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At the beginning of the affair, it was meant to be a one time, means-to-an-end.

They were both drunk out of their minds and sitting slouched against the couch. “Jason X” was playing on the TV in the background, but they didn’t mind. She was more focused on how his hand would travel down her inner thigh and trace circles on her skin. His head had fallen on her chest, her arm hanging lazily around his shoulder. Every now and then, her fingers grazed his side.

“Hey, Cat?” He murmured against her skin.

Cat shivered against his hot breath. “Mhm?” She nestled her head on top of his. “What’s up Ray?”

His hand brushed up her thigh again and stopped just short of her crotch. The heat of his fingers pulsed through her jeans. “You wanna just make out?”

“I mean,” Cat mumbled, attention on his hand rather than his voice, “we could. You sure you’re okay with that?”

Ray raised his head to meet her gaze. “I’m drunk and horny. Why not?”

Cat didn’t know what to say. She, instead, grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him. It was a sloppy, drunk, open-mouthed kiss. Ray straddled her, wrapping his hands around her neck and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He thrust against her, their clothes an unwanted buffer, as he kissed her lower lip. Then, moving his head lower, Ray kissed down her neck and nipped at her skin. “Should I,” Cat asked in between breaths, “should I take my shirt off?”

He was one step ahead of her, pulling her shirt off her and tossing it on the couch. Ray went back to her neck and kissed at the other side. “Can you get your bra?”

The blonde giggled before shrugging off her underwear. The red bra was discarded, as was Ray’s shirt moments later. The room was dark, save for the TV in the background, but Cat could still see the glint of mischief in Ray’s eyes. He went to her tits in an instant, latching onto one and biting down. “Oh, god.” Cat let out a ragged moan, wrapping her arms around Ray’s back. He arched his back into her touch. “Fuck. Again!”

That’s all he needed to hear. Ray moved to her other breast and licked at the nipple before biting down again. Cat dug her nails into him, pulling him tighter to her body. “Cat, fuck, I need to take my pants off.” He growled.

She complied, taking one hand off his back and unzipping his jeans. He helped her, pulling them off as quickly as possible. He went to hers next as she leaned forward and kissed his neck. Cat bit down, hard, into the side of his neck. Ray stopped what he was doing and moaned. She couldn’t help but laugh again, finishing his job and rolling off her pants. “You’re really into that, aren’t you?”

Ray pulled her to him again, kissing her as if she was his only source of oxygen. Cat bit his lower lip. “God yes.” He groaned as she did it again. The only thing separating them now was their underwear. There was a collective warmth radiating between them. They would later chalk it up as the alcohol’s fault but at that moment, all they could think about was that heat. He took his boxers off in between kisses, his dick springing upward in the process. Cat’s underwear went quickly too, leaving them both utterly naked.

She lay down against the couch and he fell back into her. Neither would remember who made the first move, but someone Ray’s fingers slipped between her folds and Cat’s hand wrapped around his cock. Her free hand raked down his back as he pushed one finger, then two, into her wet cunt. “Clit, Ray.” She muttered between kisses. “The clit’s there for a reason.”

He laughed and nodded, taking a detour and rubbing at her clitoris. Ray kissed up her collarbone as she stroked his dick. “Fuck, harder Cat.” He begged, breath hot on her ear. Her motions sped up, not thinking about anything but the moment at hand.

Her orgasm was building when the back door started to rattle. They leaped apart, pulling together their clothes. Neither looked the other in the eye as their other housemates came through the back of the house. Neither bothered with a good night as they shuffled off to their rooms. Neither would later admit that as they got off, they thought about what could’ve been had it not been interrupted.

Cat and Ray met their freshman year of college when Ray’s roommate had to put out Cat’s burning pot of popcorn. Ray’s freshman roommate, Kevin, was in Cat’s General Chemistry class. Kevin and Cat became good friends, so she spent much of her time lounging on his bed and pestering him (and Ray). She and Ray were never that close until spring break, when most of their floor left for vacation and they were stuck together for a week.

He had found her sprawled out on the lounge couch, re-watching “Firefly”. It was a coincidence that the two happened to both love Nathan Fillion. That day they went through the show, “Serenity”, and two medium pizzas. After that, Ray was looped into her life, oftentimes more than Kevin was.

Sophomore year, Ray dated Cat’s roommate Chelsea. They lived on different floors şişli üniversiteli escort of the same building, but spent most of their time together in an alcove on the third floor of the library. Chelsea and Cat were more of convenience roommates rather than friends, and Cat’s increasingly close relationship with Ray set Chelsea off. When they broke up, Cat ran herself ragged trying to maintain a healthy relationship with her roommate while consoling Ray. By pure luck and Chelsea’s hatred of the school in general, Chelsea left at the end of their first sophomore semester.

Second semester sophomore year brought a new player to the game: Cat’s friend Mina. Mina was an absolute delight and charmed her way into Kevin’s heart, despite the fact that she had a boyfriend already. Mina also moved in with Cat, as her previous rooming situation didn’t go well either. Ray and Kevin found themselves spending more and more time in Cat’s room, and when Kevin and Mina finally started going out, Ray and Cat were once again left to their own devices.

One night, while Mina and Cat sat on the roof smoking, Mina couldn’t help but giggle every time Cat mentioned Ray. “You guys have so much tension.” She remarked. “It’s like every time you’re in the same room, fireworks are going off.”

Ray would later brush this off. “I think we’re just similarly kinky. No offense, Cat, but you’re not really my type.”

It wasn’t the first time she’d heard this and certainly not the last. Cat had half the mind to start a drinking game for the phrase. She even mentioned this to him after he said it during a game of Truth or Dare. Ray did feel bad about bringing it up so often, but he also never wanted to give someone the wrong idea about him.

Spring of sophomore year bled into the summer, and Cat and Ray officially moved in together. Kevin was back home in Louisiana for an internship, and Mina traveled to Europe for a summer program. Cat and Ray spent a significant amount of time getting used to the other in various states of dress (and later on, ignoring the other when they had a random hookup).

Their rooms were next to each other, and some nights when Cat lay in bed masturbating, she could hear him from the other room. She would never bring it up to him, but sometimes the sound of his labored moans were what got her to cum.

Their junior year started with Mina and another friend, Krystal, moving into the other room in the house. Kevin was abroad in Spain. Ray and Cat were preparing to go abroad in the spring (Switzerland and England, respectively). There were so many things for the duo to worry about that a failsafe affair was the last thing they needed.

But then again, here they were.

When the next incident occurred, they were both sober.

In the aftermath of the event, Ray had made it clear that it was the alcohol’s fault. He had come to care about Cat greatly but never in a sexual sense; plus, he wanted to explore his sexuality outside of his immediate circle. Cat wasn’t too hurt. She was annoyed that he kept bringing it up, sure, but had known going in that there wasn’t a high chance that the ordeal would go well.

Mina got a kick out of it. When Cat confessed she had gotten off on the memory, Mina couldn’t help but laugh shrilly and hold it over her friend’s head. She made fun of Cat for the three weeks that followed, with Cat insisting she keep it down the entire time. Krys was eventually let in on the joke, and the three spent many days discussing how Cat could get over the problem with a different hookup. That’s what Ray had done.

Or at least, that’s what he said he had done.

“You got a minute?” Ray asked, poking his head in through the cracked door.

Cat, halfway through an episode of “Twin Peaks”, paused her computer. “Sure, I don’t have anything better to do.”

Ray entered and shut the door carefully. He sat down next to her on her bed, taking up their usual movie watching position. They hadn’t watched anything since the incident three weeks ago, and Cat felt it had to do with the intimate position they assumed. It felt odd now. “So I know I said that I was hooking up with Amy from Calc.”

“I take it you’re not hooking up with Amy from Calc?” Cat snickered.

He hummed in agreement. “It’s mostly because we fucked once and she told me I couldn’t find my way around a vagina if I had a vividly detailed map.” Ray shrugged.

Cat bit back a grin. “She’s not wrong, Ray.” When he glared at her, she replied by obnoxiously ruffling his black hair. “From our…brief incident, you kind of just went at it. You didn’t really do anything.”

“Okay one, ouch, and two, I’ve never had to!” He complained. “I don’t know. You’re bi, can’t you just tell me how to do it?”

She shrugged. “I’ve taken a class with you. You’re a hands-on learner. And unfortunately, I think Krys is already out fucking another gay woman.” Cat didn’t want to acknowledge the other taksim anal yapan escort option. Something told her he wouldn’t like it.

But her silence said enough. “Well, I mean.” He suddenly became aware of how dry his mouth was. “If that’s really the case you could always show me. On yourself.”

Cat wasn’t sure how to respond. She did shut her computer and set it on her bedside table, but made no other move. “Would you be okay with that? Seeing as the last time you had your hands down there, you were fucked up and purely doing things to get off.”

Ray sighed. “Yeah, I know. I just think it might be useful to know.” He moved away from her side and crawled to the end of the bed, pausing over her legs. “So?”

“Ray, I’d have to be horny first.” Cat stopped him. “You want to learn? Give me a minute so I’m wet enough.”

“Oh.” Ray nodded, before leaning forward. He searched her eyes for hesitation, or discomfort, or something that could maybe stop him from what he was about to do.

She was more impatient than him. “For the love of-” Cat leaned forward and kissed him. This kiss was more hesitant than their last; Cat took his face in her hands gently. For a minute, she let go, leaning her forehead against his. “Okay. Okay, let’s do this.” She muttered, mostly to herself. Cat kissed him again, with more force.

Ray licked her lips and brought his hands to her neck. “Remember sophomore year when we got high and Mina asked you what turned you on the most?” He asked her, taking a breath between kisses. Cat nodded, trying to not let herself get distracted. “Do you remember what you said?”

Cat had no time to respond. Ray pushed her onto her back and slowly started to apply pressure on her neck. The first gasp of air was a surprise, but he loomed over her grinning and she started to feel the arousal surging in her cunt. Ray moved downward and kissed her roughly, easing up enough to let her breathe before choking Cat again. Instinctively, she slipped her hands under his shirt and dug her nails into his back. “Ah, oh, fuck. Keep doing that.” Her moans were raspy, and any attempt to keep the ordeal casual went out the window. Then, Ray ground himself against her, making the mutual arousal known. Cat suddenly leaned back. “I think we’re getting sidetracked,” she said, eyes wide.

“Um. Right.” Ray backed off. He returned to his earlier position at the end of the bed. Eagerly, Ray watched Cat undo her pants and push them down to her ankles. “So where do I start?”

“The clit is always a good option.” Cat replied. “Rub it gently, don’t go too hard.”

“Not sure I know what that is.” He admitted.

Cat took his hand in hers and guided it down. She traced their fingers over her nub, letting out an involuntary gasp. “That’s it. Now, slowly.”

Ray nodded and continued circling her clit, watching her body for signs that he was doing the right thing. He brushed over it and her hips bucked involuntarily. “I think I’m getting the hang of this.” He said to her.

Cat could only let out an exasperated sigh. It had been such a long time since someone else had done this for her, and Ray’s hands felt so good. “Now, if you go slowly,” she said in between heavy pants, “you can, fuck!”

“I can fuck?” He teased. Ray knew what she meant though and trailed his finger down to her cunt. Gently, he pushed two fingers in. Cat groaned in pleasure as he started to move in and out. Pumping his fingers into her pussy, Ray leaned forward and kissed her neck. “Is this okay?”

“Mhmm.” Cat hummed. “You can’t just,” she let out a long gasp, “go at it. This is much more controlled.” She lifted her hips and matched his motions. “Shit Ray, don’t stop.”

With his right hand, Ray grasped her neck and squeezed. “I wasn’t really planning on it.” He muttered.

The rough fingers in her pussy were one thing, but as Ray choked her, Cat began to lose it. Her orgasm started to build and she began to squirm. “Make me cum, Ray, just do it!” She begged.

Ray complied. He added a third finger to her cunt, pumping them into her quickly. Reaching up a little, he rubbed her clit for added sensations.

Cat began to cum quickly, her pussy squeezing his hand as the orgasm ripped through her. She let out a loud, labored moan, gasping for air. “Oh god. Oh god. Oh my fucking.” Her thoughts were almost incoherent.

“You okay?” Ray asked, removing his hands. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“You were fine. Beyond fine.” She was staring at the ceiling but made eye contact with him a second later. “A little rusty, but great for a beginner.”

He snorted. “Wow, thanks. But now we have a problem.”

Cat looked to his cum covered fingers. “Oh, I mean.” She leaned forward, took his hand, and licked his fingers clean. Cat wasn’t exactly a stranger to the taste of her own arousal, so the action didn’t phase her. Cleaning the juice off of his hand, she let go to find him smirking. “What?”

“Not taksim bdsm escort uh, not the problem.” Ray motioned downward to his erection, which had stayed there since their initial making out. “I could take care of it over in my room.”

She picked up where he left off, adding, “Or I could help you out.”

“It’s only fair.” He finished.

“Yeah.” She nodded, still out of breath. “You want to undo those?”

Ray nodded and sat up straight, unzipping his jeans as she watched. His boxers were next, and Cat stifled a laugh as his cock sprang up. “Are you laughing at my dick?”

“No, it’s just eager.” Cat replied. Now that she could see it sober, it wasn’t too bad. Ray’s cock was about six inches when erect, which was just fine for Cat’s taste. It wasn’t always about size, it was about what you could do with it. She gingerly wrapped her hand around it. “Tell me what feels good, okay?” Cat stroked it, softly at first, to test the waters.

“Mhmm Yeah.” Ray responded with a throaty sigh. “Hey Cat,” he added after a moment, “if we’re still in the realm of testing things out, could you maybe suck it?”

Cat paused. “Are you really okay with that?”

“Why not?”

She shrugged. “In the past you’ve just been adamant you’re not into me, so I don’t think you’d get pleasure from this.” Even so, she got on all fours and leaned forward. Guiding his cock into her mouth, Cat ran her tongue down the lower side of it as it went deeper. She pulled back, letting go of the dick with a satisfying ‘pop’. The two locked eyes for a moment and Cat resolved to make whatever the hell was happening last as long as she could.

Leaning back down, Cat kissed the tip of his dick before taking it in again. She looked up at him as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Cat slid her tongue down the underside and found herself very close to deepthroating.

Without warning, Ray laced his fingers through her hair and shoved her head down. Cat let out a confused, muffled cry around his cock. “Just go with it,” Ray said, gruffly, as he thrust his hips forward and slowly fucked Cat’s face. “Fuck, that’s it. Take that cock in your mouth like a good girl.” He growled. His thrusts started to get a bit more untimed, as Cat kept her pace up. Her mind started to cloud over as the taste of precum was smeared around her mouth. “God, Catherine, suck that cock like the slut you are.” Ray was erratic, pounding into her mouth. “I’m going to fucking cum in your mouth, Catherine.”

Cat let the use of her full name slide. Ray soon came in her mouth and she swallowed the spurts of cum, still sucking through his orgasm. His grip on her hair loosened and he slumped against the dresser at the foot of her bed. Cat let his cock slide out of her mouth and retreated to the opposite edge of her bed. Cum dripped from her lips and she licked it off, tracing her tongue on the outline of her lips as she faced him again. Blue eyes met brown as they stared at each other, unsure of what to do next.

Ray and Cat didn’t speak until dinner that night when he volunteered to help make a salad. Krys came home late with booze and Mina made her supposedly famous garlic bread, all while Cat slaved over a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. Mina and Krys suspected nothing, and dinner conversation was light and non-sexual. In fact, Ray and Cat refused to discuss sex for another month.

This was how Mina eventually discovered there was an issue. Sexuality was an immense part of Cat and Ray’s friendship, between Ray’s bi-curious nature and Cat’s overtly sexual sense of humor. At a party late sophomore year, for example, a sober and confused friend of Kevin’s asked if Cat and Ray were dating. This was because the two were embedded in a conversation about utilizing food in sex; Cat was anti-whipped cream on dick, while Ray was pro. The drunk friends argued about it for almost an hour before Mina broke it up.

So after four weeks of radio silence on the sexuality front, Mina sat down with Ray and forced it out of him.

“I don’t know what to do, Meens,” Ray muttered, running his hands through his hair in exasperation. “I’m not into Cat at all. She’s not my type.”

“If it makes you feel any better, you’re not her’s either. For the most part.” Mina patted his back in an attempt to calm him down. “But maybe if this keeps happening, it’s a sign of something.”

Ray scoffed. He took a swig of whiskey and frowned. “It’s not a sign of anything. We just keep fucking up. And each other, I guess.”

Mina chuckled. “I mean, is it that bad?”

“No! And that’s the worst part!” Ray exclaimed. He nearly dropped the glass of whiskey on the floor when he threw his hands up in the air. Setting it on the table next to the couch, he leaned back. “God, sometimes I can still fucking hear her moaning through the wall and all I can think about is running my dick into her cunt.”

The petite redhead squeaked out a “Well that’s nice” and tried to hide her intense blushing. Mina had never been as sexual as her friends, and sometimes hearing the vulgar language shocked her.

“I’m sorry,” Ray sighed. “This is the kind of stuff I’d talk about with Cat.”

“Well maybe you two should talk about it.” She nudged him. “You’re both going abroad soon anyway, it might be better to discuss it now instead of letting it simmer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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