Weekend in Washington

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The cherry blossoms were in full bloom the first time I visited Washington D.C. I had flown in from San Diego to finally meet Bob my online cyberlover. We had been chatting for the last year and things had finally progressed to wanting to explore things in our real lives.

He was the most incredible man. He had gorgeous blue eyes and that sexy salt and pepper hair that women find appealing. We had spent many long hours online talking about work, life, and dreams for the future. It was amazing to find someone who totally seemed to understand me.

I had never found someone so easy to talk with in my life. Spending time with him was so enjoyable that four or five hours would fly by with a single conversation. Initially we just chatted in a chat room, then I finally gave him my phone number. We had spent the last six months using up as many minutes as we could on our phone cards. I almost asked my family to just give me phone cards for Christmas but I didn’t think they would understand.

Our plan was to go to a neutral location and neither of us had been to D.C. area before. We figured if things didn’t work out in a romantic way we could at least have a good time sightseeing. I knew regardless of what happened we would be friends for life.

I remember getting off my plane feeling a little anxious as I waited for my luggage. I grabbed a taxi still thinking it wasn’t too late to turn back. I opened my purse and pulled out the last email he had sent me. I read the words again and smiled realizing that everything would be fine.

I arrived at the hotel we had agreed to meet at and checked into my room. I looked at my watch noticing I had about two hours before we were supposed to meet for drinks in the hotel bar. I decided to take a long hot bath to try to relax. After unpacking, I slowly disrobed and went to the lovely marble tiled bathroom and climbed into the warm Jacuzzi.

Leaning back against the edge of the large bathtub, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it would feel like making love to my cyber lover for the first time. I opened my eyes taking a sip of the pinot grigio I had ordered from room service.

I let my fingers skim across my breasts rubbing the warm bubbles from the bath across my soft skin. I loved the feeling of the warm water dripping across my chest. Slowly, I slid my fingertips back and forth across my now hardened nipples. I felt my small nipples tighten into hard little nubs. I gently toyed with them imagining my lover suckling them with his warm wet mouth. I let my fingers slide down between my breasts and slowly to my flattened stomach.

I slid my hand slowly back and forth across my belly then slowly down along my thighs. I could feel a tingling between my legs but wanting to prolong the sensations I barely brushed my fingers with a stream of warm water across my freshly shaved pussy lips. The feeling of the water against my newly denuded pussy lips caused a rush of excitement.

I teased my now aching pussy with my index finger as I made a very slow tracing motion around the outer edges of my pussy lips. I gently brushed against my clitoris feeling a quick tingling all the way to my toes. I took one hand to spread my pussy lips then let my other finger begin a more thorough exploration of my pussy.

I loved the sensation of running my fingertips across my silken skin. I felt my clitoris beginning to swell as I gently rubbed back and forth across my swollen clit. I loved that sensation and just moaned softly as I became more and more aroused.

I continued slowly caressing my pussy lips and my clit then gently spread my labia to let my fingertip slowly insert inside my tight entrance. I wondered how it would feel to have my lover inside my pussy gently stretching me wide for the first time. I imagined preparing him by slowly taking his cock into my mouth and lovingly stroking him with my slick tongue.

I imagined swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock then slowly sucking him into my mouth. I knew I would love the taste of him as he leaked his precum from our foreplay. I would suck and stroke him until he was ready to cum for me.

I knew we would meet in the bar first for safety but at the moment I wanted so bad to be able to have him somewhere privately so I could touch and taste him.

I kept fingering my pussy slowly slipping my finger deeper and deeper each time. I felt my hips beginning to move and some of the water began to slosh over the side of the bathtub. I needed more so gently slipped a second digit into my warm waiting pussy. I kept stroking my clit until it was hard as a rock. I knew I would last too much longer as my body began to shake quickly back and forth. My moans getting louder and louder as I imagined making love with my lover for the first time.

I shuddered fiercely as my climax erupted. Water was sliding over the edges of the bathtub but I didn’t care. I felt absolutely incredible and now totally relaxed after reaching my climax. bakırköy üniversiteli escort Closing my eyes, I savored the feeling of my body tingling with the warm bath water caressing my silky skin.

I carefully got out of the tub slowly drying my skin with a large white fluffy bath towel. Walking over to the vanity I took out my cosmetics bag and smiled as my fingers located my favorite hazelnut body lotion. I opened the cap pouring a generous amount into my right hand. Lifting one leg onto the bathroom vanity seat, I carefully slid the cool lotion along my right leg from toes to shin. I slid more of the cool lotion up along my right thigh then began to slowly massage the sweet smelling lotion into my skin. Spreading the lotion carefully, I covered my entire leg in long slow strokes. My fingertips caressing until all the lotion was absorbed and my legs felt incredibly silky and soft.

I repeated the process with my other leg, my arms then gently applied lotion to my breasts and belly. I noticed how sensitive my nipples were as I massaged the hazelnut lotion back and forth across my breasts. I took a last hand full of lotion and massaged it across my full buttocks letting the lotion caress my soft bottom. I couldn’t really reach my back so that would have to wait till later.

I began to skillfully apply a light coating of makeup then slowly dried my long blonde hair. I walked to the bedroom and began sliding on a pair of black silk thigh high stockings. They slid on so easily over my silky smooth legs and I felt once again that caressing feeling as I slowly pulled them up my leg. I reached into my dresser and pulled out a black silk garter belt and attached the front and back of each stocking. I felt my fingers brush against my hairless pussy lips and I smiled deciding to leave my panties off for this first meeting.

I walked to the closet and slid on a black silk sheath dress with a pair of black sling back high heels. I slid on a pair of diamond earrings and one of my favorite gold bracelets. The jewelry was cold against my skin as I was still warm from the bath.

Looking at my watch, I decided it was time to meet Bob. I picked up the small black cocktail purse and slowly made my way to the elevator. I went to the first floor and noticed that the bar was extremely busy. I looked around the room then my mouth moved into a broad grin. There he was my sexy Bob sitting at the bar with drink in hand and a big grin.

My eyes met his deep blue eyes as I slowly walked closer to him. I let my hips sway seductively as my eyes kept contact with his. I could see the smile tugging at his lips as I walked up to him at the bar. He reached a hand out to me when I stood in front of him and pulled me closer for a soft kiss on my cheek.

“It’s good to finally be with you”, he whispered as his lips trailed closer to my earlobe.

“Thanks Bob..”, I whispered back with my hand pressed against his chest as I placed a soft kiss by his ear.

I felt strong hands wrapping around me pulling me closer in a deep, warm hug. I let my hand slide up along his chest until they wrapped around his neck. I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute. I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Sensing my feelings Bob pulled back slightly and looked into my soft blue eyes. Reaching a hand down he cupped my chin and turned my face to meet his piercing gaze.

“Brianna, what is wrong?”

“I guess I am just a little nervous.”


“Bob, I know we have known each other for a long time online and we have talked about everything and shared so much …but…well I feel like we are still strangers in a sense.”

“Are you afraid of me Bri?”

“Well not exactly afraid. I just feel like I need to be cautious.” I looked up into his eyes and I thought I saw disappointment. Oh god, I was making a mess of things. Here was the man I had bared my soul to and now I was nervous and afraid thinking maybe I didn’t really know him after all.

I had talked with my girlfriend Jennifer before I left to let her know what I was doing. She had talked to me for hours questioning me, making sure I realized how unsafe meeting someone from online could be. That Bob could really be anyone and that I only knew what he had chosen to tell me. I had never even considered not trusting him until Jen had started putting that little sliver of doubt into my mind.

Jen had sat for hours going over safety precautions with me. I was to call her when I arrived, I gave her all the information I had on Bob, and I was to call at 2 specific times on the weekend. In fact, she almost had come from San Diego with me but business obligations had kept her back home for the weekend.

Bob reached out and took my hand in his. “Bri, look have a seat here at the bar and lets order a drink. What would you like to drink?”

Remembering Jen’s warning of keeping sober for safety I ordered a diet coke. bakırköy bdsm escort I slid onto the bar stool slowly crossing my legs. I noticed Bob ordered a club soda and he turned to me when our drinks were set in front of us.

“Bri, look let’s talk this out. There is no hurry for things to go fast and I can understand how you are feeling.”

“I am feeling silly Bob. But, I have a friend I talked to about us and how we were meeting this weekend. She has gotten me all worked up thinking about how you can’t always trust the person talking to you online.”

“Oh, God I thought I could do this… and now I feel like I am just making a mess of things”, I whispered the words with a shaky voice. I put my hand to my forehead feeling a bit of a headache coming on at the moment.

“Bri, how can I make you feel more comfortable. We can keep things in public. Just meet for dinner and talk or go for walks here around our hotel in public areas. No pressure here, I am just glad to finally be able to meet you and spend time together.”

“Bob, I just don’t know what would make a difference.”

“Look, we are both down here dressed and ready for dinner. Let’s just order a meal here in the bar. We can sit and relax and talk and when we are ready to go to bed. You go to your room and I will go to mine.”

I looked into his blue eyes and could see that familiar relaxed smile and I felt the warm squeeze of his hand on mine. I thought about it a moment and realized that what he was suggesting was relatively harmless and certainly was in a very public place. I relaxed squeezing his hand back and nodding yes.

Picking up my small cocktail purse, he led me across the bar to a small booth. It was kind of in the corner and we could look out around the rest of the room full of people. We had arrived early and the bartender had mentioned earlier that a blues band would be playing a little later after the dinner hour.

We sat and relaxed ordering our meal and the familiar conversation between us relaxed me. I felt my fears starting to dissipate as Bob and I talked about work, family and finally about how good it was to be with each other. I thought to myself as he went to the restroom that if I were in San Diego on a blind date I would have been more nervous than how I felt with Bob who was the ultimate blind date in another city. I still had a little doubt but I wasn’t sure how to get past it.

Bob and I spent the dinner talking and laughing and then the band began to play the soulful blues we both enjoyed. I smiled when he stood next to me and reached out a hand for me to dance with him. I took his hand as he slowly led me to the dance floor. I felt his strong arms wrap around me and pulling me gently up against his body. I let my head rest on his shoulder and I felt his lips pressing a soft kiss to my neck. Then another close to my ear as he whispered soft words of how good I felt in his arms.

I felt my breasts rubbing against his chest as his hand on my shoulder blades pulled me against him. My sensitive nipples began to tingle. I felt my legs sliding between his as we made slow turns on the dance floor and I felt his arousal through his trousers and I pressed back against him. I felt him take my hand held in his and bring it to his mouth for a soft kiss. My body and senses were becoming so aroused from the soft seductive music and his warm sensual caresses.

The music ended and we slowly walked back to our booth. There were several other couples enjoying the seductive music. I smiled as I noticed the other lovers sharing secret touches and kisses as they left the dance floor. I felt Bob’s hand on the small of my back as he guided me back to sit down. Sliding along the soft leather seat, I felt my skirt slipping up slightly. I reached down to slide it back down and felt a pair of warm hands stopping me. I turned and looked over and saw Bob smiling as he kept me from lowering my skirt. Smiling back, I lifted my hands from the silk hem and reached for my diet coke for another drink to cool off. It was feeling warm in the room, especially after the sultry dance we had just shared.

Bob leaned over nibbled along my neck teasing my skin with his lips. I could feel his hand slide along the back of my neck holding me still as he continued exploring my exposed neck and upper shoulder. Feeling my body shudder from pleasure with his sensual touches, I slowly inched closer to him. I let my hand slide along the top of his thigh and began a gentle stroking of his firm thigh muscles. My eyelids closed and I gave up to the gentle pleasure he was eliciting from his soft kisses along my neck and shoulder.

I was oblivious to the entire room until I heard someone coughing in front of our table. After a couple seconds, I looked up and noticed another attractive couple standing by our booth. Smiling at the two of us, they both stepped closer. Bob slowly sat up in the booth and looked up at the two strangers.

“Hi, bakırköy elit escort we are really sorry to bother you but the bar here is really crowded and we were wondering if we might share your booth with you?”

Bob smiled up at the friendly guy waving his hand to the other side of our rounded booth. “Please be our guests. I am Bob and this is Brianna”

I felt Bob stand up next to the side of our booth as he reached out his hand in greeting. The other man reached out accepting his gesture shaking his hand as he introduced himself.

“Hi, I am Simon and this is Cheryl.”

The beautiful couple moved toward the other side of the rounded booth and Cheryl slid in next to me. She had short layered red hair with large green eyes. She had a very petite body with soft round breasts that were lifted by a demi-bra. She smelled like Chanel No. 5 and her beautifully manicured hands reached out to take mine in greeting as she slid along the seat next to me. I took her soft hands returning her greeting and then I looked up at Simon who was smiling and reaching out to shake my hand as well.

He was a tall man, with broad muscular shoulders and a trim waist with long lean legs. He had deep brown eyes that almost appeared black as his wavy black hair. He had long slender fingers that caught my attention. It seemed odd for such a big man to have slender and soft fingers but they were beautiful and as they wrapped around my small hand I became totally fascinated by them.

The waitress came and they ordered drinks for all of us in thanks for sharing our booth. I was fairly relaxed by now so I agreed to a glass of merlot. We all talked casually and found that Simon and Cheryl were visiting from England on business. They were staying at the same hotel and had decided to enjoy a night here listening to the blues band. Bob and Simon began talking shop and found they had similar interests. Cheryl and I laughed as the guys got lost talking about work. We laughed that maybe we should switch seats so they could sit next to each other. It was amazing but after about half an hour we felt like we had all known each other forever.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening with our new friends, dancing, drinking and eating dinner. The band was playing a final song and we finished our last drinks. We both got up and danced the final song which was a sultry blues tune which definitely had some blood running hot in the room. Bob and I were both relaxed and when the song ended he leaned down kissing me passionately. We started to walk back to our booth to collect our things when Simon and Cheryl stopped us before we could leave.

“Would the two of you like to join us in our suite for a nightcap,” asked Simon with his arm around Cheryl.

Bob looked down at me smiling, “What do you think Brianna?”

I smiled up at him feeling his arm around my waist, “Sure, why not. It sounds like a nice way to end the evening.” All my earlier reservations were gone.


When we got up to their suite we both smiled at how large it was. There was an open living area with a bar at the side and large French doors that opened to a small balcony. Simon went to the bar and began fixing our drinks as we settled down on one of the large couches in the living room area. Cheryl was sitting across from us with her legs slowly lifting to cross and I noticed she didn’t have any panties on under the short red skirt. I felt myself catch my breath and I looked over at Bob and realized he had seen as well.

Cheryl slowly licked her full red lips and I noticed her smile and then realized she knew we had both caught a glimpse of her bare pussy lips. Simon walked over to us a moment later handing each of us our drinks. He sat next to Cheryl sliding his hand to her lap playing with the material at the hem of her skirt. He seemed to absently stroke across the top of her thigh and I felt my face color slightly.

Simon looked over at us as we sipped our drinks and I almost choked on mine when I heard him ask, “So have either of you ever been with another couple?”

I started to sputter and Bob began to pat my back as I lowered my drink to the coffee table. Simon and Cheryl both just grinned at us while I tried to catch my breath.

“Bri are you all right”, Bob asked as he kept rubbing my back in small circles.

“Yes”, I croaked out slowly.

“I didn’t mean to upset you Brianna. We were both just curious if you might want to share some fun with the two of us. Cheryl and I find you both very attractive and thought you might enjoy spending some time tonight exploring some sexual fantasies.”

Bob smiled up at Simon then looked down at me. I smiled shyly as I looked up again and replied,”No I am not upset Simon. I guess you just caught me a little off guard.”

“What kind of fantasies are you interested in Simon”, I heard Bob ask.

Simon’s broad grin spread across his face as he slid Cheryl’s hem up slightly. I could see those long slender finger tips gently caressing her thigh under the silky material. Cheryl smiled over at Simon as if patiently awaiting his answer.

“Well Bob, we are both slight exhibitionists. We enjoy making love in front of other people. I also would like to see the two women together. What about you two, what kinds of things do you fantasize about?”

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