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Being a huge fan of the late, great American artist Bill Ward and his gorgeous girlie art, I decided to pay homage to him by interpreting a few of his suggestive cartoons onto paper.

Therefore, the following filth below is what I’d like to imagine occurred before the punchline of the cartoon. For best results, please don’t skip to the end!

* * *

“All the way, God yes, suck it all the way!” Igor hissed through gritted teeth, gripping Christen’s hair through clenched fingers as he drew her mouth deeper onto his rigid cock. She sucked noisily on the throbbing flesh, her tongue sliding beneath the smooth, saliva-coated erection, her full red lips greedily gripping his cock. His painted fingernails grazed the back of his naked ass, pulling him closer to him, as if she wanted to swallow him whole.

Igor stole glances at the kneeling, voluptuous woman who slurped upon his cock, and not for the first time thought himself lucky. Here was a truly stunning female slut of the highest caliber, a woman with curves in all the right places (God, he adored her big, firm breasts!) and who felt comfortable in revealing lingerie as she did in sneakers and pants. This afternoon Christen wore, for his pleasure, naturally, a black and red corset which barely contained her swollen cleavage, sheer black stockings with black elastic suspenders, high heels and a see-through, ankle-length black lace negligee. She had discarded her matching panties when Igor tongue-fucked her pussy as soon as he burst through her bedroom door. Her hair was tied upwards with bows, ringlets falling around her slightly touched-up face. Her lipstick was of that ‘non-smear’ variety advertised on TV, for his cock was relatively free of sticky lipstick. Her face glistened where she had taken him in hand and whacked his bulbous prick off her cheeks.

“You suck cock so good, Christen,” he groaned, withdrawing his cock from her mouth and pulling on his erection. She sucked his knob between her lips as he masturbated, she reaching up to cup his heavy balls with her fingers.

“I love sucking your cock,” she breathed heavily, pressing her arms together that forced her globular globes to swell majestically. Igor was thrilled to see her nipples poke over the rim of the cups of the corset, and visions of their last encounter, when she licked his sticky cum from her breasts, came to mind.

“Get on the bed,” he told her, helping Christen to her feet. Igor drew the horny woman next to him, kissing her, she squeezing his cock in her hand before she lay back on top of the immaculately made bed. Half-dressed in black, she wriggled erotically upon the boudoir-red bed sheet, her negligee spread out beneath her like blessed black wings, her fingers toying with her dripping puss.

“A little encore,” he said, falling to his knees before her and once more burying his face at her honey-pot. Christen groaned aloud as bursa escort she felt his tongue squirm its way inside her, licking, lapping, his fingers entering her silky smooth quim, two, and then three. He sought and found her clit behind its soft hood; fingering it, he scooped it into his mouth and sucked upon the tiny nipple, her honey oozing from her pulsating puss. Like a parched desert rat Igor filled his throat with her sweet, succulent spilling.

“I’m gonna fuck you good, slut,” he told her. Getting to his feet Igor gently whacked the tip of his cock off her pussy, Christen opening he lips to allow him access into her hot, wet haven.

“Fuck me, Igor,” she commanded him, her fingertips clawing at his purple mushroomed knob that teased the sucking opening to her cunt. Holding his erection perfectly still, letting her squirm down the bed to impale her self on him, Igor then thrust home, filling Christen’s puss with his concrete-hard cock. She let out a gasp of pleasure as his magnificent prick stuff her, his balls coming to a halt against her ass cheeks. Squeezing him with her well-oiled pussy muscles Christen relished the sensation of Igor’s cock within her, my God; he had such a big cock!

Drawing back, he thrust forward again, and then withdrew, so that the tip of his bulbous head rested just on the outside of her lips. Here he held still, not moving, his hips statuesque, Christen now twisting and turning on the bed sheets with absolute frustration.

“Fuck me, you bastard!” she told him, lashing out at him, lifting her self off the bed to slap him. “Fuck me, Goddamn it!”

“I love it when you talk dirty,” he smiled at her, slowly entering her puss, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, until he was fully embedded in her once more. Withdrawing again, he repeated the process, this time a little faster.

“You like me talking dirty, do you?” she asked him, resting on her elbows, staring incorrigibly at him.

“You have such a filthy mouth,” he returned. “You should use it more often.”

“Does it make you hard?”

“Harder,” he replied, winking.

“Then who am I to disappoint?” she said, lifting her hips to meet his thrust. “Fuck me, Igor,” she began in earnest, “fuck my pussy with your big cock!”

“That’s it, oh fuck, yeah, baby,” he groaned, his thrust quickening.

“I love your big, hard cock fucking my pussy,” she continued, “mmmm, yeah, it feels so big in my pussy, yeah, fuck me, oh Jesus, fuck me!”

Igor had now taken hold of her raised right stocking leg and was slamming home into her, his balls swinging precariously beneath. “Yeah, Christen, oh fuck, baby, yeah!”

Her running commentary was soon drowned out by her high-pitched squeals of pleasure as her body shook with the pounding from the grunting Igor. Her breasts wobbled and sprung free of her corset, Igor staring down gleefully at her melons that shook and bursa escort bayan rocked like jelly. He reached for one of them and squeezed the shaking breast, feeling the hardened nipple in his palm, between his probing fingers. He had a sudden urge to suck on them, both.

Still buried within her, Igor fell on top of her, cupping her breasts as he did so, scooping one of her ripe nipples into his mouth. He felt her cup his shaved head with her fingernails, heard her groan as he sucked hard on her engorged teat. Still thrusting into the panting, horny woman, Igor released her nipple before rolling his tongue around it, savoring its taste. Saliva dribbled from his mouth and oozed like treacle down her round breast.

“Don’t stop, you fucker!” Christen warned him, she buckling beneath him as her orgasm raced towards her. “Oh yeah, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” she gasped, clawing his naked back, her mouth reaching for him and sinking her teeth into his broad shoulders.

“Cum for me, baby, oh yeah, cum for me!” he groaned, his cock now jack-hammering into her tight, wet cunt, and with his rigid, pulsating-veined cock rubbing wondrously off her clit, Christen came screaming.

“Fuck! Oh fuck, yes, oh Jesus, yes!” she cried, thrashing beneath him, squeezing his cock within her spraying pussy. Igor bent his head forward and kissed her, catching the last of her climax in his mouth, loud at first, she soon murmuring her pleasure.

“Nice?” he asked her, caressing her ringlets, Christen’s face flushed, spent.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, baby,” she purred. “Your cock can work magic.”

“Don’t forget my balls,” he smirked. “They’re important too.”

“Then let me lick your balls,” Christen cooed, licking her lips.

“If you insist,” Igor said, withdrawing from Christen’s dripping pussy, he climbing to his knees as he squatted over her, giving her breasts a couple of playful smacks with his cock before positioning himself above her face.

Steadying him by gripping his thighs, Christen readied herself as Igor lowered his undercarriage towards her, his great, heavy balls seemingly unloading via a crane. Soon he would unload his cum upon her, she thought, and this made her tingle.

“Lick my balls,” he told her, as Christen lashed out at his testicles with her tongue, catching his recently shaved nuts. She could taste her honey on them, taste his pre-cum and the promise of a salty load.

“Oh!” she cried, suddenly. Not being able to see, she shuddered with sensitive excitement as she felt his fingers caress and fiddle with her pussy.

Lifting himself above her, he moved forward, presenting his asshole to her. Sluttishly she devoured him, tongue-fucking his ass like the greedy whore she was. She could feel him squirming above her, hear him groan approvingly. Igor loved having his asshole licked and fingered, and she was just the woman to do it.

“You escort bursa gorgeous slut!” he wheezed, lifting him off of her before sinking towards her mouth and tongue again. Taking his cock in hand he pulled upon it, tiny drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip onto her forehead. His fingers slid down the wet valley of Christen’s pussy, her excitement also building. And when he felt her fingers tickle the soft mouth of his anus, Igor groaned excitedly. No one sucked cock or licked balls or fucked his ass the way this slut Christen did – if she kept this up he was gonna spew his load all over her fucking face.

With his balls rubbing off her nose as she lapped and prodded his asshole Christen was now lost to lustful abandonment. Her clit throbbed mercilessly to Igor’s touch – the fucker was going to make her cum again! Violently she shoved her painted finger deep into his ass, causing him to cry out. She made it up to him by scooping his full balls into her mouth and sucking hard, running her tongue around the stubbly nuts. Through the corner of her eye she could see him pull frantically upon his shockingly big cock – my goodness, that thing was ready to explode!

“Yeah, oh fuck, Christen, I’m gonna, I’m gonna – ” he gasped, twisting and squirming above her as he broke free of her salacious grasp and crouched to her left side, his hand gripping and shafting his erection. Christen took over where Igor’s hand was, and continued to finger her glistening clit, her second orgasm imminent. She prayed she’d cum when he did.

“On my face, baby,” she cooed, stretching out her tongue, “oh yeah, baby …”

“Fuck!” Igor groaned, releasing a silver shower of white-hot salty cum onto her face, splattering across her cheeks, splashing her tongue, plopping in her eye. His orgasm was immense, a one-man bukkake, smothering her groaning face with his creamy climax. And as soon as the first jets hit her, her second orgasm ripped through her, not as electrifying as her first, but intense nonetheless, she coming in sympathy as her lover emptied his balls into her mouth, almost blinding her in the process. Through half-closed, sticky eyes she saw him pull on his cock before she felt him penetrate her lips, she sucking his floppy prick to the back of her throat, swallowing his thick, salty seed …

* * *

“Are you sure, Igor?” Felicia asked him.

“Of course, baby,” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist, drawing her closer to him and planting a kiss on her lips, “Anything for you.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic! I can’t wait to tell her!”

“Neither can I,” he grinned knowingly, as they approached the same bedroom door where Igor had visited a couple of hours before.

Felicia knocked once, impatiently opening the door, not waiting for an answer. Inside was Christen, sitting by a vanity mirror, brushing her hair, her curvaceous body hidden, she dressed in a non-flattering, red bathrobe.

“Hello, you two,” she smiled.

“Oh, Mother!” Felicia exclaimed excitedly. “Igor and I are to be married! And guess what? He’s so wonderful that he wants you to come along on our honeymoon!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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