Her First Real Kiss

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Public Sex

It began in a chat room. He had logged on and went to a thread titled “All Things Oral.” There was talk about penis size and clit size, and people were offering their techniques free of charge for the viewing public. He scrolled through the conversation and saw a lone comment from a woman who stated she didn’t like oral sex. Of course, this was followed by men and women alike whose responses were, “Well, that’s because you haven’t had me eat your pussy yet.” He didn’t know to what degree she had been courted in this regard; that is, was the conversation kept here, in public view, or had anyone sent a PM to inquire more about her aversion to what he considered the most personal and pleasurable act one person could perform on another? He thought it over, then decided he’d risk a PM.

Hi. I read your response to this thread. I am curious as to why you do not like oral sex. I’m not one of these people who believe I have what you need. It is just a natural curiosity. Please respond. Thank you.

He even signed his real name, hoping that would entice the woman to reply. He waited, and five minutes later he received the following:

Hi. Believe it or not, you are the only person who has taken the time to ask, so thank you. Mine is not a story that has ended happily insofar as oral sex is concerned. I have been the recipient of some really bad experiences, ranging from people who just did not know what they were doing down there to people who were just too aggressive, to people who thought just kissing me a few times was enough. There were some who shoved their fingers up into me, thinking they were getting me off when the truth of it is that they were actually hurting me. Then there were those who licked me just enough to get my pussy wet so that they could hurriedly shove their cock into me and get their nut, giving little care to if I had an orgasm or not. It has really turned me off to the whole idea of receiving oral sex anymore. I love to give it, but I think I can do without receiving anymore.

She signed her real name as well.

As he read it, he actually felt sorry for the woman. He immediately sent a reply.

It saddens me that your experiences have been so awful. Oral sex is such a wonderful thing and should be approached with the same reverence and respect one might show when in audience with royalty. Please don’t give up on it. If nothing else, tell your next partner to follow your directions implicitly. Perhaps with you guiding him (or her), you can attain what you seek.

Her response:

I’ve tried that. It hasn’t worked. I don’t know what else to do.

He replied with:

Where do you live?

Macon, Georgia.

Really? I’m in Valdosta.

That’s, like, two hours away.



So, look, at the risk of sounding like all these other people in the chat room, I would really like you to see just how beautiful oral sex can be, I’d like you to experience an orgasm in the most beautiful way possible. I’ll be honest. I’m 53, but experience has taught me to be a good lover. Give me thirty minutes, and I will help open that door that you have determined should remain locked forevermore. Oh, and to show my sincerity, there will be no need for reciprocation. This is pendik escort all about you.

Five minutes.

I will spend only five minutes going down on you. The first twenty-five is for the build-to.


It is seduction, and it is as pleasurable as the act of oral sex itself.

Hmmmm. I don’t know.

No need for an immediate answer. Just think about it for a few days. Let’s end the conversation here. Nice speaking with you.

He gave her his email address so they could communicate outside the realm of the chat room, should she so desire. He really didn’t think anything would come of it, and after three days without hearing from her, he was convinced. It was the furthest thing from his mind when he checked his email on the fifth day since the conversation, so imagine his surprise when he read:

Hi. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think I’d like to give it a chance, if you’re actually willing to drive two hours to do it.

A smile came upon his face. He replied with:

For this, for you, yes. More than worth the drive. Just let me know your earliest convenience. Oh, and do you drink wine?

Is Saturday too soon? Oh, and I have an unopened bottle of Gallo Red in the fridge.

Saturday is fine. Shall we say around six? Send me your address and phone number.

She did, and the next two days were spent in anticipation for both.

He placed a courtesy call when he was five minutes from her house. As he drove the last few miles, it occurred to him that neither had shared a pic of themselves with the other. It didn’t matter, though. He was beyond superficiality. He just hoped she was, as he was a bit overweight and not the most handsome man.

He knocked on the door and it immediately flew open. “Hi,” she said with a huge smile.

He smiled as well, took her proffered hand into both of his, and said, “Hi. Nice place you have.”

She welcomed him in and they stood in the foyer. She said, “Um, I’m really not sure how this is supposed to go. Do we head straight to the bedroom, or …?”

“I’d really like a glass of that wine,” he said.

“Oh. Yes. Of course,” she said. “Let me show you to the living room and then I’ll get it.” He followed her and sat in a wooden rocker as she disappeared into the kitchen. He watched as she went. She was about 5’7, probably 115 pounds, had short, curly brown hair, and was about the cutest thing he had ever seen. She had a nice bump on her rump, too, which was always a bonus.

She reappeared carrying two flutes in one hand and the bottle of Gallo in the other. She produced a cork screw, He quickly offered to do the honors. They had two glasses of wine, over which they talked about anything and everything except for his reason being here. She laughed unexpectedly. “What?” he asked.

“It’s the wine,” she answered. “I’m starting to get the warm fuzzies.”

As the third glass was poured, she asked, “So, when is the seduction going to begin?”

“It began when I first walked through the door,” he replied.

She smiled, then it faltered a bit. “I’m really comfortable here with you, yet I’m still really anxious as well.”

“Me, too,” he responded. He then held his glass out and said, “To liquid maltepe escort courage.”

“To liquid courage,” she echoed.

When they finished the third glass, he said, “Are you ready?”

She looked down at her feet and shyly answered, “Yes.”

He stood and held out a hand to her. She took it, stood, then led him to her bedroom. As she removed her clothing, he said, “I’m going to undress as well, but only to my underwear. That is the boundary. As I told you before, this night is all about you.” He could see her smile of

appreciation at that.

She pulled back the covers and got in the bed on the left side. He got in on her right. “May I kiss you?”

“Yes.” It was a near whisper.

He placed a palm against her right cheek and slowly moved in, then gently placed his lips against hers. There was a sudden exhalation of exhilaration on both their parts. His hand moved to her hip. He allowed it to rest there as the kissing continued. The kissing began slowly, their lips gingerly moving in accord with the other’s. At times, he would place a kiss and hold it for fifteen, twenty seconds or more before pulling back and doing the same again. At others, they would be so caught up in the rapture of the evening that the impassioned flailing of their tongues in each other’s mouths spurred them on to deeper, more soulful exploration. This is how the first ten minutes went. There was no hurry. He remembered a limerick he had heard once. “Think not of all the time that’s wasted, but of all there is yet to be tasted.” That’s the time frame he was on.

He finally allowed his hand to move from her hip to the small of her back. He slowly dragged his fingertips up between her shoulder blades and onto the nape of her neck. A barely audible, “Oh-h-h-h-h-h” escaped her lips between kisses. He slowly dragged the hand across her ribs and onto her hip once again before moving down further and onto her ass. He squeezed it lightly and she mewed her pleasure. He dragged it down her outer thigh, almost reaching her knee, and then back to her ass. He lingered there for a good minute before moving his hand to her left breast.

“Yes,” she whispered as her nipple hardened in his palm. He gently massaged her breast as they continued to kiss, then he kissed her bottom lip more than the top, then he kissed her chin, her neck, down her chest, then he kissed his way to the breast itself. He kissed all of it in due time, but so slow and inexorably torturous was his pace that she actually begged him to take her nipple into his mouth, and once he had, “Oh, God!” She cradled his head, not wanting him to move. He eventually made his way to her right breast, and she continued to cradle him as he did so.

It was here that he began to utilize his hand once more. He dragged it along her hip to her outer thigh, then to her inner thigh. Slowly, ever so slowly, he dragged it up. He bypassed her pussy and came to her navel, then moved it back down again to her right thigh. She opened her legs a little wider to give him all the access he needed. When he brought his hand up this time, he allowed the fingertips to lightly graze her pussy. She shivered momentarily. He moved them back down, and up once again. “That feels so good,” she kartal escort cooed.

He barely inserted his index finger inside her, then slowly moved it up toward her clit. Her leg jumped. He stopped short, though, then moved it back down again before beginning the process anew. He slid his mouth back to her left breast and nipple. She sighed. She was wet, and he used her wetness as lube when he began to gently rub her clit. Her whole body spasmed, but she still had not yet had an orgasm.

He removed his hand, then began to kiss his way down her belly. He stopped at her navel and kissed it, licked it, sucked on it. Her stomach muscled hardened spasmodically. Finally, he kissed his way down further. He kissed her pubis, moved around her pussy to her thighs and began to suck on them. He moved closer and closer to her pussy, though, until he lightly inserted his tongue inside her. He licked his way to her clit and once again her whole body jerked. He gingerly took her clit into his mouth and gently let his tongue bathe it with his saliva. Her legs were shaking. He continued on in this vein. He still was in no hurry. A few more minutes of this kind of attention and she finally cried out as her hands shot to the back of his head. She held him in place as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. She did finally let him go, and out of breath, she said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.”

“Would you like another?” he offered.

“Give me a minute,” she responded. “I’m still too sensitive.”

“Oh, well, we can do other things while we wait,” he said, and without another word he hiked her legs up and affixed his mouth to her anus.

“What-what are you doing?” she asked.

He said nothing as he treated her anus with all the respect and reverence he had shown her clit.

“Oh. OH! That does feel good,” she finally said.

He did this for about ten minutes, then moved back to her clit and began sucking it once again, and after another five minutes she had her second orgasm of the night. He moved up and kissed her. “So, how was it?”

“Thank you,” she said. “I never knew it could be so wonderful.” Silence, then, “I know what you said, but if you’d like me to do you, I will.”

He smiled. “Well, this is my bargaining chip to get you to come see me in Valdosta.”

She laughed. “I’ll come see you anyway.” She sat up and pulled his underwear off, then took him into her mouth. She may have been a novice when it came to having her pussy eaten, but she damned sure knew what the hell she was doing when it came to sucking a dick. He noticed immediately that she was one of those “hands free” kind of people, and he delighted in that. She worked her magic on him, and in less than five minutes he told her he was going to cum. She pulled back, and now she began to jerk him off. He shot three good spurts onto his chest before his cum began to puddle around her hand. He had to admit it was one of the best blow jobs he had ever received.

She got a wash cloth, ran warm water onto it, then cleaned him off. Both then went into the living room and drank the remainder of the wine. She invited him to stay the night, and even though they slept in the same bed, there was no more sex to be had.

The following morning, she cooked breakfast and they talked about everything but the sex from the night before. He left for home around noon, and both were hopeful of what future this one encounter might bring.

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