Getting Ready

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Big Dick

Big thanks to lovesexandmore for helping to edit this story!


“Sorry he might take a while.” Dana shouted from the other room. “I literally just finished blowing him like, 20 minutes ago.”

“No worries.” Sarah called back. “I’ll get it out of him.” She looked up at me with determination in her eyes.

I was sitting in the ottoman in the middle of our apartment. Sarah had shown up early, and I had made Dana late since I had some trouble cumming this morning. To be fair, we spent almost the entire night before fucking.

Sarah was picking Dana up for their girl’s trip and I was tasked with dog-sitting Sarah’s adorable Yorkie while the girls were down in Miami.

Since there was time to kill, and Sarah was so appreciative of me dog-sitting, she figured she could start thanking me now with a good fucking of her new tits. Dana had been making sure I was well drained before she left, so I had been cumming practically nonstop for the past 24 hours. Still, Sarah got Dana’s permission and was excited to start, even though she was warned that I likely wouldn’t produce a big load,

I should clarify that both Dana and Sarah are total cumsluts. We’re all swingers, who met online and Sarah and Dana really hit it off due to their shared love of cum. Sarah was unfortunately single now, so we couldn’t swing, but Dana graciously accepted her into our sex life often, which was great for me because there’s nothing better than being with 2 women who want nothing more than every single drop of your cum.

Anyway, I was sitting on the ottoman while Sarah bounced her perfect tits up and down on my cock. Sarah gave the best titfucks because she seemed to really enjoy them. Which usually helped me cum pretty quickly, but obviously this morning was a different circumstance.

“I love your tits.” I commented while thrusting myself through them. “It’s amazing how real they feel.”

“Thanks!” She replied cheerfully. As much as I might love them, no one loves her tits as much as Sarah herself. She was naturally pretty flat, so ever since she got them done she’s taken advantage bostancı escort of her new assets, and loved every minute of it.

“You must really be worn out this morning, I feel like I’m usually drinking your cum by now.” Sarah continued to bounce her tits on me as she spoke, knowing that I liked some dirty talk too. “Take your time though, you know I love feeling your big dick between them.”

Dana came out of the bathroom wearing her new bikini. “What do you think of this one?”

“Cute!” Sarah exclaimed while continuing the titjob.

Cute wasn’t the right word. ‘Sexy as fuck’ would have been more appropriate. I admired my girlfriend’s figure as I titfucked her friend. She was going to drive guys wild on their trip, but I knew she was mine.

“Not inappropriate right?” Dana asked as she spun around and stuck her ass out for us.

“I hope not. Otherwise, mine are too.” Sarah paused to adjust my cock, but quickly started up again.

Sarah wasn’t the best person to ask about appropriateness, she was known for her skimpy bathing suits – especially since she got her tits done.

“Okay… Let me get dressed and then I’m almost finished.” Dana left the room again and Sarah brought her focus back on my cock.

“Starting to get a little dry huh?” She noted before ducking down and engulfing my hardness.

Sarah took almost my entire length on her first attempt – She was always great at deepthroating. Before she got her tits done, that was kind of her specialty, though it was usually more of a facefuck since she likes it rough. It was only since she went up to a D cup that nothing made her happier than making a man cum between her tits.

“Woah!” She exclaimed as soon as she withdrew. “I forgot how big you are – I couldn’t even take it all!” She stroked lightly me as she gained her composure. “Hold on… I’ll get it.”

She took a deep breath before diving down again, this time getting my entire cock straight into her throat.

The tightness of the back of her throat felt amazing. I instinctively grabbed büyükçekmece escort the back of her head and held it down to make sure I was going as deep as possible, even thrusting a few times to really get in there. For the first time since she started, I was feeling like I’d be able to cum soon.

When I released her, Sarah brought her head up slightly, but kept most of my dick in her mouth and started jerking and sucking like a woman on a mission. She was completely unfazed by how deep she had taken me.

Dana meanwhile was walking out of the bathroom topless, with just her jeans on. Her beautiful 34Cs were on display as she made her way to the bedroom and continued packing around us.

On her way back, while Sarah continued her amazing blowjob, Dana stopped and gave me a sexy kiss on the lips, inspiring Sarah to start stroking and sucking faster.

“How’s she doing, love?”

“Amazing.” I replied truthfully.

“Good. You going to be able to give her another load?”

I nodded, and Sarah went even faster.

“Attaboy… Here.” Dana moved her left nipple directly into my waiting mouth, allowing me to suck her for a minute while her friend sucked me. Faster and faster.

After a minute, Dana pulled away to finish packing, and I brought my attention back to Sarah’s incredible mouth. I could tell by the way she was blowing me that she was going to get my cum, no matter if they were running late.

“Phew!” Sarah withdrew me again to give herself a break and just stroke me. “You’re really lasting. Want my tits again?”

“Of course.” Sarah’s mouth was incredible, but my cock was drenched so I knew it was ready for her tits again, and I was willing to bet they’d be able to get me to cum for her.

“Dana! You almost done?” Sarah shouted before plunging down for another quick deepthroat.

“2 minutes!” She shouted back. “You better hurry up with him!”

Sarah took it as a challenge. She just about swallowed my entire length one more time before taking it out again to stick between her tits. She çapa escort immediately started titfucking me as fast as she could.

“Hold on!” I reacted. It felt good, but I knew what I needed. “Not so tight.” I directed. “Keep it easy until I get closer.”

“Yes, sir.” She replied with a smile, slowing down and fully engulfing me in her soft tits. “You want to cum on these big tits?”

I didn’t reply as I was getting lost in the pleasure and focusing on cumming.

“Is that a no?” She toyed with me. “In my mouth again?” She went faster and tightened slightly. “Straight down my throat like the old days?”

Sarah loved watching me react. I could feel my cum brewing in my balls. She was going to get her well earned load, and soon.

“Come on, baby… I know you want to paint these tits.”

She went faster and tighter, faster and tighter until finally she got me there.

I shot way more than either of us expected. A big spurt went briefly into the air before landing down onto her marvelous rack.

“There you go!” Sarah exclaimed with excitement.

My next shot also landed on Sarah’s tits as she continued working them up and down before squeezing them as tight as she could and slowing her pace to milk the rest out of me.

“Good boyyyyy!” She encouraged as I moaned in pleasure.

The amount of cum had significantly decreased after the first couple shots. Sarah’s reaction was to release her tits and slam her head down onto my cock again, deepthroating me and tonguing my balls as I finished unloading.

“I knew you could do it.” Dana had caught the tail end of my orgasm. “Perfect timing, I’m ready and we need to go.”

Sarah slurped my cock a few more times, I was so sensitive that I could barely take it. She loved watching me squirm.

“That was a good one.” She smiled and kissed my cock head a few times while massaging my hard working balls.

“Let me go clean off my tits. Dana, can you clean his cock so we can leave?”

Dana took Sarah’s place and slurped on my cock to make sure I was nice and clean while Sarah got herself together.

“Good job, love.” She told me once I was all clean. “That should keep you nice and drained for a few hours.” She added sarcastically.

Sarah came out and gave me a kiss and a few goodbye tugs before thanking me again and rushing out. I couldn’t wait for them to come back and thank me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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