Halloween Affair

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The candles were lit, the computer in the upstairs bedroom was loaded with the special directions program, the 3 cool mist humidifiers were full and in position, dinner was warming in the oven, a Strangers in the Night record sat on the turntable, fresh batteries has been placed in the vibrator, the gate at the side of the house was slightly ajar, and as the clock chimed 10, it was time to stoke the fire in the living room. Soon she would be there…

Outside a bowl held a variety of candies and chocolates, eerie music drifted over the front garden that was sporting a pair of dangling skeletons, and many planters full of dead geraniums, recently frozen by an unexpected deep freeze. Some children braved the long walk to the porch, others pondered, but fled into the night…

I used to like trick or treating, but tonight, I wanted to treat her like her husband never did. We had become lovers by accident, but neither one of us ever wanted it to stop. She had been helping my grandfather do his shopping when I appeared on the scene fresh off a divorce. For the next many months we had been doing the dance of desire, but it was not until some alcohol had been introduced into the mix that she had kissed me in her kitchen, and then, little by little, over the following days I had talked her out of her clothes a bit at a time. She was a reluctant adulterer, but the heat of our kisses made her desires wash away her vows, and although it took awhile, her silky red valentines panties, that were bought and paid for by her husband, were at her ankles and my tongue teased his promised pussy.

There had been some other stolen moments shared between us, but tonight, on Halloween, her husband was to take her to an executive costume party before he had to fly away across the country for a morning meeting. Their infant daughter was with his parents and after she dropped him at the airport, she did not need to be home until the following afternoon. This was the first extended period that we were going to get to spend together and I wanted it to be perfect.

I sat in my recliner and gazed at my semi-hard cock through my bikini “‘Tis The Season, To Be Squeezin'” underwear that she had left for me in my mailbox earlier in the week. It throbbed when I touched it and already a slight wet spot was apparent. I wanted to stroke it, I knew I would come quickly and I promised her I would save myself for her. Funny, eh? She was able to have sex with her husband whenever she wanted, but here I was abstaining from whacking off so I could remain faithful to her. Mind you, had sex with her man been worth a fuck, she would not have been tempted into my arms, and soon my bed.

The warmth of the fire had me very relaxed and I closed my eyes for what I thought was a few minutes, but when I heard the side door opening and a slight bark from one of the dogs, I knew she had arrived. I did not get up to greet her as a note hanging over the kitchen calendar instructed her to go to the front hall for more instructions. I did catch a glimpse of her as she went by the doorway, she looked great in her nurse uniform costume that he had wanted her to wear, but soon she would be made up to my liking.

She paused in the hall and read the next note in the gentle light of two penis shaped candles. I heard her take a deep breath, and my pulse raced. As ours was a forbidden relationship, there were times that she had tried to end it as it was the right thing to do, and some of the few times that we had been able to grab an hour or two together she would have a hard time getting into the mood as her mind was working overtime about the moral implications of the situation. I hoped that she was not in one of those moods, but was prepared to be disappointed again. But I knew that everything was going to be OK when I saw her sit on the stairs and remove her shoes and then slightly raise her sexy ass as her panty hose slithered down her legs.

She rose and headed upstairs and I heard her laugh when she saw the spewing mist fall over the banister as the red light from the hall light let up my man-made “fog”. From that moment for the next several minutes I did not know what was happening exactly, but if she had followed the upstairs instructions on the computer, she would have downed a couple of glasses of wine, done a strip tease for herself in front of a floor length mirror I had installed next to my computer, she would have teased her nipples with a small vibrator, and finally moved to a variety of rooms to find different parts of the costume that I wanted to see her in. Then, it would be time for her to present herself to me in front of the fire.

Since escort bostancı we had met and she had confided in me about the terrible state of her sex life, I had quickly realized that what was missing was teasing, fun and lust. I had always strived to give her all of these things, and much to my delight I proved to her that her supposed medical condition that did not allow her to lubricate enough for comfortable intercourse was not at all true and that her juices could and would flow copiously when the right partner was priming her pump. I knew that after her scavenger hunt, and the wine that she would more than ready for whatever I wanted. And I don’t say that in a bad or demeaning way as she had also confided in me that she was in fact a bit on the submissive side and that she responded very well to instructions, and although she would never admit this to her girlfriends, it was the way she was and properly encouraged, she could be a dirty little slave slut.

She appeared in front of me, and handed me a glass of wine. I rose to my feet, took a healthy swig and offered her the rest. She took a sip, paused, looked into my encouraging eyes and tipped back the rest. It did not take much to get her drunk as she was a slight woman, and the blush on her cheeks told me that she was on the way to losing her inhibitions with me.

I sat back down and told her to let me look at her. She stepped back and the light from the fire lit her up. I took my time drinking her in with my eyes and as they roamed over her, I did a little spin movement with my head and she turned around slowly. My choice of costume might have shocked her a bit, but she knew I liked red and although I am sure the thong bothered her sensitive asshole, she new I liked her ass and indeed it was her best feature. Soon she faced me again, but another head twirl and she once again turned to allow me to see her backside. She knew that she should not move again until I directed her, and after about 10 seconds she bent slightly forward and let her weight rest on her left foot making her ass look even sexier and fuller.

I cleared my throat and she turned around to face me. Now her breathing was shallow, and the redness from her face had moved to her chest and her small breasts were heaving and they looked like they had grown. Lust was written all over her face and the red fishnet top I had selected clung to her body allowing her nipples to be aroused with each breath as the soft fabric teased them. Teasing is wonderful, but pushed too far it can be a bad thing and this wife of another man and mother of a little girl was now in need of some physical contact, yes I had transformed her into a wicked wanton wild woman and she wanted relief, she wanted to escape, she wanted me.

As was our custom, the last thing removed from her before we began our lovemaking was her watch. She did not wear her wedding ring most of the time as she had a metal allergy, but this watch was significant in that her husband had gotten it for her in an effort to calm her after he came home drunk from a strip joint. When this timepiece was removed, she was free of him; she was submitting to my urges, she was mine!

As the watch was put on the mantle, she looked at me, little bubbles were forming at the sides of her mouth, and I extended by arms to her. In an instant we embraced, and our lips met. Our kissing was nothing ordinary, and our hands roamed freely all over each other as our lips ran wild and our passions grew. It was always quite literally like you see in the movies, where each peck, each lick, each long lingering kiss brought our blood to a boil and the moans and whimpers she emitted had my already rigid cock harder than hard and she could feel it against her, and she pressed her loins against me and twisted and contorted herself in an effort to get it to touch her most sensitive spot.

As our movements became more frantic, we bumped teeth and paused to look at each other. I took this opportunity to put my hands at the sides of her top and slowly start to move it up her body. She shuddered slightly and I continued to go higher until her nipples hit the open air and her breasts were there for me to see. She had very small breasts, but very large nipples, and when we had first met she was very self-conscious about her chest, but soon she would rip her shirt off in excitement when we were together and proudly prance around topless for me. She also told me that her nipples were not very sensitive, but after a bit of exploration, I had found just the right way to suck/nibble them. And that is just what I did. I started sucking on the ümraniye escort left breast and took hold of the right one running my palm around and around. Her knees almost gave way, but I held her up and switched my insistent sucking on her right nipple. She threw her head back and pushed her crotch forward as a squeal erupted from deep within her.

Another very sensitive spot I had found on her was her ears and as I palmed one breast, I pulled her to me and assaulted her ear…slowly at first with gently pecks and kisses, but soon I introduced the tongue and as I felt her hand reaching for my manhood, I encased her entire ear into my mouth and again her knees buckled. But again I saved her from falling and we shared a long hug topped off with us sliding from side to side in each others arms and we both gasped as our nipples met and exchanged pleasantries. Again her hand reached for me and this time, I stepped back slightly and allowed her roaming finger free access to my briefs. She took her time once she had reached the Promised Land and stroked me gently but firmly, and she too palmed the head of my erection as I had done to her nipples. Now it was time for me to erupt a primal grunt/moan and she pulled at the material until I heard a ripping noise and poof, I was naked. My dick sprang free and she wasted no time getting both hands in on the action, and we again kissed with tremendous urgency. My hands ran up and down her back and then moved to the sides of her panties. She stepped back and I lowered her last garment little by little. But the floor was not their destination, yet. No, we had discovered that despite our different body types that our genitals were at the perfect height to mingle as we kissed and groped. And her panties at just the right level, gave my penis just a bit more of an upward angle and that allowed my tip to run back and forth all along her slit without entering, but it was able to pry her swollen lips apart and allow her juices to ooze out and coat me with her precious liquid.

Before we had gone all the way, I am sure that this position had allowed me to enter her slightly and I knew that made it possible as she had raised one leg and altered the angle just enough to let the head slip inside. Tonight, there was no question of her intentions as she jumped slightly into the air and I felt her tightness sucking me into her. But it was not time for that yet and I set her feet back on the floor and continued our genital tease and again I inhaled her ear.

My little man was drenched and it slid up and down, back and forth with complete ease, and each time it got close to her clit she shook from head to toe. She was mine to do with what I wanted, and that is what she wanted…it was time to take charge.

I withdrew myself and gave her a long lingering kiss. She looked into my eyes and I gazed downwards. She knew what to do and slowly, with my aid she dropped to her knees in front of me and began kissing my thighs as her hands grasped my buttocks, and I felt a large droplet of pre-come leak out of me. She was a great cocksucker and although she did not enjoy swallowing all the time, tonight she made it clear that she wanted whatever I had to give her. When she backed up a bit and looked right at my pride and joy, she took her index finger and collected my clear fluid on her finger. Then, she looked up into my eyes and sucked and licked her finger clean. Without breaking her stare, she moved forward and ran the tip of her tongue around the head of Mr. Woody. And as my eyes closed involuntarily I felt her mouth engulf me and begin a slow journey ending with her nose buried in my pubes. She knew I liked it slow and steady and that is exactly what she did. As I lost track of all time, I don’t know how many circuits she made at this very slow speed, but I’ll bet each trip down my root took at least 15 seconds, and then she started twirling around the head.

She was better than good, finer than fine, she was a champion and I marveled at my good fortune at being the recipient of this glorious sex act that if she did not write a book about it, she must have read all the Cosmos in the world to learn all the tricks she knew. But, despite her technique, I had never been able to let go in her mouth, but tonight I wanted to more than anything on earth, but that was also why I was destined to fail. So, as she was increasing the tempo and stroking the underside of my balls, I pulled out of her mouth, put one of her hands on my ass crack, and I reached down and started to manipulate myself. I knew it would not take long, and as her fingers made efforts to get in between my rock kartal escort bayan hard ass, I felt my orgasm rising. I looked down at her and she could see the urgency all over my face. Both of her hands were now on my ass and I was shaking and my feet were doing a jig upon the floor. I was almost at the point of no return and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The sight of her ready to receive my load accelerated my stroking speed to yet another untested gear, and I felt that magical feeling start to course throughout me. I was about 6 strokes away from blast off and just about over the edge, nothing could stop me now. Nothing would make me happier than to feel her mouth back on my dick and I stopped pumping and let it dangle in front of her. She knew what to do and without missing a beat, she clamped onto me and deep throated me. I looked down into her eyes as I felt the first ribbon erupt. Her face took on a look of surprise, but she did not release her grip upon me and splat

pulsed out of me. She gulped and swallowed quickly, I think the volume of my spunk startled her, but as I mentioned before, I had been denying myself any jerking off for the past several days. She became adjusted to the amount and the speed of the loads and she swallowed every last drop, and kept my cock in her mouth as it slowly softened.

I had to sit down and she grabbed another glass of wine, and washed down my come with a large gulp. Then she climbed onto my lap and we held each other and kissed deeply. My hands found her titties and they felt larger than I had ever felt them. I squeezed them together producing a very substantial amount of cleavage, something she had not been able to display since her breast feeding days. She smiled and we kissed and held on like we were the last lovers on earth.

But she was also desperate for relief and I knew what she wanted. So, I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs through the fog and gently placed her upon my bed. I had a very silky old comforter that had belonged to my grandmother and despite the heat from the fire; it always felt cool and refreshing. As I am left-handed, I lay down beside her so that I could make use of this as my primary hand of pleasure. The light was low and her body looked so sexy in the near darkness. I paused to turn on a lamp at the side of the bed. She normally did not like to do it in the light, but I wanted to see her and yes, she wanted to be seen. Both of my hands danced all over her and every little while one would head in the direction of her pussy, but just as her huge bush was on the verge of my fingers, I would retreat or bypass. Her body would shake, and she would gasp as those first hairs were displaced, but she knew that I would play her like a violin, and she would soon cry out.

After many almost contacts, I finally allowed my middle finger to slip into her vaginal cleft and begin to explore. She was so wet and her lips we so engorged that I actually had a bit of a hard time gaining entry. She sensed this and her legs flew wide apart. Still, it took some effort to find her wetness, but once that first tip made it in, her eyes closed tight, and she groaned and her ass lifted off the bed in an effort to have my digit get deeper inside of her. And for the moment, she did get a bit more finger, but as my hand withdrew and I lubricated her nipples with her juices. She bit down on her lip and I licked both nipples and sucked them hard. My hand went back to her snatch, but without warning two fingers plunged into her and her hips wiggled in appreciation. As I delved deeper and deeper, my thumb moved across her thatch and nestled on her clit. Now she began to shake and her nipples tightened almost to the bursting point. I pulled out and re-inserted my middle finger and hooked it upwards in search of that which her husband could never find, or never cared to find. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her as I felt the end of my appendage touched the tissue that I knew would bring her off, and within moments, she was calling out my name, just like she did in her head when she masturbated, and like she did when fumble bum tried to engage her in intercourse.

Her body tightened, and I slipped my free hand down onto her ass and slipped a bit of finger into her ass, and then I held on for dear life while I looked into her eyes as they rolled back in her head and she screamed as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her world and infiltrated her body from head to toe.

We snuggled a bit, and then she drifted off to sleep. It was late, but we still had about 8 hours to share and I set about getting ready for the second coming, with a new set of costumes, and a lambskin condom.

I had always wanted to fuck her doggie, but she had never let me do it, but tonight, I would not take no for an answer and she would likely never refuse me my favourite position again…

To be continued…

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