Having a Ball

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It had been planned for weeks. Her friend had invited her to a special New Year’s Eve party. The final event of the year and hopefully the start of an exciting new one. They were both single and had chosen to stun the participants. It was a costume ball, dresses, masks and the works. With her friend Kelly had picked out a floor length black dress, the upper half was a basque, strapless to show off her soft gorgeous skin, the bottom half floating, sliding down around her legs and slit up the left leg to the top of her thigh.

It had all been going perfectly, a night of the two of them stunning the men at the party until her friend came down with some winter bug that laid her low. Kelly was bitterly disappointed! The whole point was the two of them together breaking hearts at the party though her friend, guilty at letting her down, persuaded her that she should still go.

So it was that at 7pm Kelly found herself staring in the mirror adding the finishing touches to her costume. The black dress looked stunning, hugging her body and emphasising her gorgeous curves. Underneath she wore her black strappy heels and black lacy hold up stockings… It was only when she had tried on the dress for the final time that she realised she couldn’t wear the sexy lace panties she had planned on as they showed so in a fit of daring she went without.

Standing staring in the full length mirror she saw a stunning beauty staring back. Glamorous and mysterious. She adjusted the black, glittering mask she wore across her eyes, hair artfully arranged to cover how the mask was fixed on, finished her lippy and headed out to the limo (her friend had insisted that she still take it and was footing the bill).

In the limo she found complimentary wine, selecting the rosé, she poured herself a glass and sipped it reflecting on the night to come.

On the other side of town Nick was putting the finishing touches to his costume. As one of the organisers he didn’t have anything left to do now apart from turn up and hope it all went well. Dressed in the red Phantom of the Opera costume from the film, with the half face mask covering most of his features he cut a dashing figure at 6ft 2. His dark hair framing the white bone-like mask as he adjusted the sword at his hip. He grinned at the mirror ruefully, it might go horribly wrong but he loved his costume.

He hopped in the taxi and set off across to the hotel the party was booked into.

As he arrived he checked with the hotel to see if everything was going to plan and satisfied it was he procured a glass of wine and strode into the brilliantly decorated ballroom. Candles, alcoves, balconies and everything imaginable for a ball filled the room. There were already enough people there to make the room buzz and Nick saw it was going to be a great night and relaxed into one of the corners sipping the wine watching the room.

Kelly stepped out of the limo and looked up at the hotel with butterflies in her stomach. Then she caught sight of herself reflected in the glass if the limo and smiled, steadied her nerves and walked up to the door. She caught the doorman watching her and smiled as she walked past knowing the effect that she had on him.

She entered the room and stopped as she saw how it was decorated and how busy it was. Already people were dancing, others sat at candle ataşehir escort lot tables drinking and chatting, the room aglow with flickering light from the candles.

She looked around and out I the corner of her eye caught a flash of crimson red. Turning to look she saw a tall man in a red tuxedo, a half face mask covering a large portion of his features though there was a kind but slightly naughty smile on his lips as he caught her looking.

His eyes caught hers and she blushed slightly before dismissing him with a slight toss of her hair and headed to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. A minute later the batman was back with her glass and placed it down in front of her and explained that it had been paid for. She looked around but couldn’t see anyone. Smiling she took a sip of her drink wondering if it might have been the mystery man in red.

Nick had spotted her as soon as she came in through the door and she took his breath away. Obviously a little bit nervous but absolutely stunning he caught her looking at him. He hasn’t realised that his costume would stand out quite so much as this but most if the other costumes were darker in colour than his crimson tux.

He caught the hint of a blush that came to her cheeks and almost laughed as she dismissed him and headed to the bar. She was delightful and he knew she would not leave his mind any time soon. He signalled the batman to put her drink on his tab then wandered off to check how the night was going.

It was a little while later when he made his way back into the main room but straight away his eyes searched her out and found her dancing with someone in the centre of the dance floor. He headed over and arranged for the orchestra to play something slightly slower.

He walked over to the dance floor and tapped the man gently on the shoulder. He turned and smiled then walked off. Nick stepped in and smiled at her again taking her hand and guiding her around the dance floor.

He pulled her against him and placed his hand on her hip taking her other hand and began dancing slowly with her keeping her against him looking down.

Kelly stared up at this mysterious man who kept appearing. Even though she had been dancing with others the thoughts of the man in red kept intruding into her head. Now here she was in his arms staring up at that tempting teasing smile and the glittering eyes hidden in the mask.

She found herself pressing closer against him and staring at him and smiling back. As the song ended she found him leading her by the hand outside onto one of the balconies. The hotel luckily ha heaters set up over the balconies to keep them warm.

In the darkness on the balcony lit only by the dim glow of the heaters under the stars Nick pulled we to him and leaned in to gently kiss her. She melted against him and he tasted her lips against his. His hands slid down her back as he felt her tongue flicker against his. He could feel the hunger and passion barely restrained inside her as his fingers slid down to grip her ass.

Her arms encircled him pulling her as close as he could as his hand slid down to her hip and felt the gap in her dress. His hand slid under the material and felt the almost feverish heat of her skin stroking down the length of her leg he pushed her back against the balcony barrier lifting her kadıköy escort bayan slightly till her ass rested on the edge.

She parted her legs and wrapped them round him, sweeping the dress open by the slit. There was just enough of a cut that it fell open at this angle and her legs wrapped round him.

Kelly couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had never done anything like this in her life but this man enticed her, teased her and made her want him in a way she had never done before. That first kiss had made her almost feel drunk and now she barely noticed how she was almost naked from the waist down.

Her lips barely left his, her hands pulling him close before she grabbed him with her legs and started fumbling with his belt. In seconds it was open and her fingers slid in to strike the growing length of his shaft through the material of his boxers.

She pulled the elastic down and gripped his length stroking it slightly marvelling at the length and thickness she felt in her hand. Hearing him moan and desperate beyond thinking now she guided the head of his shaft to her soaking wetness and gasped as he thrust deep inside.

Nick could barely relieve he was doing this. Here he was wrapped in the passionate embrace with this masked woman who was sliding him into her. He couldn’t hold back and more and gripped her hips tightly smiling at her as he thrust into her deeper.

Balanced on the edge of the balcony in public Nick kept a tight hold on her as they fucked with a hot burning passion. His shaft buried in her, the two of them shaking and desperate. His fingers gripped her hips tightly digging in through the dress as he pulled her to him and buried himself in her over and over.

She didn’t know how much more of this she could take. The look on his face, his smile an eyes, the feel of him moving within her. She gripped him tightly burying her face in his chest as her body exploded, shaking and trembling. Her cries muffled as she held on for dear life.

Nick felt her explode and pushed himself as far and as deep within her as he could before exploding. His seed blasted out filling her as he saw spots from the intensity of his climax. Lifting her carefully he leant against the wall with her, sliding out of her still shaking body as the both leant against the wall shaking and breathing heavily. Slowly he straightened himself out before helping her clean and re-organise her dress.

Taking her arm he smiled that naughty enticing smile and led her back into the ball room.

Nick led her across the room and up to the lift pulling her along behind him. They arrive at the lift, stumbled inside and Nick pressed her up against the wall of the lift kissing her hard. He could feel her full firm breasts pressed against him as he pinned her wrists up against the wall. The lift pinged and he almost didn’t notice until he heard a cough to his left. Turning he saw an elderly couple starting at them and with a laugh he pulled her out of the lift and down the corridor to the room at the end.

Due to his organisation of the event at the hotel he had been given the larges luxury room as his own for this evening. Carding the door he pushed it open and they almost fell inside. He kicked it shut behind him and pulled her to him again his lips meeting hers fiercely. His hands escort maltepe slid down her back to grip her ass through the dress pulling her close. His fingers slid back up her spine and found the lacing on the top of the dress and undid the loops pulling it open. As the top of the dress loosened he pulled it down and away. Trying to be careful but feverish as he exposed her amazing full breasts. He pushed her up against the wall and dropped his head catching her full nipple in his mouth licking and sucking.

Kel felt whirled along passion building inside her, the kisses inspiring and burning through her. She still didn’t know who this man was and yet she wanted to surrender herself to him utterly. He had freed her breasts and then his tongue drove her insane. She grabbed his pants and fumbled with the belt before finally undoing them. She couldn’t concentrate at all with his mouth on her but she needed him inside her. Feeling his pants opening she reached inside and was rewarded with the throbbing hardness filling her hand.

Nick pulled back from a minute and loosened the rest of the dress and it fell to the floor leaving her clad in just her mask, stockings and heels. She looked him up and down and then grabbed for his shirt fumbling and ripping the buttons until it opened and he shrugged out of the shirt and jacket. Kicking off his shoes he pushed her back through the room into the bedroom. She fell backwards onto the bed her legs spreading lewdly as he stood in front of her and slid his pants and boxers down flicking the last of his clothes off. She lay there, propped up on one arm, looking up at him wearing just his mask, hardness jutting from his body and reached to stroke one finger over her glistening slit teasing him.

With a growl Nick almost leapt forwards but first he leant and grabbed his pants and stripped the belt out from the top. He grabbed her legs and flipped her over face down on the bed and shoved her up the bed till her face was buried in the pillows muffling the sound of her protest. He grabbed her hands and tied her arms with the belt to the headboard. She lifted her head and gasped as she felt him lift her hips. She tried to push back against him as she felt his fingers stroke over her clit, whimpering as she felt his hands gripping her hips.

She almost shrieked and had to bite down on the pillow as she felt him ram his cock deep inside her in one stroke. His hands were firm on her hips as he drove in and out of her almost brutally fast. Her teasing had driven him wild and the sight of the stroking herself had left him desperate. His fingers dug in deeper and deeper as his shaft slid in and out over and over. He heard her moaning louder and louder and felt her wet pussy clenching tightly around him and pulled out spraying streams of hot cum over ass cheeks before collapsing down against her.

Kissing the back of her neck he slid off the bed and went into the bathroom, started the bath running then came back into the bedroom and stroked his hand down her spine looking at the shaking form of the mystery woman on the bed and slowly loosed the belt from around her wrists. He gathered her into his arms, her body still trembling from the after effects of the hard, fast fuck and carried her through to the large Jacuzzi, flicking her heels off and peeling the cum covered stockings down her legs he slipped her into the water before retrieving a bottle of the Rose he noticed she was drinking from the bar. Pouring her a glass he slid into the water with her and began kissing her neck realising they were still wearing their masks but not sure he wanted them to come off.

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