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It had been some huge charity ‘do’ organised by the Home Office and she could barely remember which currently popular cause had benefited from the schmoosing and champagne swigging tonight, it didn’t really matter anyway, she had done her bit. He had dutifully come along and been charming to the various big wigs and earnest do gooder types she had introduced him to, even lasting a whole half-hour into the tediously heartfelt speeches before boredom set in and he’d retreated towards the bar. She had watched him go with envy but duty kept her mingling.

Now that they had at last returned home he had immediately wandered off to the computer to check mails and whatever else he did on the dame thing for hours! If she didn’t get his attention now he would be lost for the night. She stood in front of the long standing mirror in their room and gazed at her reflection. The black velvet dress was tight and close fitting from shoulder to just below her knees when it widened to create a gentle flowing line and allow freedom of movement. A thin black velvet choker was tied around her throat and she had curled her long thick blond hair and piled it up on the back of her head with pearl tipped clips, allowing some to trail around her neck and face. She had felt good this evening, it was rare that she found occasions to really dress up these days and so was reluctant to take the dress off and put it back into storage bags. She smiled to herself, deciding to make the most of it and crossed the hall to the study.

He didn’t look up when she entered but she moved to stand by his chair, turning her back and asking him to help her with the catches on her dress. He turned from the screen and unhooked the top and pulled the zip down a little way but then she felt him pause and his hands slid around her body to just under her breasts, running over the soft velvet fabric as he slid them down over her tummy and back to her hips and down along her thighs. “Did I tell you how much I like this dress?” he asked and she grinned to herself before answering, “You’ll like what’s under it even more”! Moving away a little so he could see her before reaching up behind her back and pulling the half-open zip all the way down. She let the fabric fall from her breasts and eased the tight dress over her hips, bending forward very slowly and pointedly to push it down her legs so that he had a clear view of her bare bottom framed between the two side straps of the very dark blood red suspender belt and the lacy tops of her black silk stockings. She straightened up, stepping out of the dress as it pooled at her feet and turned around to smile at him as he took in the very little she was wearing. The high stiletto heeled shoes, the stockings and suspenders, the dark red tightly laced corset that pushed her breasts up and together to form a very pleasing cleavage seemed to meet with his approval if the way he shifted in his chair was any indication. She wasn’t wearing panties and his eyes lingered on the completely shaved skin between her legs, the outline of the lips masking her most sensitive core making his fingers twitch to touch her. He raised his eyes to hers and smiled, a dangerous glint in his eyes, “Hmmm…..not bad, but red’s not really your colour Hun.” He turned back to the PC screen and began reading his emails; ” Ya couldn’t rustle me up some cheese on toast could ya? I’m starving!”

He heard her gasp and two seconds later she was on top of him, straddling his lap and pushing him back in the big chair as he laughed while she pummelled him in mock outrage. She tugged his hair and bent to bite any part of his neck or shoulders she could reach, pulling his shirt open and digging her nails into his chest as she called him all the names she could think of. He made a pretence of defending himself, clutching his shirt closed again and trying to push her off. “Now listen”, he laughed, “I’m not just a sex object, I need to be wooed!” She laughed derisively back at him and pushed her hand between their bodies to grab his crotch and squeeze his balls hard enough to hurt. He stilled and she chuckled against his throat before sitting back to look at him. “You had better be a good boy tonight and do as you’re told or I may have to get rough.” He smiled slightly and brushed his fingers over her stocking bursa escort tops as he leaned forward to kiss her. Sighing contentedly, she opened her mouth under his questing tongue and relaxed into him. Just as she did so he made a grab for her wrist but she had known he would try something and closed her fist, giving his balls a sharp tug as she did so. He grunted and sat back and she smiled down at him sweetly, “You can’t seriously think I would fall for that! Tsk, tsk, very poor show Darling, I’m disappointed…you’re not the man you used…”. She cried out sharply in shock as he bucked up under her causing her to lose her balance and slide backwards off his lap to land in an untidy heap on the floor at his feet, he grinned down at her, “You were saying Hun…?!” But his smile began to fade as she rubbed her right hip and pushed her hair out of her eyes before struggling to her feet. “Fine, play with your stupid computer, I’m going to bed!” He watched in dismay as she stomped out of the room, he assumed she was joking but when she didn’t return after a moment he rose to follow after her calling in exasperation, ” For god sake Hun, don’t be a baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you…” he walked through the bedroom door expecting to find her sulking on the bed but she wasn’t. As he stood there in the centre of the room the door banged shut behind him and then he felt her breasts rubbing along his back as she moulded her body into his. He smiled as she ran both hands over his chest and tummy and down between his legs, rubbing them firmly over his crotch and feeling him begin to harden under her fingers as she blew softly in his ear. ” I decided to be the bigger person and forgive you” she breathed while undoing his belt and trousers “….now strip!” He chuckled again at her eagerness and stepped forward to quickly shrug off the already open shirt and let the trousers fall to the floor. She tugged at the boxers and he let them fall down too and kicked the discarded clothes aside before turning to take her in his arms, cupping her ass and pulling her tight against him as her arms wound around his neck and they kissed deeply. His growing erection was pressing into her tummy and she rubbed herself along it, moaning into his mouth until they had to break for air. She moved a little back from him but kept her hands on his shoulders. She smiled up at him and the affection in her eyes was obvious, he reached up and caressed her face gently before brushing his fingers over her throat, lingering to touch the velvet ribbon around her neck, “don’t take this off” he told her before leaning in to kiss her again. When they parted this time she sighed, raising one eyebrow and smirking wickedly, “suddenly my mouth feels very empty”. She looked down between their bodies at his now fully erect cock and licked her lips, “Mmmmmm….”. He sighed as she moved as if to kneel down but actually she put both hands in the centre of his chest and pushed him backwards hard. He sprawled onto the bed, starting to laugh again but obligingly pulling himself up on the high mattress to lie back on the many pillows, shifting about to make himself comfortable while he watched her. He reached to touch himself but let his hands fall back on the covers as she snapped “No…just lie still and wait”.

Only one low lamp by the bed had been switched on, the soft warm light it gave off and the shadows it cast made the big room feel warm and intimate. Very aware of his eyes on her she went to click on the CD player, the high heels making her stand very straight and glide gracefully across the floor. Adjusting the volume she walked back to the foot of the bed and began to move slowly in time with the pulsing music. She raised her hands above her head and let him take another good look at her as she danced for him, the corset and suspenders holding up the black stockings she was wearing fitted tightly to her body and accentuated the curves. Slowly she pulled clip after clip out of her hair, letting the thick curls fall down her back and shoulders as she swayed her hips gently back and forth, running her fingers through her hair and down her body, over her tummy and down between her legs to her inner thighs. She reached up and grasping the front of the corset at the bottom began to undo it, pulling the laces through the eyelets slowly, one bursa escort bayan at a time, until she could pull it off exposing her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and she cupped both breasts in her hands and rubbed her thumbs over the little rose coloured buds, then pinching and tugging on them before lifting her arms again and continuing to dance rhythmically. She looked up at him to see he was breathing heavily and watching her intently. Then she saw his eyes lower to stare at her shaven mound again and she dropped one hand down to cover it, rubbing her palm over the soft skin before curling two fingers up inside herself and moaning as they slid into her wet heat. She didn’t push in deep just let him see her move them around her slippery pussy until they were coated in her juices then she raised them to her mouth and slowly sucked on first one and then the other, almost laughing when he licked his lips again in sympathy.

He was clenching his fists by his sides and she could tell he was desperate to stroke his straining cock but mindful of her instructions he didn’t. Walking towards him she knelt on the bed between his feet and rested her hands on his ankles, winding her fingers gently up his calves as they looked at each other. Then she pointedly let him see her look down at his cock and push her tongue between her teeth before she lowered her head to his thigh just above the knee and started to kiss and nip her way slowly upwards. He groaned and shifted on the bed, she knew he wanted to touch her but he kept his hands still as her warm lips reached his balls and she began to wet his sack with little laps of her tongue. His cock was twitching and she was being careful not to touch it, knowing he was expecting to feel her hot mouth around the shaft, but she wanted to tease him until he snapped. Problem was she was weakening herself and although she was enjoying licking and sucking his balls as her fingers kneaded his thighs her mouth was starting to water at the thought of that hot hard shaft sliding to the back of her throat. Yet she knew once she tasted him she wouldn’t want to stop until his cum was filling her mouth so, as she wanted to feel his hard cock inside her, she crawled up his body to kneel across his hips. He sat up and slid his fingers over the tops of her stockings and along the straps of her suspenders before moving up to her breasts, squeezing them roughly as she took his face in her hands and kissed him again. As their tongues explored each other’s mouths his hands moved to her waist and he held her as she slowly lowered her needy pussy down on his rock hard shaft. He sighed and closed his eyes as her wet heat engulfed him and she pushed him back against the pillows, her fingers trailing over his chest as she began to move on him. Steady, controlled movements at first but then she just wanted to feel him as much as she could and sensing her intent he held tight to her hips as, throwing her head back and crying out in pleasure she slammed her body down on his thick shaft again and again. Her clit was aching and she was frantic to cum but she didn’t want to end things yet and they were both so close. With one final thrust she lifted herself up and let his swollen and twitching cock slip out of her.

He opened his eyes and instinctively tried to pull her back down onto him but she shook him off saying softly, “wait Darling, it’ll be worth it.” He groaned again but let her go and she scrambled around until she was astride his hips again but facing away from him and settled herself on him so that his cock, slippery and dripping with her juices, was just below her. She looked back over her shoulder at him and saw that he was clutching the bedcovers while he looked at his throbbing, glistening wet cock poised against the tiny puckered entrance to her ass. “Don’t move Hun, just watch” she ordered and he nodded. Reaching behind her to wrap her strong fingers tightly around his shaft for guidance she pushed back against the swollen head which after a moments resistance, slid easily just inside the tight ring of muscle. She stopped, adjusting to the new sensation before she shifted slightly and let her whole body sink down slowly onto his hot pulsating cock until it was completely buried in her arse.

She moaned low in her throat, loving escort bursa the feelings of his thick flesh stretching her arsehole wide and piercing her inch by wonderful inch, he felt huge inside her and she felt so full. Knowing that she was sitting impaled on his throbbing cock was making her wild with lust and she wanted to pump up and down but she forced herself to stay still, just enjoying listening to his deep breathing behind her. She knew it was taking a lot of self control for him not to grab her hips and thrust into her but he remained still and she slowly began to roll her bottom in small circles, getting a little bigger with every rotation until they were both groaning at the feeling of his cock moving around inside her tight arse, touching her from every angle.

Her pussy was dripping with her need for him and she dropped her hand to touch herself, pushing two fingers inside briefly before just rubbing them around her hot wet lips and sliding them down to smear her juices over his tight balls. She glanced behind her and he was holding the head board and looking at his cock engulfed by her round arse, as he glanced up at her face she smiled and squeezed his balls and he sighed and smiled back at her. Tightening her muscles as much as she could she pulled upwards painfully slowly until only the very tip of him was inside her then she waited a second and releasing her grip, pushed back down. They were both panting and moaning by the time she had repeated this three times and neither of them could take it anymore. She whimpered and closed her eyes, one hand was still kneading and squeezing his balls and she rubbed around her aching clit with two fingers of the other and began to slide up and down faster on his incredibly hard cock. She was moaning loudly and her hair was flying around wildly as she writhed on him, her head thrown back so far that the longest strands were trailing over his chest. He dug his fingers into her thighs and rubbed his thumbs over her ass as he bucked up under her, meeting her every thrust with one of his own. Her cries were rising in pitch and he knew she was so close. He grunted and in one swift, fluid movement sat up, wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her tightly back against him to stop her from moving and rolled them both over so she was face down on the bed with him covering her, his body pressing her into the soft mattress and his cock still deep inside her.

She gasped in shock for a moment but just as quickly wriggled around under him, splaying her knees and shifting her hips to enable her to continue to rub her clit as he rested his weight on his forearms and began to really fuck her arse, driving into her as she whimpered and moaned his name. She was now totally lost in the feelings coursing through her body. His cock pumping into her tight arse to the hilt was making her incoherent, it felt as if her whole body was being fucked, he seemed to be pushing into her so deeply, into her stomach, her chest, she almost thought she might feel him in her throat. Her upper body was lying flat on the bed, her legs spread wide by his thighs between them, her wrist trapped under their sweating bodies as her fingers pushed into her soaking pussy so she could still stroke her tingling clit. His chin was resting on her shoulder, his cheek rubbing against the velvet choker. Her face was turned to the side so his mouth was close to hers, his ragged breaths mixing with her panting cries. Her whole body was beginning to tense as her cries rose and he knew she was cumming. He gritted his teeth, the increased friction as her muscles clamped around his thick cock almost painfully making him groan as he felt his balls tighten, so he closed his eyes and sank his teeth into her neck as he let go and came at last. As he spurted into her she began to shake and sob and buck under him, it felt like the burning cum being pumped into her quaking arse was filling her whole being with liquid heat as she shuddered under him and both their bodies were wracked with powerful orgasms.

When eventually she became aware of her immediate surroundings again she realised that he was puling out of her and turning over to lie on his back. He was still panting, as was she, and it took the last of her strength to turn towards him and brush a hand over his chest and throat to reach up and touch his face. He kept his eyes closed but smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder, her fingers still caressing his cheek as with one last deep sigh she drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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