Hidden Romance

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It was a night like any other for Jenny, the usual routine. Cooking dinner for her son and herself then bath and bedtime for the little rascal that owned her heart. Once she got him to sleep she decided to catch up on some reading, she hadn’t sat down and read in a while and tonight was the perfect night. It was a bone chilling cold outside so she decided to snuggle down with her laptop and read some short stories from her favorite sight. What most people did not know about this seemingly innocent single mom that worked and went to school was that she had a secret hobby. She enjoyed reading stories about sex. She could picture in her mind what the words on the pages said.

But what didn’t help her was that it had been a while since she had enjoyed the touch of a man. She knew it was going to put her in the mood and she would have to take care of it herself. But she was used to it, after all she had gotten accustomed to having to fix herself when she felt the urge. But what made this night different from any other night was for the past month she had been playing a flirtatious game with her neighbor JC. JC was unlike any man she had ever met. He had the tatted built body that she got wet in an instant for but he was 37 and you could see he was a man that had seen the worst of the world. This did not bother Jenny in the slightest, if anything it only made her more attracted to him.

From that very first day when he answered his door and she looked into those dark eyes and he smiled that jaw dropping smile she knew she was in for trouble. It had been nearly two years since she had felt an attraction to someone that she just couldn’t ignore. For the past month they had been playing around with words just edging each other deeper into this fantasy game of lust. Just earlier in the night he had come over to help her put up some plastic on her bedroom window and as he stood behind her she could feel his body heat and when he bumped pendik escort into her ever so slightly it was like electricity racing through her body. God that man had a pull over her and she could not understand why. For weeks now she would wake up in the middle of the night breathing heavy and dizzy from the ecstasy of a dream. A dream where all he did was walk up to her and kiss her in a way she had never kissed a man.

Hell that was all it took to wake her up from a dead sleep. She would lay there sopping wet pussy throbbing aching to feel his touch on her skin. Lord she knew if that man ever got his hands on her it would drive her wild. So as she sat on her couch reading a story of neighbors and there little love tryst, she could not help but imagine JC as the man in the story and herself as the neighbor he wanted so badly. She found herself with her hand between her legs rubbing her slit and feeling how wet she was thinking about him. God she just had to see him tonight even if nothing happened. “Which nothing ever does” she pondered out loud to herself. She could come home and pleasure herself to the image of him in her mind. She was gifted that way.

She could take any image in her mind and make it do what she wanted to satisfy herself. So she decided to call him and see what he was up to. Jenny had her own little secret that she told no one but tonight was just the night she used it as a way to get to him. Unfortunately for her it was a total bust. So she texted him and asked him to keep her little secret. You see Jenny has never been one to understand text very well. She was more of a verbal type. So when he responded she thought he said to come over so she slipped on her shoes and went to his place.

Pajamas and all besides she knew what they had was nothing but a flirtatious game of lust. When she got there he was in his room with a couple of his friends. She thought to herself well this is not maltepe escort going to work but she decided to sit and enjoy the company anyways. It wasn’t long before one left then she noticed that he was trying to get his other friend out of the room. She played it off like she had no idea what was going on but deep inside she knew he wanted some alone time with her. They had had alone time before so there was nothing coming of it and she knew it. His other friend left the room she took this opportunity to jump up and lay on his bed.

“I’m stealing your bed,” Jenny chimed.

“Oh so you’re just gonna go to bed” JC playfully responded as he shut the door and turned off the light. All that was left on was is lamp which kind of set a mood.

Jenny laid out on his bed as he picked up her cigarettes telling her “I’m stealing one.”

“Go ahead,” She replied back just smiling.

JC sat beside her on the edge of the bed just smoking his cigarette. All the while in her mind all she could think about was how close he was to her body. The next thing she knew JC was looking at her asking her “So you sure you know what you are doing?”

“Absolutely” she responded. Thinking he was just continuing on with their little game and then he leaned over and started kissing her. Her entire body erupted with energy. The taste of his mouth even with the cigarette was exhilarating. The way he pulled his hand up to her face and was just kissing her in a way that made her body melt. Each move it was as if the other knew what the other was going to do. His tongue lightly teasing her lips as she caught his bottom lip with her teeth. Ever so gently urging him to go on.

There were no words needed for what was happening. Their bodies reacted to what was natural and they connected and knew what the other was thinking. She wanted him so badly she did not want to stop tasting him. She wanted to roam her hands all kartal escort over his body but she could barely even move due to the way her own body was reacting to his touch. He was rubbing his hands up and down her legs and over her stomach and sides. Not once even getting close to her now throbbing wet slit. He pulled himself over to lay beside her on the bed all the while not missing a beat with his assault on her body.

He was so gentle and smooth it was as if he had wanted and waited for this very moment to be able to touch her. She could feel her body building closer and closer to orgasm. She had never had a man be able to cause her to cum with such ease as he was now. She just wanted to keep touching him. She decided to slide on top of him so she could feel his hard erection against her clit. It didn’t matter that they both were still fully clothed she didn’t need to feel him inside her for him to drive her senses mad. Every time he thrust his hips up she met them with just as much force she could feel herself climbing towards ecstasy. She knew that she was fixing to come and he must have to because the way he was running his fingers across her skin as he kissed her neck and gently licked her ear before laying a kiss on her that nearly caused her to come crashing down and then he actually started touching her breasts.

At this point she knew she was going to cum all he had to do was put his mouth on her nipple and she was done for. And sure enough just as it went across her mind she felt is hot moist tongue flick across her hard nipple and she felt her pussy start pulsating. He must have known she was cumming because he just made his assault on her body even more feverish. She couldn’t do anything but lay on his chest. Still fully clothed wanting more. She decided to remove his shirt because she wanted to feel his skin that she had dreamed and longed for what felt like forever. She pulled her shirt and bra off and just as they started to get things started back up there was a knock at the door. They both tried to ignore it but that was no good. The mood was now over and she knew it. She put her stuff back on and stood up. He kissed her and said “Until next time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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