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He was the best looking thing that I had seen in years. The word gorgeous came immediately to my mind. It warmed me up just looking at him. Oh God, to be a lieutenant again and work his examining room.

“Major, the new doctor has arrived,” said Cyndi, who was the age I wanted to be and had the body I used to have.

“So I see,” I said, “and why are all my nurses suddenly crowded around staring at him?” Of course I knew the answer to that question.

I was in command of the nurses, all three of them, at the Schofield Barracks dispensary where a dozen medical officers provided out-patient care for the 25th Division’s twenty odd thousand men and their dependents. I’d been an army nurse for fifteen years and I liked my job. When I was the age of the gals who worked for me this new young and very handsome doctor would have stimulated me to crowd around and gawk just like my girls were doing.

“Okay gals, back to work. I’ll show Captain Allen the ropes and handle his examining room today.” I was wishing that I were fifteen years younger and fifteen pounds lighter. I wasn’t bad looking, you understand, and I had the boobs to go with the hips and my face was as good as it had always been, but still, I wasn’t what I had been at twenty-five.

“Good morning Doctor Allen, welcome to Schofield Barracks,” I said.

“Thank you Major Calloway,” he said glancing at my nametag. “It’s good to be here. You probably know I just finished my internship at Tripler. It will be nice to work regular hours for a change.”

“I’ll show you our shop and introduce you around. I’ll be working your examining room today.”

I proceeded with a tour of our facilities, which included a good lab and x-ray rooms. Patients who needed more complex services were shipped to Tripler Hospital, better known as “the pink palace on the hill.” I introduced our staff and my three young nurses, wondering to myself which one would catch this handsome devil. All of the dependents were seen in our dispensary as well as most of the officers. The enlisted men had sick call at smaller dispensaries scattered around the base. After hours we saw everyone here.

Our morning was routine and I came to appreciate the decisive and careful work of our new physician. He saw patients quickly, but did not seem to rush them. He was thorough. Things were going well when the clerk motioned me into an office.

“She’s here again,” the clerk whispered to me and I could tell from the look on the clerk’s face who she was talking about. It had to be Clara Brown, wife of Colonel Brown, medical officer commanding all of the medical facilities at Schofield. Mrs. Brown was a fifty something over-weight lady with dyed hair and an obsessive need to have pelvic examinations. She showed up every couple of months with a complaint in her lower abdomen that inevitably led the doctor to perform a vaginal examination, which she seemed to enjoy enormously. The doctors joked about it with my nurses and even, on occasion, with me.

“I’ll take her,” I said. I was always afraid she wouldn’t get exactly the friendly efficient service she expected and would complain to her husband. That was the last thing our staff needed. Well, I thought, I might as well initiate Dr. Allen to the real world of army medicine. I took her thick medical record into his office and put it on the desk where he was sitting.

He looked at the thick kartal escort chart. “Problem patient?”

“Well, sorta,” I said with a smile. “Check out her last half dozen visits.”

He flipped expertly through the chart, at first puzzled. Then he smiled and checked out a few more things in the record. He looked up at me.

“Some sort of initiation? Every new doc gets to see the Colonel’s lady?”

I nodded. “They kind of rotate her.”

“Okay, send her in.” He said it with a half smile and a sigh of resignation.

I showed Mrs. Brown into his office and ten minutes later he came out and asked me to drape her for a pelvic exam. As I went to set her up I saw my nurses whispering and giggling like school girls. I had a good idea what they were saying. I was kinda thinking it myself.

Dr. Allen did a standard pelvic exam using the warm speculum I handed him. Then he began the digital, putting two fingers of his left hand into her vagina and his right hand on her lower abdomen for bimanual palpation. Mrs. Brown had lay there motionless until this moment. But now she began a gentle humping motion with her hips riding his fingers. It was shameless, but I had seen her do it before with the other doctors who always got embarrassed and hurried to complete their examinations.

Then Dr. Allen did something I didn’t expect. He lowered his left thumb on to her clitoris so that the motion of her hips caused her clitoris to rub against his thumb.

“That’s fine, Mrs. Brown, just relax. Close your eyes and relax,” he said soothingly. “You’re going to feel better in a few minutes.”

Oh my God! I thought. He’s gonna bring her off. Or rather, let her bring herself off. And that’s exactly what he did. It took less than five minutes for her to start breathing rapidly and then she moaned softly and I could see the contractions of her orgasm squeezing the doctor’s fingers. Then she lay there with her eyes closed resting and catching her breath. Dr. Allen lifted up the bottom of the table and put her legs down on it gently, covering them with a sheet.

“I’ll use another room for my next patient Mrs. Brown,” he said, “you just stay here and relax for a few minutes.” He popped off his glove and dropped it in the basket as he left the room. I followed him out dumbfounded. I got him set up with another patient and then joined my nurses in the office.

“I saw you giggling like teenagers. What was so funny?” I asked them although I knew the answer.

“Cyndi here was saying she would like to have the doctor do that examination on her,” said one of them.

“Well,” I said, “you’ll never believe what he did to Mrs. Brown. You know how she humps when a doctor does a pelvic?” When they nodded, I proceeded to describe what had happened during Mrs. Brown’s pelvic examination.

“Oh my God!” Said Cyndi. “Now I really do wish it was me.” We all laughed.

The rest of the day was routine except that my nurses went out of their way to get themselves noticed by and talked to by our new young doctor. As the day wound down and people started to leave, Doctor Allen approached me in the office.

“If you’re free tonight,” he said, “we could go down to the O-club at DeRussy for dinner. Would you like that?”

The look on Cyndi’s face was a sight to behold. Her mouth dropped open and she rushed out to tell the other two nurses who the new doctor maltepe escort bayan had decided to take to dinner. My heart pounded like a high school girl and I nodded my head.

“Yeah, I’m free. I’d like that very much.” I wrote down the address of my apartment on a prescription blank and handed it to him. “What should I wear?”

“A muumuu would be great,” he said. “We can walk on the beach after dinner.”

After he left the girls cornered me. “How the hell did you do that?” Cyndi asked.

I shook my head. “Honey if I knew what I did, don’t you think I wudda been doing a hell of a lot of it before now?”

“Jesus!” Cyndi said. “Be nice to him.”

Bev started laughing. “Yeah, great. You think she’s gonna slap his face if he tries to kiss her. Fat chance. Trust me Cyndi – she’s gonna be nice to him – as nice to him as a gal can be. And then she’s gonna come back here and tell us about it.”

When I got back to my apartment I picked out my nicest muumuu, grabbed a quick shower keeping my hair dry, and started to dress. I had to wear a bra, much as I would have liked to go without one. But, no pants. No way was I gonna wear pants. Just bra and muumuu. Standing there dressed and looking at myself in the mirror I thought “What the hell! I’m a damn good looking woman – as good looking as my young nurses – and I’ll bet money I’m a better fuck.” It was a good thing I didn’t say it out loud. He knocked on my door just after I said it to myself. He was wearing slacks and an Aloha shirt.

Dinner was great. Tiki torches always turned me on, as did the Hawaiian music. But the biggest turn on was the guy sitting next to me. When we danced he was soft and graceful and his right arm around my waist explored my back and waist and crept down just a bit on my butt – close but respectable. I knew he could not feel any panty line and I wondered if he figured out I wasn’t wearing any pants. Then I wondered if he would do anything about that.

When we left the club we turned left and walked toward the beach. There was Hawaiian music in the background – it was hard to avoid on Waikiki and who would want to. The sound of the surf got louder and when we got to the sand he knelt down and took off my thongs and his as well and hooked them on his belt. Then we walked in the sand along the beach in the moonlight. To say it was incredibly romantic was an understatement. It was awesome!

He had his arm around my waist and when we got to the Halekulani we turned and started back. There were very few people on the beach and at one point he stopped, took me in his arms and kissed me. God! I thought. He’s got me. Anything he wants. Anything! We walked a little way to where there was a high rack of surfboards stacked on a low platform next to some palm trees. Standing behind the surfboards we had a bit of privacy. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me up onto the foot high platform where the surfboards were stacked.

My head was now above his and when I kissed him I bent down slightly. Standing close I felt his hands on my waist, then sliding down to my hips he gripped me firmly, then around to the cheeks of my ass, again gripping me tight.

“You feel good,” he said. “I like a woman with handholds. The skinny ones turn me off.”

Again he gripped the cheeks of my ass. That was it! That’s what he saw in me. Handholds! I thought of it as escort pendik fifteen pounds of extra fat. He thought of it as handholds. My skinny nurses turned him off. It’s a damn good thing I never lost the weight I tried so hard to lose. My hands stroked his back, then up to his head. We were kissing constantly now and I felt his hands reach down and start to lift my muumuu slowly up my legs. Oh yes! I said to myself. Go for it baby! It’s yours!

In moments his hands were on my naked ass and my pussy was pressed hard against him. I said another thank you to myself for not wearing pants. He reached down and I heard his zipper. I spread my legs wider apart as I stood on the platform. His hand was moving from my ass to my inner thighs in back and then I felt his fingers stroke my dripping pussy lips. Suddenly I felt the head of his cock moving up into my pussy and then he stepped back suddenly, pulling me with him. I just dropped off of the platform and felt myself impaled on his cock which went deep into me – Jesus he was big – I felt the head of his cock push on my cervix. Oh God! I was just hanging there – my toes didn’t even touch the ground! My arms were around his neck and he had my ass in his hands lifting me up and down. I was just hanging on his cock and he was pumping me. Never in my life had a man possessed me so completely. We fucked and fucked.

I felt my contractions start and I groaned as an orgasm racked my entire body. He held me trembling in his arms. I felt him ejaculate deep inside of me. Then I lifted my legs up in the air and wrapped them around his waist. With my arms around his neck I clung to him as though I never wanted to let him go. I felt his cum drip out of my pussy around his gradually softening cock and run down to my ass.

“Are you gonna let me go?” He asked with a chuckle.

“I am not going to let you go. You’ll have to take me back to the car this way.”

“I think someone might notice,” he said.

We were quiet for a moment, kissing, and then I felt his dick start to get hard again. Oh yes, I said to myself. Let’s do it again. And we did.

The next day I got to work early. The girls were waiting for me and pounced the moment I walked into the dispensary.

Cyndi got straight to the point. “Did you get laid?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” I answered.

“Tell us about it.”

I told them the details girls always want to know. When I got to the part about hanging from his dick Cyndi interrupted me.

“You were just impaled and hanging from it?” Cyndi was amazed.

“Like meat on a hook! And the meat was hot and the hook was big.”

“How big? Come on tell us. How big?”

“My feet weren’t touching the ground.”

Cyndi seemed to be doing rapid mathematical calculations in her head. ” Lets see … the platform was a foot high and you are…” She thought a minute and then said “Jesus!”

They kept on extracting information from me and got turned on thinking about my experience. Finally Cyndi asked a question she had been wanting to ask but obviously could not figure a way to ask tactfully. So, she came right out with it.

“Why you?” Cyndi asked. “I mean, I don’t want to … you know … but the three of us are younger than him and … well, you know …”

“I figured it out from what he said. And you all are not gonna believe it and if you believe it you’re not gonna like it. He said he likes a woman to have “handholds” and he said “skinny girls” turn him off.”

Bev shook her head. “Oh sweet Jesus! You think many guys are like that?”

Cyndi chuckled. “I’ve got no idea, but I’m gonna have a jelly doughnut this morning with my coffee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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