Holiday Time Off Ch. 05

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This morning was unusually cool, I noted, stepping out onto the patio with a glass orange juice and the morning paper. I thought about sitting outside but the cool air tearing through my cotton pants and t-shirt was now causing me to reconsider. I walked back in long enough to pull a sweatshirt out of the laundry pile, too lazy to walk upstairs and find a clean one, and parked myself at the table outside. Peace and quiet, I thought, as I heard the birds rustling outside my yard and beyond the gold course, in the desert behind my home.

The rest of the early morning was calm and uneventful, Ann got dressed and headed into work for a few hours today; I wasn’t working this week, trying to enjoy some time off between the holidays. So I sat in my chair and read the paper, trying to judge whether or not the bowl games played today were worth a 4 hour investment in front of the television. Tough decisions, I thought laughing at myself.

My serene morning was momentarily interrupted by the sliding of the arcadia door, as I glanced over, I saw Tina standing there in a black sweatshirt with white sweatpants on, socks and wooly slippers, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. It wasn’t the sexiest I’d seen her, but she looked cute, and about 5 years younger than her mid twenties.

“It looks peaceful out here,” she began, “would it be okay if I joined you outside?”

“Sure,” I said kind of flatly; it came out more gruff than I intended. But I was mildly annoyed at her interruption anyway. I went back to reading the paper, trying to ignore the sections about the presidential candidates, and how they all stood in the polls. I couldn’t stand reading any of this until about 3 months prior to each election anyway. All of this ‘posturing’ was really just feeding the news media circus.

I expected Tina to pull up a chair next to me, but she walked right past me and out to one of the lounge chairs over by the pool. She adjusted the back so it was nearly upright, and gently placed herself into the chair.

Alright, I thought, back to peace and quiet. My attention to the paper began to lag, I began thinking of what Ann and I had spoken about last night. I certainly wanted to spend some time with Tina, and frankly, the fact that I’d been given the green light from Ann sexually, I was excited. But this was still a delicate situation, with a delicate girl and I couldn’t take advantage of this. As Ann had said, I was to be her lesson, and that came with some responsibility.

Either way I wasn’t wasting the first day reading the freaking paper. I folded it neatly and placed it on the table and made my way over to the lounge chair next to Tina and sat down facing her.

“Hey there cutie!” I started cheerfully, sorry if I seemed annoyed when you came outside.

“It’s okay, I knew you wanted to quiet time this morning,” she replied pleasantly. Good, I hadn’t upset her.

“You know, Ann’s going to be at work most of the morning…why don’t we do something to keep us occupied?” I mentioned.

“Ann and I actually talked before she left for work,” she said “she told me that you and I should spend some time together!”

“Really?” I sounded more surprised that I meant to.

“Nice try, she told me you and her talked last night,” she paused, and I laughed at my Ann, setting us both up. “That must have been what you two talked about in between me going in the house, and you two fucking out there by the fire,” she giggled.

“You saw us? I thought you had gone to bed!” I exclaimed.

“I did, but I got up again to grab some water and saw you two from the kitchen,” she replied quickly.

The thought that Tina had seen Ann and I in the throes of passion by the fire was at first embarrassing and then exciting, someone watching us clutching each other, thrusting into one another, I actually found myself getting aroused at the thought.

She continued, “The two of you looked beautiful together, I could tell it wasn’t just fucking, you were more passionate, that it was more like making love…like in the movies!”

That was an interesting last statement referencing making love and only in the movies. Thinking of nothing but sex now, I tried to get Tina to open up a bit more, “When was the last time you made love to someone Tina?”

“I don’t think I ever have,” she stated a little shy now.

“You can’t honestly expect me to believe you are a virgin?” I scoffed.

“Ha,” she laughed, “I’ve fucked guys before, but nothing like what I saw last night…” she paused, “and the night before in the hot tub,” she said smirking again.

She’d seen Ann and I together the past two nights! Holy Crap, it was exciting to know that we’d been seen, but I also realized that we couldn’t continue like this if I was supposed to be getting closer to Tina, sex with Ann going to have to move behind some closed doors for a while. No matter how much progress Tina and I made during the day, she could distance herself from me again with nights like the last couple. I wanted to do what’s right for her. Then I thought sadly bursa escort of what she’d mentioned before, about never making love to someone.

“Tina, why do you think you’ve never experienced that?” I mentioned.

Tina responded bluntly, “I don’t think I’ve ever found a guy who respected me.”

“That’s the most intelligent and introspective thing I’ve heard you say all week!” I smiled at her. “Let’s get out of here and go do something!”

“Well, I need to go to the mall and buy some new clothes…want to give me a ride?” she requested.

“Only if you’ll have lunch with me afterwards,” I cornered her.

“You paying?” she asked with a smirk. “Because after I paid Ann rent I’ve got $250 left of the $500 you gave me, at that’s all going towards clothes for school!”

“You drive a hard bargain, but okay,” I said joking right back with her.

A few hours later I found myself roaming through the mall with Tina. She stopped in different stores and tried on new clothes. She’d grab things off the racks, go try them on and model them for me just outside the dressing rooms before heading back in to model the next outfit.

I was waiting again for her making light conversation with the girl who worked in the women’s department waiting for Tina to show me the next dress when she walked out of the dressing room. It was an electric blue, silk spaghetti strap dress that clung so tight to her body, I could easily see her nipples from where I was standing, and I thought I could even make out the small depression of her belly button. All she needed was a pair of stilettos and she’d have completed the outfit. This outfit screamed, “look how hot I am!”

I slowly walked over to her, trying to conceal my growing erection. “Tina, that dress looks utterly amazing on you.” I started, “but in the spirit of change, hear me out…” I continued. “This dress looks fantastic but screams ‘fuck me’, which can been a good thing, and you’ll have to believe me that it’s having the desired reaction.” She peaked at my obvious bulge in my crotch and smiled. “But do you own a dress or suit that says ‘hire me’?”

She looked at me inquisitively. “You’ve got job interviews in a couple months, and that dress isn’t going to land you the jobs you are looking for, or if they do, it’ll get you the job for the wrong reasons.”

She looked at me for a moment then peered down her own body as if evaluating her look all over again. Her head raised again and she looked me right in the eyes. “You are so right Scott, thank you!’ and she stood on her tip toes and hugged me; her perky tight little breasts pressed into my chest, I saw her ass tighten in the mirror behind her. Every nerve ending in my body wanted to take her back in that dressing room and show her exactly what I so desperately wanted to do. But now wasn’t the time, this was what she would have gotten in the past, and I had to slow things down, at least a little.

She spent the rest of the morning searching for the right ‘interview suit’ she finally found it in a classy navy blue pin striped jacket and skirt, with a silk white blouse to go underneath the jacket, she even found some navy blue 3 inch heels to go with it. It was sexy, yet very smart and classy.

She also picked up more casual clothing to wear to class each day, this girl wasn’t hard to shop with; she looked tremendous in everything she put on. Soon we were both hungry and ready for lunch, with me weighted down carrying nearly all her bags, we headed for the truck and off to lunch.

We drove past all the ‘chain’ garbage restaurants that I can’t stand as we left the area surrounding the mall. Every place served the same menu of ‘a little of everything’. What is it about those places these days, afraid to commit to doing one thing exceedingly well? Instead we are forced to eat in places that all have their ‘version’ of the exact same menu. Let’s see I guess it’ll be mediocre steak, frozen and breaded seafood, pathetically un-authentic Mexican food, or a burger. Every place was the same. I had better ideas.

As we past the last one, Tina got restless. “I’m hungry, where are we going?”

“Just sit tight and you’ll see.” I replied not taking my eyes off the road.

We drove of for approximately 20 minutes north to an area of town that was reserved for the filthy rich. Many professional athletes and celebrities had homes in the area, and the entire part of the city took on a different vibe. There was a private golf club that I wasn’t nearly well off enough to afford the $150K entry fee and $10K per month dues, but the golf pro there was a friend I grew up with, and he always got Ann and I a table when I needed one. I had called him earlier this morning, while we were shopping to make sure everything was cool.

We pulled up at the front of the valet. He took a second look, usually parking Porches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Hummers; a lifted GMC would be a new experience for him. But he handled it with class once I slipped him a $50 bill with my keys. I walked around as Tina was being helped out of bursa escort bayan the truck, the other valet taking note of her figure barely, but tastefully concealed in her new white knee length sun-dress she purchased this morning and we entered the restaurant.

Perched on the top of a hill, the restaurant took every advantage of its view of the city. Floor to ceiling windows took in the entire valley, from the golf course below through the surrounding mountains to the clear blue sky, the view was breathtaking. Tina didn’t say a word; she just held my arm as we were escorted to our table outside on the veranda.

Finally as we were handed menus, Tina spoke and ordered a glass of ice tea, and I a soda, as fresh bottled water was poured from a glass pitcher into each of our glasses on the table. “This is unexpected,” Tina said with a smile.

“Ever been here before?” I asked politely.

Tina nearly choked on an ice cube, “The crowd I used to hang out with usually went to much nicer places.” She smirked, being overtly sarcastic, a defense mechanism I thought, I could tell, she was a little nervous of her surroundings.

“Get used to it, you’re hanging with a new ‘crowd’ now,” pointing at myself, “and don’t be nervous, be proud, you belong here.” I smiled at her, silently breathing some confidence over to her side of the table.

“Are you and Ann members here?” she quietly asked.

I smiled back at her, “you don’t need to pay dues to enjoy the finer things in life, but you do need good connections.” She cocked her head at my answer, and briefly looked around, taking in her surroundings.

We ordered from the menu and made some small talk. Tina was still a little uncomfortable in our surroundings and I was constantly searching for ways to loosen her up, when I saw a familiar face coming towards us. It was Ted, my friend who got us in here. Ted wasn’t as tall as me, maybe 6’2 with bleached blond hair that was never neat, an athlete like me his entire life, he was still in good shape. I stood to greet him and Ted was beaming as he shook my hand and said hello. I immediately introduced Tina, as Ann’s sister.

“Hello,” she politely responded.

“Ted, Tina just moved here,” I lied for Tina not wanting to tell him that we just saved her from the ghetto after she left rehab. “I just wanted to show her the finest place in town for lunch.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tina, tell me do you play golf?” Ted mentioned looking at her as I took my seat again across from her.

“Never tried, but I’d love to learn sometime,” she responded cheerfully.

“Well, give me a call, I’d be happy to get you started, free of charge…” Ted looked at her then at me.

“Where’s my free golf lesson Mr. Big-shot?” I joked.

“You pay full price my friend, any guy that can bring one, much less a second gorgeous woman into my club for lunch, can afford to pay for a golf lesson!” He laughed, said his goodbyes, left Tina with his card and excused himself.

She noted the indirect compliment he gave her. Tina was clearly now more relaxed and we talked throughout the rest of lunch about her classes starting in a couple weeks and what she was going to do after college. She was actually a very intelligent girl, and I found myself being drawn to this new side of her, like her sister, she was charming.

During lunch she kept reaching across the table to squeeze my hand or touch my arm, and when she returned from the rest room she hugged me in my chair from behind, pressing her soft flesh into my back, before returning to her own seat.

“Thank you so much for bringing me here, Scott.” You’ve been so kind to me today. I feel so much better now that we are getting to know each other better on different levels.”

“It’s been a lot of fun so far Tina, but we aren’t finished just yet,” I remarked as I stood from my seat, helped her from hers and escorted her back to the valet where I flipped him another $50 and he brought my truck around. You never know when you’ll need a favor again, and if Ted wasn’t around I wanted to make sure the valet had my back.

Leaving there we drove straight to my office, in a small high rise building on the outskirts of downtown. I wanted to pick up a file that I forgot that I wanted to review. We entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 14th floor. I closed my office all week so my employees could spend time with their families during the holidays. Tina remarked at how nice the dark wood throughout the office looked.

“Thanks,” I mentioned, “your sister actually worked with the decorator and put everything together,” I remarked, opening the door to my office.

“Holy Shit!” She exclaimed looking at the view! “This is YOUR office?”

I had forgotten the main reason I chose this office, the building sat perched on a man-made lake in the middle of town, the office looked north toward the mountains, and had a mixture of city, and wilderness to appreciate, but it was the reflective lake that really set the whole place off.

“The view from the restaurant escort bursa was nice, but I can’t believe you sit here every day!” she said nearly breathlessly making her way to the windows.

“Why don’t you take a look outside? I’ll only be a moment,” I mentioned to her waving her toward the doors that led to the sunlit terrace outside.

She opened the door and slipped outside, I noted her sundress, gently blowing in the breeze as she stepped up to the railing admiring the view below. As I fumbled across my desk searching for the client file, I found myself admiring the view she was giving me. As she leaned into the railing, her legs stood taught, and very toned. Her newly found addiction of working out that she picked up in rehab was definitely paying dividends. As the wind did it’s best to tease me with brief glimpses of the backs of her thighs, each time seeming to stop just short of giving me an unobstructed view of her tight little ass. Her long auburn hair was gently blowing in the warm breeze.

I found the file and set it on the table near the door so I wouldn’t forget it. Returning my gaze to the gorgeous creature on the terrace, after a few moments of watching her, I joined her outside.

I approached from directly behind her, and outstretched my arms on either side of her gripping the railing around her and bringing my face near hers. “So what do you think?” I asked plainly, becoming aroused now that I was close enough to smell her hair, still emulating some scent of whatever shampoo she used this morning.

Without turning around, she replied “I think I want an office like this some day.” That response was encouraging, as if she was finally seeing what her college degree may lead her to.

We sat there enjoying the feeling of the warm sun, and light breeze, I found myself drinking in her body from my closer vantage point now, thinking of just a few days ago when she propositioned me in her parents garage. She seemed so trashy then, and so much like a classy young lady now. The ‘metamorphosis’ of Tina was taking place, and liked where this was heading.

She slowly leaned onto her elbows and pushed her hips back towards me, her ass gently rubbed against my cock. Was that on purpose? I thought, as my member surprisingly begin to strain at the fabric of my khakis. I pulled back quickly, not wanting her to notice how hard I was becoming.

It was then that she twisted around to face me, put her arms around me, and kissed me gently. For a moment I didn’t kiss her back, shocked that she was making the first move right here, on my office terrace, in the middle of the day. Then gently, opening my mouth to hers, ours tongues danced gently with each other. We explored each others mouths, as electricity fired through me from my lips and tongue through my entire body, she must have been feeling the same thing because she pulled me in closer, pressing my hardening flesh into her belly.

The thin fabric of her sun dress didn’t do much to conceal her stiffening nipples. They pressed into my chest, perched at the peak of each breast, begging to be touched. As we kissed I began to unbutton the front of her dress, slowly revealing the soft skin beneath. I kissed her chest as I continued with each button, warming the flesh beneath my lips, she moaned gently as I opened her dress. I could feel my cock pleasurably stiffen in my pants, wanting to be free from the confines of my clothing.

I slowly spread her dress open, exposing both her bare breasts to the warmth of the sun, my hungry mouth now gently sucking and licking each nipple. The taste and smell of her skin was sweet and caused my cock to throb through my pants against her belly, she noted this and slid her hand in between us and began rubbing my cock.

Her nipples stiffened further with my attention and stood hard in the sunlight. I moved to kiss her mouth again as I slid my hands up her legs to her hips, and around to her bare ass. Gripping her tightly she moaned again into my mouth. I lowered myself and squatted in front of her. I pulled up her dress to her waist, exposing a tiny white thong, barely concealing her mound; I could see that the little patch of fabric was already wet with her own juices dripping from her.

I moved my hands to her hip bones and gripped the thin strips of her thong, pulling it over her toned legs to the ground. She stepped out of them and slightly widened her stance giving me better access to the perfectly shaven pussy inches away from me.

I moved my head toward her and my tongue found her clit and I began to trace small circles, gently warming her up with my motions.

“Ohhhh Scott,” she moaned, “that feels so good…” her voice trailed off into an long exhale.

I increased the pressure a little and slid my tongue through her slit, wanting another taste of her strawberry sweet pussy. Dipping my tongue into her hole I was rewarded my treat, as I slid back closer to her clit again. I took the time to lick and suck each swollen labia gently into my mouth. Then finding her clit again, I began to lick her more intently. My own cock was now rock hard in my pants, straining at the fabric and pumping out a lot of precum, in no time I was going to have to have my own release, but for now I was content pleasing her.

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