Her Spanking

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We have not had any time alone in days and I am getting irritable. We both finally get a day off and you tell me that we are supposed to go to a friend’s house. Telling you that we are not going you get upset and go into the bedroom to pout. After I let you pout for a few minutes I walk into the bathroom and take you by the hand.

Leading you into the bathroom I start the water running in the bathtub. I undress quickly then help you finish undressing so that we can get in the tub. We get in the bathtub and you lean back against me as I gently massage your shoulders. Softly I start washing your breasts as I tenderly kiss your neck and I whisper in your ear that you will pay for accepting the invitation. You shake your head saying that you know you will and you are ready for it.

Turning over you softly wash my chest and down my stomach. You wrap your soapy hand around my erection and slowly slide it up and down. Taking the washcloth you rinse me off then softly kiss the tip of my erection. Wrapping your lips around my erection you gently suck it into your mouth. Your head moves up and down as you suck and slide your hand up and down my erection. Your warm mouth sends my excitement soaring out of control as I erupt in a wonderful orgasm. You move up and kiss me passionately as I lie trembling escort ataşehir in the bathtub.

We get out of the tub and as we are drying off I slap you butt and tell you that is just the beginning. We get dressed and go to our friend’s house to have a couple of drinks and talk for a while. As we sit and talk to her you tell her that you are going to get a spanking when we get home. The three of us laugh about it and go on talking for a little while. As the time for us to leave approaches we get up and say good bye.

She asks if we would like to stay because she wants to see me spank you. You agree and say that it would be more exciting to let her watch. She says that she has everything we need in her bedroom then tells us to follow her. We follow her to her bedroom and she has every kind of toy you can imagine. She shows me the restraints on the bed and I have you lie face down on the bed. I place the restraints on your wrists and your ankles then make sure they are tight.

Raising my hand to spank you she stops me and hands me a paddle. As I raise it up to spank you I tell her thank you then spank your butt. You start moaning and I spank you again then softly rub your butt. As I rub your butt you moan again so I stop and give you another spank. She gets on the kadıköy escort bed beside you and starts rubbing your butt after each time I spank it. When your butt is red all over I stop spanking you and she begins to kiss your butt. As she kisses your butt I see her slide her hand over your pussy. You start moaning louder as her soft hand rubs against your pussy. Her fingers slide inside your pussy and move in and out of you. Your moans get louder as she rubs your clit and she moves her fingers in and out faster. I sit and watch as you start to tremble and she rubs your clit harder. You start shaking and your orgasm rolls through your body.

I start to release you when she tells me to wait a minute. She says I need to lie down beside you and relax a minute. She pulls my shorts down and sees my erection. Taking it in her hand she holds my erection gently as she softly kisses the tip of it. She puts her lips around it and sucks it into her mouth sliding her hand down out of the way. As he head is going up and down on my erection you say it is not fair that you get a spanking and then have to watch her with my erection. I agree and release your wrists and you unfasten the restraints from your ankles.

When you are free from the restraints you climb on top of me and put your maltepe escort bayan pussy in my face. You rub it against my face as I try to get my tongue against it. Finally I get a hold of your hips to stop you and I rub your clit with my tongue. She slides her mouth up and down on my erection as I rub your clit with my tongue. You push your clit down against my tongue harder and I push up against her as she sucks my erection. You start to tremble and my excitement spins out of control as we both start shaking and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

She does not slow down as she lays you down and climbs on top of you. She puts her pussy in your face and starts rubbing it against your tongue. You wrap your arms around her and she leans down and begins to rub her tongue against your clit. Both of you are moaning loudly as you begin sucking each others clit. You both begin to tremble as you both have a beautiful orgasm.

She slides off of you and you see my hand sliding up and down my erection. You take it from me and climb on top of me placing my erection at your opening. Sliding down onto my erection you begin rotating your hips and rubbing your clit against me. She climbs on top of me placing her pussy in my face and start moving her hips as she kisses you passionately. You are both pressing your breasts together as you rub your clits against me. Our excitement and passion is out of control as we all start to tremble. We explode in a magical orgasm with stars streaking through our minds. Exhausted we collapse on the bed and hold each other as we kiss tenderly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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