High Rise Antics

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Hello my name is Peter, I am a security officer at a major international bank in Canary Wharf, London. One of my responsibilities is to review the files from the bank’s CCTV cameras. Each camera has a sound/motion sensor, only recording when it detects activity. Recently one of the six, in the first class lounge, recorded a very interesting incident. A well known journalist having sex with an unknown man. I didn’t recognise her at first, but during their final vigorous love making, her brunette wig fell off. I contacted her asking for money. She invited me to meet her, offering sexual favours. I am not stupid. I paid a guy I met in the pub £100 to go in my place. He recognised her from the picture I showed him too! He was later found dead in Heron Quay.

A copy of the video file easily fits on my 1 TB USB flash drive. There is about an hour of action packed entertainment.

My second request for money, generated a legal response threatening me with the law. I have now sought legal advice myself. My solicitor Barbara and I are going to the movies. She has asked to see the video.

We are in her office, I give her the flash drive. She puts it into her iMac. I have watched the footage several times but never with anyone else. Barbara is an attractive red head. Already the sight of a brunette having her pussy licked out, has got to Barbara. She gets up and closes the curtains. By the time the brunette orgasms, Barbara is stroking her own pussy. We pendik escort are a pair of horny voyeurs. Next up the brunette starts giving the man a unusual blow job. He is well endowed, she seems to be trying to make his cock even longer. Her teeth are gripping his knob head, whilst one hand is gripping his balls. Between them they are stretching his cock. Just when we think she is going to blow him, she pushes him on his back, sticks his cock in her cunt and goes for the most ride ferocious ride I have ever watched in a porn movie.

Barbara is unzipping me and seizes my cock. Not to be outdone I unbutton her red blouse, put one hand inside her bra and grope her left tit. To say we are both horny as hell is an understatement. Barbara steps out of her skirt, pulls her panties to one side and pushes my engorged cock into her cunt. Not the most comfortable of positions, fucking on her office chair. We both need an immediate release from our overwhelming sexual urges.

It wasn’t the most romantic of coital couplings. Still sufficiently sated we adjust our clothing and return to some semblance of a lawyer client meeting. I think we both felt it inappropriate to discuss anything further. I am pleased to accept Barbara’s offer to reconvene at her flat the next Saturday.

Saturday and I’m outside Barbara’s penthouse. It’s on the 65th Floor of a high rise block. Or at least that’s where the door is. The door opens automatically and I walk into a hall maltepe escort way to be met by Barbara. She has a thing for red. Her red robe loosely tied at her waist signals what awaits me this evening. We embrace, one of those clinches normally reserved for long standing lovers. Then would you believe we ascend two flights of stairs to the 67th floor bar lounge area. She has already poured us two glasses of Krug Champagne. The bottle in a cooler adjacent to a massive cream coloured sofa.

Sitting next to Barbara sipping my champagne I have a deja vous moment. The views, the area is exactly like the video. Barbara, loosens her robe, leaving me in no doubt deja vous R US. She divests herself of her red bra and matching thong. What’s sauce for a goose, I remove my clothes too. Totally nude, now on her back I start kissing her right inner thigh, whilst caressing her right breast with my hand. Little kisses, as my mouth wanders higher up her thigh. The room is brightly lit which is adding to Barbara’s obvious excitement. My mouth is almost at her pussy when I spot something. She has a small frog tattoo nestling just below where she trims her pubic hair. Everything was so hurried last time I didn’t spot it. Perhaps it wasn’t visible, if she has shaved in between. Finally my tongue reaches her pussy. Together with two fingers I open up her cunt, so my tongue can lick her clit. 10 minutes or so of licking her out, little nibbles to her clit and finger kartal escort fucking her, she has her first orgasm of the night.

Whilst she recovers, I refill our glasses. I desperately try to recall what happens next in the video. A fully recovered Barbara knows. She grips the ridge of my knob head in her teeth, grasps my balls with her free hand, then pulls. A couple of firm wanks, then more pulling. This I now realise is to add an inch to my already engorged cock. My cock is rock solid and primed for action. Barbara lowers herself on to it. She vigorously moves her hips to get my full length. In and out of her vagina, her movements increasing vigorously. I have to fight to curb my ejaculation until she is at her edge. Screaming fuck me Peter she accommodates one last almighty thrust, culminating in a tsunami of my creamy goo blasting inside her.

During my recovery, Barbara, gets up and returns with another bottle of Krug to refill our glasses. It’s striking the difference a long brunette wig makes to a lovely red head! I suppose we talked for an hour or so. A mundane conversation simply using up time until I am re-invigorated and able to perform the final act in the video. I try to put what’s expected of me out of my mind. I have after all been given carte blanche to fuck a sexy brunette, with small pert breasts and a wet and willing pussy.

Soon we embark on a no holds barred rough missionary, that has Barbara screaming before cumming, then twitching uncontrollably in post coital ecstasy. I swear my final thrust, lifted her backwards a foot, impaled on my prehensile prick.

I am pleased to report that the explosive nature of my ejaculation and Barbara’s response, dislodged her wig.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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