He Made Me Do It

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Double Penetration

For months we had been planning a trip to the mountains with friends. As the weekend finally approached, my damn husband got sick. I was so disappointed because we really needed some time away from the daily grind and decompressing with good friends, good food and alcohol usually makes for the best times of our lives.

So most of us went and he stayed home. While he was sick, he still found time to send me a few “I love you” text messages. These always put a smile on my face and in this case it made me miss him more.

He had been sick for a few days before I left and then after the three day weekend I was horny as hell. After I got home and got unpacked, I was laying on our bed hanging out with him. He looked better but was not 100%. I was disappointed because I really wanted to get laid. He was not catching on because he was watching Netflix.

I flopped over on my stomach and was surfing facebook on my phone.

The next thing I know, he has a hand on my upper back. Then he added a second hand to my butt. He just started pressing and adjusting my body into a very comfortable position.

After a few minutes of these nice manipulations, I could feel him gently pull up the back of my shirt. He exposed just a small strip of skin which he proceeded to kiss with feather light kisses.

I cringed a bit as it tickled, but it also brought a smile to my face. I put my phone down and just enjoyed his touch. At this point, I didn’t think for a second I was going to get laid, but I sure would enjoy his touch while it lasted.

Pushing the shirt higher, he increased the amount of skin. I love his lips on my skin!

He adjusted his position and then boldly and quickly shoved both hands down my pants. He grabbed big hunks of ass flesh and squeezed my butt. And then he pulled them out.

He complimented me on having a fine ass and then went back to kissing my back.

As he kissed higher and higher, I felt him make a move for my bra. I smiled again as he pulled the back apart and kissed a bit higher.

He shifted again and I felt his weight above me. His pelvis was on my ass and he began to gyrate slowly. He made a smart ass comment about me not getting any ideas as he was just stretching out his sore lower back. He said he had been in bed for days and it was sore. This movement felt good to him and so I should not enjoy it. Whatever!

It felt great. His lips on my back and his dick grinding into my ass. Damn! He kept moving in slow circles thrusting his pelvis into me.

His next move was to slide his right hand under my stomach. He inched it lower and into my pants. He slid under my panties and I felt his whole hand grab my pussy. Now we are talking… I might actually get off if he rubs me just right. I still might not get laid, but at least he will get me off!

He gently pulled his hand back an inch or so and aligned his middle finger with my clit. He began with small circles and with almost no pressure. We lay like this for quite a while.

He was still kissing me on my back. His hand was driving me crazy, and his cock was slammed onto my ass.

I am not sure ataşehir escort bayan how he did it, but he used his other fingers to spread my labia increasing his contact with my clit and pussy. I was wet as hell by now and he could feel it.

He slid off me slightly and added his left hand to the operation. He began to strongly rub my pussy and ass on the outside of my jeans. He put great pressure on my pussy and even used his left hand to compress his right hand on my clit, adding to the great feelings he was giving me. I was in heaven.

After a few more minutes I felt him adjust again.He put both of his knees between my legs and used them to spread my legs. I could feel my wet pussy lips splay apart as the fingers of his right hand continued to drive me nuts. I was so hot and so horny.

I just closed my eyes and felt my first orgasm gently roll over me. I usually cum from being fucked or with a vibrating toy on my clit. But this was nice too… Just a slow easy orgasm from the loving fingers on my husband’s hand.

He continued to rub on me, keeping me at a low boil. Then I felt him adjust again and he actually got off. I groaned with frustration, but then I felt him reach under me and unbutton my jeans.

He pushed my legs closer and began to tug my jeans off. My panties went with them.

He said “don’t move.” So I just laid there. Naked from the waist down with a soaking wet pussy on display for him to enjoy.

I heard him go to the bathroom and then lock our bedroom door. Nice, I think I’m gonna get laid after all. He must be feeling much better!

When he returned, I felt him start caressing my thighs. He rubbed my ass and I felt him pull the cheeks apart. I am sure he was back there leering at my dripping pussy. I was hoping he was going to eat my ass. That drives me nuts…

He leaned forward and kissed my back again. Gently as before and roaming all over my low back and upper ass.

Again his knees were between my legs and he pressed outward forcing my legs to splay wider.

He reached under with his right hand and began to finger me again. He lay down on my back and I felt his firm cock nuzzle into my ass crack. Oh my God that felt good. I so needed his dick inside me!

He began humping his hips again and pressing into me. His fingers were wet with my lust. And then he stopped. WTF! He pulled his hand away.

I heard him say “touch your pussy.” Wait, what? Why? You were doing a fine job, you go do it! But I didn’t say any of that.

He leaned closer and harshly whispered into my ear. “You do it. You know how much I like it when you touch yourself. So you do it.”

He made me do it. He made me touch myself. He even told me what hand to use, my right hand. I reach down and felt my own hand caress over my stomach on its way to nirvana. My fingers inched across my mons and down to my labia.

I shivered and he felt it when I first touched my labia. I was soaked and it felt so fucking good. I began to gently rub my clit.

With his hands free, he directed his dick towards my pussy.

And then I heard him say, “Guide escort kadıköy it in. Put it where you want it. Where do you want my dick?”

I started to move my hand and then he says, “Tell me where you want it, say it!”

“In my pussy,” I answered him.

“Then put it there,” he said.

So I reached for and grabbed his velvety, warm and firm dick. I caressed it once and then quickly moved the head to my open pussy. He began moving his hips before he even got there.

Not much, just enough really to tease me. He forced me to hold his dick for more than a minute as he made these super small thrusts. Not enough to enter so I could get back to rubbing my clit, but enough that I could feel him moving.

He made small thrusts into me and then more movement forward. I felt him slide in deeper and moved my hand. As I moved, he said, “back to your pussy.” While he made me do it before, I need no direction this time. I was enjoying touching myself and now I had his dick in me too.

He increased his pace slightly and oh my god it felt good. And right when it was feeling great, he pulled too far back and popped right out. On the next in thrust, I felt the head of his dick nudge my fingers off my clit. His pussy coated dick moved my fingers off my clit and added a nice layer of moisture to my clit.

And while that felt nice, I needed him back inside me. I groaned and he groaned. We both needed him inside me.

He brought his left hand under us and helped guide his dick back inside my pussy.

“Damn you’re wet. I think someone is liking this.” Yeh, no shit Sherlock!

“I love feeling how wet you get for me baby.”

“Fuck yes, you are hot.”

“I need to be deeper inside you.”

“Take that dick baby.”

“I need more room to move.” And then he just shoves me to my right.

We lurch and he manages to stay buried in my pussy. Oh my god, this is so much better.

I am almost fully on my back and his legs are scissored with mine. His cock goes deep and I am ready to cum on the third stroke. Oh hell yes. “Uuunnnnggghhhh” I moan as he fucks me.

I arch my back during an intense orgasm. He knows what a I want. He thrusts more deeply, rotating his hips into me. I barely hear him say, “I want my whole fucking body up inside your cunt.”

He fills me deeply and lets me ride it out. I am cumming and cumming. If the lights had been on he would have seen the goose bumps all over my torso. I slowly lower my ass back onto the bed and he takes this as his signal to move again.

He thrusts slowly in and out of me.

I feel his left arm searching up my body looking for my right arm. When he finds it, he pulls my hand down. I know what he wants, but I resist.

I wait and make him say it. I want it this way. I want him to tell me what to do.

“Touch yourself,” he says. Okay, of course I will. I let him guide my hand back to my very happy pussy.

He lightly covers my hand with his. I am rubbing my clit and he is content to just feel my hand moving. He is thrusting slowly inside me and I am gently caressing my nub. It is a good day maltepe escort for sure!

Once he is sure my hand is busy, he goes looking for my tits. I still had my shirt on, and while my bra was undone in the back, it was still in place in the front.

He moved my shirt up and pushed my bra with it. He grabbed a handful of my left tit and I felt his pace increase. He used my tit as a lever for his thrusting. He was quickly ramping up to a good hard fucking.

I was getting close again and he knew it. He transitioned to pinching my nipple. My left nipple is pierced so he had to be a bit careful.

As I edged into my orgasm, I heard him whisper into my ear…

“Cum for me baby…”

“Feel my cock…”

“Rub that pussy…”

“I am going to twist the shit out of your right nipple and you are going to cum”

I was basically already having an orgasm so I didn’t care what he did. But I also knew that if he did it right, I would scream.

“Feel my cock…”

“Rub that pussy…”

“Make yourself cum…”

“Cum for me baby…”

“Do it, cum…”



And then I felt it. His hand shifted and he grabbed my right nipple. He pulled and twisted and pinched and holy fuck it felt great. And I did it, I screamed.

And he slammed his dick into me, deeper and harder.

He put his right arm under my ass and pulled my hips down onto his cock. Fuck he was deep inside my pussy. And I screamed again. Moaning and groaning in pure pleasure.

As I came down from this orgasm, I realized he wasn’t done with me. He was still fucking me, just slowly once again. Long, slow deep thrusts…

I was frustrated because I wanted to kiss him. To tell him how much I love him. But he was still sick and would not bring his face near mine. That’s okay, I will survive for a while on his nice hard cock.

As he was warming back up, I wondered what was next. He put my hand back on my pussy and I knew what to do—I started rubbing.

He moved his left leg around and then moved into a deeper scissoring position. His left knee was now mashing my left tit. His right hand was fully under my ass.

My left leg was over his left shoulder. I was spread wide and full of cock.

He pulled his shirt up to his chin giving me access to his naked chest. I was rubbing his muscles and loving it.

He was now fucking me full force with long, full strokes. His right hand was searching for “something”… I knew he wanted my ass.

I felt his finger line up with my pucker and he began to circle it.

His cock was feeling really good, my mashed tits were loving the pressure and I had a huge smile on my face. He was filling me and I was ready to cum again.

In my mind I was daring him to do it. Go ahead, finger my ass and make me cum!

And I know he can read my mind…

I could feel his finger slip right into my horny little asshole. Ahhhh, fuck yes!

I came again and again and again. It wasn’t quite as good as the previous orgasm when I screamed, but it was pretty good.

I looked over at the smile on his face. I rubbed his chest with satisfaction.

He slowly drifted off to sleep with his shrinking dick still inside my juicy and well satisfied pussy.

I can’t wait until he is fully healthy so I can pay it back. I will have to think carefully about what I can make him do!

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