What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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One afternoon, I was sitting home sulking. I had just broken up with my long term, live-in boy friend, and had lost my job. The summer didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. Then my friend Ann stopped by to cheer me up. She suggested that I take a part in a play she and her husband were in that summer. After much hemming and hawing, I agreed. The fact that Ann and her husband Jim were two of my favorite people helped me decide, as did my knowledge of the sexual openness of thespians. At the least, I figured, I’d seduce a toothsome little college girl or boy. At the most… Well, I decided not to get too optimistic.

Once the play was running, our nights were open for recreation. The theater site we were at boasted a heated indoor pool, which quickly became the center of our bacchanalian revels. I seduced my little college boy one night, and figured that was that. How wrong I was!

No one went to the pool the night of the last performance. There was a raucous cast party going on in the actor’s quarters, which I went to for a while, but then drifted away down to the pool house. I love to swim, and I this was my last chance. I puffed up a doobie, grabbed a couple beers, and jumped in.

The pool had skylights over it, so I could float and watch my reflection. I was enjoying my perfect buzz when I heard a splash. Looking over, I saw Ann and Jim jumping into the shallow end, sans clothing. They looked like they had been partying pretty heavily. I floated down to say hi and to get a glimpse of Ann’s perfect long legs.

“Do you want me to split and give you guys some time alone?” I asked, hoping they would say no, which they graciously did. We sparked another one, chatted, and then I floated down to the deep end and amused myself by trying to sit on the bottom of the pool. As I came up for air, I noticed they were starting to get busy on bizimkent escort the pool steps, so I repeated my offer to cut out. “Don’t be silly,” said Ann. “In fact, why not come over here?” I ignored the sound of angels singing the Halleluiah Chorus in my head and swam over.

Ann was sitting on Jim’s lap facing me. As I approached, she opened up her arms and pulled me close to her. “This was such a great summer, Jo,” she whispered in my ear as she nuzzled my neck, “And I’m so glad we got to be together.” The feeling of her nipples rubbing against mine was so overwhelming I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I kissed her the way I had always wanted to.

As we kissed, Jim’s arms came around and pulled me tight against Ann, and I wrapped my legs around both of them. By tilting my pelvis a little, I could rub my pussy up against Ann’s. As we rocked back and forth, I could feel the head of Jim’s cock barely touching me as he pushed it back and forth between Ann’s legs. Blessing the buoyancy of water, I reached down to give his cock a friendly squeeze, and found I could stroke both he and Ann simultaneously. Ann stopped kissing me and looked at me with her gorgeous blue eyes. “You know I’ve never been with another woman before, and I’m glad you’re the first.” As she spoke, she ever so gently pushed a finger into my slit and started to rub my clit.

We stayed like that for a while, softly touching each other. As Ann’s moans became more insistent, Jim asked if I could help him do something. Together, we turned Ann so she was floating on her back, and brought her over to one of the pool jets. By squatting on either side of Ann, we could hold her pussy up the pulsating warm water while our hands and mouths could enjoy every inch of her tall athletic body. Jim and I started to lick her breasts, pausing every bostancı escort now and then to kiss each other. The water made Ann’s breasts float up instead of falling to the side, and with no effort I was able to take most of one in my mouth and massage her nipple with the back of my tongue. Her hand pushed me face harder onto her luscious chest, and it was all I could do to stop myself from pushing Jim out of the way to have both her tits all to myself.

Jim and I each had a hand on her ass, holding her up. By silent consent, we started to rub our fingers across her shaven pussy. Even though we were under water, I could still feel how wet she was. As Jim fingered her clit, I pushed two fingers inside her box, and massaged her asshole with my thumb. By now, Ann was moaning and gyrating her hips as her orgasm approached. One of Jim’s fingers slipped into her pussy next to mine, and she fucked herself on them until she came.

We lowered her legs and held her between us until she came out of her daze. “That was… well, there isn’t a word for it,” she murmured happily. “Whose turn is it now?” I was going to be generous and suggest Jim, but before I could say anything, they were turning me onto my back and floating me towards the “happy jet”. When the first pulse of warm water hit my lips, I thought I was going to implode. Ann knelt by my shoulders so she could kiss me while she played with my breasts. Jim, ever the gentleman, held me behind the knees so I could let the water hit me from my clit to my ass just by moving my hips.

Ann stopped kissing me and shyly asked if she could go down on me. Jim moved up to my shoulders and Ann moved between my legs. I put my legs over her shoulders and waited for paradise. She was so nervous it made her touch me very gently, which was more erotic than anything I could have büyükçekmece escort imagined. Her tongue barely parted my lips, and she slowly worked the tip of it onto my clit. My moans must have turned her on too, because the louder I got, the firmer her caresses became. I felt one of her fingers slide inside of me, and she started to make little circles around and around and around, while she matched them with her tongue. Out of nowhere, an orgasm crashed over me, the likes of which I had never experienced. Every time I thought I was coming down, she would suck my clit between her lips and I would come again. I remember thinking to myself “So, this is a multiple orgasm!” before I lost the ability to think at all.

Once I recovered, I looked at Ann and smiled. “What shall we do?” I asked. “I think Jim deserves something extra special for being so patient.” We rubbed our hands over his chest as we thought, nibbling on his muscled arms.

“If you ladies are open to suggestions, I have one.” Jim said. “I’ll sit on the steps and let both of you go crazy – my legs are killing me from holding both of you up!” He sat on a step and stroked his cock. “Who wants to taste me?” he asked rhetorically. Ann and I took a deep breath, wrapped an arm around one of his legs, and lowered our heads to his waiting pole. She took him in her mouth, while I licked his balls. We took turns coming up for air, and soon had a good rhythm going. I tried taking in a mouthful of water and then blowing it out against his sac. He groaned in pleasure, and asked Ann to do the same to his cock. As we directed the water from our mouths all over him, he stroked himself to orgasm. When he came, we could feel it hit our faces and then dissolve into the water, which was an amazing feeling.

The three of us snuggled up on the steps, opened a beer, and thanked God that no one else had come to the pool that night, or so we thought. When we finally made it back to the party, one of my friends sidled up to me and whispered “I guess you made quite a splash with Ann and Jim – thanks for the show!,” then walked away. To this day, I don’t know if he was guessing… or if we had an audience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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