Dirty Girl

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Amateur Deepthroat

The type of things i’m into would make any young lady blush. For me, sex has to be hard and rough. If you don’t fuck like that then to me, you just aren’t doing it right!

I like to be man-handled and thrown around, my hair pulled on and spanked.

Its not about being abused though, its about going to the very edge between pleasure and pain and walking that tight rope. Its about seeing how far you can go before it becomes too much and your body can’t handle it any more.

Thats where the best orgasms happen too. I’m talking about mind numbing, breath stealing orgasms, one that last for minutes, not seconds.

You can never judge a book by its cover either. I’ve fucked guys that have been built like tanks, strong and attractive but end up misfiring their weapons minutes after getting started or being afraid of what my kind of fucking is actually like.

Others have been complete surprise packages, lanky and awkward but been able to make me cum so hard I’ve blacked out.

I remember this one guy… lets call him Richard, or Dick for short.

Now Dick seemed like a shy and timid fellow when I first met him. I was at work cataloguing books when he came up and asked if I could recommend a good thriller. We chatted for a little while and I scoured the shelves, pulling books as I went. I knew that his eyes were roaming my body each time I looked away so I made sure to pick books from either the top shelf, so I could reach up on my tippy toes and let my tight black pencil skirt ride up my thigh or on the bottom shelf so I could bend over and give him a glimpse of my crisp white panties. After a good 10 minutes of perusing the isles I had a small pile of novels for him to choose from. Instead of picking just one he borrowed all 6 hard backs and left, but not before I noticed how stiff his walk had become.

A week later he came back and returned all his loans. I was honestly shocked when he walked straight up to me, thanked me for my recommendations and asked me to accompany him to dinner. I accepted his offer partially because I liked the way he looked and partly because I thought that if he had the balls to do that then maybe, just maybe he would have the balls to do other things too.

Our evening was going quite well and Dick was very witty and sharp. Conversation wasn’t beylikdüzü escort lacking in the slightest and he found every opportunity to touch my arm or caress my leg. I could feel this little game of who’s the biggest tease getting me a little wet.

At one point he even grazed the side of my breast with his hand when he wiped off an eyelash that had fallen and landed on my cheek. I knew that none of it was an accident… at least I hoped it wasn’t.

I made an excuse to go and powder my nose just after dessert and as Dick came to pull my chair out like a gentleman, I made sure to brush my arse up against his crotch, just to let him know that I was indeed interested in whatever he had planned next. I felt the outline of his cock as I pushed into him and I could tell that he was already a little excited.

I came back to the table and we collected our things. “Coffee at mine?” I asked and he readily agreed.

He drove us back to my house and we got comfortable on the sofa as we sipped on coffee and chatted some more.

Once we finished our drinks I casually asked “Would you like a house tour before you leave?” Not because I wanted to show him around but because I wanted to get him into my bedroom so the fun could begin. He accepted my invitation and we wandered around the house before heading to my room. He walked in first and I followed after him and closed the door behind me. Dick turned around and raised an eyebrow at my bold move before sitting himself down on my plush bed. I walked up to him and turned around “Would you mind undoing my dress so I can slip into something a little more comfortable?” I asked with a smile on my face. He stood and slowly dragged the zipper of my dress down my back. Once he had it down as far as it could go he sat back down with his legs open and yanked me down to kneel in front of him. He undid his pants and freed his limp cock from the material of his boxers.

“Suck it” he instructed.

I put him into my mouth and danced my tongue over his cock as he grew bigger and bigger. One of my hidden talents is deep-throating so as soon as he got completely hard I swallowed all of him down my throat. He exhaled deeply as I did this a couple more times.

“Thats enough” he said, but I ignored his warning and beyoğlu escort kept sucking his cock like an ice-block.

“I said thats enough!” he growled, lifting me out of my kneeling position and put me across his knee. I was in the same position as when I used to get spanked as a kid, only this time I knew that I was going to enjoy it. His hand ran up the inside of my thighs and brushed my pussy before he took his hand away and brought it down hard on my arse. I cried out as the fresh palm print stung my right cheek. He brought his hand back to between my legs and he rubbed his hand along my white panties, before taking his hand away again and bringing it down hard to the same spot where his last strike landed. Once again I cried out and his hand went back to work on my pussy. This time he curled his fingers slightly and as he stroked me from front to back and his middle finger fell into the crease of my cloth covered pussy lips. I was that wet that my once white panties were now transparent with cunt juice. He spanked me one more time, this strike landing on my left cheek and leaving another bright red mark on my creamy skin.

“You like that?” Dick asked as he stood me up with him.

“Mhhmm…” I nodded.

He stripped himself of clothing, standing in front of me completely naked and reached around to undo my matching white lace bra. Once the latch was undone he yanked the material off, causing my tits to jiggle slightly from his rough touch. He pinched a nipple as his hand went down to my panties and he yanked them down my legs, letting then fall in a wet mess at my feet. He turned me around and pushed me onto the bed.

“I want that sexy arse up in the air for me” he said as he came up behind me. I arched my back and pushed my butt back as far as I could, waiting for whatever he had planned next.

I felt his mouth kiss my red arse before using his hands to spread my cheeks wide, opening my arsehole to his gaze. I heard more than felt his body move as his tongue pushed open my pussy lips as he drug his mouth and nose from the top of my pussy lips back to my hole. He did this twice more before burying his tongue in my arse, pushing it as far as he could go before withdrawing it only to once again push it all the way in again and wiggling it around.

“Does bomonti escort my arse taste good?” I asked, pushing back as far as I could. He growled his answer, removing his tongue completely from me.

I glanced over my shoulder at him only to find him going through the top draw of my dresser, where I kept all my most favourite possessions. I have some of the most powerful vibrators known to man in that draw, as well as a butt plug and some very well used nipple clamps. He pulled out my butt plug with a grin, spat on it and shoved it straight into the cavity his tongue had only been a minute earlier. I was still in the position he had me in when he shuffled behind me and entered my pussy without missing a beat. The plug was wedged between my arse and his crotch as he pushed into me as far as he could. He pulled me backwards so that I was in a kneeling position with him attached to me. He sucked on my neck, biting me as he went while his hands pawed at my tits, pinching and pulling on my nipples as he stretched them out as far as they could go before letting them slip from his fingers. My tits were red, tender and very sensitive after a minute of this and I was in heaven. He was drilling himself into me as he moved his attention from my breasts to my clit. He rubbed me as he forced my knees as far apart as they could go and brought his hand down to my pussy in a stinging slap. It hit me straight in my clit and the sensation was like a fire was building right where his hand had been. He slapped me again and again, while he continued to lick, suck and bite my neck. The sensations that he was causing was nearly too much for me as I tried to pull myself off his rock hard cock. He held me around the waist as his other hand furiously rubbed my abused pussy.

“You’re going to make me cum” I whimpered as everything went dark save for the single concentrated force of my orgasm as it hummed into existence from the consistent pounding my clit was taking.

“Don’t stop until i’m shaking!” I instructed as I started to cum. My whole body tightened up as every muscle spasmed uncontrollably. A scream came from somewhere deep inside me and Dick had to cover my mouth with his hand to keep me from waking the neighbourhood. He continued to rub and smack my cunt while I shook for what seemed like a lifetime until he came hard in me and as I sagged in a heap on the bed.

I was spent after that and just wanted to close my eyes.

“You can let yourself out” I instructed as I curled up in a ball and fell asleep, with cum seeping out of my pussy and the plug still firmly inserted into my arsehole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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