HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 3

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Mark was getting annoyed. With those pictures hanging over his head, and Diana using him at her whim, life was getting annoying. Even the substantial raise that had accompanied his servitude was little compensation for being, essentially, a call-girl-boy. What could he do, though? All he knew is that he had to think of something.

At that moment, his phone rang, and Diana’s voice greeted his ear. “Sapphire. Mark, I’m taking a client to dinner at 6pm, and you’re coming with us. Dress as sexy as you can. Meet you at the restaurant at 5:45 for drinks. Bye.”

Mark showed up at 5:45 on the dot, ready for whatever was to come. He had changed into his best suit, which fit like an old glove, showing off the contours of his muscular body. He wore a tight t-shirt underneath, black, that showed off his six-pack and pecs. He was definitely dressed to impress.

At 5:50, Diana walked in with her client. Her client could have been Diana’s twin sister in most respects. Tall and dark, with skin the same shade as Diana’s, they were even dressed alike in professional business suits, except Diana wore slacks while the newcomer wore a short skirt. The only difference was that the client was more voluptuous than Diana; Mark estimated her breasts at least a 34c, maybe larger.

“Cassie, this is Mark. Mark, this is Cassandra, CEO of the company that supplies us with all of the proprietary hardware that makes us great.”

Cassandra laughed and extended her hand, which Mark shook cordially. “Pleased to meet you,” she said huskily, her voice a low growl that Mark loved immediately.

The dinner went splendidly, Mark, Cassie, and Diana hitting it off wonderfully and having a great time. Most of the way through the meal, Cassie excused herself to visit the rest room. Diana slid her chair next to Mark and reached under the table, grabbing his genitals in her hand and squeezing softly. She leaned close and whispered in his ear “I know you want her. How could you not? She’s gorgeous. And you get to have her, tonight. When she comes back, I’m going to go to the rest room. One minute later, you will too, only you’ll come into the women’s room, I’ll be waiting, and I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.” When Cassie returned, Diana left, followed shortly by Mark.

When he walked into the women’s room, Diana grabbed him and pulled him into one of the stalls. She wasn’t wearing anything below the belt. Working quickly, she yanked down his pants and underwear and pushed him down on the seat. She straddled him and lowered herself onto him, facing away from him. She spoke back over her shoulder as she ground into him. “You’re going to take my limo… oohhh… and you’re going to find a way… oh, yeah, there… to fuck her… in the limo… aaaahhhh… it has to be… in the limo…I won’t accept failure. And it should be as kinky as possible. Do you understand?” Mark grunted a reply, and Diana shuddered as she came. Climbing off, she reached into her purse and pulled out a towelette, and tossed it at him. “Wipe yourself off and rejoin us at the table” she said as she redressed quickly and stepped out the door. Mark rejoined them bursa escort at the table a few minutes later.

As they were leaving, Diana handed Cassandra 2 tickets. “They’re for the hottest show in town… you and Mark must be my guests. Here, take my limo.” And off they went, Diana glaring at Mark to remind him of his assignment.

Feeling vaguely like a slut, and partly like some kind of secret agent, Mark started to apply the charm to Cassandra. All through the ride to the show, and through the show itself, he worked to insinuate himself into her charms. Finally, they returned to the limo for the ride home. Mark spoke quietly to the driver after Cassandra was inside, instructing him to drive around for a while and to take his time getting back to Cassandra’s.

Inside the limo now, he poured Cassandra a stiff drink and sidled over beside her. Without a word, he leaned over and kissed her deeply; she responded passionately, as if she were on fire. They pulled at each other’s clothes, quickly stripping down to underclothes. Cassandra was in all black; a strapless bra that pushed her bountiful chest up and out, thong panties, and thigh high stockings, black heels adorning her feet. Mark’s boxers were barely containing him; it had been so long since he’d been in control of a sexual situation, he could barely restrain his desire. Diana wanted kinky; Mark wanted to use Cassandra in every way he could, but he also recognized that he needed to cause her to lose control in order to get everything he wanted from her.

He knew the first step towards pushing her past her limits was to get her as hot as possible. Grabbing her panties, he pulled them off as he slid to his knees before her, raising her legs onto his shoulders. He positioned his head, extended his tongue, and wrapped his hands around her back and butt, yanking her to his mouth, impaling her full length on his long tongue. Her gasp and moan echoed around the car as her hands found his hair, entwining in it as he stroked her hard button with his thumb and rammed his tongue into her, over and over. With his other hand, as if an afterthought, he gently stroked around the tiny opening underneath, accustoming her to his touch in that sensitive area.

As she got deeper into the mood, Cassandra placed one hand on the roof, the other on the seat beside her, and started to grind into Mark’s face. He changed the pace, substituting long, slow, hard licks that started at the bottom and finished by flicking her clit at the top. His right hand savaged her chest, pulling her breasts free from the bra and squeezing them, pinching and rolling the nipples, causing Cassandra to breathe even harder, and to grind even harder.

His ministrations soon brought her to a climax; Cassandra yelled as she came, “oh, oh, oh, OH GOD!” The final exultation came from the penetration of his finger into her ass; he left it there as he plunged the fingers of the other hand inside her hot hole, licking and biting at her clit, bringing her quickly to another orgasm that left her slumped on the seat sideways, panting, as he moved away from her.

In a flash his boxers were on the floor bursa escort bayan and he was on top of her, straddling her chest. Her open mouth invited him in and he slid his hardening shaft deep into her throat. She surprised him by grabbing his ass and sliding him in deeper, until her mouth touched his balls. She slid him out slowly, holding him in place with her hands, controlling the pace. She repeated the process several times, making his head swim as the head of his cock slid into her tight throat.

Realizing he was losing control of the situation, he grabbed her hands in his, and then held them against the side of the limo with one hand. He repositioned himself and started to fuck her face, slowly at first, then faster, pistoning his tool into her mouth over and over, faster and faster, sliding in a different amount each time, occasionally sliding in all the way, watching her eyes widen as he slid in deeper and deeper. He started talking then, almost taunting her “I know you like that Cassandra, I know you want it, you come off like such a professional businesswoman, but I can tell that underneath you are a wildcat, who is desperate to let go and go crazy. I just know it. Tell me, Cassie, tell me what you want.” With that, he slid out of her and knelt on the floor next to her, looking into her eyes.

She sat up and looked confused for a second, wiping his precum from her lips with the back of her hand, breathing heavily. She took a moment to look him up and down; his gorgeous face, lean tight body, and nice sized cock straining towards her with desire. Cassandra decided he was right, that maybe sometimes you had to let go a little, not that she hadn’t already let go quite a bit.

She motioned him to lie down on the seat, and knelt on the floor for a second, then pulled him, bending his knees, so his head was flat on the seat. She stood up and positioned her wet vagina over his mouth, then finally spoke. “It’s my turn to fuck your face” she breathed as she lowered herself onto him, rubbing herself up and down his face as he started to devour her.

She fucked him with abandon, one hand on the side of the limo, one knee beside his face, the other foot on the floor, and the other hand stimulating her nipples and breasts. She cried out again as she came, and then again in suprise as Mark slid out from underneath her and spun her around, one hand on the back of her head pushing it against the back of the seat, the other around her hips, taking her to her knees on the floor, with her arms spread out the length of the seat. With hardly a pause his cock slid deep inside her pussy, his hand entwining in her hair, pulling it back as he started to repeatedly slam his tool into her sopping box.

After several thrusts he released her head, his hands sliding down to find purchase on her hips, to pull her closer to him. She levered herself up with her hands and pushed against the back of the seat, pushing back against his thrusting hips, moaning in pleasure as he dipped his rod into her again and again. “You like this, don’t you Cassie, this is just what you wanted.” Mark teased. Cassie moaned in response escort bursa “don’t stop, baby, keep it up, give it to me.” Mark started to spank her occasionally, then more when she seemed to like it. “Oh, you are a naughty one, aren’t you, boss lady?” She responded by reaching under herself and grabbing his scrotum, squeezing gently. This sent him over the edge, and he started thrusting madly, knowing he was close.

Cassandra, realizing what was going on, and not done with him yet, slipped away from him and spun around, sitting on the floor, and grabbed his cock, squeezing hard. She held off his orgasm, then took him back in her mouth, getting him rock hard again in seconds. This time she took the lead, sitting back on the seat, putting her legs in the air, and guiding his cock back into her hot pussy. She massaged her breasts with one hand, while the other stroked her clit as Mark thrust into her. Mark was thinking of nothing other than his own orgasm; his hips bucked wildly as he plowed into her again and again. Finally, just as he was about to cum, Cassandra again grabbed him, squeezing until the urge went away. This time she stroked him back to life, and guided him back into her pussy.

Mark was almost insane with need at this point. Realizing that he needed to take control of the situation again, he thrust into her a few times, then slid a hand underneath her, sliding one of his fingers partway into her ass as his tool filled her up. Cassandra moaned, and swiveled her hips to get away from his finger, which only made him slide it in deeper. She sighed into place, working harder at her clit and nipples. With hardly a pause, his thumb replaced his cock in her pussy; his cock slid into the hole vacated by his fingers. Cassie’s back arched, and a wordless yell escaped her as he slid partway into her ass; eventually she moaned, and her fingers worked even faster on herself as Mark started to stroke into her tight hole. All it took was a few strokes; he pulled out and shifted, spraying hot semen over Cassandra’s tits and onto her face. She collapsed, exhausted, eyes closed and breathing heavily, her hands still at work. Mark’s hands joined them, and Cassandra came a final time, crying out in pleasure as Mark’s fluid dripped from her face onto the limo seat.

An hour later, Cassandra was back at her hotel, and Mark climbed out of the limo. Diana reached in past him, hit a button, and a small cassette popped out of a hidden recorder. “Let’s go see how you looked in your first adult movie, Mark; besides, I’ve been waiting all night for you to get back and make me cum. I’ll watch the movie, you’ll service me, and then I’ll call Cassandra and explain just how fucked she is. In case you didn’t know, she’s married… to the owner of the company she’s the president of. If you performed as well tonight as you usually do for me, I think we just earned a huge discount.”

Mark sighed and followed Diana inside. 6 hours later he got to leave, after giving Diana several orgasms. When he thought about it, the tally just wasn’t fair: many for Diana, many for Cassandra, only one for him. Just then his cell phone rang. He answered it, and heard Samantha’s voice. “Good morning, sunshine. I’ll see you tonight at 6pm at the health club. I have some friends I want to show you off to. See you then, sapphire.” Mark groaned and headed home.

To Be Continued…

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