Gone Fishing?

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Autumn had been dating Mike for only a few weeks. It started off innocent enough with a couple of dinner dates, a concert, and just hanging with friends. But things have a habit of getting more serious and she liked him a lot. As spring was about to turn into summer, Mike invited Autumn to go out fishing with him on his boat. They would only be going out in the bay so he told Autumn to just wear jeans, but to also bring a swim suit along. If she got cold he had jackets onboard plus the boat had a small cabin for shelter. Autumn thought it sounded great and readily accepted.

On the appointed date, Mike stopped by to pick up Autumn. The morning was cool, but the forecast called for warmer temperatures as the day wore on. Forty minutes later they arrived at the marina, Mike parked the car and took the cooler of refreshments out. When they got to his boat he helped her onboard and then gave her the grand tour. Well, it might not have been grand, but she did get to see below where there was a toilet and a pair of bunks. Mike pointed out the life preservers and the radio that she should use if they had an emergency situation come up.

Mike started the engine, cast off the lines, and they got under way. The weather was perfect and did, in fact, get warmer. Mike was taking them to his favorite fishing area in the shallows of a sandbar. He planned to do some fishing and then later beach the boat so that they could have lunch on the beach.

Autumn loved the day, but it was getting warm enough for a swimsuit. She disappeared below and a few minutes later re-emerged wearing a skimpy pink string bikini.

“Cute suit,” he said to her.

“Thanks, I just got it. This trip was the perfect opportunity to break it in.”

At that Mike cut the engines and said, “Let’s see if they’re biting.” At that he got out two fishing rods and showed Autumn what to do. Wearing that new bikini totally took Mike’s mind off of fishing and all he could do was admire her feminine form.

“Mike, how long have we been fishing?” asked Autumn.

“Oh, a little over an hour. Why?”

“Nothing is happening. Not ever a little nibble.”

“Yeah, I know. Boring isn’t it.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t you continue to fish as I stretch out and catch some rays.”

“Sure. That’s fine. I’m not sure what’s wrong with this location, though. I’ve always had great luck here before.”

“Don’t worry about it. Here put some sunscreen on my back,” asked Autumn untying and removing her bikini bra leaving Mike utterly speechless. escort ataşehir Now he certainly wouldn’t be able to concentrate on fishing.

As Autumn lay on deck working on her tan, Mike tried different baits to see if he could improve his luck with the fish. Nothing was working, so he decided they he’d beach the boat and they would have lunch. The spot he had selected was reasonably sheltered with not another boat or soul to be seen. When they went to get off the boat, Autumn made absolutely no effort to put her bra back on, leaving her lovely C cup breasts for Mike to admire.

They spread a blanket on the sand, opened the cooler, and dined on deli sandwiches and beer. It wasn’t fancy, but the day was perfect and they chatted non-stop all the while Mike could not keep his eyes off Autumn’s boobs. Gosh, but they were perfectly round and full with the cutest erect pink nipples. All Mike wanted to do was to fondle and then suck on them. He felt his manhood growing and try as he might he was not able to suppress the erection.

The only thing that broke his line of thinking was the darkening sky and a few raindrops hitting his head. He was not aware that any rain was in the forecast, but seeing was believing.

“We better get back on the boat,” he said to Autumn.

Moments later they gathered everything into the cooler and loaded onboard the boat. The rain was now steady as they got onboard and Mike started the engine. As he backed the boat off the beach it began to rain harder.

“Autumn, you will find raingear in that locker. The yellow set should fit you, but if you would hand me up the orange set I’d sure appreciate it.”

Autumn opened two lockers before finding what Mike was referring to. The first thing she did was hand the orange jacket and pants up through the open hatch. Then she took the yellow set and pulled on the pants. She decided to not bother with the bikini bra as she donned the jacket. She’d never been out on the water in a storm before and she did find it a bit intimidating. Then she went up on deck to join Mike.

“Are we OK?” she asked.

“I’m a bit concerned that I cannot see where we’re going. I think I’ll have to beach us again and wait for the storm to pass.”

Mike headed the boat back towards the beach and a few minutes later felt the boat ground on the sandy bottom. He jumped out and planted their anchor in the sand and got back on the boat. The rain was still coming down hard so he and Autumn sought shelter in the small cabin.

‘What kadıköy escort bayan do we do now?” she asked.

“What every self-respecting sailor would do, have another beer,” he said reaching for the cooler. He offered Autumn a beer, twisted off the caps and toasted to the safe passing of the storm.

Mike unzipped his rainjacket and took it off saying “No need for this down here.”

Autumn did likewise and still had bare boobs showing absolutely no embarrassment as she did so. She then removed the rainpants.

“How long do we have to be here?” she asked.

“Long enough for the storm to pass,” he replied.

The cabin of Mike’s boat was not that large and the two were seated in what is known as a “V-berth. Autumn sat at its very apex and rested one leg on each of the berths meaning that she was somewhat spread eagle. Mike took off his rainpants, but it was clearly evident that he had a serious erection. Autumn was not oblivious of his situation and took her free hand and moved the crotch to her bikini bottoms to one side to tease Mike by showing him her pussy.

Mike had to admire her girl parts noting that she had her bush carefully trimmed into the nicest little landing strip. He dropped to his knees and put his face up to it letting the landing strip tickle his nose as he licked her pussy.

“Whatever you are doing, don’t stop,” pleaded Autumn in an almost groaning tone.

He let his tongue tease her clit and his reward was her body reacting by producing some serious lubrication. It tasted a trifle salty, but was never the less delicious. He licked it up and made a mental note that it was the best tasting pussy that he ever sampled.

With all the stimulation Autumn came . . . not once, but twice. She was so vocal that Mike was glad that they were marooned in the storm and not in his apartment where the neighbors might even call the police.

“Now it’s my turn!” exclaimed Autumn. “So why don’t you get out of those wet shorts.”

When Mike did so, his member was achingly stiff. It wasn’t that Mike’s manhood was so long, but it had such a very impressive girth. Autumn wasted no time in leaning over and flicking her tongue on its tip before taking the first couple of inches in her mouth and sucking on it. He was really hard now, but also knew that much more of that he would cum in her mouth.

“I’m ready to cum,” he warned.

“Just do it,” said Autumn interrupting her attention before resuming her sucking.

Seconds later Mike escort bostancı let go his load, most of which went into Autumn’s mouth, but some also wound up on her face and chest. What amount he had shot into Autumn’s mouth she promptly swallowed and gave a big approving smile afterwards.

“I’m sorry. I told you that I was ready.”

“It’s OK. Besides other than being a touch a bit thick it was delicious. But after all that I now want you to not only fuck me, but fuck me really hard.”

Mike reached down into the drawer under the bunk and retrieved a condom, which he promptly opened and rolled down over his manhood. Autumn went back to the spread eagle position in the v-berth and Mike mounted her being gentle introducing his large organ into her pussy.

“Are you OK?” he asked knowing that things were a bit tight.

“I’m fine, but you are huge. It’s just a good thing that that condom has lubricant on it.”

Mike had no sooner fully entered Autumn when he heard a loud voice coming from outside. “This is the United States Coast Guard. Please come out on deck in the next 60 seconds or we will send a boarding team onto your vessel.”

“What the f–?” asked Autumn.

“I don’t know, but we both better find our clothes. Fast!” exclaimed Mike hunting around the cabin for his clothes and Autumn doing likewise.

Mike no sooner pulled on his shorts and Autumn grabbed the first thing she could find, which was the rainjacket, when two armed Coastguardsmen came below looking like they were all business. “We’d like to see some identification,” they began.

Mike dug out his driver’s license and handed it over. One of the men radioed Mike’s name and description while the other stood guard. Moments later a message was received that everything was in order.

“Are we under arrest?” Mike asked.

“No, we saw the boat beached on the sandbar after the violent storm and wanted to make certain everyone was alright. The next time that you go out for a little cruise we suggest that you leave a float plan with the marina.”

“So no citations? Right?”

“No, no citations. That was a pretty bad storm though so we hope that you were keeping safe, that’s all.”

Autumn looked at the corner of the other berth and saw the wrapper from the condom. “Don’t worry, Mike knows how to keep us really safe,” she said with a naughty smirk on her face.

“You two, have a good day,” said the one officer as they were leaving.

“Well, we were having a good day, but that was sure of a mood killer,” said Mike after their visitors were out of earshot.

“No, that was just a mood interrupter. Now by any chance do you have another condom so we can resume things?” said Autumn removing the rainjacket that she had abruptly put on to cover her boobs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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