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Mr. A. is the head of the large computer manufacturer at which I work. I am his assistant. My main responsibility is assisting him in getting off.

Today he is in a dark mood. He has called me into his office. Of course I was there immediately. He has me close and lock the door behind me. He then orders me to take off my clothes. I look at him for a moment, sitting behind his large desk, but then do as I am told. After all, he is my boss. And he has the most beautiful cock.

Standing before him in the 4-inch stilettos that he prefers that I wear, I slowly unbutton the top of my dress. He watches me with his dark, intense eyes. Staring into those mesmerizing eyes, I continue to remove my clothing. Taking my time with the unfastening of the buttons, I slowly raise my arms and lift the dress from my body. Removing it completely, again meeting his gaze, I throw the dress onto the couch near me. The black leather couch on which he fucks me.

As I had been removing my dress, I knew that he would be angry and I was looking forward to his response. I stood before him, in my lace bra and panties, thigh high, lace-topped stockings. All black. I hear a sharp gasp from behind the desk. You see, Mr. A demands that I wear only white. I have defied him. I lower my eyes in mock remorse.

He stands and moves from the desk, towards me. Standing before me, he looks down at me. “You are a slut”, he says softly. “My slut. And do you know what a slut deserves?” I know this is not a question. I raise my head slightly and look him at him. “To get fucked.” I lower my eyes, my panties dampening at the thought.

“Lie down,” he demands. I move backward, slowly, towards the couch, until I gratefully feel it against the back of my weakening legs. I lower myself onto its cool smoothness and lean back, my head resting against the arm.

“Take off those whore panties,” he hisses. Staring into his eyes, as if in a trance, I slowly slide my hands down my body. Raising the lace edge, I pull the panties down, exposing myself to his dark eyes. Lifting myself slightly, I pull the panties down over my legs, over escort kartal the silk of my stockings. “Stop!” he says. I do, and the soft lace panties fall from my hands, and then are caught on the sharp, cruel heel of one of my stilettos.

“Spread those legs for me,” he tells me and I do. Raising his voice he demands, “Wider.” I spread my legs wider and I am completely open to him, one stiletto-encased foot draped over the arm of the sofa. Only my breasts and legs dressed in thin black silk and lace, my thighs spread, I am completely vulnerable to his eyes and his anger.

His eyes are locked on my pussy, wet and completely open to him, for him. He wets his lips and closing my eyes in expectation, I hope to feel his mouth upon me. He comes toward me and lowers himself between my widespread legs. He runs his hot, rough hands under my bra, over my breasts, pinching the nipples, and then moves his hands over my stomach, my lace-covered thighs. All the time he stares at my wet pussy, spread before him, like an offering. I ache to feel his hands, his mouth, his cock.

His hands slowly move to the lips of my cunt. With his thumbs, he spreads me open and lets his fingers lightly brush my aching clit. I whimper and he laughs. He spreads me open wider, letting his fingers feel the soft wetness awaiting him. He pauses and I hold my breath, not sure what he is about to do.

Lifting his eyes to my face, he tells me “This cunt is mine, for my use only. It belongs to me. Remember that.” And with that he buries his face into my gaping pussy, tonguing, sucking, biting it harshly. I cry out and pushing back against the cool, smooth leather of the couch, raise myself to him, his mouth, his probing tongue and sharp teeth.

Fucking myself against his face, I can feel myself being lifted from the painful pleasure of his touch; I push myself harder against him and holding my breath, feel myself overwhelmed by orgasm.

And then he stops. Hanging on the edge of cumming, I look at and beg him. “Please, please, please.” “No,” he tells me, “Sluts don’t deserve to cum. Yet.” I moan and maltepe escort lower my hands to my tortured cunt, burying my fingers inside myself, almost forcing myself to cum.

Watching me with a sadistic smile, he grabs my hands from my needy pussy and raises them over my head. He then moves onto the couch, over me. With one hand he lowers the zipper of his bulging pants and takes out his rock hard cock. Brushing it over my face, my lips, he then forces it into my mouth. I can only moan as he moves his invading cock over my lips, my tongue. My head back, he moves over me and I take him deep into my throat, as if impaled on his cock.

At times he holds his cock deep within my throat and just as I feel I will never breathe again, he pulls it from my mouth, only to force it deeper with the next thrust. Over and over he forces his powerful cock past my lips, raping my mouth and throat. At times he is thrust so deep into my throat I can feel the cold zipper of his pants pressed into my cheek. Sucking him into me, I imagine, and it feels as if, he is fucking my mouth and pussy at the same time.

Suddenly, he pulls back and away from me, his hard cock dripping with pre-cum and saliva. Still grasping my wrists, he pulls me from the couch and almost drags me to his desk. He turns me roughly, until my back is towards him and then presses me forward. I then feel the cold, hard wood of the desk against my hot breasts, and then he forces my head onto the desk, his hands buried in my hair. I manage to turn my face and look at him. Standing behind me, he positions himself behind my ass, which is raised to him and his cruel cock.

He bends and presses his arm against my stomach, forcing me against him. With the other hand, he moves his cock over the dripping wet lips of my pussy. I push myself against him, needing to feel him inside my aching pussy.

Instead he raises his cock and hips, forcing himself between the cheeks of my ass, he thrusts the head of his cock deep into my open ass. I cry out, but this only makes him harder, stronger. I hear him moan as with sharp thrusts as pendik escort bayan he further penetrates my body. He leans into me and harshly fucks my ass, his hand pushing my back, my head, harder onto the desk. His strong arm encircles my hips, holding me tight against his body as he forces himself mercilessly into me. My body slides over the cool wood of the desk, powerless to the harsh movements of his thrusting cock.

Suddenly, I feel him leaning deeper into me, his balls pressed tight against the wet lips of my cunt. I realize that he is reaching over me, taking something from his desk. I can only lie, pressed into the desk, as he rests his entire weight on my body. With one sharp yank of his arm, he takes what he needs and then pulls back from me, his cock still buried inside of me.

Raising himself, he holds himself still within me. Suddenly I feel something cool and smooth and hard against the dripping lips of my empty pussy. Whatever it is, he rubs it against me, making it slick with my juices. I feel it part the lips of my cunt, moving further into me. Then, with all the strength, in his right arm, he forces the object, wide as it is, into my defenseless pussy.

He pushes, shoves it into me. It feels as if it gets wider and more painful as it moves into me. Then, when I feel as I can’t be filled anymore, the object tapers, to its end and I know that it is buried inside my cunt. He moves his hand and begins to fuck me with it, hard.

Feeling something sliding over and between my legs, I realize that he has taken something from his computer and forced it into my wet pussy. I am being fucked with the mouse from a laptop, its long black cord hanging between my widespread legs, from the lips of my dripping cunt. He then continues his assault on my ass. Thrusting the mouse inside me, he pushes his unrelenting cock into me again and again. Filled with hard plastic and harder cock, I feel an orgasm building with me. Mr. A’s cock swells toward explosion inside me, bringing me closer.

Opening my eyes so that I can watch him as he cums I can see, through the window, into an office, in another building. A man is standing there, cock in hand, watching us, watching me being fucked. I look into his eyes and cum, hard, my breasts pressed into a desk, computer hardware jammed deep into my pussy, solid cock shooting hot cum into my invaded ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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