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I feel the sunlight on my face and open my eyes just slightly, but close them again due to the brightness entering the room. Taking a deep breath, scents of the night before fill my lungs, a smile gently forming. Then I feel the warmth of your body wrapped around me. My body tenses and gets slightly excited as I feel your hard cock at the small of my back.

Edging myself a little toward you, I move my head around to reach your lips, finally opening my eyes to find my way faster. I wrap my arm around your neck, helping your lips and my lips move closer to each other. Having them touch greedily kissing you as our lips become wet and swollen. Such a deep and passionate kiss erupts inside me, causing every nerve of my body to tingle with excitement. Then, out of the blue, you grab me hard, turning me to face you and our kiss deepens even more . I feel your hand entwined in my hair as you hold my head close to yours to take in every inch of my mouth, playfully sucking on my tongue and nipping at my lips.

I giggle and try to pull away. You pull me back as our lips smack together tongues wrestling. Softly moaning, bostancı escort I pull away, leaving a trail of kisses down your toned chest, pausing only to look up at you as you shift to your back. I continue placing kisses on your chest, then your belly, and with every tiny kiss I taste the slight salt of the sweat that had been there from the night before. I feel you take in a deep breath then exhale slowly.

Looking up at you for a minute, smiling into your eyes slowly moving my tongue around my lips, I imagine where to go next with my lips and tongue. Without more thought, I lower my head and place kisses on your inner thighs, taking time to lash my tongue in and out a couple times, sucking gently then releasing the hold my mouth has on your skin in every spot all the way around your hardened cock until you are squirming, anticipating the moment… then gently flicking my tongue, I can feel just how hard you are.

The tip is so soft, getting firmer as I go down. I lick it like a lollipop, up and down, more pressure then less, until finally I move fast and sure, taking you deep into ümraniye escort bayan my mouth, sucking as my mouth moves all the way down to the very bottom of you. My nose brushes against your balls, then quickly moving moves back up and then down. You gasp and I hear a little moan. I take my hands and clasp them around the base of your cock, tightening around it so they are holding you firmly. My mouth positioned just above my hands, my tongue continuously flicking at your tip. Slowly pushing my mouth further down your cock as my hands and mouth meet, working together, moving over you in sync with each other. Your enjoyment clear as another moan can be heard and your body tenses, I moan as I taste pre-cum.

Pulling away from you, I creep slowly up your body, moving my hands over your skin, feeling the beads of sweat that have formed. As my body creeps over you, I take a deep breath as I feel your hardness graze parts of me, first my boobs, nipples taut with excitement, then my stomach, and finally my thighs, moist with perspiration and my own juices. Exhaling as I move to position myself over kartal escort you just right, I take your cock in my hand, holding it upright, moving my already wet pussy over it, I push your cock inside my pussy, taking you inch by inch slowly until I have taken you all.

I let out a cry of pure pleasure as I feel how much of you there is inside me, how hot, hard and wet the sensation is. You are filling me up. I can feel every inch of you from one side of my pussy to the other, and so deep. I take a moment to look into your face, seeing a look that cries out for more. Knowing that I have to move with confidence, I lift up and slam down on you over and over, screaming and moaning as my body tingles and squirms. I bend over to kiss your mouth as my orgasm erupts within places that I never knew.

I sit up straight and lean slightly back, moving my hips in a gyrating motion, slowly rolling over your cock with the intent to make you cum hard. Then feeling your body tense, knowing you are close, I urge your cock to explode inside me. I push harder and then frantically move up and down until your body is writhing with pleasure. I collapse on your chest in exhaustion and with great satisfaction. I listen to your heart beat rapidly, then slow as your body relaxes, sated and exhausted. I lean up to kiss your lips, whispering, “Thank you,” before drifting back to sleep with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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