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I came home after a grueling five-day business trip, and was mildly disappointed not to find my girlfriend Jill naked with her legs splayed wide open as I came in the front door. Instead, there was a lit candle on the table with a note beneath: “Hurry upstairs, Baby!!!”. Lying next to the note was a pair of skimpy lace panties, the front dark with dampness. I picked them up and inhaled the fragrant scent of pussy.

I followed a trail of discarded clothing up the stairs- too many clothes for just Jill, I noticed. By the time I got to the bedroom door, I was buck-naked with cock at full mast.

The sight before me made my prong twitch upwards in excitement. Jill was kneeling between the knees of a girl I knew from the office, a curvy red-head named Samantha.

Samantha was writhing beneath my girlfriends’ obviously skillful tongue, and when she saw me she smiled lasciviously. “Well, at last the main course has arrived.”

Jill pulled head up at that and saw me and smiled, her mouth and chin glistening with juices.

“Hey, baby!” She said. “Like my surprise?”

I nodded as I hopped up on the bed with them. “Hell, yeah!” I leaned forward and kissed Jill passionately, tasting Samantha’s tang. At the same time, I reached out for one of the red-heads massive tits, and she covered my hand with her own, pushing my hand harder against her.

Samantha’s other hand reached down to grab my stiff pole, and I shuddered in pleasure. Jill broke the kiss and playfully pushed Samantha’s head down at my crotch. “Take care of my man while I finish eating you out, Sam!” She cried.

Sam leaned forward and engulfed my cock like a pro, and immediately began hoovering my rod with gusto. Jill practically dove underneath her and wiggled around to get at Sam’s pussy. The sight was enough to make me almost bust a nut right there, but somehow I held off.

As she sucked me off, Samantha looked up at me with those wicked green eyes and winked. beylikdüzü escort I reached down and pushed a curly lock of hair away so I could see her lips on my cock better. She was a great cock-sucker, no doubt about it- every bit as good as Jill, who I would have sworn was the best I’d ever had. She reached down and tickled my nutsack with a fingernail while her other hand reached up to pinch and twist at my nipple, never missing a stroke the whole time. Then she pulled her mouth back till only my knob was captured and sucked fiercely. She simultaneously began stroking the length of my shaft with both hands, and I could feel the cum building.

But then I saw Samantha’s eyelids go wide open, then begin fluttering wickedly, and she pulled her mouth off me and began a low, keening moaning. I reached out and grabbed her shoulders and gently rolled her over onto her back, and as her body turned, Jill came over along with her like a lamprey, her mouth glued to Samantha’s cunt. I reached down and massaged Samantha’s massive tits, mashing one fiercely while gently running my fingers over the other.

The moan rose in volume and turned into a shriek that ended in shuddering gasps. Jill raised her head and winked at me, and I scrambled down the bed to get in position behind her on the king-sized bed. She accommodated me by climbing up Samantha’s body and began mouthing the red-head’s tits while I lined up my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

She was soaking wet, and I easily pushed all the way in to the hilt in one stroke. Doggie-style was our mutual favorite, and I grabbed her thin hips and began a steady rhythm, pumping her hard and deep while she sucked on Samantha’ s boobs.

Over the top of Jill’s head, I could see Samantha staring up at me hungrily. She licked her lips sensuously and grinned. “Hurry up and make her come, Stud. I need some cock in me so fucking bad….”

I reached around beylikdüzü eve gelen escort and found Jill’s small, hand-sized tits and latched on, then began short-stroking like a jackrabbit, my prick pistoning in and out of her like a machine. She began making her own cum-music, a sort of stuttering whimper in time with my thrusts. When I knew she was close I pulled all the way out until only the very tip of my prong was in her, and waited till she squirmed back towards me. Then I plunged in balls-deep, held it for a second, then pulled all the way back out again.

She moaned in frustration. “Oh, baby- you’re killing me. Give it to me hard, baby. Fuck me hard! I’m almost there.”

I laughed and gave her what she wanted, swiveling my hips in and out, adding to the length of my strokes. Samantha started urging me on: “Oh, yes, give it to her good. Fuck that sweet little twat. You like that, Jill? You going to come?”

Jill gave a cry of pleasure as her orgasm took her, and her pussy clenched tightly at me. I knew if I lost my focus for even a second I would blow my wad, but I kept pumping her all the way through her orgasm until she finally nearly collapsed atop Samantha.

I pulled out and patted her tight little ass fondly. “Ok, baby- move up and have a seat on Samantha’s face for me while I fuck her a little bit.”

That pepped Jill right back up, and she quickly took up her new spot. I took a moment to watch Samantha begin, one arm going up to caress Jill’s tits, the other snaking around behind to grab an ass-cheek.

I lifted Samantha’s thighs up high and took a kneeling position, my cock poised at the tip of her nether lips. She had a flame-red arrow of pubic hair pointing down at her honey-pot, and a clit so big it was peeking out from beneath its hood. I eased my rod inside her with exquisite slowness, wiggling my hips side to side as I slowly filled her.

When beylikdüzü masöz escort I was finally all the way inside, I started a slow groove, mixing up the length of my strokes, taking it slow. I reached out to those magnificent tits again and gently rubbed and pulled at them in time with my slow fucking.

Her legs wrapped around the lower part of my back and she squeezed, pulling me even deeper inside her, and I began increasing the force and speed of my thrusts. I felt like I could go on fucking her all night, but another part of me wanted to come hard.

I felt her cunt muscles begin to milk me, tightening rhythmically around my cock, and I threw patience to the wind and lifted her legs higher, her lower body now completely off the bed, almost throwing Jill from her seat ahead of me.

But by now even that wouldn’t have stopped me: I began driving down into Samantha’s pussy with urgent power, the top of my rod dragging hard against the roof of her cunt. I began grunting myself now, raw animal sounds of pleasure. I could hear Jill starting to gasp again, and I was kind of surprised Samantha could maintain her cunnilingus while I was pumping her so hard, but she was good.

I came with an almost painful intensity, blast after blast of cum shooting deep inside the red-head’s pussy, and I kept pumping long after I was done, until my cock was almost limp.

As soon as I pulled out, Jill was diving at my crotch, and she began licking and sucking at me like a starving animal. I fell back on the bed with her still on me, and I laughed out loud. “Give me a minute, girl!”

Samantha came up behind her and dragged her off. Jill was a skinny little thing, and Samantha was muscled like a lingerie football player, so she easily pulled her off. “Here you go, baby-girl,” Samantha cooed. “You can clean me out all you like- your man dumped a huge load in me.”

I watched as Jill went to work, her head flailing as she worked over Samantha’s entire pelvic area, licking industriously. Samantha patted her short brown hair fondly and looked me in the eye.

“You’ve got a hell of a little sex-pot here, don’t you?” She asked me.

I nodded. “She’s awesome. And so are you.”

Samantha grinned. “I think it’s going to be a pretty awesome weekend.”

And it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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