Walt’s Gift Ch. 04

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[This is a story about polyfidelity. It includes sex between women, between women and men, threesomes and implies other combinations. It is about the sex, but more about the relationships. Reading the first three chapters will help.]

Linda and Jack had breakfast with us on Sunday morning. Linda came out of apartment six with Krystn and Maria. Jack came out of number one with Inga. Helen Pat, Two and I came out of number two. We all made breakfast together and start the laundry. It seemed some sheets had collected some bodily fluids during the night.

After breakfast Jack wanted to kick back and enjoy his new status. Krystn and Maria gave him a hard time and got him off his butt and into action helping with clean up. Linda was more practical. She got dressed, drove to the market and came back with a newspaper. She opened it to the real estate section.

Helen asked, “What’s that about?”

“We need a bigger place.”

Jack sat up. “Which we?”

“Look around Jack. There are six apartments here. Nick, Pat, Two, Helen, Maria, Krystn and Inga makes seven people. Add you and me and there are six apartments and nine people. We need more room!”

“You want to move? I thought you liked our house.”

“When our family was just you and me, it was great. We aren’t you and me any more. I don’t want to need to drive for an hour every time I want to spend time with the family!”

Helen got up and went inside. A minute later she came back, dressed. She walked out the front doors. Linda asked, “Where’s she going?”

“You can ask her when she gets back.” Pat said.

Jack asked, “You think we can sell our place?”

Linda looked up from the paper and said, “The green house three doors down from us sold in six days. I think we can sell ours. They didn’t have a pool.”

Helen walked back in, smiling. She sat next to Linda and took the paper from her.

“I don’t want to move. I like where we live. Nick and I both walk to work. The market is five minutes away. Costco and Home Depot are ten minutes. The beach is within walking distance. Were adding a roof and a deck. I can name a dozen great restaurants within ten minutes of us. What we need is more room. Mr. Kotula lives next door in apartment number one. He owns the building. He’s eighty-eight. I just made him an offer and he accepted. By this time next month we can own the building next door. We can link them and we will have enough room.”

I asked, “What deal did you offer?”

“He lives in his apartment, rent free for the rest of his life. We will feed him and include him in our activities. He thought about it and I sweetened it. He accepted.”

“Sweetened it?” Pat asked.

“I said I’d sleep with him one night a week.” She smiled.

“Wow!” Jack said. “How many eighty-eight year olds get an offer that good?”

“One!” Linda said.

“Everyone’s rent will still go up.” Pat said. “Our taxes will go up, utilities and I’m sure that building needs work.”

“Can we go look at the building?” I asked.

“I asked and he said we could. It’s the same floor plan as this building. He’s in apartment one. Apartments two and three are occupied. Four and five are empty and six is used as storage.”

We all dressed and both Helen and I took notebooks with us on the tour. The building did need work. When we got back to the table in our courtyard we talked. Inga and Two cooked and we ate. We talked some more. I called Bob and half an hour later he was sitting at the table with us. Before midnight we had a plan.

Helen was right. It took a month to make it legal. She slept with Alex Kotula four times during that month. She told me the part he liked best was being scrubbed in the shower. He told me the best part was waking up warm and listening to Helen breath as she slept next to him. I believed both stories.

Apartment two was occupied by Joan Tinner, fifty-nine years old. Never married. She had lived alone in that apartment for the past ten years. I invited her for dinner with us. It took seven invitations before she accepted. When she came to dinner she had talked to Inga about the menu and her specifications. No fish, no beef , no pork. The only meat she would eat was skinless chicken. Inga and I made grilled chicken breasts over rice with mixed veggies. We explained the change in ownership to her. She had one question. “How much is the rent going up?”

Pat had found out the city would only allow us to raise the rent by six percent. When we told her, that she said it was too much. I told her the new rent would take effect on the first of January. If she didn’t like it she could move. We would pay for the move within ten miles. She grumbled and wanted to know why we wanted to raise her rent. I showed her the plans for the improvements we would be making. She looked the plans over and didn’t like them. She didn’t want the building painted. She didn’t like the color we had picked. She saw no need to link the two buildings together.

Pat asked her if she’d ankara escort ever heard the serenity prayer. She said no. Pat recited it to her. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Mrs. Tinker huffed and asked if Pat was saying she had no wisdom?

I answered, “We’re letting you know what is going to happen. Is that something you can change?”

“I suppose not.”

“May you have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change. I don’t like being the height I am. Since I can’t do anything about my height, I accept it. My other choice would be to grumble about my height every day. We invited you to dinner for reasons. One, we wanted to let you know there will be changes and what they will be. Two, to offer to help you move, if that’s your choice. Three, to give you notice of the new rent.”

Helen added, “Four, to offer you our friendship.”

“I don’t need your charity!”

“We don’t offer charity.” Maria said. “Charity usually comes from strangers, who stay strangers. We offer friendship. We eat together every night. You want to eat alone, we won’t intrude. If you want to eat with us, show up. We ring a bell as the call to dinner every night. If you want something special, make it and bring it. You can still eat with us, share in the companionship, conversation and maybe the activities we organize.”

She finished her dinner and told Inga the chicken was good. Inga told her I cooked it. We both thanked her for saying it was good. Helen walked her home. Then she stayed the night with Alex.

The next night the tenant from apartment three next door came for dinner. He was a middle twenties college guy. He studied a lot and seldom had visitors. He came to dinner with a dirty t-shirt and torn shorts on. His beard was unkempt. He sat between Maria and Two. Before the salad was dished Maria asked him to come with her. They got up, Two got up with them and they took him into my apartment. Half an hour later the brought him back. Hair washed, body clean, in fresh clothes and smiling.

After he went home I asked what they had said to him.

“Nothing.” Two said. “We stripped and turned on the shower. We stripped him and led him under the spray. We washed him clean and let him return the favor. We found him a pair of jeans and a shirt in your closet. As we got ready to come back out I said, “Don’t ever come to dinner dirty again. I like bathing. We can do this again sometime, not because you show up dirty. We can do it again when you show up clean. You can eat with us when you’re clean.”

He had grumbled about the rent going up. We offered him the same deal we offered Mrs. Tinker. He came back for dinner three times a week. The construction of the deck and roof were done by the end of November. We had a party on the deck. It didn’t last too long, as the weather had become Southern California winter, less than sixty in the afternoon and down into the forties at night.

We found Mrs. Tinker a nice place to live and helped her move. We turned her old apartment into a big kitchen and pantry. Inga was in heaven when we went shopping for a big refrigerator and a good stove with two ovens. We also got a dishwasher.

For Maria’s birthday we all went to San Diego and spent a weekend playing. I tried to slip past my birthday unnoticed but it didn’t work. Linda knew me very well and she rented a lodge up in the mountains and we spent a weekend playing in the mountains.

We all arranged to be off the last week of the year. We took a cruise to Mexico. We had four cabins side by side on an upper deck with balconies. It was grand. Good food, dancing, games, adventures and wonderful scenery. The cabin stewards had trouble because some of us kept switching cabins every night, and partners often as well. The craziest part was that in seven days aboard ship there was not one Mexican food meal served. We got some in the various ports.

When we returned the kitchen remodel was done. Bob had supervised. In the covered courtyard there were three exercise bikes, a rowing machine and a treadmill. The deck had a place for the chaise lounges, chairs and the two tables. The connection between the two buildings was done as well. I started noticing more salads, more veggies and almost nothing fried in our dinners. About once a week I went out for a hamburger for lunch.

In January our college student moved out. He found a young woman willing to share an apartment with a clean cut man like him. He had changed. Three days after he left we were having dinner when Pat’s cell phone rang. She answered, smiled wide and left the table. In ten minutes she was back and asked, “Can I invite someone to come spend a few days?”

Everyone nodded and said yes. I asked, “Is the person a surprise or do we know them?”

“You know her. Her name is Beverly. When you met her she was wearing a shirt that had the name…”

“Butch on it.” I finished her sentence. escort ankara She smiled wider and I smiled too. “Butch is more than welcome as far as my vote. I like her.” The rest of the family agreed. I think Maria was curious about a woman named Butch. Inga asked what day she would arrive and what she’d like for dinner that night. Pat didn’t know but said they would talk the next day and she’d let us all know at dinner.

Butch had planned on being with us in three days, but a snow storm in Utah delayed her truck for two extra days so she arrived on Saturday just about lunch time. She called from the distribution center where her load was being unloaded and Pat drove over and brought her back. Her truck could stay at the distribution center until Wednesday when they loaded her up and she would be on the road again.

Inga made gumbo for dinner that Saturday night. She added shrimp, scallops and bits of salmon to the gumbo. Krystn made rice to go with the gumbo and Helen made cornbread. I set the table and helped clean up with Maria and Two. Jack and Linda were out of town that weekend.

Beverly came to dinner in nice slacks and a crisp white shirt. She looked like she could have been a model for a J. Crew catalog. I almost asked if J. Crew was where she got her outfit. We asked lots of questions about her travels and her friendship with Pat. She asked a few questions too, but not many. When it got late she and Pat went to Pat’s place and closed the door.

On Sunday morning Pat and Beverly didn’t come to breakfast. They walked in from outside at about eleven. They had gone down to the beach early and taken a long walk. Beverly wanted to help make lunch and so she and Pat fired up the BBQ and cooked for all of us. She was enjoying being with us and told us three times how good it felt to be in a homey environment.

That evening I took Inga and Krystn out for dinner. We went to Walt’s favorite romantic restaurant, Shanghi-Red’s. All three of us dressed up for the night out. After dinner we walked along the marina watching the boats, the birds and the people. There is a favorite bench close to the water. Walt used to take Krystn there and they would sit quietly enjoying the ocean and each other. When I parked the van I parked near that bench. When we went there after dinner I stopped at the van and got a blanket for us to wrap in.

Under the warmth of the blanket hands were free to wander and find interesting and enjoyable things to touch, play with and fondle. All six hands had an enjoyable time.

When we went home we found Maria and Two sitting at the table in the courtyard.

Maria spoke. “Can we talk to you?”

“Which you?” Krystn asked.

“The collective you, all three of you.” Two answered.

We circled chairs and sat down near them.

“We were talking. Neither of us feels neglected. We don’t feel like the two of you are getting more of Nick than we are. And, we want more.” Two said.

“Would you like tonight?” Inga asked.

“Inga and I can spend tonight together.” Krystn said.

“Would that be Ok?” Two asked, “Really?”

Inga nodded and took Krystn by the hand. She didn’t stand. “Did you have special plans for us tonight? Would you be Ok with Two and Maria?”

“I can see that either way this goes, I win. I love all four of you. Inga, I want to take Maria and Linda out for breakfast in the morning. So whatever you make, don’t make enough for us, Ok?”

She smiled and said, “Well, if you’re sure. I’m making Huevos Rancheros. It might be for just Krystn, Helen and me.”

She knew Huevos Rancheros were my favorite. “Were you really making Huevos?”

She shook her head and said, “No. I was making oatmeal with berries. I just wanted to mess with you.”

Inga and Krystn stood and walked to Krystn’s apartment. Maria stood and held out a hand to me and a hand to Linda. She led us to my apartment. Candles were placed. Fresh sheets were on the bed. A new bar of expensive soap was unwrapped and in the shower. Fresh towels hung on the towel rack.

Maria unwrapped a piece of chocolate and broke it in three pieces. She gently gave each of us a piece by placing it in our mouths. Then we undressed each other. We got wet in the shower and shut the water off while we soaped up. They lathered me up, front and back, then we hugged and transferred the lather to all three of us. Before Walt died I had never had the joy of being in the middle of a slippery sandwich like that. I had since learned that Pat was the only one of the family that didn’t much like the sandwich.

I was about to turn the water back on to rinse us when Two asked if I would shave her.

“What exactly would you like me to shave?” I asked.

“Everything except my head. I’m all wet, all soapy, all ready. Please.”

I stepped out of the shower and got four new razors. When I got back in I handed one to Maria and set two on the little soap shelf. I said, “We will shave you, top to bottom and legs. Then we will shave Maria. When ankara escort bayan you are both smooth we will go to bed and I will kiss and lick you both for a while. Ok?”

“Do we get to shave you?”

“You mean my face or everything?” I hoped they meant my face.

“How about if Maria does your face and I do your magic wand and his friends?”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes. When I suck you your hair tickles my nose. I’d like to try it smooth.”

“Ok.” We did Linda first. We started at her shoulders and shaved everything. It was really sensual for me to shave her pits. I knew they were sensitive and that she had shaved them herself thousands of times, but I hadn’t. When we knelt and started at her waist we quickly got to her mound and had her lift first one leg, then the other to give us access to her. Front and back, left and right she was smooth.

We tossed those two razors and started on Maria. It was easy to see and feel the difference in skin and in hair. Maria’s hair was thicker and darker than Linda’s. We needed to rinse the razors more often as we did Maria. When we were doing her pussy she told us how turned on she was and how much she loved the attention. I touched her inside her slit as I shaved and she moaned.

I got two more razors and handed them to my lovers. Maria lathered my face and shaved it. I had to stand very still and it felt very strange to feel a razor on my cock and balls while my face was being shaved as well. After about five strokes Linda said, “I think he likes what we’re doing.”

“What gives you that idea?” Maria asked.

“Look!” Maria looked down and saw I was erect. Linda held my scrotum in her hand and ran the razor over the skin. I felt it, but didn’t look. After all, there was a razor against my face too.

Linda shaved a circle around my genitals about two inches wide. When they were done Two turned on the water and we rinsed. The water felt weird on skin that had been hairy since I was fourteen. As soon as we were rinsed she shut off the water and we stepped out. Fresh towels got us dry and we went into the bedroom.

I noticed that Maria went to her drawer in the chest of drawers and got out a toy I hadn’t seen before, a strap on dildo. I wondered if it was intended for me. She strapped it on and I wanted to laugh. Here stood a dark skinned Hispanic woman with a black leather harness around her hips and an eight inch purple latex cock jutting out from her hips.

“Excuse me,” Linda asked, “Just who do you think you’re doing with that?” She asked as she pointed.

“First you! Once it’s good and lubed in your puss I want your ass. Then I want Nick to have your puss while I’m in your ass. If you like it maybe we’ll switch places.”

“You aren’t going from either hole to the other. I could really get sick.”

“We can really clean up in between.”

“I’ll think about it. Right now I want both of you in me.” She put herself in the middle of the bed, spread wide. As Linda positioned herself Maria climbed on the bed between Linda’s legs. She lubed the dildo well and moved it so it touched her ass.

She shoved inside. She hadn’t taken a single stroke in her puss. She stroked in and out of Linda in long, deep, slow strokes. I was beside Linda. She twisted a little and swallowed my cock to the base. It felt very strange and quite wonderful to be bare and sucked. It wasn’t long (no pun intended) before I pulled out of Linda’s mouth and maneuvered so I was pointed into her open, wet gash. Maria bumped against my ass as I attempted to get inside Linda.

The feeling of Maria bumping against my ass as she fucked into Linda was incredible. Then it got even better. I slid inside Linda! I could feel Maria’s arms around me, her belly slamming against my butt and her cock rubbing me inside Linda! In three strokes we moved in sync. I felt Linda. Linda said, “Oh God! Oh, God! I’m so full! Sweet Jesus! I’m going to cum!”

Her body shook and her back arched. She shook for a long time and the collapsed. Maria pulled out and ran to the bathroom. I pulled out and used tissues to clean up. I dropped beside Two and held her. Maria joined us. She brought a soapy wash cloth and used it on me, then she cleaned me again with her mouth. I love the service I get from my family!

I was almost asleep when Maria said, “When we wake up I get eaten by both of you. Ok?”

“I’m looking forward to having you for breakfast.” I said. Linda turned to Maria and kissed her. It lasted long enough that I was asleep before the kiss ended.

In the morning I woke up with one of Maria’s thighs on either side of my head. An inch above my mouth was her wet, open pussy. I raised my head just far enough to suck one of her lips into my mouth.

“Oh! He’s awake!” Maria announced. Two giggled. “How can you tell?” She asked.

“He’s sucking on my lip!”

“Let me suck on your tits!”

A moment later Maria moaned, so I assumed Linda had found a breast. We both knew Maria loved oral sex and having her breasts sucked and mauled. Her freshly shaved condition made my job a pure pleasure. I worried a little about drowning in her juices but decided I could get her to cum at least three times before I passed out from lack of oxygen or drowned.

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