Summer Heat

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***Hey y’all. This is my first story here, and the first of this genre. I hope ya like it. Reviews are definitely appreciated.


Summer Heat

Carrie had been swimming for nearly 2 hours already when her stepbrother Max brought lunch out on the deck. Eagerly, she headed in, climbing out of the pool and making her way towards the plastic chairs and table in record time. “Still not tired?” he asked with a laugh as she sat down and dug in, his blue eyes sparkling.

“Nope,” she replied chipperly, taking another bite of her lemon herb chicken. She closed her eyes, savoring the flavor, and humming in appreciation. “This is really good chicken Max, you should be a chef,” she sighed, opening wide green eyes and smiling. “If you ever get tired of carpentry that is,” she laughed.

He grinned, “Glad you like it.” He’d topped it off with salad and fruit with fresh kool-aid to drink. Perfect for a hot summers’ day. She tilted her head, regarding him as she finished off the light meal. She’d always wanted an older brother. That was why Carrie had been excessively pleased when her mother had married his father when she was seven and he was twelve. Her and Max had grown as close as blood since then.

And while she admired him and admitted he was pretty cute, it made her embarrassed as hell when all her friends sighed over him and talked about doing crazy things to him if they had half the chance. Which is why she almost hated telling them when he was home from college. It was good to have him to herself too, or with their parents, without Laurie, Meg, Stacy and the others spying on Max, giggling and flirting.

Today was another rare day, as yesterday, with just the two of them- as their parents had gone out with friends for most of the day again. She smiled. Yesterday he’d given entirely to her and they’d played all sorts of games, went to a movie, just spent some time together. But today he’d left her to swimming alone while he worked on some paper for college. She brushed back wet, shoulder-length red hair, pouting slightly. He was only here for another week and she was sure he had plenty of time for work when he got back. “You sure you don’t wanna join me for a swim? It’s pretty hot out.”

She threw in a sigh, watching him from behind her lashes. Max gave her a dry laugh, “Sorry kid, still got some typing and research to do before I can take a break. Maybe later.”

She nodded, smiling ruefully, and helped put the dishes back on the tray and clean up. “Right then. Later.” Carrie sighed again, this time more to herself, as she headed back to the pool, rubbing her shoulder. There was no way to beat this heat. Nothing to else to do either… not by your self anyway.

“Hey, march back around kid. Your skin is burnin’ to a crisp like that. Put on some sunblock!” The pale-skinned girl rolled her eyes, making a face as she turned and walked back. She liked that he cared, really, but she hated that he still insisted on calling her ‘kid’ (more so whenever he treated her like one) even though she was now eighteen, 5’6”, and with some definite curves thanks to puberty.

Sticking out her tongue slightly, she took the tube of SPF 35 from his hands and started liberally applying it to her shoulders, arms, and wherever else she could reach well enough, wincing as she lifted the straps of her bikini top to moisturize the already red skin.”Mind getting my back and shoulders better?” Carrie called over her shoulder before Max could go in.

Her stepbrother shrugged, “Sure, I got a few minutes.” She grinned, shaking her head to herself as he took the tube back and she hopped canlı bahis up on the table.

“What a relief,” she laughed. But her grin faded quickly when his lotioned hands touched her sensitive flesh, massaging the sunblock/cream into her shoulders and back, a sigh that translated into a moan tearing from her throat. And she couldn’t help a little shiver. “Great,” she said a little breathily, muscles tightening, stiffening, sliding from the tabletop and intent on escaping back to the pool.

“Nuh uh,” he said softly, catching her and depositing her back on the smooth plastic surface. “You can’t go back in half-done and before the sunblock even gets absorbed properly. Plus, you should wait at least fifteen minutes after eating anyway.” She bit her lip, both at the sensation and to hold back any damning sounds, as he ran a hand along her back with a slight frown, shaking his head. “And the muscles are all tense and knotted, you could pull something. And as you’re on any sports team you could get yourself into, that definitely wouldn’t be good.”

She snorted, muttering to herself, and he cocked an eyebrow, grinning. “You doubting me? Or is my touch suddenly so abhorrent?” he faked a pout, a devastating thing on him, one lock of thick black hair falling over his forehead, “Come on, you used to love my massages, remember?” Carrie laughed at his reaction, but it was somewhat stilted, forced- the wry as she did remember.

He brought to mind all those times she was in bed with a stomach ache and he’d rub it better, all the times she’d return from a bad day at school and he’d massage her shoulders and back. And the times, though fewer, she’d come home from a particularly rough soccer or basketball practice and he’d been there to take some of the pain away with a full body massage.

“Alright,” she acquiesced with a small smile, weakening, and she lay down on her stomach, stretching out across the table. “Hit me with your best shot, Mad Max.” He really was quite good. At a lot of things. She heard him chuckle at the nickname, squeezing more sunblock onto his hands, and she closed her eyes, settling back with a grin.

But she had to bite her lip again to stifle another moan when his hands really got to work. ‘Wonderful hands,’ she thought, shivering both at the cool lotion on her hot skin and the feel of his callused hands. Talented hands. Carpenter’s hands. Lover’s hands…. She couldn’t squelch that last thought that just drifted into her mind. But she did shove it to the back, trying to be abject.

‘It’s just because I’m so sore and he’s so skilled though,’ she assured herself, wondering why she was feeling like this and struggling to ignore the tingling/electric sensations. Or maybe because she was so unused to such a touch now. Yet such an innocent touch and she was making it to be… something entirely else. Before a week ago she hadn’t seen him for almost two years- but she hadn’t felt this way when he’d touched her before. What had changed in that time? Besides her growing up, that is? He was her brother, or rather her stepbrother, but they’d always thought of each other as blood… She bit down harder on a full lower lip.

He was rubbing circles with the heel of his hands now, then pressing deep with his fingers, alternating technique and pressure. Fingertips trailing lightly over the satiny pale skin, evoking another shiver, stroking, bringing every nerve to fiery life, then molding, kneading…… Carrie felt she was drifting away on a cloud of pleasure, body fully at ease as his magic hands moved over her shoulders and upper back, making her quiver, tremble, as they drifted over to the small of her back and then to the middle bahis siteleri again.

‘Yes, floating away,’ she thought passingly. ‘Or melting into a warm pile of butter,’ she sighed mentally, an almost sleepy, contented cat feeling coming over her. Still in that state of mind, she stretched under him, arching her back slightly, his fingers trailing to her neck, stroking, tracing her shell of an ear, running through her hair and briefly massaging her scalp. Instant puddle of Carrie. She could swear she just purred. ‘I definitely owe him for this. I’ll have to think of something really nice to do for him later.’

Transported, she barely noticed as he moved down her body, massaging her small feet and shapely calves, following her long, smooth legs up to trim thighs, brushing the cloth-covered mound between them, pressing. And before her sluggish brain had time to register the action, his hands were smoothing back over the curve of her bottom to her back and she was relaxing again without even knowing she’d tensed, releasing a breath without even knowing she’d been holding it.

In a short time she was warm, slick, and completely relaxed, trusting, under his hands- so much so that the moans and sighs trapped in her throat had burst free. Then it was a purely sensual experience. She seemed to forget, in her pleasant dazed fog, that this was technically wrong, that he was her stepbrother, and she was melting, moisture pooling between her thighs and an unfamiliar heat in her veins.

In turn, Max seemed to forget she was his stepsister and only eighteen to his twenty-three, seeing/feelings a soft, beautiful, willing female and his body responded to it. And in the place she was in now, she didn’t much care (in fact more than enjoying it)- she was feeling so very good and didn’t want that feeling to stop.

So when his wonderful, callused hands slid up her body even further, around to her front and under the thin cotton to cup full, round young breasts, she simply gasped in delighted desire and arced to his touch. Shining emerald eyes open now but to half-mast, she just clutched the table edge as he massaged the warm globes of her chest (quite generous for her age). Though she experimented somewhat with boys her age, it hadn’t felt half as good as what Max was making her feel.

And Carrie moaned aloyud as his thumbs circling the quarter-sized strawberry pink nipples, teasing and plucking them into diamond peaks, and she whimpered. It was all she could do not to scream. She was sure her bikini briefs were soaked through and this added to the delicious friction of his strong, T-shirt covered chest at her bare back and the rock-hard length at her hip. She thought she’d faint when his surprisingly soft but masculine lips touched the back of her neck, trailing butterfly kisses, but she didn’t- barely. She hadn’t known it’d be so….. erotic.

His hot mouth moved to the side of her neck, switching between gentle kisses, nips with his teeth, and sucking- and fireworks burst behind her eyelids. She was so close. So close to… to… what? She wasn’t exactly sure. But then one of his hands lifted from her breasts and, before she could protest, smoothed down her flat stomach to the apex of her thighs, slipping underneath the damp material. And then she knew. Knew this was what she wanted/needed- the inevitable, unnamable something.

A finger parted her slick folds, stroking, playing in the wetness it found- and when it touched her clit she went up in smoke, went wild, hips arching off the table. Max murmured to her softly as she lay panting and she whimpered as his finger pulled away before thrusting back in. The agile digit circled her clit, flicking bahis şirketleri it, rubbing it, then dancing away, and she bit her lip so hard she tasted blood. Wild sounds spilled from her as she undulated her hips, riding his hand, briefly wanting something more that she couldn’t quite identify, just something… more, harder, thicker, longer deep inside her.

But it was quickly forgotten at the pleasure he was brining her now- and without warning she tensed, exploded, shattered and fragmented into a thousand tiny, glittering pieces. Climax. Amazing. Carrie could barely think, heart thundering and every inch of her rippling, tingling, electrified, as she struggled for breath. And Max’s hoarse cry in her ear told her he’d experienced it too- following her into infinity.

She only opened her eyes moments later, dazed, and licked her lips, shifting in his warm half-embrace so her back was to the table, and her sensitized breasts rubbing against the hard plastic as she did so, causing her to moan slightly, that part of her pulsing. Eyelids fluttering, she arched her hips and gasped at the resulting sensation. “God, Carrie,” she thought she heard him groan.

Huge, passion darkened green eyes stared blindly up at him as he lifted his head, body leaning directly over her now. She licked lips bruised from her own teeth worrying them as he’d pleasured her and his own dark gaze narrowed on them. Bending his head, his breath mingled with hers for a second before his lips touched hers, soothing them, a tender kiss- a chaste kiss in that it was only two pairs of lips meeting, but strangely erotic, sending sparks through them both.

She moaned, thighs tightening, inner muscles clenching down around his finger experimentally. ‘So this is what half the girls at school were giggling about,’ she thought, on fire, her whole mind and body as if drugged. ‘Or at least somewhat like it.’

And slowly he started moving inside her, one finger, two, three, thrusting in and out, both wanting more but some shred of propriety left preventing them from taking it as the fierce lust seized them again, him ripening against her once more. All thought, all consciousness, was so erased. They were so caught up, they didn’t even hear the front door open and close, the footsteps and their parents got closer and closer. And they were still moving together, still touching and thrusting and gasping until…

“Max, did you get the fax from the office?” his dad called. They stiffened, his fingers still inside her pulsing core, hand still on her breast, somehow recognizing the looming threat of discovery despite the fog that surrounded them, but their minds still clouded with desire. Neither pulled back. Quite to the contrary, her hips then surged, some part of her grasping, and she exploded once more, wisely suppressing a cry, a scream as she lay there, hips arcing off the table, still clenching and pressed to his hand, as if frozen there.

And they stared into each others’ eyes as realization dawned, as panic and horror at possibly being discovered like this peaked. Yet still they didn’t moved. “Max?” his dad called again, closer this time, just around the corner. Finally something got into them and they jumped apart just seconds before Mr. Porter’s dark head poked around the wall and potted plant.

Max just nodded vaguely, still stunned and in a daze as he fumbled for words- and Carrie had already snapped out of it and was more than halfway to the water when he did so, diving in as her stepfather cleared the porch door. The coolness of the water was a welcome shock and as their words grew muffled to her ears and she spun into laps, the world thankfully faded away. ‘What did I do?’ her mind cried, one last echo. Her body pulsed in response, a thousand sensations flooding her, heating her. And she didn’t come out of the water for two more hours.


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