Echoes of the Storm Ch. 02

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I slid into the leather seat of Dennis’ car. I looked at the interior and was flooded with memories of owning one very similar to this when it was a new model and not a classic. I closed the door and looked over at Dennis, I could see why Steph found him cute. He was the typical jock, tall dark and handsome and very much into his very healthy ego. But he lacked one thing, something he was going to painfully learn, respect for the opposite sex. I smiled at him, it was a genuine smile but he didn’t inspire it, the thoughts of teaching him a lesson did.

“Hey sexy!” He said even as the car back up and out onto the street. “Ready for the night of your life?” Again I smiled.

“You have no idea.” I responded letting my plan take form in my mind. I almost felt sorry for him, almost. “Where are we off to?”

“Damn girl you are a real airhead, how many times do I have to remind you?” His face a mask of irritation, “The new Sci-Fi movie starts tonight, sheesh.” Wow, a jock and a geek who would have guessed?

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.” I looked out as the world passed on by. I ignored him and let him have his moment, for now.

We arrived at the theater with time to spare. He bought our tickets and headed straight for the arcade. I watched as many of the young men there stared at me, some openly some shyly. Soon Dennis’ arm was around me declaring me his property. I smiled up at him and saw him physically relax. He was almost charming until he opened his mouth. “Good, you know who you belong to.” It took everything I had not to slap him or say something emasculating. He pulled me along with him to the machine he wanted to play. I watched him play for about a minute and made sure his attention was focused on the screen and looked around the arcade. Bingo! A very cute guy was standing alone and looking in my direction.

“Hey Dennis, can I have some money for a soda?” He grumbled something and he clumsily pulled some bills out of his front pocket.

“Bring back my change.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Sure thing sweety!” I walked away making a beeline for the guy I had picked out. As I walked passed him I spoke to him.

“God I need a real man, follow me if you think you can make me cum.” He followed like a bee to honey, my honey, like the kind that was soaking my nineteen year old pussy. We got to the bathrooms and I walked into the guy’s bathroom and straight to a stall and my target followed and closed the door behind us. “Let me see this cock of yours.” He complied and oh dear god was this guy blessed. It was hard and long and thick just like my former organ that my daughter now enjoyed. Oh how I was going to enjoy this. I turned around and lifted up my skirt showing off my bald drenched pussy to him. I looked over at him, “hard and rough cowboy.” He walked behind me and lined up the head of his cock with my slit and jammed it in. I gasped and urged him on.

“Yeah baby fuck that pussy, make me cum!!” He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me in earnest. His cock filled me up so nice. I pushed back against him driving him deeper and deeper into me. I began to moan in time with beşiktaş türbanlı escort his thrusts. “Yeah that’s it, fuck me harder baby!!” I could hear his breathing get more labored and feel his cock swell inside of me but I was a heartbeat behind him and even as his dick pulsed deep into me I was biting back a scream as my own orgasm washed over me. That was the first of many I had planned for the evening. I straightened up and turned around looking at the male at his finest moment, he was glowing with pride and the sense of release. I cleaned up and lowered my skirt. “Nicely done!” I unlocked the door and squirmed past him even as the stupid banter came out of his mouth.

“Hey maybe we can…” The three guys in the bathroom looked at me like an angel just descended into their midst.

“I just needed a quickie.” They stared at me mouths open. “If you are here after the premier perhaps the four of us can get together?” I walked out of the bathroom and made my way to the counter and bought my soda. I was after all a little parched after having nine inches of cock slammed into me. Dennis was prowling the area and caught sight of me.

“Where have you been?” I batted my eyelashes and told him.

“I went into the guy’s john with a perfect stranger and had him fuck me senseless.” I smiled at him and awaited his response.

“You are so fucking silly come on.” He really did have an ego problem. “A buddy of mine has saved us good seats lets go.” Again his arm around my hip and off we went to get our seats and see a movie. I sat between him and his buddy just as I had planned. We waited at least ten minutes for the lights to dim and the trailers to start playing. I looked over at his friend and smiled, he smiled in return being polite. I undid a button on my blouse his eyes followed the movement, then I undid one more letting him get a good look at my cleavage. I smiled again and he swallowed hard his eyes glued to my tits. I looked up at Dennis but he was enthralled with the trailers. My hand moved towards his friend’s leg and let it settle there. I felt his whole body stiffen and then slowly my hand moved arrow straight to his cock. It was rock hard and straining his jeans nicely. Good boy! Here comes your treat courtesy of your best friend’s girlfriend. As deftly as I could I eased his zipper down inch by inch as slow as humanly possible. When my hand reached into his pants the opening music swelled and the movie started. When the first scene faded in my hand was wrapped around bare flesh, his eager cock there for any to see. But all eyes were on the screen. I began to pump my hand slowly up and down the shaft as the first space fight started. As people clapped and cheered my toy moaned loudly in my ear. I squeezed his cock and began to move my hand a bit faster now.

“Mmmmmmm oh my god!” His voice drowned out by the movie fans. I continued to tease him, stopping from time to time letting him languish in pleasure and pain.

“Beg me.” I whispered to him, his iron hard cock twitching in my hand.

“Please let me cum.” I tsked to him.

“Is that the correct term for me?” I asked him.

“Please beşiktaş ucuz escort Mistress, let me cum.” Ooh I liked the sound of that. My motion on his cock my answer, I begin to stroke it hard and fast aiming the head toward the back of the seat in front of him. As the music once again swelled at the height of the action the cock in my hand swelled and pulsed his cum spraying the back of the seat with a great deal of force. Without another word I took his shriveled cock and tucked him back in and zipped him up. I patted his leg and sat back and actually watched the movie.

“Wow was that movie great or what?” Dennis was beside himself with happiness. His buddy just smiled a secret smile and nodded. I sat between them and sipped my drink. “So what do you think?” He was asking me.

“I had a good time.”

“Mack, what did you think?” Dennis asked his buddy.

“Oh, I definitely had a good time.” Dennis was satisfied.

“You ready to go back to my place?”

“I need to use the little girl’s room I’ll be right back.” I never did answer his question. Now lets see if my other toys were waiting for me. I left the theatre’s dining area and made my back to the same guy’s bathroom. Well two out of the three, that’s not bad. I locked the bathroom behind me.

“You ready for me?” I asked and they only nodded. I removed my skirt and let it hit the floor and turned a little circle and let them see my ass and legs. I didn’t have a lot of time but time enough for this. I knelt on the cold floor of the bathroom and help them free their cocks without hurting themselves. Soon I was stroking two healthy lengths of man flesh. “So who goes first?” The taller guy muttered something and the shorted guy nodded.

“Why not both at once?” They said together and I pondered it for a long moment. I had never had anal sex before and perhaps this was the perfect time to try it. “You have to go gentle if I let you do this.”

“We promise.” Again they said it in unison.

“OK let’s do this thing.” I had seen enough porn in my long stint of celibacy to set this thing up. “One of you needs to get on the floor and lay on your back.” The taller guy complied and followed my instructions. I straddled him and lowered my pussy down onto him slowly but surely. I felt the head of him open my pussy lips and begin to enter me, inch-by-inch filling me up. I felt a deep moan escape my lips. “Oh yeah.”

Once he was fully hilted in me I rode him for a bit while the shorter guy got behind me patiently waiting. My pussy juices ran down the tall guys cock I moaned to the guy behind me. “Take my juices and lube my ass nicely.” He did as he was told; I shivered as I felt his fingers touch my asshole. A deeper moan escaped me. “Now take you cock and lube it up.” Again he did as he was told. “Ready?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good now take the head and press it up against me.” I felt the thick head press against my nether region. “Now push slowly.” He was as good as his word and very slowly eased the head of his cock passed my tight sphincter ring. I relaxed and ever so slowly the head actually entered with a gentle pop. beşiktaş üniversiteli escort “Stop and let me get used to it.” I sat there as I let the sensations wash over me. I was stuffed with two cocks and loving it. “OK, now slowly push deep into me.” Inch after inch invaded my ass and I crooned with pleasure. “Yeah baby that’s it fill up my ass!” When he was all the way in I motioned for him to stop to let me get used to this wonderful new sensation. “OK boys lets make some noise.” I began to rock forward and back letting the cocks slide in and out of me. Full and empty over and over, my initial pace was slow but quickly I picked up speed until they were moving with me driving deeper and deeper into me. We three were grunting like animals in heat and truth be told we were. The guy in my ass was grunting louder and louder and I knew my tight ass was too much for him.

“Yeah baby cum in my ass fill me up and make me scream!” He did a hell of a job rocking his hips stroking his cock deep into my nether region making me squeal with delight with each thrust. The guy in my pussy not to be outdone drive his hips up and impaled my pussy over and over again. The panting took on a beautiful rhythm and I was the star. Soon the guy behind me lowered his head to my back and moaned into my ear.

“I’m gonna cum…” and even as the words registered I felt his pulse deep into my ass. My own orgasm was building quickly all I needed was a bit more. The guy below me, grabbed my hips and ass cheeks, and begin to lift and drop me on his cock.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah fuck me baby!” The guy in my ass withdrew and zipped up and watched us. Up and down my hips went lifted and dropped onto his steel hard flesh. Soon we were both moving together as fast as we could urge the other towards climax. I felt that now familiar feeling overwhelming me. I cried out as my orgasm hit drowning out the guy below me as he thrust one last time and spewed his cum deep into my pussy. Soon we were dressed and without a word I unlocked the bathroom and stepped out into the hall where Dennis waited for me in front of the girl’s bathroom. I stepped up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He spun around annoyed.

“Where have you been?”

“Fucking two guys in the boys bathroom.”

“Right…” My two partners walked out just then chatting up their conquest.

“Damn that girls ass was tight, I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before but oh my god I can’t wait til the next time.”

“Her pussy was so damn sweet. It was like a velvet fist wrapped around me. When she came it was unfuckingreal.” Dennis just stared at them then at me and blinked as the knowledge settled in.

“What the fuck is going on?” Dennis’ face grew redder and redder by the second, his fist balled up as he pondered what to do.

“Despite what you may think Dennis, I don’t belong to you.” That was the final blow to his ego. He telegraphed the punch long before it landed. It was easy enough to sidestep it and lock his wrist in a very painful hold I learned way back in the day. If this had actually been my daughter she would never have dreamed to do what I did this night.

“Now Dennis dear if you ever even think of hitting me ever again I will break your Fucking Arm!” I applied more pressure to his wrist to emphasize the point. Dennis dropped to his knees and vowed he would be good. I let go of him and walked away.

“How are you getting home?” Dennis called out behind me.

“Oh, I’ll find a way.” The smile on my face was radiant.

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