Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 — Shaheen’s Surrender

Indian aunt becomes a sex slave to her nephew

Author’s note: This is a story of a cheating wife, of adultery, of incest. If that is not your thing, skip this story. And remember while adultery can be a great source of enjoyment in fantasy and erotica, in real life it damages souls and destroys marriages. Please treat the following story as a fiction and fantasy piece only. It is written to deliver pleasure, and has no other purpose. — Tarek Zia

It was early Sunday morning and my eyes woke up as the sun rays hit the bed. For a second I wondered where I was.

Of course! I was in my aunt Shaheen’s bed. I was naked. It had been a hot night last night, and the air conditioning had been wonky. I usually wore a T-shirt which I had skipped last night. My aunt, as usual, was wearing one of her nighties. After she had given me a blowjob, we had snuggled together under the blanket, and slept hugging each other, my cock still leaking semen on her dress. My hands, just like the last few days, were in bandages.

My cock twitched as I remembered the blowjob.

I still marvelled at how quickly my conservative, orthodox aunt had become a willing slut, giving me blowjobs galore. It was amazing how my relation with this traditional aunt of mine had changed over the last few days. This was the same aunt that repeatedly warned me not to touch her behind, and frequently reminded me that she was NOT Taiba.

Ah, my cock twitched again as I thought about Taiba. When was she coming back? God, I missed her big fat ass. Her sweet, big, round, bouncy peechwade! An ass that I could openly touch, grope, pinch, caress and spank.

I remembered how my barey mamani Shaheen had even slapped me once last year, when I had pinched her gaand, even though it had been part of a bet. And now, here she was, giving me blowjobs and touching my penis at every opportunity. How had it come to be like this?

Even last night, after the blowjob as we lay in bed, entangled in each other’s arms, she started to kiss me.


“I love you, jaanu.” She told me. “I am lucky to have such a handsome stud as a nephew, beta.”


With my hands in bandages I couldn’t do much, but barey mamani kissed my cheeks, my forehead, my eyes, and then my nose, and then my lips. Her one hand went under my neck even as she pressed her lips onto mine and tongue into my mouth. And then her free hand caressed my chest, before going downwards, her dainty fingers soon wrapping themselves around my cock.

“What a beautiful lund you have, jaanu.” She told me, in between the soft kisses. “What a nice, long, beautiful cock you have, my dear nephew! Oh, my jaanu!”

We were both under the blanket, and we were kissing (well, she was kissing me), and she was stroking me. Stroking me hard.

“Oh, Nazu.” She sighed, coming up for air occasionally as she French kissed me. “I love this lund of yours, Nazu. I can’t get enough of you, my sweetheart. My beta!”

“Just wait till tomorrow, mamani.” I told her. “When you will finally remove my bandages for good, I will be fucking you with this lund, mamani. This lund will be deep inside you, mamani.”

Shaheen’s only response was to give a soft giggle. She stopped stroking me, gently cupped my balls, caressed them, and then resumed stroking my penis. In no time at all, I couldn’t control myself. I started to cum. Again.

My cum was every where. We were under the blanket, so some of it stuck to the blanket. There was cum on my genitals and on my thighs. There was cum on Shaheen’s hand, wrist, and on her dress. And of course there was cum on the bedsheets. There was a lot of cum everywhere.

Under normal circumstances Shaheen would have been mortified. Let alone the mere thought of me cumming on her, Shaheen was an extremely neat, tidy and finicky about cleanliness lady. She would have immediately put all bedsheets, the blanket, and her clothes into the laundry pile. Now she did no such thing.

She simply scooped as much of the cum as she could on to her hands. Then, as I watched, she licked the cum off her fingers, one by one. Then she snuggled against me, her breath smelling of my jizz, and slowly we both fell asleep.

I wondered how it had all come to be like this. I mean my aunt was also religious. I am sure she had woken up at dawn this morning for the morning prayer, before going back to sleep. And yet she was being my willing whore.

Perhaps the loneliness of this cabin, far from the main city, and the closeness of us together on the same bed, or the naughtiness of the aunt and nephew dynamic had all played a role. Maybe this is why our religion has said that a man and a woman should never be alone in an enclosed space unless they are married to each other. Or perhaps she always had a long suppressed canlı bahis desire for this, but never before found the courage to act on it.

I had always been a naughty pervert with my aunts, flirting and teasing them, grabbing them whenever the opportunity presented itself, to give them a hug, a kiss or a squeeze. Yet so far only Taiba had ever reciprocated my not so hidden sexual advances. She would be the one to playfully banter with me, or present me her gaand, or allow me to cop a feel or steal a kiss. This time not only had Shaheen responded as well, but in fact many times she had initiated them.

This vacation, she was the first one to grope my butt. Shaheen was the first to refer to her own butt and talk about her figure, never losing the chance to draw MY attention to HER big rear end. She was the one who wanted me to sleep on her bed with her. And she was the first to propose The Bet. AND then she gave me the blowjob. It was puzzling, for sure, but I wasn’t complaining. This was every nephew’s dream come true. Or, shall I say, dream cum true.

I felt the blanket move slightly. Shaheen was stirring. As I glanced at her, I saw her open her eyes and stretch her arms. As she caught sight of me looking at her, she broke into a smile.

“You are already up, Nazu darling?” She remarked. “Here, let me open your bandages so you can go to the bathroom, jaanu.”

As soon as the bandages were off, Shaheen handed them to me and told them to throw in the dustbin. She then turned around and laid back on the bed, and started to check her phone. I was standing there, stark naked, yet she was least interested in looking at me, and more into checking her messages, so I turned to go to the toilet.

I spent a good fifteen minutes in the washroom, doing my business and taking a small shower. I felt really good. I was also feeling confident. It was going to be a good day, I promised myself. After I emerged from the washroom, my aunt went in.

I sat on the bed and strained to hear the sounds from the bathroom. The rustling sound as she removed her clothes. The toilet seat creaking as Shaheen sat down on it. The soft sound as her piss hit the commode. The sound of the flush and then the water running as she cleaned herself and started to freshen up. Finally, she emerged into the bedroom. She was wearing her nightie and she looked radiant.

“Alright, beta.” She turned to me. “Come here. Let me take a look at you.”

I stood in the centre of my buxom aunt Shaheen’s bedroom, still stark naked, as she examined me physically and methodically, just like a nurse would.

“I don’t think your hands need to be in bandages any more.” She told me, inspecting my hands. “They seem to have completely healed. Now let’s see about your big, beautiful lund.”

There she went again, talking about my dick. So unlike the usual her, but so like the new her!

Shaheen bent down and took my throbbing manhood in her hands, and subjected my genitals to detailed scrutiny. As she touched my phallus and then my scrotum, my member just kept getting harder and harder.

“Jaan le lega yeh!” She remarked, smiling slightly. That roughly translated to “some girl is going to get killed with this”.

I almost remarked, ‘oh, it will be YOU’ but I kept quiet.

My aunt examined the tip of my penis, and then looked at the underside, before examining each of my balls. My scrotum was given a thorough checkup. I was now rock hard.

Then Shaheen stood up, smiling.

“Beta, I think you have healed up completely.” She announced. “All the scalding seems to have cured, and your skin is on the mend.”

“Good.” I smiled and then acting on a sudden impulse hugged her. “I have you to thank for this, barey mamani.”

“Oh no …” Shaheen started to say something, but I shut her up by kissing her on the mouth.

Again something I would never have done a few days ago. The only kiss I had given her had been on her cheeks. Now here I was, pressing my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for a long time, before coming up for air.

“Barey mamani.” I told her. My arms were around her waist. My hard manhood was poking her between her legs. “You took care of me so well this past week.”

I kissed her on her cheek.


“Thank you, barey mamani.”

I kissed her again on her other cheek.


“You are my favourite aunt, barey mamani.”

Shaheen blushed, which she always did when I kissed her on her cheeks.

“Oh, beta.” She replied. “I only did what I would do for you any time. You are my…”

Once again I shut her up by kissing her squarely on her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned as I inserted my tongue in her.

We French kissed for some time as my hands groped her buttocks and my manhood poked her in between her legs. I could feel her body slowly warm up and become bahis siteleri more receptive to my touches as I continued to kiss and grope her. Yet, as I rubbed myself against her, stark naked, I guess she realized what I wanted, so I could also feel a sort of struggle within her. I continued to kiss her.

“Woah!” She remarked, once we came up for air again. She was looking at me, blushing and smiling at the same time. I reached up and tweaked her breasts through her nightie slightly. Shaheen sighed.

I then laid down on the bed. I was buck naked.

“Come here.” I patted the spot on the bed next to me. “Now, barey mamani.”

Shaheen seemed to think for a minute. I guess she knew what I wanted to do with her. However, she then seemed resigned to her fate and smiled. My aunt then lay down beside me. She was dressed in her nightie.

“Come here,” I implored her, pointing to my arm. Shaheen complied, resting her head on my arm, snuggling to my side and resting her arm on my chest.

“You know what I want to do with you now, right, barey mamani?” I asked her, my lips inches away from hers.

Shaheen closed her eyes for a minute, thinking. Then she opened and said, “Yes, beta, but please remember … don’t … you know …”

“Don’t worry, mamani.” I assured her. “Don’t be scared. You will love this.”

“I don’t know, beta. I am scared. Maybe we shouldn’t do this, you know …”

I moved my hands to her butt and gently squeezed her rump. I could feel Shaheen shiver slightly. She was frightened and nervous. It was natural. For a woman like her, giving a blowjob or even kissing and touching would be considered fooling around. Actual penetration and sex, on the other hand …

I patted her rear end to comfort her.

“Relax, barey mamani. This is your favourite nephew. I won’t hurt you.”

Shaheen closed her eyes again. Without a moment’s delay, I pressed my lips against hers. I started to kiss her, and she responded by snuggling even tighter against me. I wrapped my hand around the back of her hand and let my tongue explore her mouth. I ran my other hand through her hair even as I deep French kissed her.

“Mmm… mamani, you are so tasty!” I told her. “You really have beautiful features. Especially your cheeks, they are so kissable!”

I kissed her on one cheek, and then the other.



“And your eyes, barey mamani, they are so pretty.”

I then kissed her on her eyes.



Back again to her cheeks.



Then I kissed her on her mouth again. Shaheen was panting now. Her breath was much faster, and she was now pressing, almost grinding, against me. I let my hand gently roam its way around her body before paying homage to her breasts. I could feel her nipples get hard, even through the translucent material of her nightie. Over her clothes, I gently tried to knead her breasts with my palm and slowly pinch the nipple.

“Oooooh….mmmmmm.” Shaheen was deliriously moaning now, even as I continued my gentle assault on her breasts and showered her face with kisses. Her own hands went down my body and rested on my turgid dick.

I was now hugging her. My cock, used to being serviced every morning, was rock hard. Shaheen turned her body to face me as we hugged so my penis was pressing her on her navel.

We stopped kissing each other and looked at each other. Shaheen was sweating. Her breathing was rapid. She was smiling at me nervously. It was clear that this was new territory for her. For so long, she knew that this day was coming, and that soon my rock hard penis would be inside her. But now that the moment was finally approaching, she was tensing up. Meanwhile, my cock, my hard and big cock, pressing against her legs, jumped up in anticipation. It was throbbing and pulsating up and down, eager to begin its invasion of my aunt’s cunt.

Not yet, I slowly told myself. It will take some time. First, she has to experience her first real orgasm.

If this was Taiba I would have taken her there and then. But this was Shaheen, and I wanted to make her first proper love making with me something she would remember forever.

“You are so pretty, barey mamani.” I told her. “It’s time you were fully appreciated for the beauty you are.”

In reply, her hand gave me a small stroke on my penis. She giggled nervously.

I kissed her again. The best way, in my experience, to get a lady to ease up was loving kisses. I kissed Shaheen’s cheeks. I kissed my aunt on the nipples through her dress. I kissed her legs. I could slowly feel the tension leave Shaheen’s body as she became more relaxed and started to respond to my kisses. Her hands were now on my back, stroking and rubbing me. She was hugging me. She was crying as well. Suddenly I stopped kissing her and looked bahis şirketleri at her.

Rubbing her tear stained eyes, Shaheen smiled at me. Then she moved her eyes down and glanced at my penis. There was now something else in her eyes that I never saw before in her.

Slowly I saw the beginnings of wild lust start to take over her body. For so long she had been wrestling with her ethics, but the constant kissing and rubbing and the situation was having its effect. Her eager body was slowly winning over her hesitant mind.

Shaheen was now looking at my manhood like a cheetah looks at prey. Like a Marwari looks at gold. She moved her fingers and held my lund in her hand, and started moving her hand up and down on the length of my shaft.

“Oh, it’s soooo big, beta.” She murmured, mostly to herself. “Sooo big! Your uncle’s lund is so small! How am I going to take it in? Jaan le lega yeh!”

I now knew she was a little worried how she was going to take it all in. My penis, apparently, was much larger in size, both in length and girth, than her husband.

“Don’t worry, mamani.” I told her, kissing her on the ears. “I will fill you like you have never been filled before.”

That was good. If she was worried about taking it all in, that meant she was now resigned to the fact that she WOULD be taking it in. That was my signal to take it to the next level.

“Time to get rid of your nightie, barey mamani.” I told her.

Instinctively her hands reached for the buttons near her chest. Then, suddenly, she stopped. Then, smilingly and mischievously, she looked at me.

“Beta!” She said, her eyes lit up with a naughty grin. “I am your BAREY mamani. Your big aunt. I am older than even your mom!”

“Um … so?” What the hell … what was she saying now?

“Nazu! You are like my son. How can I remove my clothes and become nude before you? I am feeling shy.”

Was this woman for real? I looked at her, and then gently pawed at one of her breasts.

“I want to see this, barey mamani. Now.”

Shaheen shook her head. So she was OK with me mauling her tits, but not showing them to me?

“No, beta.” Shaheen smiled. “I have let you play in my lap for so many years, and so I can not take off my nightie and become nangey in front of you. If you want me to take my nightie off, you yourself will have to remove it yourself. YOU will have to make me nanga.”

Oh, so she was being coy and playing hard to get? I laughed. She was going to regret this. I was going to spank her so bad.

“Alright, barey mamani.”

I popped open the buttons of her nightie near her chest, and then instead of opening it, I simply ripped it.


In one move, I had completely torn apart her flimsy nighty. Shaheen had her eyes closed, pretending to be ashamed, but she now popped them wide open in surprise. Yup, two could play this game. I continued to rip apart her nightie, until it was in tatters and on the bed, away from her body.

“Oh, beta.” Shaheen looked ruefully at her now useless nightie, of what used to be her nightie, flung asunder. She was now completely naked and exposed. “I am now nanga (naked)!”

I savoured her body. Shaheen had large amounts of pubic hair that she didn’t shave, on both her cunt and arm pits. She was lovely to look at, a tall, full Indian woman with curves. Her breasts were big, bouncy, with large areoles. Her nipples were perky and aroused. Despite her age, they looked big and hard, not sagging even a bit.

I put my hand on her cunt. She blushed and looked away, but did not stop me. I felt her labia. She was hot and wet, dripping like a leaky faucet. As my finger went in her slit, Shaheen moaned more loudly and her hand, which she had put to remove my hand, tightened its grip on mine.

I slowly started to push that finger into her pussy, and then out. In and out. Her love canal was completely drenched with her juices, so I could move quite freely. Shaheen was moaning now.

“Ooooh beta!” She cried out. “My jaanu! What are you doing to me?”

I then wrapped my other arm around her neck and shoulders, from below her, and so I was embracing her, kissing on her lips, while my first hand was fingering her. I could feel her body tremble against mine. I kissed her on her lips, on her cheeks, on her now exposed breasts. I bit her nipple and sucked on her areole. All this time my fingers maintained an unrelenting assault on my aunt’s twat.

“Oh Nazu! NAZU! My jaanu! My beta! What are you doing to me?!! OOOOH!”

I continued to play with her, until I could feel her buckling wildly.

“OOOOOOOOOH BETA! OOOOOOOOOH BETA! OOOOOOOOOH BETA! BETA! BETA! BETA!” She was now crying out, as her body writhed and recoiled wildly on the bed. “BETA! BETA! BETA! BETA!”

I let my hand be on her until her body subsided and her moaning died down to a whimper. She was now lying, eyes closed, breathless from her first orgasm.

“Oh, Nazu.” She finally opened her eyes and looked at me. She was smiling. “That was intense. I … I … never felt anything like that before!”

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