Gold Card Ch. 01

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It was a bit of a surprise at the mailbox that afternoon reviewing the stack of catalogs, advertisements and bills I had received for the day, because there was one singular envelope that seemed to stand out from the rest. The envelope itself was of high quality stock with a gold colored lace at its edges and embossed lettering. As I walked toward my front door, I carefully opened the envelope but before I could look at the contents I stepped inside my house and tossed the other mail on the table.

Only then did I slowly withdraw the contents of the envelope and gently unfold the letter. My name and address were neatly printed at the top of the letter and under the subject line it merely said Congratulations. As I read on I learned that somehow, after all these years, my credit card company had bestowed me with a genuine, bona fide, sparkling Gold Card.

Reading further, the letter referred me to an enclosed booklet which outlined the many benefits of the card and all I had to do was call the toll free number and activate the card. I looked back in the envelope and pulled out the card, but I didn’t see the booklet. I decided to notify them that I didn’t get a booklet when I called up the number to activate the card.

I dialed the toll free number and a surly male voice answered, “Card verification, your card number,” there was a pause, “please.”

I began reading the number when he interrupted me, but his attitude seemed to change, he suddenly sounded so much more polite, “Pardon me sir, you are calling for a Gold Card verification?”

“Yes, I just got it in the mail today,” I replied.

“Congratulations sir, we have a special line for Gold Card customers, let me connect you.”

“Thank you,” I replied meekly.

“You are very welcome, one moment please.”

I waited for a moment listening to some very inspired music, nothing like I normally heard while on hold before. Suddenly there was a voice, a deep, husky, female voice, “Gold Card verifications, welcome and congratulations. Would you ataşehir escort bayan read your card number to me please?”

“Certainly,” I replied, reading off my number.

“Thank you, and the security code, you can find it printed on the front of your card,” the incredibly sexy voice responded.

I read off the four digits and then said, “The letter I got with the card said a benefits booklet was enclosed, but I didn’t get it.”

“I apologize for that sir, they changed the booklet just recently and didn’t get the letter updated. The booklet is available online and I will make sure the latest edition is mailed to you. In the meantime, your card has been activated and you are now eligible for all benefits.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“You are most welcome, and again, congratulations.”

I slipped my new Gold Card into my wallet and didn’t think anything more about it. I had seen it used around and never really understood what the big fuss was about. Okay, so they treat you very special at the credit card company, but otherwise I really couldn’t figure out what the big deal was.

Later that day I stopped by my favorite used book store, it’s an eclectic place featuring a nice selection of books handled by a wide assortment of workers, mostly young college and grad students, along with an assortment of retirees and others. After about thirty minutes of browsing I found a couple of interesting books and when I checked out I decided to charge it to my Gold Card.

An attractive older lady, maybe sixty or so was working the register and said, “That will be fifteen thirty four.”

I handed her the credit card and her face seemed to light up. She turned to the register and slid the card through the slot and then handed it back to me, but she suddenly looked different. As she put my books in a bag she leaned forward and said, “Thank you for using the Gold Card,” I noticed what was different. The top two buttons on her blouse were now unbuttoned and as she leaned I could see well down escort kadıköy her blouse.

For a woman of sixty she had a nice cleavage, one she should be well proud of, and from the way she acted now, I could see she was. As she handed me the bag she said, “If you follow me we have a special book selection area for Gold Card users,” she then turned and said to a co-worker, “John, I have a Gold Card user here, could you cover my register?” The co-worker moved over, smiled to me and then reached out for the books of the person behind me in line.

My cashier motioned to me and then took my hand leading me toward the back of the store. It felt a bit odd, as a 52 year old man being led by the hand by this old lady, but I didn’t ask any questions. When we got to a door, she let go of my hand, pulled a key out of her pocket and opened the door.

I stepped inside a small room that was lined on each wall with tall bookshelves. The shelves were full of some fine books, so I immediately began scanning some of the titles. They were all collector quality editions, books I knew I never cold afford. As I was still looking over the books I heard the lady say, “They usually have the younger women take care of this room, but I convinced them I still had something to offer.”

Wondering what she was talking about I turned to look at her and saw she had removed her blouse and bra. I found myself looking at a beautiful pair of breasts. Sure they sagged a bit, but the skin was perfect and they curved so beautifully I could feel my cock immediately begin to get hard. She moved closer to me and I could only gaze at her hard nipples as her hands unfastened my pants and pulled them down to my knees.

Taking firm hold of my erection she said, “Ah, I see you like them. They are saved for Gold Card users only.” She rubbed my cock over the silky smooth skin of her breast and then over the firm nipple. “Depending upon how much you use the card, you will be rewarded in ways that will surprise you.” She held up a tube of hand cream bostancı escort and said, “If you don’t mind.”

“No, that’s good, that’s fine,” I replied nervously.

She squeezed some out on her hand and then slid her hand over my cock, moving it up and down in a twisting fashion, making sure it was completely covered. Lifting her breasts, she leaned forward and eased them around my cock. Her breasts didn’t have the firmness of younger women, which made the sensation that much more incredible. With the softness of a very wet pussy, her breasts caressed my cock.

I began moving, sliding my cock up and down between her soft, pliant breasts, feeling them gently yield to me. Looking down at her I could see her watching my cock as the head disappeared into her flesh and then as it reappeared, sliding up near her mouth. She suddenly moved her head forward and licked my cock at its most sensitive spot. Feeling a wave of pleasure slip through me, I continued fucking her tits, pausing after each forward thrust for her tongue to tease my cock.

After a few minutes I felt the pressure building in my balls and when she moved her head a bit after a thrust and took my cock into her mouth I knew I couldn’t hold out any more. As she removed her mouth, I pulled back and then shoved myself hard between her tits. I then arched my back, groaned loudly and came, watching the geyser of cum spurt up on her cheek and then spurt several times more on her breasts.

Grabbing a facial tissue from nearby, she dabbed the cum from her face and then cleaned up the excess hand cream and cum from her breasts. When she finished that, she dabbed up the last droplets from my cock and said, “Just a gentle thank you for using your Gold Card. What do you think?”

“I think I’ll be using this card a lot.”

“Well, be sure and come back and see me when you do,” she replied, cupping my balls and leaning forward and kissing my, now soft, cock. She stood up, slipped back into her bra and blouse, then waited as I fixed my pants and led me out of the room.

“Well, bye for now, and thanks,” I said.

“And thank you, sir,” she said heading back to the cash register.

I headed out of the store wondering where I was going for lunch. One thing was for certain, I was going to use my Gold Card.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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