height.

“It’s what I can afford!” I said without rancor. Hey, when you are broke, you are broke!

“Why don’t you come over to my house? I’ll fix you a nice hot box lunch!” She smiled wickedly. She gave him the address. It was five blocks from the store at the end of a cul-de-sac. He got out of his little car and walked up to the door. She opened the door before he could ring the bell.

She had changed clothes, she was in a silk red robe. Her very hard nipples poked right through, and from the looks of it she had nothing underneath except those stilletos. I was barely through the door when she hugged me tight, kissed me like a woman possessed. I kissed her right escort pendik back.

I had seen a ghost mark on her ring finger, but no ring. So I asked, “Wait, aren’t you married? I don’t want to fuck another man’s wife. I’ve been on the receiving end of that, and it was not fun.”

“Middle of a divorce. He’s fucking his secretary, the little slut. I don’t want to put you in the middle of anything. I’m not waiting for the final decree. If you don’t want me, I’ll just make you some lunch and call it a day. YOUR CHOICE.”

I grabbed her and picked her up, she was light as a feather. “Which way to the bedroom?”


She was fantastic in bed. I don’t have any idea why her husband was cheating on this sexy, beautiful woman. My clothes where off in record time.

She said, “We don’t have a lot of time, please just fuck me good and hard. We’ll have more time for foreplay next time.”

I could easily smell her arousal. She was so, so ready to fuck. I was hard in about two seconds flat, I lifted her legs on my shoulders, “Gimme that cock. I really need it. Shove it in me, NOW!” I did what she wanted. I entered her in one long hard stroke, with my fat cock up against her cervix. Her head was thrown back, she wasn’t breathing.

“WANDA! ARE YOU OK?” I was still hard and balls deep, she was so very tight. I think I was stretching her cunt out.

“Perfect!” she said, raking her long nails over my shoulders. “You just made me come, in one fucking thrust. I’m very impressed with your equipment. Come on, fuck me good. I want you to come inside me, deep as you can. I’m on the pill. Bang me hard. Make me come AGAIN.”

“Ok, Wanda. You want to be my Wicked Wanda? My cum slut? I’m gonna pound your tight little cunt until you scream. I’m gonna have you cumming again and again.”

I fucked her very, very hard. It wasn’t three minutes and she was coming again, this time more vocal. I twisted her nipples as I pounded her in a clam position, pendik escort bayan her long legs almost to her shoulders. I pile drove her. She screamed a third time and her eyes rolled back in her head. I think she passed out for a second. I flipped her over. I knew we were running out of time. I was in her like a flash, pistoning deeply into her hot cunt. I saw she had lube right next to us, so hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I figured it was there for a reason. She had a sopping wet pussy, so… I guessed on what she wanted with it. I applied it to her cute little brown eye, and fingered her sphincter with lots of lube. I pulled out and put a bit on my already wet, slippery dick. I aimed at her asshole, and pushed inside her.

“No! Holy SHIT, your big fucking dick is in my asshole. Oh my God, it’s too big!”

“Take it, bitch! I know you want it, shaking that beautiful ass at me all the time. Come on fuck me back. I can feel, you’re about to come aren’t you?”

I tested my theory. I stopped and started to pull out my dick. “No, put it back, I’m almost there! Come on, Rick! Butt fuck your slut. COME IN MY ASSHOLE, I want it. PLEASE?”

I went back to ramming her, but went a little faster, to get her off. She shuddered, she screamed, “Fuck me Rick, fuck me hard, I’m… I am COMING. AAIIEEEHHHAAA!! FUCK YES, COME FOR ME YOU BASTARD!” I did. I shot gobs and gobs of semen into her hot rectum.

“I hope you’re happy, I just filled your shit hole with my jism.” She pulled off me, spun around and enveloped me with her mouth, apparently unfazed that my dick had moments ago been in her asshole. She sucked out the remaining cum, and said, “Yes, I’m very happy about today. You are an excellent fuck. Can we do this again tomorrow? Same time? By the way, how was your lunch?”

I was licking her clit, I stopped and said, “Best damned box lunch I ever had! You want to be late? You know how bad traffic can be right?”

“You’re right. So very, very, BIG and right. So we’ll be a little late! OHMYGOD, I’m gonna… Aaaaeeeeiiihhhoo! COME AGAIN, you fucker. Give it to me again.”

Yeah, lunch time will never be the same for me since I started getting a hot box lunch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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