Gillette and Go

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Public Sex

The summons arrived just after breakfast and before his second coffee. Not having expected a call, Simon had dressed for the day in a tight t-shirt that showed off his pecs without being naked, and a simple pair of dress shorts that also hugged his butt. It was, after all, part of his job to be pleasing to the eye.

However, had he known he was to be called to her office at this time of day, he would have worn a more business orientated outfit. She, of course, looked stunning in a grey business skirt and jacket with a white ruffle blouse underneath. He felt decidedly underdressed.

“Lock the door behind you,” she said. “Then take those clothes off, I want to see more of you.”

Simon was overdressed, not under. As commanded though, he locked the door and then stood before her. Starting with his belt, he stripped in a slow and provocative manner. What her game plan was, he had no idea, but he was very pleased to be getting naked.

And, as she had anticipated, the more he took off the harder he became. When he got down to just his underwear, she could almost see the veins of his cock as it strained against the confining fabric.

“Free that thing,” she instructed from her perch on the edge of the office desk as she shucked off her own jacket. “But do not touch it.”

Attentive to her every word, Simon stooped and removed the final cloth impediment that had been holding back his aching cock. When he straightened, it stood tall and proud. Mistress Fox cast the already glistening tip a quick glance and raised an eyebrow in warning. Simon blushed and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“Come here, Simone, I have a task for you,” she said in an imperious voice that sent a delicious shiver down his spine. No further instructions were given, but a few flicks of her wrist and fingers indicated how he was to proceed. Simon cocked his head to one side and then knelt before his mistress.

Keeping his eyes downcast and with slow deliberate care, Simon reached under her skirt and slid a white lacy thong down over her thighs. Pausing at her knees, he leant forward and gave them a good sniff before taking them all the way off and dropping them on the floor.

“You may wear those when you leave, if you are a good girl,” Mistress Fox said as he fawned at her feet and commenced rubbing the left sole with his thumbs.

Past experience had taught him to keep his eyes below knee level and to never ever look up past the thighs unless directed to. This had always been a challenge for Simon as his mistress had long sexy legs that made him think dirty, wicked thoughts.

But here, today, when kneeling between those very legs in an area redolent with her scent, he found it impossible. So, when changing from the left to the right foot, he shot a quick glance up and under her skirt.

“Like what you see, girl?” his Mistress asked, catching him all wet-eyed and guilty. Before Simon could muster up a suitable reply though, she reached out, snared his hair in a strong grip and dragged his face under her skirt. Up close and personal, Simon inhaled his Mistress and fought a savage internal battle to hold back an uncommanded orgasm.

The previous month, on the day they had first met, he had had a spontaneous orgasm and he did not want to repeat that offence – ever again. The lead up to that monumental event had happened after he had met with two gorgeous twins, Megan and Tegan at a local S&M club.

They had taken a shine to Simon and after a few weeks had invited him to their home, on a trial basis, to live as a house-boy. After a week of debauchery, during which he had entertained quite a few different women but not his future Mistress, he had been granted an interview with the mysterious lady of the house.

She is the female equivalent of Hugh Hefner they had informed him, she loves sex, as long as she is telling you how to do it. Soft sex, teasing sex but especially vulgar sex. The lady of the house swears like a sailor behind closed doors, they had giggled.

“But you don’t want to upset her either, that always results in discomfort and tears,” Megan had said in a more serious tone while giving her bottom a reflex rub. “Don’t worry though, I know she will like you. You’re a perfect fit for the house.”

Of course, the girls had fussed and groomed him prior to the introduction. They had stripped him of all clothing, except for his socks and a matching pink bow-tie, brushed his hair, combed his pubes and oiled his chest.

He had been primped until he was gleaming with not a fold of skin left untouched. It had all been very exciting and he barely heard the very specific instructions they had given on deportment and where not to look.

All of that, however, had fled his mind the moment he saw her. It was devotion at first sight, mixed in with a whole lot of long legs and a C cup of lust. His jaw had dropped open and he had stumbled, gobsmacked, to a halt midway into the room as his eyes drank her in. She was a Goddess and he would do ankara escort anything for her.

A sharp prod, in the back of his ribs, from one of his friends had prompted Simon forward a few steps more and to then adopt the appropriate stance. Head bowed – eyes reluctantly downcast, chest out with arms folded behind his back and legs apart in the military ‘at-ease’ position.

Roxanne Foxworth was a rich and beautiful lady with a penchant for submissive men – and women. Simon had been told little about her except that she demanded complete loyalty and rewarded such with sinful pleasures. Disappointments, on the other hand, were met with various physical and or demeaning punishments that she thought suitable for the infraction.

So, it was with some trepidation that Simon had stood before Roxanne. While hope gleamed in his eyes, dread had played havoc with his stomach. His semi-flaccid shaft, however, had risen to salute her in an instant.

The resulting three-way pink salute of bow-tie, cock and socks, had delighted Roxanne, and a broad smile lit her face. The girls had done well and the obvious adoration the prospective house-boy had left a good impression on her.

Throwing both Megan and Tegan a wink and a nod in appreciation, she had approached their new offering. The last had proven himself to be a sad disappointment, and the blonde twins had spent a week in painful and humiliating servitude because of it.

For all their sakes, she hoped this one had better manners and would not become a midnight bedroom stalker. Breaking that man’s arm had been an unintended consequence of surprise at his late-night privacy invasion and her fifteen years of Judo training.

This one though showed promise. She could see it in his eyes and suspected in that instant that he was hers to command. Seeing the effect, she was having on his body, she made a slow deliberate circle around his all but naked body. Not touching, but close enough that he could taste her breath, she teased him even as she examined him.

Simon’s eyes, while remaining downcast, had been a flicker of wild motion as he tracked her every move. His nostrils had flared as he had tried to capture her scent, but the thing she enjoyed most about him had been the way his cock had commenced drooling like a leaky faucet.

All of her questions relating to Simon had been directed at his two sponsors as Roxanne had not deigned to speak with him directly. For him, it had been an awkward inquisition that had left him red-faced and perspiring but also impressed at how much his two companions had learned about him over the past month or so.

Not only had they gathered information about his past, including his last two girlfriends, they had a background check from a security firm too. That had been a bit over the top, Simon had thought at the time, but later his first look at his would-be mistress had convinced him otherwise.

First, Tegan had spoken about his fantasies, his desires, his favourite way of masturbation and all of his bathroom habits. Obviously, his private moments had not been private at all. She even mentioned the way he snored.

Then, Megan had talked about his health status, who his doctor was and what he smelled like after a day of work. And, as if he had not been there, they had all discussed his stamina, cocksmanship, tongue and finger work.

Together, they went over his lifestyle and manliness, but it was his cock that had received the most verbal attention. The length of it – cold, one and a half inches – soft and warm, three inches – hard, seven and three-quarter inches.

Even its girth – soft, four inches and hard, six inches, though when and how they had measured it he had no idea. Then they talked about the network of veins that pulsed around its length and how sensitive the tip was before and after orgasm.

And that was another thing, his orgasms, the sounds he made, the vile words he did and did not use. How his hazel eyes glazed over at the crucial moment when he fucked arse from behind, but stayed soft and focused during any other kind of sex. Even his balls and spurt count got a mention. Plus, his recharge time.

No feature or trait was left alone, it had been very humiliating, and his cock had twitched at every word. And then, with Roxanne standing front and centre they had started the physical exam. She was enjoying every aspect of his dissected life and he was starting to sweat.

Roxanne, of course, did not soil her hands with him and had the girls do the probing. Megan had peeled back his lips to show off his teeth and gums. She had held his tongue as he had made a ridiculous ‘ah’ sound while in a half squat and she had pinched both of his nipples after caressing the hairs on his chest.

Tegan had been directed lower and after telling him to bend over and clasp his ankles had spread his cheeks so his anus could be inspected. And, at Roxanne’s direction, she had burrowed a finger in, wriggled it around, and then wiped it off on escort ankara his bottom.

His balls had been weighed, fondled and squeezed. Crude comments where passed around and even his pubic hair had been examined with strands being straightened. Simon had gulped and stifled a cry when a few had been plucked out. It had been a degrading and dehumanising physical of everything but his cock.

A cock that had ached to be touched, to be held in soft warm hands or kissed into eruptive activity. That, however, had been denied to him, as it should have been too, he reflected. His position was to please them, to please her, not the other way around.

But then, Tegan had taken his chin in hand and turned his face to her so he could look into her eyes. He hadn’t looked at her though. No, his gaze had found Roxanne and her very erect nipples poking through her maroon halter neck top.

That’s when it had happened. Her disdain, coupled with the twins words and the touching-not-touching plus the complete humiliation of it all, had aroused him to volatile levels. Then the sight of her evident arousal too had stripped him of any remaining self-control and he had shot his load.

Untouched and unwanted, his cock had sent a jet of hot white cum straight up and over her shoulder. So fast it may have been missed if not for the second and third wads which, lacking the power of the first, had splattered on her cheek and blouse.

Of course, Simon had been mortified. This was not the kind of introduction he had dreamed of – His fantasies had had him on his knees servicing her needs, front and back – but she was so fucking sexy and he had been so horny, it had just happened.

As the third spurt of his glorious cum had hit her blouse she had turned to Megan. “Why wasn’t that thing depleted before bringing it in here?” Roxanne had snarled to keep a smile of immense pleasure off her face.

It was all the twins fault, and the looks on their faces had said they knew it too. Instead of primping Simon for display, they had primed him like a musket ready for firing and then pointed him at her. Both of them had blushed to a deep red of embarrassment.

Facing her Mistress’s wrath, Megan had been the quickest to react and had bound into action. First, she had kissed away the dollop of cum from her mistress’s cheek, and then she had licked her blouse clean while offering profuse apologies.

Tegan, on the other hand, had been slow to move, perhaps unaware of the first dollop on the floor until her eyes had been directed to it. “Hands behind your back while you clean that up, Tegan,” the Mistress had said as she pointed to the spot. “After that, you will kiss Simone to give her a taste of her issue and then take her from my sight.”

As Tegan scurried to her first task, Mistress Fox had added to the relief of all, “You had better get her into some adult diapers too. I don’t want her dripping all over my fucking carpets every time she sees me.

“And since Simone has shown herself to be such a baby, the both of you will be responsible for changing and cleaning her for the next week. You shall also take in hand any other needs that arise during such changes,” Roxanne smirked.

And just like that, Simon had become Simone but had also been accepted into the household. Rewards and punishments, that was the Mistress’s way. The shame of wearing a diaper and having the twins keep him clean had also been offset by hand-jobs at every change.

Pleased that Simon was to stay, but nervous about his performance in front of their Mistress, the twins had set about teaching Simon greater self-control. Each hand-job during that embarrassing week had taken longer and longer to finish off as they would tease him to release point and then demand he keep it in. It had been heavenly torture with explosive side effects.

And right now, this close to his Mistress, he was very grateful for that training. He clenched his hands and tensed his body as he ran through a mantra of distracting words and numbers.

“Can you see that Simone?” she asked while making it hard for Simon to breathe.

“My pubic path and fuzz, you fool,” she added when no immediate reply from him was forthcoming. And just for added emphasis, she pressed Simon’s cheek to the fine hairs above her vagina.

Not that this helped Simon see anything, because his eyes were slammed shut. “See all that hair, Simone? I look like a gorilla and I want it gone.” He felt the tickling brush of her fine hairs against his skin as she moved his face and without thought, he popped his tongue out to lick the offending area.

“Stop slobbering on me,” she sighed. “I need a shave, not a tongue bath. Both Megan and Tegan have gone bald since your arrival here and have named you as the instigator. So, I am giving you a chance, Simone. Don’t fuck it up!”

Moving to her chair, she set her feet on the desk in a very lewd pose and reclined. “Everything you need is on there,” Mistress Fox said, gesturing towards ankara escort bayan a tray. “I can’t be lying around here all day,” she added seeing that Simon was slow to move, “so get cracking.”

Simon could not believe his luck, he was being told to look and touch. He licked his lips in anticipation as he transferred the tray holding an assortment of shaving equipment, towels and a bowl of steaming water to the floor.

Kneeling between Roxanne’s legs, he folded her skirt up above her waist and got his first real good look at her pussy. It had been well cared for in the past and unlike both Tegan’s and Megan’s flaps, her inner labia lips were delicate folds of skin mostly hidden by the outer labia mounds.

Her clitoral hood, however, was more evident with the hint of a little nub showing. The sudden clearing of his Mistress’s throat brought Simon’s mind back into focus and he shook his head before setting about the job at hand with much adoration.

After brushing his thumb over her mons pubis, to get a feel for what was required, Simon took up the trimmer and readied it for duty. Wanting to maximise his time between his Mistress’s legs he used a coarse blade first before switching to a number one buzz cutter.

Intent on his task, Simon did not glance up at Roxanne until he was almost finished with the trimmer. Her blouse was unbuttoned and what he saw prompted him to rest the base of the humming trimmer on her pelvic bone just above the clitoris.

The high-pitched vibrations had an immediate effect on her and Simon watched in fascination as her clitoris grew from an all but invisible nub to a rich, pink, pea-sized bud that almost equalled the appearance of her nipples. Nipples that sported barbell piercings which Roxanne was tweaking with a satisfied smile on her face.

Suppressing the urge to kiss and taste her now very moist lips, Simon settled for drawing a deep inhaling breath. The scent of a woman had always been a trigger point for Simon, but recent events and a good deal of training had given him the control required.

Never the less, he steeled himself for what was to come. After giving the can of Gillette shaving cream a good shake, he sprayed a light layer of the mint smelling gel onto his fingers and then slathered it over her buzz-cut stubble.

His fingers glided over her prickly flesh, caressing the remnants of her pubes as he put off the shaving for as long as possible. When working on the twins, he had been confident and sure. Fixing them in place with well-placed fingers while attacking their fine hairs with ease.

With Mistress Fox though, he was not so brave. He took a softer approach and opted for a hand pressed to her hip as, with utmost care, he ran the cut-throat razor down and across her skin.

This worked fine until she started to squirm. The first twitch of her hips told him he was in trouble and he debated with himself about what to do. Safety first, was a household motto and with some reluctance, he stuck two fingers into her pussy.

But the expected protest at this bold intrusion did not eventuate, and instead, Simon was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure and words of encouragement. “Yesss, Simone. That’s a good girl, now you’ve got the right idea,” she purred.

Simon had fantasised about the moment he would have his fingers inside his Mistress. She may have denied him the use of his cock on her by the simple expedient of a name change to Simone, but girls used fingers and he could too.

He fucked her with his fingers. In and out, the razor forgotten as Roxanne fucked back. Her clitoris beckoned and he thumbed the bud hard as her soft moans turned into vulgar directions. Simon had unleashed his Mistress’s dirty side.

“Get your fucking tongue in there, slut. Suck me and fuck me, you nasty little bitch.”

The razor clattered to the floor as Simon’s mouth closed around her engorged clitoris and he sucked. The minty smell of shaving cream assaulted his nostrils but that was barely noticed as the sweet nectar of her pussy hit his taste buds.

He teased her clit, brushing it with his lips before twirling his tongue around and over it. Moving down, he kissed her lower lips before parting them with his mouth and sending his tongue questing into her. He gave the performance of his life because he didn’t want to fuck it up.

Roxanne’s tirade of filthy words continued as she washed his ears in uncouth and foul commands. “Stick your finger in my arse, you prissy little cunt,” she demanded. “Finger fuck it as you eat my pussy, girl.” As his obedient finger wormed its way into her anus, she grabbed his head and bucked against him. “Nothing like a morning glory face fuck,” she rumbled.

Simon’s cock danced at her words and actions. His whole body quivered as he obeyed and met every one of her wishes. She tasted divine and smelled even better; if there was a heaven for house-boys, he was surely in it.

The faster he licked, the harder his Mistress bucked against him. At the same time, he yearned to touch himself but no sooner had those thoughts become urgent than she said, “You better not be playing with yourself, worm. Only inconsiderate little bitches diddle their cunts when they should be working.”

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