Edmonton Nights

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It was my fifth night in Edmonton, a wonderful visit of exploration and adventure. Only a few days remained until my return. That departure loomed like an Abyss, for I would be once more separated from you.

I watched you standing upon the balcony, leaning on the railing. I cleared the dishes from our dinner and watched the wind blow your hair. You were silhouetted to me by the setting sun, a figure of beauty an inspiration. I left the few remaining dishes and came to you.

You looked up at me when I slid my arm around your waist. Your eyes were sad and I wondered what had touched you. Moisture gathered at the corners and you laid your head upon my chest. I stroked your hair, scented with vanilla, and kissed you upon the forehead.

With you in my embrace we watched the sun fade away as night claimed the sky. The city seemed to wake with a million lights, each representing a flickering soul. Yet, in my arms was the one that illuminated my life and outshone the pearlescent moon and stars and rivaled the sun itself.

You looked up at me, your eyes the color of the sea. I smiled for I found myself drowning in them every time I gazed into your soul. I knew I must tread carefully, for I knew I could truly loose myself in you.

Your red lips spread into a sad smile and I could not resist them. I placed my lips upon yours, as I had done so many times these last days. Even now, I thrilled to the softness of your lips upon mine, the taste of you and your heat. You returned my kiss with a new longing. Your mouth opened to me and I inhaled your breath into my being as our tongues made love.

When our lips separated I felt a piece of me depart with you. I held you to me and stroked your face.

“What is it, My Beauty? Why so sad tonight?”

You turned and gazed upon the horizon across a sea of sparkling lights. “You leave soon. I’ve enjoyed having you here.”

I placed a finger upon your chin and turned your gaze back to me. “I’m not leaving yet. You still have me for a time, and you have me tonight.”

A fire sparked in you eyes. “Does that mean I can have you tonight?” Your lips were almost upon mine.

I briefly tasted your lips once more. “That was my hope,” I whispered in your ear.

You giggled and I thrilled to the sound of your laughter. “Was it now? You presume much.”

I smiled broadly and a lightness filled my chest. “I presume nothing, but I do hope for much. I want you. I want to taste you, to feel you.” Our lips met again. Your arms wrapped around my neck, and this time I felt it was you devouring me. “I want to make love to you,” I whispered in your ear before my lips fastened upon the tender lobe.

You gasped and I held you. My hands explored up your back, stroking your flesh, memorizing the feel of your body. I guided you from the balcony. “Come, let me show you.”

The suite had several small rooms adjoining a central entertainment center. A small kitchen and dining room, dishes still upon the table, were to the right. A twisting stair rose above the dining room to the master bedroom open to the suite below. Adjoining the bedroom was a private bath, its door closed.

I opened the door and you glanced at me uncertainly. I followed inside. The large room glittered with candlelight, scores of green votives illuminated the room. Firelight flickered off the shiny tile and the massive mirror. Once inside, you saw the hot tub, waters roiling, surrounded by small candles and incense.

You turned to me, wonder in your eyes. Your excitement and pleasure filled me with happiness.

“How did you manage this, all these candles still lit,” you asked breathless.

I approached you and kissed your neck, my lips feasting upon your offered flesh. “I have my ways,” I said.

You sighed and released yourself to me. I felt the tension leave your body as you closed your eyes and gave yourself over to me.

I reached to you and unbuttoned your blouse. One button at a time. Slowly I opened your shirt to reveal your pale skin to my eager eyes. I grasped the fabric and slid my hands slowly across your breasts, over your shoulders, and down your arms until the shirt fell in a puddle behind you.

A cream colored lace bra embraced your breasts, lifting them to my hungering gaze. I reached around you and found the clasps. I nibbled upon your neck as I unbound you. Then I took the straps in hand and slowly my hands drifted down your arms, and soon unveiled your breasts to me.

Your copious breasts were lovely. Large rosy brown halos surrounded beylikdüzü escort erect nipples. My hands touched you and gasped softly, and bit your lower lip. You filled my uplifting hands, and my fingers played across your nipples. Your eyes lit up when I tweaked your nipples, and I made a mental note.

I allowed my kisses to fall upon your breasts. I fondled you, exploring the ample feel of you in my hands. Soon my mouth was fastened over a nipple and pressed your breast firmly to me. I suckled upon your nipple, drawing and pulling upon it, my tongue stroking it. You moaned and stroked my hair. I moved to the other and my teeth grazed the sensitive flesh. You hissed and pressed me against your breast. I opened my mouth and tried to devour you, my tongue stroking and teasing your hardened nipple.

I kissed your hard bud and then the other, holding your breasts together so I might more easily move from one to the other. I luxuriated in the feel of your breasts in my hands and lifted and stroked them.

My hands slid down your sides and across your belly. I knelt before you and my lips played across the soft flesh of your belly. I kissed around your navel and I felt you tense a bit in anticipation. I let my kisses descend toward the waistband of your jeans. Then when you relaxed again I quickly licked your navel.

“Hey,” you yelled and jumped back. “I knew you were going to do that.”

“Sorry,” I replied with laughter in my voice. “I couldn’t help it. Your navel is so delicious.”

You slowly stepped back to me. I wrapped my arms around your hips, my hands firmly upon your butt. I laid my lips over your navel and kiss you there, and let my tongue sample your tender belly.

You shuddered but I held you tight and did not let you retreat. “It tickles,” you exclaimed.

I looked up and arched my eyebrows and smiled devilishly at you. When I returned I let my kisses wander freely across you now. I unfastened the button of your jeans, unzipped them and parted them. Green panties girded your hips. I pulled your jeans down and let my tongue explore your flesh along the waistband of your panties. You stepped out of your jeans and I set them aside.

I ran my hands up under the back of your panties, feeling the firm flesh of your ass, stroking the smooth skin. I placed my kisses along your legs, following the edge of your panties. You shuddered when I found the junction of your leg to your hip.

I looked up at you and passion and anticipation filled your eyes as I took hold of your panties and slowly worked them down. Finally your bare pussy was revealed to me, your feminine cleft so beautiful and prominent. My lips explored across your shaven loins, and I made mental note of each place that made you shudder.

Finally I came to your cleft, and let my tongue caress the very tip. Your gripped my head even as I stroked your butt. My tongue dipped into your cleft, and I could taste your honey, sweet and feminine.

Before I became carried away I let my lips explore down your legs and back up inside them, until once more your scent and heat overwhelmed me. I could no longer resist. My mouth fastened over your mound and my tongue stroked between your lips. You pressed my head against your hips. I worked my tongue deeper into you, finding your inner lips covered in your delicious nectar. I lavished attention on your delicate love lips then found your clit, swollen with anticipation.

You gasped as I sucked upon your bud and my tongue teased her mercilessly. Soon I placed a finger upon your entrance, so slick and welcoming. I slowly entered your tight embrace and quickly found your spot.

Your breathing quickened as I gently massaged you from inside and my mouth worked upon your clitoris. I squeezed your bottom with my free hand, holding myself to you while you pressed my face hard into your loins.

A second finger found it’s way into you and soon you were gasping and shuddering. You legs quivered and yet I did not stop. As the orgasm crested over your body and your breathing stopped, I continued my attentions. As the first waned a second began its ascent. I could see your eyes roll, and your grip upon me lessened as your body went rigid and shuddered. As this climax declined I feared another would make your legs to weak to stand.

I stood and kissed you. You could taste your own essence upon me.

As we kissed you began undressing me. First you pulled away my shirt baring my chest to you. Your hands explored me through the hairs. beyoğlu escort You occasionally pulled and tugged at the hairs until you came to my nipples. You tweaked them and I shuddered which made you smile. Then your mouth was upon a nipple and I felt a bolt of electricity arch through my body to the root of my sex. You suckled and tongued the hard bit of flesh and I shuddered and gasped.

“You like that I think,” you said with a grin.

“Almost overwhelming,” I gasped.

Then your hot mouth sought out the other nipple and fire erupted through my being as you suckled and licked. I held you to me and kissed the top of your head, stroking your hair.

Then your kisses descended down and you unfastened my jeans. They fell away and I stepped out of them. You kissed me along the waistband of my boxer-briefs. Then you pulled them down and away.

As the waistband passed over, I was released and sprung up and before you. You grinned like a girl at Christmas as you studied me. I shuddered when you first touched me, your finger followed the length of the shaft and then your hand enveloped my girth. Your lips glistened and your eyes betrayed the hunger that you felt as your tongue touched the crown of my cock, sending bolts of lightning up into my body.

Your tongue played across the crown and then your lips were upon me. Your hand stroked the length of me and I watched as I disappeared into the hot embrace of your mouth. Your tongue stroked me and your fingers felt the weight of my balls. I shuddered and watched your stroke the shaft as you descended upon me time and again. I thrust my hips slightly as you swallowed me.

You ran you lips along the length, you fingers massaged my balls. My sense were swimming and then you devoured me again deep into your throat. I was relieved when you released me and stood. Much more and I would have been unable to contain myself.

We kissed and I guided you to the tub. I watched you carefully step into the warm embrace of the hot bubbling waters. I decided I enjoyed watching your nude body move. I followed and we sat beside one another. The hot waters were invigorating and set my nerves alight.

I slid to you and put my arm around you. You leaned your head onto my chest and I kissed your cheek and then nibbled your ear. As I kissed and whispered sweet nothings in your ear, your hand found my erection and slowly caressed me, stroking slowly. I groaned and returned the favor by fondling your breasts.

Soon you were sitting in my lap and we were kissing passionately. Our tongues made love and we devoured one another. You shifted and I found my cock was nestled between your cheeks. You leaned back and presented your neck to me, which I of course, kissed. This time I sucked upon your neck and you squirmed, which sent wonderful sensations from my erection up into my being. When I released you, I could see my mark would be nicely visible. Everyone would know you were my woman.

All too soon the hot waters were becoming too warm. I took your hand and helped you from the hot tub. I toweled you dry and kissed your body as I did so paying lavish attention to your breasts. You dried me off, nibbling upon my cock as you did so.

We walked from the bathroom to the bed. I admired every move your body made. I laid you upon the bed and our reached out for me. I smiled.

“Not yet, My Beauty. Roll over.”

You reluctantly complied and I found myself staring at your ass and legs. I wanted you. But there was much to do still.

I poured some lotion into my hands, then spread it across your back, and then warmed my hands. I placed my hands upon the small of your back and stroked slowly up along your back to your shoulders and down your sides. Using the fullness of my hands I stroked your muscles and luxuriated in the feel of your body to my hands. Soon I moved to your legs and buns, kneading your flesh with slow deep pressure before stroking your feet. I watched the beauty of your buns and sex as I stroked an kneaded your flesh. I bent down to you and kissed the soft flesh of your butt.

You giggled. “Remind me to never to tell you to kiss my ass.”

“You can tell me to kiss your ass anytime you want me too,” I laughed and then returned to kissing your flesh.

You were relaxed when I had you roll over. I begin with long deep strokes up you legs, higher and higher my hands rise. Across your hips and loins I rub you with soft circular motions. You moan softly as I allow my fingers to slide across your feminine bomonti escort cleft. With slow, long and tender strokes I ascend your belly. Then gently I caress your breasts, lifting and stroking with the lightest touch. Across your collar, and down your arms. I end with tiny circular caresses across your face and scalp.

I laid behind you as you relaxed with your massage. I pressed my body against yours, my erection between your cheeks. I kissed your shoulder and slowly thrust my hips to yours. Soon you reached around and stroked my thrusting member.

I laid on my back, my member rising into the air and you rolled over and stroked me slowly. I guided you with my hands and you laid upon me, your hips over my face, and yours to my erection. I caressed and pulled upon your lips until you swallowed me. Then I leaned forward and covered your pussy with my mouth.

I sucked upon your nether lips and tongued you. As you pleasured me, I sought to bring you ever more delight. I sucked upon your clit and inserted two fingers to stroke you inside. Your own tongue was licking my member as you sucked and stroked me. I was intoxicated in the sensations of your mouth upon me and mine upon you.

My head was swimming and I wanted you to crest, so with my other hand I inserted a finger into your rosebud, your back entrance. You responded almost immediately to the triple attention. Your body shook and you moaned softly around my member still held within your mouth. I continued my attentions and soon you released me and were engrossed in the electricity shooting through your body.

When your climax subsided, you rolled off of me and stared at the ceiling. I knelt beside you caressing your breasts.

I’m going to make love to you now,” I said.

You spread your legs for me and I knelt before you, my erection poised at your entrance. Your love lips kissed me as I slowly entered into your tight, wet embrace. I thrust slowly, deeper into you, until I filled you completely, deep into you to my root. I leaned forward and suckled upon a nipple as I set into a steady thrust pattern. You stroked my hair and undulated your hips to my thrusts. Soon I thrust harder and deep, grinding my hips against your clitoris with each descent. I angled myself to drag against your inner walls, to brush my crown against your spot with each plunge.

Soon, once more your body went rigid. Your sex clamped upon me, gripping me with her spasms of passion. When you finished you sat up and told me to lie back.

You knelt above me and smiled, brushing my cock across your wet pussy. My sight was almost blurred with passion. You stroked me and then slowly descended upon my erection, falling upon me until I bottomed out against your cervix. You gasped and held me there deep inside you.

I reached up and held your breasts as you began rising and falling upon me. You threw your head back and soon I was lost as well. I existed only inside your tight embrace. My being was inside you filling you nothing else existed. Your breathing grew ragged and soon you dropped upon me as your body shuddered once more with me buried deep within you.

You slowly dismounted and when I left you I felt lessened. I knew my only happiness would be to fill you. Breathing heavily you sat on your knees and laid upon your elbows as I moved behind you. Once more I impaled you. Driving into you with great strength and speed. I spanked your ass several times, turning the pale flash a beautiful crimson. I took your hair in hand and pulled your head back and thrust deep and hard. You gasped and groaned and soon yet another wave of pleasure arced through your body. You shuddered, impaled upon my rigid member, while I held your hair.

When you finished you turned to me and took me into your mouth. You swallowed me, sucking hard and deep. Your hand stroked my shaft as you consumed me. Your tongue played across my crown. Soon I felt the stirrings of ecstasy. I thrust slowly with your lavish consumption of me. You massaged my balls and soon the tightened and my body went rigid.

I groaned as I erupted into your mouth, pouring my hot seed into your throat with spasms of electric fire. As the heavenly spasms subsided you licked me clean and then swallowed the remnants of my climax.

“Mmm, penis juice,” you exclaimed. I had to laugh.

We laid together, embraced in each others arms. We kissed, tasting ourselves upon the other’s lips. It was decadent. I was delicious.

As our breathing slowly returned to normal, I contented myself with lightly stroking your flash. You looked at me, your eyes misty.

“Why do you love me so,” you asked.

I smiled and kissed your bottom lip. “Because.”

“I could fall in love with you, I think.” You closed your eyes and peace settled upon you.

I smiled and kissed your bottom lip. “I know.”

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