Girls at the Office Ch. 1

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It had been a quiet day at the office so far. It wasn’t a particularly hectic place on the best of days but with most of the assessors out of the office, it was rare that there was a lot of work to do. As was per usual, Thomas was taking advantage of the quiet day to surf the internet and fill out a few more online application forms. He was getting tired of this place and sick of the staff that he worked around. They were nice enough, most men would appreciate being stuck in an office with twelve young women but when mostly all of them were in long-term relationships and not interested in any extra-curricular fun, it could get very frustrating.

Not that Thomas didn’t find any of them attractive. No, his was to be the eternal torment of the single horny male: to be surrounded by sexy women but unable to touch any of them. There was someone for everyone in the office. Thomas was a man of various fetishes but he wasn’t going to confess them to anybody, let alone the girls he worked with. They’d flip if they knew what got him going. As per usual, all of the women were going out with some ridiculously good looking bloke who earned a packet and had a place bigger than the shoebox that Thomas lived in. Anyone would think that they would be happy, but not according to what he had to hear every day.

The main topic of conversation in the office was how insensitive the men in these women’s lives were. Every day there would be some transgression of the unwritten Men/Women rules that no man is aware of and it would be what all the girls would talk about for the whole seven hours they were working there. Sometimes they would even ask Thomas of his opinion just to get “a man’s point of view”. Sometimes their frustrations were justified, other times it was just the girls being ungrateful. On the whole though, the problems lay firmly in the former category and Thomas had come to thinking that the guys in these girls’ lives were complete jerks. Most men would kill to be with women like these.

Idly, he flicked his gaze over the top of the dividing screen to soak in the view before him. There was Nikki, a petite blonde with the nice arse or Lisa, the thin, pretty girl who wore low cut tops. Sometimes he liked to see Sarah, the raven-haired beauty in Accounts or maybe Melissa, the….

Hang on, what the hell was this? Melissa wasn’t smiling. This was a strange thing given that Melissa was one of the cheeriest people in the office. People would joke around with her but she never seemed to come out on the office parties. She had a very refined accent as though she had spent her childhood at private schools. Maybe it was that which made her a little bit distant from the rest of the crowd. But it was unlike her to be sad.

As Thomas watched, Lisa went over to talk to her. There was the usual concerned look on the face, the arm round her shoulder and then suddenly she was off! Melissa dashed out of the room, tears springing from her eyes as she ran. Lisa looked amazed. No one had ever seen her act like that before.

“What’s gotten into her?” asked Thomas as Lisa returned to her seat.

“Who knows?” said Lisa, “I just wanted her to check my stats and she ran out. I ought to go check on her.”

“Leave her,” he replied. “She probably just needs a little time on her own.”

Thomas went back to his computer but wondered inside his head what had upset Melissa so. Maybe he could go help her. She was a pretty girl and he’d often whacked off at night thinking about her. She wasn’t a thin girl but to call her fat wouldn’t be fair. She was a big girl but nature had blessed her with a set of curves more dangerous than a winding road through a mountain range. Her generous frame supported a wide, shapely backside and a pair of breasts that looked large even on her wide body. Thomas broke out of his fantasy to see his trousers tented out in front of him. Must stop daydreaming he thought to himself and pressed on with his work.

He had not been working for more than ten minutes when Mr Dawson came over and asked him to inventory the basement for him. Thomas reluctantly agreed to do so but underneath he was smiling. No one ever went into the basement and he could hang around down there for hours without anyone knowing. He locked up his computer, picked up a clipboard and headed down into the depths of the office block.

Twenty minutes later, he had his arms around Melissa. He had found her hiding down there behind a series of old archived files. She ankara escort had stopped crying but was still quite upset. When he found her, she made as if to leave but he had stopped her, saying that it wasn’t right to bottle up her fears, she ought to let it all out.

And then she did. And boy was there a lot. Thomas heard about how the guy she was seeing had left her suddenly just as they were about to move in together. How he had cheated on her and then walked out, saying that he needed to be with someone who fitted him, not some overweight elephant. Thomas had been ready to go and find the guy and smack the shit out of him but what Melissa said next blew him away.

“I saved myself for him because I thought he was the one,” she said. “All the other girls talk about how much sex they’ve had and how many men they’ve been with and it makes me mad! I could have been having the best sex of my life and instead I wasted my time with that jerk!”

“There’s still time,” said Thomas, “You’re young, sexy. You could pull any guy you fancied in a club.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, “but I’m way out of shape. I’ve gotten fat while I’ve been seeing him. How could I get someone now?”

“Well, to start with, you’re not fat. You’re just a large woman and there are plenty of guys out there who would go for someone like you. I know, I am one.”

“Really?” she said, surprised.

“Absolutely. I think you look stunning.”

Melissa smiled. It wasn’t her usual smile, but one that was devious and cunning. One that said a new idea had entered her mind and she was going to run with it.

“So, saying you were out and you saw someone like me. Would you chat them up?” Her hand moved slowly from where it had rested on his shoulder across the back of his neck.

Thomas felt her hand gently touch the sensitive hairs on the back of his neck. He looked into her deep brown eyes. Mischief lay in their depths.

“Would you take her home and have sex with her?”

His gaze dropped to her heaving chest. She idly brushed her hand across it, making her sigh.

“Would you?”

Thomas felt his groin throb. It was now or never.

“I wouldn’t wait till we got home,” he replied. “I’d give it to her in the basement of her office block.”

The grin on Melissa’s face spread to a size that threatened to take her head off. Her hand wound its way down Thomas’ chest and into his crotch. His dick throbbed at her touch.

“Now?” she asked.

“Right now”

He leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. She returned the kiss, welcoming his attention. Their lips met, crushing each other, her tongue slipping into his mouth, licking his inner lip. Her hand ground into his crotch, finding the stiff outline of his cock through his trousers.

He placed his hand on her huge breast, feeling the hard shape of her erect nipple pressing into his palm. He cupped her breast, the softness moving against him as she writhed in her seat. His other hand slid up her leg, pushing aside the rough cotton skirt as it made it’s way towards her most private parts. He felt the meaty fleshiness of her thigh and the warmth emanating from her pussy.

“Oh God,” She cried, “I want you!”

She thrust Thomas back onto a pile of plat-packed boxes and leapt on top of him. He struggled to sit up but her size pinned him down. He had thought that maybe she was just large but her thighs were well muscled and gripped him tightly, preventing him from moving. Kissing him passionately, she fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, ripping it open to expose his bare chest. She rose up and with one swift movement tore her top off, revealing her flushed bosom in a lacy bra. Her struggled upright and she clasped him to her full chest, pressing his face into her soft, warm breasts.

Behind her, he tackled the problem of the large clasp on her bra. Unsnapping it, her bra fell off, unleashing her beautiful breasts to the world. Enamoured, Thomas ran his hands over them, feeling their soft surface, gently thumbing the hard nipples. She gripped him tightly and drew his head towards them.

“Suck me! Suck my tits!” she pleaded, grasping her breast and forcing the nipple towards his mouth. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He took her distended nipple into his mouth and sucked eagerly, her tortured moaning his reward.

“Oh God, it feels so good!” she moaned. Thomas ran his tongue over her teat, sucking noisily on her breast. He could feel her weight escort ankara pressing down on him, her soft belly rubbing gently against his prick. Her boobs were huge and trying to caress all of one at once was too much even for both his hands. Her face was flushed, her eyes closed, lost in ecstasy. He let a stray hand wander up her fleshy thigh, seeking her pussy. She felt him groping his way towards her and looked down at him in shock.

“Naughty boy! Wanting to put your finger in me when I’ve given you my lovely tits to play with!” She pulled him close to her, in between her enormous breasts. He felt their softness close around him, deafening him to the world outside. He tried to breathe but she was cutting off his air supply. What a way to go, he thought to himself as blue spots began to dance in front of his eyes.

Suddenly she let go, releasing him from her heavenly prison. He fell back, gasping for breath, his custodian still perched above him, a smiling face soaring between two gigantic boobs. She leant down, her weight crushing him, her tits pressing into his bare chest. She kissed him, wriggling her way down his body, licking his chest and abdomen.

“You’ve sucked me, naughty boy,” she said, “now it’s my turn to suck you. I felt you pressing your big hard cock into me down there. I want to see what you’ve got.”

She undid his belt and thrust her hand inside. A look of amazement appeared on her face.

“Well, well, well Thomas, what have we been hiding down here?” She pulled back for a second, enough to rip his trousers and shorts from him. His cock sprang from its confines, large and hard. Melissa tried to grasp it but she could hardly get her hand around it. The length of a large cucumber, its shiny head gleamed at her in invitation. She gripped it with both hands and pulled on it, the foreskin rippling on it as she jacked it back and forth. Thomas’ head lolled backwards in joy as she jerked him off.

As he looked down, he saw Melissa licking the end of his cock, her small, soft mouth kissing and licking the end as she wanked him. She took the end of his cock into her mouth, sucking the tip, trying to stretch to accommodate all of him. Her eyes met his and a small moment of panic could be seen in hers. He knew she was wondering whether she could get all of him into her mouth. He stroked her face as she continued licking him, encouraging her. Withdrawing her mouth for a second, she opened it as wide as she could and plunged down onto his cock.

Thomas roared with ecstasy. He felt himself pass her supple lips and slippery tongue, right back to the moist haven of her throat. He heard her moan with joy as she sucked on him. Looking down, he could see himself slipping back and forth in her mouth, her lips tight around him, her nostrils flaring from trying to breath. She had slipped one hand underneath her skirt and he could see from the motion of her wrist that she was fingering herself frantically.

The sight of it alone was getting too much for Thomas. He pulled back suddenly, his cock emerging from her mouth with a wet pop. A thin stream of spit followed, dribbling down Melissa’s chin and on to her curvy breasts. Surging with desire, Thomas helped her to her feet then slammed her over, face down onto the packing crates. A look of shock passed her face, wondering what he was going to do to her as she lay there. He just grinned deviously as he grasped her skirt and with one motion ripped it from her body.

Underneath her huge bottom shook in a large pair of yellow knickers. He took hold of them and pulled. Her large backside shimmied as her pulled, the stitching giving way and the garment coming off with a loud ripping sound. Below was what he sought. In between her pale buttocks her could see the smooth canal of flesh that was her pussy, framed with a thick patch of dark brown hair.

“Do it!” she cried, arching her back.

Placing a hand on each round buttock, Thomas pushed his member towards her slick lips. Feeling the head touch her pussy, Melissa moaned in anticipation. She spread her legs a little further, letting Thomas push closer. The top of his cock slipped into her moistness, the tight lips closing over it, holding it in a vice like grip.

“Aaaahhh, that’s it,” she sighed, “Give me more! Give me all of it!”

Steadying himself, Thomas applied his weight, feeling himself slip deeper inside of Melissa, her flesh parting to accommodate him. As his length slid into her willing slot, ankara escort bayan he could feel her muscles stretching and contracting around him, squeezing him tightly. The feeling was indescribable. Melissa pushed into him, letting the last few inches of Thomas’ huge cock into her pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh! It’s too big!” she wailed, “You’re so deep in me! Ohhhh!”

Letting his cock probe her depths for a few more seconds, Thomas swiftly pulled almost all of himself out of her only to plunge it straight back in hard.

“Oooohh!!!” wailed Melissa, feeling him push back inside. She continued to moan as he withdrew again and rushed back in. Breathing heavily, she raised herself up on her elbows, reaching back with one hand to play with herself.

As he quickened his rhythmic pounding of Melissa’s pussy, Thomas raised his hands to her torso and grasped hold of her tits as they jumped with his motions. They felt so soft as they lay cupped in his hands, the tight little nipples poking into his palms.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she cried as Thomas’ dick slid back and forth in her tight little hole. She was working back and forth herself now, her curvaceous body shining with sweat in the basement light. Without warning, she dropped one knee and rolled, her body twisting sideways. As she rolled over, Thomas was forced to shuffle sideways to stay in her. She lay on her back, Thomas’ cock still buried in her pussy. She raised both corpulent legs and wrapped her ankles around his neck and dragged him further into her.

“Do it!” she begged, “Fuck me with that big cock until I cum!”

She grabbed both his arms and pulled on him. Thomas began to move faster, his fucking becoming more frantic as he approached climax. He could see Melissa’s curvaceous body beneath him, her thick thighs gripping him in their tight embrace, her wide belly vibrating with his pounding, her huge tits leaping with every thrust. Her face was bright red, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open in pleasure. She was groaning more regularly now, her head tossing with each wave of pleasure as it hit her. Thomas increased the pace, his own desire building, his balls giving the tell tale throbbing he got before he came. Melissa’s eyes flew open, her orgasm approaching rapidly.

“Oh fuck!” she cried, “Don’t stop! I’m there! I’m there! I’m coming! Urrghh!”

Melissa’s body shuddered as waves of ecstasy shot through her. Thomas could feel her pussy throbbing with the pleasure of the orgasm as it overtook her. He started to tremble as he felt his approach. Melissa’s hot body was taking him over the edge. As he felt it coming, Melissa sat upright, pulling his stiff rod from her pussy.

“No!” she demanded, “I want to taste it!”

Snatching Thomas’ cock as it trembled with the impending orgasm, Melissa stuffed its enormous end into her mouth, her tongue slipping around the huge organ as it slid between her lips. She gripped his cock and jerked it back and forth while she noisily sucked at its end.

It was too much for Thomas. His balls contracted and he felt the cum shooting up his cock.

“Melissa! I’m gonna….!” He yelped but it was too late. Thick white cum shot from his cock, filling Melissa’s mouth in seconds. Her eyes flared wide and she began to swallow but he was coming too fast for her to handle. Cum dribbled out of her mouth and spattered over her big tits, a thick white film coating them both. Her throat contracted again and again, sucking his sticky fluid into her stomach.

Choking, Melissa took Thomas’ cock from her mouth as the last few drops dripped from its end. She looked down at herself, naked and covered in cum then looked back up at the man who two hours ago wouldn’t have given the time of day to.

“Fuck me,” she said, “you cum in buckets you do.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I should have warned you beforehand.”

Melissa smiled as she wiped herself down with some tissue paper she’d found next to the storage cupboard. She ran the tissue over her curvy body, making sure to wipe up every trace of Thomas’ cum and her own sweat.

“If I remember correctly, there wasn’t much time for talk.” She kept smiling and reached for her discarded clothes.

“Are you going to be ok?” asked Thomas, pulling up his trousers.

“I’ll be fine,” she said. “It’s good to know that somebody still wants to fuck me. Especially someone with a big cock!” She grabbed Thomas’ groin with one hand, the other pulling him in close. “I’ll be wanting to have him in me again real soon!”

Thomas’ smile expanded another notch. Maybe once he’d got his clothes back on and got back upstairs he’d have to attend to some urgent filing. Like those application forms in the rubbish bin.

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