Glad I’m Back?

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A week on the road and not getting my cock wet made me very eager to see you again.

I knocked on your door a little early, which I knew would make you happy because you would get more play time with me. That’s what I love about you. You can be such a shy, soft lover but man, when you get horny and wanna get laid…

You throw the door open, move to me, get up on your bare toes and wrap your arms around my neck.

“Oh Baby. It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you.”

“Glad to be back,” I smack your lips with mine, “you look delicious.”

I was happy to see that you were wearing a sundress; perfect for the plan my sick little mind concocted on the way over here… but… all on its own, all on its own… I am not responsible!

“Well, I’m glad your back too but you owe $40 for batteries.” you smile.

“What?” I say innocently.

“You’ve been gone too long,” you tease, “and not only did I have to make several trips to the store after work… I think I might have broken my vibrator.”

“Well, if you’ve spent so much time at the store, why didn’t you just pick up a man while you were there?

Have you ever thought of why they call them ‘box boy’s’?

I mean, when was the last time you were offered a cardboard box for your groceries?”

“You’re sick,” you snort, “and your lame jokes… it’s a good thing you have such a nice cock.”

“You love it,” I shoot back, “… and how the hell do you break a hunk of plastic with a vagina?… wait… don’t answer that.”

“Yeah… somethings are better left…”

“… Right.”

I grab your little hand, lead you into the room and pull you into my arms. You feel so good; warm and soft and you smell so fresh. Your scent always sends a shiver through me. I look deeply into ataşehir escort your eyes… I smile at you… and as I begin to kiss you, my mouth finds yours as eager as ever and my hands roam over your curves and reacquaint themselves with the flesh that I have come to enjoy so much. I cover your face and your neck with soft kisses, little licks and teasing nips and as I suck on your earlobe, I get an ‘up on your toes’, body twisting shudder from you.

“oooohhhh… some more of that please… mmmm”

I oblige.

As our kisses become a bit more frantic and needful, I move you to the couch and I settle you into it.

“The bedroom…” you start.

“No… right here.”

You are slouched in the cushions and I park myself on the floor in front of you, on my knees, between your legs… which I spread wide as I pull you closer to the edge. I kiss your wet mouth and start to knead and caress your breasts through your dress and as I grab handfuls of your flesh under the fabric, I can feel your nipples harden and you squirm from the touch. I move down and plant my mouth on your breast… right over your nipple and I start to suck very hard, working the flesh through the cloth of your dress and your bra. It’s not enough for you and you start to pull your dress down from your shoulders but I mumble “uh huh” with my mouth still on you and I dig my face deeper into you. I wet the fabric of your dress as much as I can with my mouth and I nip at your breast…

… no, I bite at you.

Nipping isn’t going to work through the cloth, so I grab a mouthful of flesh and fabric… and I bite you. You arch your back and push into me, not sure… but not wanting me to stop either. I pull my mouth up slightly and I rest my teeth on your nipple.

We both kadıköy escort stop.

You want this but you don’t know how much you want.

I don’t either.

I want to hurt you… but not hurt you.

I want it to make you want to fuck.

I want it to make you want to make me fuck you.

I bite your nipple.

You arch again and you yelp but you pull me deeper into your chest.

I grab your breast with both hands and I squeeze her hard between my palms, forcing your nipple higher into the air, the fabric covering you is completely soaked and I can imagine the redness I have caused on the sweet, soft skin of your tittie. I take you once more with my whole mouth and end up again with just your nipple and a lot of fabric in my mouth. I bite your already overused tittie and I squeeze her, pulling your whole breast up a far as I can from your body while you writhe around… wanting me to stop but not letting me stop.

I release you, cover both of your breasts with my hands and as I softy caress them, I drop my face to your crotch and you realize that I am going to do the same thing, through your clothes, to your pussy. You spread your legs willingly as your hands work their way to grabbing handfuls of my hair. I work hard to find flesh under the fabric, pushing your legs out, moving your ass closer to me. It takes a lot of saliva to make the fabric begin to show me where your secret is… but it’s easier since there isn’t the thick fabric like your bra in my way; just the thin sundress and even thinner panties. Soon I have the outline of your pussy lips in my face. I move my hands to push the wet fabric against your body, trying to make the flesh underneath appear more visible and I’m now I’m getting clearer outlines of your sex. The mound bostancı escort of your soft hair, your puffy outer lips… and with the wet dress plastered against you… the whole length of your slit is becoming available to me.

I fill my mouth with your flesh, grinding into you as I’m finding my way to your clit. I push my fingers into the fabric of your clearly defined pussy and as I gently caress your skin and pull you apart under the cloth, I can now see the bulging nub and the shaft of your clit as your outline becomes completely exposed under the soaked fabric. My mouth finds its way to your clit and I suck hard, mixing as much saliva as I can produce to wet the area even more and I suck hard… now even harder, gauging your arousal as I do. You can feel me through the fabric but like with your breasts, it’s so different and again, we both know that we need more. I clamp my teeth down on the swelling flesh around your clit, softly biting and sucking on the whole area. I rake my upper teeth down the shaft of your clit and closing my bottom teeth, I nip at the tip of your swollen clit through the cloth. I push into you deeper, taking in a whole mouthful of your flesh and as I suck, I start to slowly shake my head like a dog with a chew toy and for several minutes, I build you and I encourage you. l feel you… moving frantically… then slow round swivels… then quick humping movements against my face as your hands pull my head into you. I hear to you moaning and yelping with the intensity of each moment as the rubbing, the sucking and the pressure finally drive you to an orgasm. Your entire body tenses as you pull my face hard against your pussy and you arch your upper body off the couch in waves of pleasure, clamping my head between your legs.

When you are finished, you roughly push my head away from your body.

I sit back to watch you enjoy the remnants of our play… your eyes are closed; your face is all red and as you slump deeper into the couch… you let out a long… shuddery sigh.

“Glad I’m back?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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