His Birthday Gift – Cuckold

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The magnetism they have for each other… inexplicable.

Tom and Susan often speak about their fantasies, and it always leads them to steamy, raunchy hot sex. Being extremely passionate, sexually comfortable and open with each other they are open to suggestions, but are equally respectful of each other’s boundaries and limitations.

Amongst several, tonight Tom expressed one of his fantasies, that of having a threesome. Admittedly though, the idea of a threesome (amongst other fantasies) had been something that Susan had entertained somewhere in her own imagination. She had on occasion imagined what it might be like to be with two men, but the fact that Tom had expressed this intention had taken her somewhat by surprise. She was by no means a prude she’d seen enough threesome porno acts. Susan reminded herself that it was okay, as her personal threesome fantasies did not entertain any females, so she was safe.

Susan gave Tom’s request serious thought, and responded. “Tom, I’m not entirely keen on the idea of having a threesome.”

Tom asked. “Why?”

Susan thoughtfully responded. “I’m not interested in being with another female, Tom.”

Tom looked tenderly at her, acknowledged her response and understood her unease, then followed with another question.

“How would you feel if it were a man?” Tom asked.

Susan’s jaw dropped, and she exclaimed. “You would consider a man!”

“Yes! Absolutely! Definitely!” Tom shot back.

Susan reminded herself that she had after all in the past entertained a threesome notion. However, Tom had somewhat derailed her, due to the fact that he would unequivocally accept a male, as part of the threesome.

Susan let out a slow deliberate breath, remained silent a while then said. “Tom, allow me time to think on this please.”

“She didn’t say no.” Tom thought to himself.

Then Tom reassuringly said. “Of course Susan, there is no rush, take all the time you need”

Susan pondered quietly. Their relationship was built on trust and understanding, and she knew him well enough to know how aroused he became every time he spoke about the idea of Susan being pleasured, and/or pleasuring another man.

Now that Tom had piqued her curiosity, Susan felt a strange inexplicable excitement, yet at the same time a sense of quiet apprehension. Waves of thoughts hurtled through Susan’s mind, thrashing uncontrollably like a tempestuous ocean. Yet, in the calm, like when coming up for air, she grasped and grounded herself and was interested in understanding exactly what Tom would have her do, and how this threesome would evolve. Susan calmed her mind, and they proceeded at length with their discussion. They agreed on set limits of what would be allowed, also that they would go ahead only if both agreed on the choice of the individual, as well as a safe word. This safe word being a prerequisite for Susan, should she at any time, irrespective of the moment, wish to terminate the encounter.

Susan agreed, because she trusts Tom impeccably. Their search for a single male and their escapade had begun!

Over the following weeks, Tom and Susan placed advertisements stating their requirements and preferences bursa escort and received numerous positive, and willing responses. They carefully and selectively corresponded via email. Several were eliminated, leaving a few whom they both decided they would meet with for a drink to ascertain whether to proceed with further, or not.

The first candidates failed dismally. Neither Tom nor Susan felt any desire or connection and neither were they willing to spend more time in their company than they needed. There was absolutely no chemistry, Susan and Tom politely excused themselves, headed home, and enjoyed a night of ravishing sexual pleasure.

They had made arrangements to meet with their last candidate, on Saturday evening.

But tonight, Friday, they had made dinner arrangements. Susan and Tom had taken a relaxing soak in the bath, and they discussed, and both agreed that if this last encounter didn’t pan out, they would shelf this fantasy for another time.

Susan steps out of the bath, dries herself off then wrapped the fluffy white towel around her. Being fairly attractive, with beautifully big brown expressive lively eyes, her application of make up is light and natural. She adds a dash of mascara to her already long lashes a hint of blush and a dab of lipstick to enhance her full sensuous lips.

She slips on sexy black lingerie with matching G-string, which hugs her petite figure. Next she slips on a pair of black fishnet stockings followed by a black evening knee length dress, lastly she slips her beautifully manicured feet into a pair of black high heels. Susan looks at her reflection in the full-length mirror and smiles, as her long hair cascades over her shoulders and back. Tom steps up behind her giving her a hug and sensuously kisses the back of her neck. As his one hand squeezes one breast, he places the other hand firmly, yet gently around the front of her neck, and Susan melts completely at his touch. His unmistakable scent sends waves of erotic pulsating pleasure throughout her body, and her crotch immediately responds with desire. Both find it difficult to fully control their raw sexual want right now. He grabs her chin, turns her face towards him planting a long lingering passionate kiss, slaps her backside and reluctantly step back.

Susan turns and looks at him. He looks so dapper, sexily attired in a black suit and crisp white shirt, and oozing with confidence, charisma, sexuality and passion. He never fails to make her heart skip a beat along with the desire to be ravished by him, this enigmatic man of hers.

They are ready, but still have a little time before they need to leave. They walk to the lounge take a seat, relax and discuss the final arrangements for Saturday evening with the last candidate.

Susan had organized and arranged their meeting carefully so as not to coincide with Tom’s birthday, which is today, Friday.

She told Tom that she had some final preparations to make and would need to leave a little before him, asking him to meet her at the restaurant they’d agreed upon. She’d organized for a taxi to collect her, and that he should meet her there a little later.

She leans towards Tom handing him an envelope, bursa escort bayan kisses him passionately then whispers in his ear.

“Happy Birthday my ravishing captivator, open your gift after I have left, I will see you shortly.”

Susan gets up, smiles her beautiful smile at Tom, and heads towards the waiting taxi.

Susan takes a seat at the quiet end of the bar, directly in front of the table she’d pre-booked. The upmarket restaurant cosy and inviting infused in warm low lighting, and soft jazzy background music inspires a heady ambience. Susan doesn’t drink, but tonight decides she will have a “Sex on the Beach” as she awaits Tom’s arrival. She sits and muses about the contents in the envelope she gave Tom, the thought stirs up a host of welcome notions, as a mischievous smile plays on her mouth.

She looks up and he’s walking towards her, she recognizes him from the photo he sent her. He posses an air of subtle confidence and delightful charm, which she’d noted in their correspondence, and then later when she and Tom had chatted with him telephonically. They had clicked! He leans in towards Susan and gives her a warm hug, then sits on the stool in front of her. They chat a while he orders a drink and as she looks past him, she sees Tom walk in. Tom heads straight for the pre-booked table, takes a seat where he has a perfect view of both Susan and James. She notices immediately Tom’s enigmatic sensual smile, and beautiful sparkling eyes.

He’d opened the envelope she’d left him, his Birthday gift, and he’d made a choice.

Unbeknownst to Tom, James and Susan had agreed to make Tom’s birthday, a memorable one, dependent upon his choices.

Susan and James chat animatedly at the bar, and very quickly the conversation becomes rather flirtatious and filled with sexual innuendos. James leans into Susan whispering as one hand brushes lightly over her breast, whilst his other hand finds her thigh and moves slowly up towards her crotch. His fingers brush lightly over her pussy. Tom must have been enjoying watching how James was touching Susan’s breasts as well as how he felt up her thighs and discretely fingered her pussy. Susan looks over at Tom, as she pushes up closer towards James, waiting for Tom to give her the signal. Upon Tom’s signal both Susan and James head towards the dinner table. James greets Tom. They all take a seat and Susan is seated between Tom and James.

The conversation flows, as they order their meals and the vibe at the table is filled with raw energy. James and Susan continue their banter, as Tom looks on. Susan unzips James’ pants and starts to play with his cock his hands are under her dress and he is playing with her pussy. She is so wet, and he is dripping with pre-cum. Tom watches. Susan and James now know the next choice Tom made. They eventually finish and are ready to leave.

They all get up, Susan leaves with James and Tom follows them in his car.

Susan and James arrive at James’ place, they enter but leave the front door unlocked. Both are laughing and enjoying each others company, as they head towards the bedroom, dropping rose petals along the way.

The bedroom is both warm and inviting. Susan escort bursa scans the room and notices a chair strategically placed, background music playing softly, candles but also just enough light. Susan and James undress but Susan leaves on just a fishnet dress and climbs onto the bed, James joins her fondling her breasts. Just then Tom walks into the room, He moves directly to the chair and takes a seat.

The night has begun in earnest.

There is a lot of touching, feeling and fondling. James lies on his back and Susan begins playing with his cock with firm strokes. Her mouth finds his cock, as one hand firmly grips the base of his cock whilst the other plays with his balls and her mouth wraps around his cut cock. Teasing the tip, flicking then gliding her tongue around the ridge. Flat tongue down to the base to where her hand is, up again, then plunging her mouth on his cock. Feeling the ridges, the heat of his cock and how it fills her mouth right down her throat.

Susan looks over at Tom and notices just how intently he is watching her every move, she is so desirous to have Tom. James takes a hold of her and pushes her onto her back and goes down on her. His flat tongue runs the length of her hot wet pussy, as he gets to the top her flicks her clit with his tongue, he slips a finger in her pussy, then slips the second finger inside. Susan moans as pleasure courses through her body. He continues to flick and lick her pussy.

James instructs that she get on her knees, bum up, and begins to finger her a while then stands behind her, puts the tip of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy and teases her. Dipping just the head of his cock in and out of her pussy. He does this several times, then without warning he rams hard deep into her pussy and Susan lets out a gasp and he continues to pound her. He continues to fuck her and her hand goes up underneath his balls as she strokes them while he fucks her. Again Susan looks over at Tom and sees his lust filled desire. All the while James is pounding her pussy, calling her his dirty bitch, and telling her just how he is going to fill her pussy with a load of hot cum. How he is enjoying how wet her pussy is.

He tells Susan to sit up on the bed, grabs her hair stands in front of her and puts his cock into her mouth. Controlling her head he begins to fuck her mouth, slowly at first then a little faster and then shoves his cock down the back of her throat, holds her head firmly, releasing just as Susan needs a breath and she gags a little, he again starts to thrust into her mouth.

The rotation of Susan sucking his cock, having him lick her pussy, fingering her, fucking her was building up such intensity in Tom and Tom could hardly wait to take ownership to suck and fuck Susan just the way she enjoyed him.

James entered Susan from behind. Her pussy now so sensitive and so close to an orgasm as he thrust hard and very deep telling her that he was going to shoot his load deep inside her. He could no longer contain himself and with the final thrust, he emptied himself inside of her. She felt the waves come from deep within like electric surges igniting, building up a current to a point of no return. The switch flicked and Susan exploded.

They both lay there spent.

Susan again looked over at Tom noticing urgency in Toms smile. She got up, had a quick shower, and got dressed. Tom and Susan said goodnight to James, and rushed home.

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