Gina’s Wedding Night

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“Alone at last, come here babe.”

I’m smiling at my new husband, but for some reason I feel nervous. Here we are in the hotel, it’s just gone midnight, and Andrew is stretched out on the bed, his tie and jacket are on the chair, and his crisp white shirt is open. He smiles at me, and then sips the champagne.

“What’s up?”

“This is…well odd. I mean, I’m your wife now.”

“Yeah well, what’s so odd?”

“Mum would have a fit.”

“Yeah, I guess she would, still it’s done, and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Do you need help, with your dress I mean?”


I turn away from him, and I know he is slowly making his way up to me. He stands behind me and kisses my bare shoulder, and then slowly he moves to my neck, his lips linger behind my ear. I can hear and feel the zip going down on the back of my dress. It sags a little at the bust, and then it slowly slides down my body, and pools at my feet.

Andrew’s lips are still on my neck. God I love being kissed softly and slowly like that. I can feel his breath behind my ear. I smile, and savour the little words he whispers to me.

His hands come up and he lifts my breasts slightly. His touch is soft and tender, as he slowly and gently squeezes my tits. His lips carry on kissing my neck, and again he moans, but now a little more lustfully in my ear. I haven’t done anything for him yet, I should I know, but I can’t help just standing here, wondering what he is going to do next to arouse his new wife.

I want his cock, but I also want to tease him a little. I want him to be in control, and I want to do things for him. My head is full of things and I have slightly mixed ideas, but he is happy doing what he is doing. I shouldn’t interfere with what dreams he had about this moment.

His hands travel down my belly, and his lips are still planting loving kissing on my neck. I want to feel his hands between my legs, pulling gently at my soft wet petals…yes I am wet, so very wet, but I want to keep control, just for a moment longer. I’ve always teased him, and he knows it. I chuckle slightly.

“What’s up?”

“That’s an £800 dress,” his hands stop their movement, “hang it up for me darling.”

He drops to his knees behind me, and I grin to myself. I shudder and shake slightly, as his lips kiss the back of my knee. I never expected that, and I didn’t expect his lips kissing my bum either! He is soft and gentle, and for a guy he sure knows how to tease a woman, and how to behave. I like that, okay I want him ramming my hot wet pussy, but this is foreplay and he is doing it, (or so it would seem,) all for me!

I step forward, and he picks up the white wedding dress. I turn to watch him hang it up, and I sip the champagne, which I have had in my hand the whole time.

He turns and his eyes drop between my legs, for the first time in ages he sees my freshly shaved pussy.

He walks up to me and drops to his knees. I feel his hands on my white stocking tops and his lips delicately kissing between my legs. I groan slightly, and I hold the glass of champagne against my belly, and then, slowly, I let the smallest dribble as I can, trickle down my belly and onto my pussy.

I watch his lips kiss between my legs, and then he licks at the bubbly liquid, as it runs perfectly down to my pussy. I wish I had a whole bottle to tip down over my pussy, just to feel his hot tongue in my most special place.

I close my eyes so I can concentrate. Yeah this is good Gina I think to myself, so amazingly good! My mind flits from the feel of his tongue, to the liquid rolling down to my wet pussy. I can hear his excitement now, and it gives me such a warm feeling. God I really need fucking, so ankara escort very much!

I want to be on my back now, before my knees buckle and give way. It wouldn’t do to let him see just how much I want fucking…well, not yet. My last thought is a left over from our past, when Gina was a real bitch to him. But things have changed things have changed so very much.

I push away a little, “Take off your clothes, please.”

He starts stripping as I lay on the bed. I drop the empty glass on the thick pile carpet, knowing it won’t smash, but I don’t even care if it does. Right now all I want, all I desire is to be pleasured by my husband, and then I’ll take care of him.

He smiles and starts to crawl on the Queen Size bed. I push my foot against his chest stopping him. I stare up into his eyes for a few seconds. I drag the 4″ heel across his chest. I press a little more firmly, but not enough to break his skin, I just want to mark him slightly, but not hurt him. I watch the red line appear that the trailing heel leaves on his tanned chest. I look up into his eyes, just staring at him. The old Gina would have done this a little more firmly; she would have done it to please herself more than Andrew. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but he isn’t complaining. He never did.

He smiles, and starts pulling my shoes off, and then he places them down by the side of the bed. £375 the shoes cost me, but so bloody sexy!

I slip my foot back over the fading red mark on his chest. This is the new Gina, the caring woman. I’ve suddenly realised I’ve just shown him both sides of me now. The stupid bitch he knew from a few years ago, who would do anything to wind him up, and now, with my soft foot gently and slowly rubbing his chest, this is his wife, the woman who would do anything for him.

I want to stop rubbing his chest with my foot now, it reminds me too much of my ex husband, he liked that too. In fact, he liked a lot of other things, which maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of at this moment. I don’t want to think of those things, but sometimes memories, good and bad, come flooding in your mind, well, they do to me.

I open my legs and I start pulling Andrew’s arms. He holds back a little and smiles, and then says, “No, not yet.”

I gasp as his head goes between my legs. You see, this is how he surprises me. I thought the foreplay was over, I thought, he wants to fuck me now. I would have been happy with that, but this is what puts my new husband separate from the rest of the men who have strolled into my life, and there have been quite a few of those. But I don’t want to think of them now. I want to think about, and feel, what Andrew is doing to me.

My legs are spread and my back arches, as his tongue fires between my legs. I groan again…god how I groan!

I can’t help it now. I push my pussy up into his face, as I grab his hair and hold him. My fingers are shaking and my hot wet pussy is on fire. His lips are kissing, his tongue is licking, and now his fingers are stretching me apart. My grip on his hair is harder, and right now I want his whole fucking head up my dripping pussy!

“My clit…kiss it…gently…do it…please Andrew, please?”

He does, and I arch my back further.

This isn’t as romantic as it started out, but this is what he does to me. I can’t keep myself from wanting more and more, it becomes too intense to hold back. Still I shan’t start with the verbal, not like I normally do. That wouldn’t do, although I honestly don’t think he would care about that. He tells me he loves the way I lose control. He loves watching me fight my feelings, and then suddenly grabbing his cock and ramming it into my pussy. But this is our wedding night, and just escort ankara this once, I want to behave like a wife, so I can look back on this day when I’m older, and remember that my wedding night was special, so very, very special!

I let go of his head and I start on my nipples, pulling and tweaking, twisting and teasing.

He starts fingering me, and oh how he does. I’m shoving my pussy up in his face again, and then down on his fingers, yes his wonderful expert fingers, three I reckon. God, why doesn’t he put his whole fucking hand up me!

There I go again, getting lost in my lust, but I can’t help it, I need this orgasm more than I’ve need any other. I bet I’ll be saying that the next time he is so wonderful to me.

My mouth is open slightly, and I can hear my breathing quivering a little. His tongue is doing magical things, his fingers are moving in and out gently, and my nipples are so hard they are aching. I want this to last for hours, days, and even fucking weeks! But I know I’ll come soon…yes, there it is building up, crawling in a nice way, through my whole body. Fucking hell I am so very turned on and I want to come now, come in his face. I don’t give a shit about him, this is for me. This moment is mine he is just a tool for me to get off with. Fuck him, this is my orgasm and I need it more than anything right now. I don’t mean that of course, what I mean is he is doing this so wonderfully well, the old Gina wants a bit too. She can go fuck herself, she never deserved Andrew, she can go jump in the lake. Or at least keep out of the way until Andrew teases her back, like he does from time to time. I think he misses her and can’t help himself, but why, when she was such a bitch to him?

My right hand goes up over my head, and my fingers grip the pillow getting lost in the softness…a bit like Andrew’s fingers, pumping in my hot pussy.

It won’t be long now. I can feel it bubbling to the surface. I lick my lips and groan again………bloody hell, I need this so bad!

Now it is coming, now it is making my toes curl and my brain freeze. My mouth drops open even further. It is making my whole body shake, my mind hangs on to the feel of his fingers and his tongue, as they work my overexcited body into a frenzy.

Now I’m letting my orgasm win, huh who am I kidding! It is coming now and like a bloody train that I’ve got no way of stopping it.

“Enjoying your self Gina?”

Years ago I would have told him to fuck off. The old Gina would have gone mental at him. But now, I just smile, until my face loses the smile muscles to the orgasm muscles!

It bursts through my body…my left hand leaves my hard nipple. My grip is on his hair again…I wrap my legs around his head…this is my fucking orgasm that is raking through my body………….MINE!

My head pushes back, my fingers grip his hair, and my pussy explodes, like a volcano that has been building up for god knows how many years. My moaning goes from the slight groaning that I told myself I would only allow on this day, to high squeals that Andrew causes me to do. I writhe, as the need takes over, as the whole beautiful orgasm slams through my body. Intense and so very welcome, and it doesn’t stop, not for ages!

I let myself relax, and slowly I open my eyes. Andrew’s face is wet, he looks hot and he is panting. He moves up, and my aching pussy sucks his cock in.

“Oh god!”

His excited words thrill me. His hips start moving and I wrap my arms and my legs around him. I cross my legs over, no way am I letting him go!

He is panting as he fucks me. I want it hard, and I need it hard…and…I GET IT…FUCKING HARD!

You see, I may have lost out to lust several times, ankara escort bayan but Andrew is lost in fucking me now too. It makes me feel a little easer with my own lust filled behaviour. We are not scared to let our feelings show. Just sometimes, like now on our wedding night, it was supposed to be a little more controlled, well that was how I thought it should be. The old Gina would relish the way he is pumping her pussy now. I do. But she would have used it against him to some degree. Not that he ever really did fuck her back then, before Gina the bitch left, and then Gina the woman turned up.

So, I’ll just keep hold of him, as he groans and pants. I know he is close already. 10 minutes of fucking me and he is having trouble holding on. I need this fuck desperately; in fact I have needed it for a few weeks now. Ever since the build up to our wedding really start becoming more intense.

I am close again, yes another orgasm is building. The old Gina would tell him to hold on. She was a selfish little cow and took everything. God knows how he didn’t keep from slapping her on more than one occasion, stupid spoilt bitch that I was.

He is up on his hands now looking down on me. God he’s fucking me rough, but I want it rough, I’m not a stupid schoolgirl virgin, anymore, “Harder darling, I won’t break.”

The old Gina would have put a few swear words in there, it would have come out like, harder you fucking idiot, come on you old pervert try fucking harder, I won’t bloody well break.

Mind you, she was bloody terrified if he ever did lose control. Maybe she wanted him to, deep down. No she didn’t, she would have squealed her head off, and sobbed her heart out, and then she would have made something up about tricking him.

He’s grunting now through gritted teeth.

This time my orgasm hits me without the usual build up, and as his cock slams into me, I come, and come and come…..

He starts quaking, faltering a little, it has been 20 minutes now, and he can’t hold on. It’s okay now, he can come. I’ve had what I wanted, twice, (lucky girl,) now it is my husband’s turn. God that still feels strange, and scary, but mother can fuck herself. She dumped him and ran off with some bloke from over the pond. I’ve got him now, I’m not letting him go, no matter what mum says.

I’m watching his red face as he finally gives up and starts to come. He comes; yes he really comes so fucking hard! I just smile at him.

There is something wonderful about seeing a man come, watching his face twist and contort, and those little strange noises that escape from time to time. Did I really cause that, or was it there all along? I like to think that I did that to him, god isn’t sex wonderful?!

When he stops shoving, he just lays in me, panting and getting his breath back. After a few minutes he slips out and sort of slides off the bed, almost like he is melting away. I look down at my laddered stockings. I could feel his fingers ripping them. I liked that, the uncontrollable passion that took him over. I caused that, well like I said, I like to think I did. I liked having my husband so turned on he couldn’t help himself.

The old Gina would have made him well aware that he got carried away. She might say something like, “You see old man, when you get a hot girl in bed you fucking well lose your head. Fucking hell, look at the state of you, you had better change the sheets too, before mum gets back…no I’m not fucking do it…it’s your spunk!”

“Why the tears?”

“I, I was just remembering, what I was like, when I was 18…I was so horrible to you.”

He laughs and cuddles me, “Well, that was ages ago, and I guess it is all covered in the stepfather’s hand book…not that I ever got to read it. Anyway, you are my wife now, and this is our new life together. Now let’s get some sleep, we have to pick your daughter up before we go on honeymoon. I love you Gina.”

“And I love you too Andrew, god bless.”

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