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I was eighteen. I was invincible, or at least thought I was. I had my first taste of sex shortly before my eighteenth birthday, and since then had gone a little off the rails. I could not seem to get enough. I would leave my parents house with a wave some evenings, and not make it back for two or three weeks. Eventually the parents gave up trying to control me, and just let me get on with it.

I would spend most evenings at a hilltop picnic area, where many of the local youth would gather to compare cars, drink, get high, get rowdy, and just generally hang out. I would find myself a likely candidate for the evening, and either sleep in their car, or go home with them. I showered in their houses, borrowed clothes to wear, anything I could do to prolong my absence from home.

Everyone seemed to know everyone else there. There were friends, friends of friends, people who had been around the neighbourhood my whole life, and the occasional newcomer who would quickly fit in with the crowd. I even had regular ‘go-to guys’, if no other prospect presented itself during an evening there were a few guys I knew I could just jump into the car of, and would be looked after.

The guy I had lost my virginity to also frequented the same place. He was always good to me, always looking out for me, and warning other guys what would happen to them if they didn’t take care of me. The friend he spent most time with had grown up on the same estate as I had, and had always been at odds with my older brother over something or another. My brother and this guy, G, had grown up together, and were considered the toughest lads around, nobody ever really knowing who was the toughest of them both. He too looked out for me, in a strange kind of way. I think partly because I was a girl from his locality, so it felt territorial, partly because of who my brother was, and they had this bizarre mutual respect thing going on, and partly because he had introduced me to the guy who had taken my virginity and together they both policed my acquaintances a little.

If an evening came along where I failed to find somewhere else to sleep, or felt it was time I showed my face at home so my parents didn’t think şişli rus escort I was dead, G would often take me home, drop me off outside and make sure I walked inside safely. We would flirt a little, nothing outrageous, perhaps a little play fighting here and there. He had been there when I had first visited a local nightclub with a friend, when I was fifteen. He made this really elaborate, over the top, request to dance with me, and waltzed me round the dancefloor, completely out of time with any music playing, pulling the most ridiculous moves, then hovered around all night, warding off anyone trying to talk to me with mean glares. I got a lecture from him for being in the town’s most notorious nightclub at my age.

There was an accepted race circuit throughout the town, starting in the car park on the hill, driving down one side of the island, along the seafront, and back up the other side to return to the hill. When people got bored, they would often challenge each other to race laps. Half the fun of these was trying to evade the police, who were always on the look out. Each lap took around forty minutes to complete, if there was a decent driver with a decent car.

It was summer, which meant everyone stayed out later through the warm nights and the car park was bustling with people. The lads had all got together and concocted this little knock-out tournament of races to find the ultimate winner from the dozen or so cars. I had spent time with many of the guys involved, and spent the night in many of the cars. I made a point to pick the car I thought was going to win, which happened to be the car G was a passenger in, and got comfortable in the back seat to ride along and enjoy the racing. S, the owner and driver of the car, was also a local lad I had known for years. He had the most well looked after car, and was easily the best driver present, so I was sure I had picked a winner.

We joked around during the preliminary races, singing along loudly with the stereo, picking on one another, smoking a little weed. It was a really fun evening. After winning a semi-final, and waiting for the other semi to run, G climbed into the back of the şişli türbanlı escort car with me, while S went off socialising with the other car owners, bragging about his superior car handling skills.

G and I were messing around, having a slappy fight. He pinned me to the back seat, my arms above my head, to stop me fighting, and then kissed me. I was really taken aback at first, I had never really thought of him as anything other than just G, who has always been around. Many of the other local girls had crushes on him, as he was meant to be this big tough guy, but it had never really impressed me, though he was sort of cute, and really fun to hang around with. He always seemed a little bit dangerous, and that can be very attractive. The shock only lasted a few moments before I was kissing him back.

From there everything progressed really quickly. We were kissing, he was sliding a hand up my shirt and fondling my breasts. I was rubbing at his shorts, feeling him become hard. He was unbuttoning my shorts, and pulling them down, tucking his fingers inside my panties. It was all very frantic, and I knew I wanted nothing more at that moment than for G to fuck me right there in the car park.

I had two of G’s fingers inside me, his mouth on mine, and his hard cock in my hand when S returned to his car telling us that we had to race. I felt myself protesting, I didn’t want to stop. G told his friend to just carry on, with him still in the back of the car. The car started up and pulled out to the edge of the car park, ready to race, with the two of us still intertwined on the back seat.

I have always had a thing about fast cars, the faster the better. I’ve always been a bad influence on anyone whose car I am riding in, urging them to go faster, and to overtake other cars. The sound of a powerful engine, or the look of a beautiful vehicle, excites me so much. Everyone I know realises I have this obsession with speed. It was quite commonplace for someone to make a joke about not having a fast enough car for me to be interested in them.

By the time we left the car park, tyres screeching at our getaway, my shirt was unbuttoned şişli ucuz escort completely and pulled aside, my bra unfastened and pushed up around my neck. My shorts were hanging from one ankle, along with my panties. As we drove along the top of the hill, I laid sideways on the back seat, one leg over the back of the seat, the other resting on the back of the front passenger seat. G knelt on the seat between my legs, and fed his hard cock into my pussy, leaning forward to bite at my breasts and neck.

From the driver’s seat, S tried to drive his race, constantly being distracted by the show going on in the back of his car. I kept catching him sneak glances in the rear view mirror, looking at my face as I revelled in the attention. As we got onto the motorway, I asked what speed we were doing as the car crept up to 100 miles an hour. I propped myself on an elbow, and leaned forward to watch the speedometer on the dashboard. G’s pace increased as the car’s speed did the same.

I felt amazing, here I was, in the back of the fastest car in the area, with the best driver in the area at the wheel, my pussy being fucked hard and fast by a long term acquaintance. I remember seeing the speedometer pushing at 130mph, and urging S to go faster, as G reached down and pressed his thumb onto my clit, and then I lost all control. The car, not designed for such speed, was rattling at the exertion. The wind was buffering through the open windows. I wrapped my legs around G, and drew him further into me. I felt his cock push deep into me, as I tightened to climax.

G confidently moved me around, until I was kneeling on the backseat, looking out of the rear window, my knees spread wide. He put his feet on the floor, leant against me, and drove his cock back into me abruptly. I came again instantly, watching the passing faces of the drivers we were overtaking. G fucked me all the way to the seafront, along the beach, and most of the way back to the hill. I felt his orgasm splash into me as the car began to climb the ascent.

He helped me lay back down on the seat, and put my clothes back together, so I looked relatively respectable when we came to park the car. We all climbed from the car as though nothing had happened. The rest of the group there congratulated S on his championship win, and I continued socialising, still sticky with G’s cum.

None of us ever spoke of the incident again, aside from the occasional double entendre shared between the three of us.

It’s nice to be a winner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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