Nice Weekend

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Disclaimer: All individuals in the following work of fiction are above the age of 18.


Jason Stenton panicked when he heard footsteps down the hall, coming his way. He thought he had more time, as his older sister, Riley, had only left about half an hour ago. Now he stood there in her room, with her underwear in his fists. Riley, older by two years at twenty-one, had gone to pick up her friend Jessica. Jason and Riley’s parents had gone to visit their aunt for the weekend and Riley invited Jessica to spend the weekend at their house. Knowing that the girls would be around the entire weekend Jason grasped at the short window of time to jerk off while Riley went to pick up Jess. He had become fond of jerking off with his sister’s panties. Now the idea seemed like a horrible one as his panic grew as the sound of voices permeated the air, meaning Jessica was with her.

Jason hastily shut Riley’s draw and pulled up his shorts, which were wrapped around his ankles. He looked around for a way out and saw that his only refuge was in Riley’s closet. He ran over and bumbled into the closet closing the doors behind him. As he peered through the grooves of the closet doors, he prayed that maybe they were just passing by before going out.

A few seconds later, the girls piled in, in a fit of laughter,

“Hhahaha, yeah, did you see the look on her face! It was priceless,” Jessica snickered.

Jason, lost in the conversation, looked on as Jessica sprawled out on Riley’s bed.

“So, when are your folks coming back?”

“Umm, I think Monday evening,” Riley replied.

“Aww, we could have so had that party!” Jessica joked.

“Yeah right! They’d kill me if they ever found out, I had to beg them just to let you stay,” Riley affirmed.

Riley walked over and into her bathroom, out of Jason’s sight.

“Ohh, that blue top you wanted is in the closet,” she shouted from the bathroom.

“Oh yes, almost forgot,” Jessica said to herself, as she got off the bed and walked over to the closet.

This was it, Jason was flush with fear, he was about to be caught. Seconds later, the doors of the closet slid open. Jessica jumped at the unexpected sight of the young man. The shock, however, did not lead her to yell. She looked at Jason’s perspiring face and was bemused as to why he was in there. Jason just stood there, speechless. She looked down and saw a pair of white cotton panties in his hands. Jason didn’t even know he was still holding them as embarrassment overcame him. Jessica smiled a devilish grin, retrieving the blouse. She winked at Jason and closed the door to the closet without muttering a word to him. Mixed feelings of relief and confusion ran through Jason’s body.

“Was she going to tell Riley? What’s she up to?” he thought to himself. He continued to focus his gaze through the openings in the door as Riley emerged from the bathroom.

“Yeah that’s the one,” she commented as Jessica held the top against her body. Then Jessica shocked Jason, and started unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing. Jason’s eyes widened as Jessica stood facing him, knowing he was in there, and removed her shirt. Her white bra cupped her petite breasts firm in their place as they sat atop her flat toned stomach. Lingering for a while, Jessica finally slipped on the blouse turning to Riley who was sat on the edge of the bed.

“Told you it’d fit, looks nice too,” she commented as she admired her friend.

“Thanks for the borrow,” Jessica replied as she again disrobed in front of Jason, this time with her back to him.

“So where’s that hunky brother of yours?” Jessica asked, now just standing in her bra and jeans, as she further confused Jason with her questioning.

“Ha! Hunky?” Riley replied sarcastically, “He probably went over to one of his friend’s.”

“Why the laugh? Admit it or not, you have a fine piece of ass sleeping every night in the room next door,” Jessica insisted.

“Yeah but it’s my brother,” Riley protested.

“So you admit it, you think he’s hunky, you dirty slut,” Jessica teased.

“Ha ha, very funny Jess,” Riley replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Aw, so you’re telling me, that you wouldn’t like it if, on a lonely summer night, Jason came in your room with you sat on your bed like that, and walked up like this,” Jessica said in a sultry voice, as she walked over to Riley, stepping between her legs. “And just leaned in and did this,” Jess continued, leaning over, planting a kiss on Riley’s pouty lips. A sigh escaped one of the girls as they proceeded to make out as Jason felt his loins begin to stir. Jessica continued, “and pushed you back like this,” she said, shoving Riley down on the bed, straddling her waist as they continued to kiss. The two girls moved further up the bed as the lanky blonde rubbed one foot along Riley’s tanned leg. They slipped into

each other’s arms, as their lips met for a passionate kiss. Riley sighed and wrapped one long leg around

Jessica’s body. Jason stared in shock and excitement at the sight of his sister and her friend bahçelievler escort getting it on, knowing Jessica wanted him to see. The girls rolled around, now Riley was straddling Jessica.

“Ooo, is that what you would to do to Jason,” Jessica teased as Riley ignored her comment and continued darting her tongue into Jessica’s warm mouth. The girls allowed their hands to roam over each other’s bodies. Jessica’s hand found their way to Riley’s perfect little ass. The skirt was so breathtakingly short that it was easy for Jess’s hands to get under it. She slipped her hands under Riley’s panties and began to squeeze her delicate ass cheeks as Riley moaned into Jessica’s mouth. Another roll and Jessica was once again on top.

Meanwhile Riley’s hands had reached up to Jessica’s breasts. At first, she gently massaged them through her bra. Then, Jessica pulled her hands away from Riley’s ass and reached behind, unclasping her bra, letting it fall onto the bed. Her proud little breasts had hard pointy nipples begging for attention and that was exactly what they got from Riley who sat up slightly, and started to lick and suck Jessica’s right nipple. Jessica moaned as her nipples became harder at the warm touch of Riley’s moist tongue. After a couple minutes, Jessica pulled her tits away from Riley who now sat up bringing her face to face with Jessica. Jess grabbed Riley’s top and pulled it off her revealing her bare breasts.

“No bra? You whore!” Jessica teased as she raised a hand to her friend’s chest, groping her ample tits. By now, Jason’s shorts were again down to his ankles as he gently stroked his hardened cock. Riley leaned in and again began kissing Jessica. She lowered a hand to Jessica’s lap, picking at the button on her jeans, finally getting it undone. Jessica squirmed her body as Riley tugged on her jeans, pulling it off her, revealing no panties.

“Who’s the dirty slut now?” Riley joked. Jessica just smiled and unbuttoned Riley’s skirt, pulling it down along with her panties. Jason looked on as his sister’s shaved cunt was revealed to him, something he had never seen, but thought about many times before when pleasuring himself with her underwear. The two girls were now completely naked as they resumed kissing.

Their tongues danced together as they heatedly embraced one another, pressing their supple, young bodies together, their arms rubbing and touching all over each other. Jessica slithered her hands down Riley’s back and ran her finger along the crack of her ass. Riley moaned into her mouth and instinctively pressed her pelvis forward against her friend. Riley lowered her lips from Jessica’s and gently kissed and licked her neck, causing the blonde to moan, enjoying the feel of Riley’s heavier breasts pressing against her own. The room was silent except for the heavy sound of kissing and smacking lips. Riley then layed down her head on the pillow at the top of the bed sprawling her naked body out on the bed as Jessica started kissing on her neck all the way down. Jessica had reached all the way down to Riley’s legs as she continued planting soft kisses on her friend. She glided her hands up towards Riley’s V opening between her legs, her soft fingers delicately brushing against Riley’s calves, causing the brunette to moan with pleasure. Bringing her mouth closer to her sex, Riley shuddered as Jessica’s lips blew soft air against

her wet opening. When her mouth finally made contact on Riley’s sex, both girls trembled with pleasure. Riley gasped as she felt the first little bit of Jessica’s tongue touch her outer lips, which had

parted in arousal. Pushing her way slightly into the beautiful brunette’s pussy, Jessica licked and tasted each drop of moisture that leaked out from her cunt. The slurping, wet sound of her own pussy being sucked and licked turned Riley on to no end, and it wasn’t but a moment before she felt an orgasm start to build in her throbbing pussy. Pressing her hands hard against the bed, Riley threw her head back and cried out in bliss as Jessica caressed her clit with her tongue and flickered back and forth against her opening, the wet juices from within turning now into a constant stream of arousal.

“Oh shit Jess, lick me! Lick me, yes! Yes! Yes! Arrgggh, I’m going to cum,” Riley moaned.

“Do you wish this was Jason’s hard cock fucking you right now?” Jessica abruptly interrupted, putting a hold to Riley’s orgasm, which was just a second away.

“Oh fuck! Jess you bitch, yes I wish it was Jason!, Uhh, please JESS!!” Riley pleaded.

“Wish it was Jason what?” Jessica continued to tease.

“MHmmm, I wish Jason was fucking me!! with his hard cock!!” Riley cried, driving Jason insane as he heard this.

Jessica gave in, lowering her mouth back to Riley’s begging pussy.

“AAhhh!! God YES!!!!” Riley screamed as her body shivered, her pussy unleashing a flood of juice onto Jessica’s waiting tongue.

Jessica licked and drank in every drop that she could get. As her orgasm continued to rock her supple body, Riley whimpered bahçeşehir escort in pleasure, still reeling from the tonguing that Jessica was giving her. When it had finally subsided, Riley leaned her head back, panting heavily. Riley closed her eyes, her lips pursed in a blissful smile as she heard Jessica lick her lips clean of her juices. She opened her eyes to see Jessica leaning back, supporting her body by pressing her hands on the bed. Riley approached her,

“Payback’s a bitch babe,” she announced as she moved in.

Pouncing on Jessica, she pushed the blonde onto her back as Riley moved towards her mouth. The two girls kissed passionately, each passing the taste of Riley’s cunt back and forth between them, a taste that Riley found both pleasant and naughty at the same time. Riley’s hands were all over Jessica as she squeezed the girl’s smaller breasts, Riley’s own tits hanging down just a few inches away from Jessica’s chest. Riley lowered her hips against Jessica’s and the two of them brushed their pussies against one another, the wetness between the two more than enough to make the heated friction feel wonderful. Jessica’s legs parted wide for Riley as the brunette bent down and licked at Jessica’s nipples, holding each breast in her hand as she swayed her ass back and forth invitingly over Jessica. Patience was not one of Riley’s virtues, and she wasted no time in kissing her way down her friend’s stomach, pausing only for a moment to lick and tease Jessica’s belly button. Jessica took Riley’s head in her hands and stoked her hair as the brown eyed brunette moved down between Jessica’s trembling legs. Pressing her mouth on Jessica’s opening, the blonde took hold of Riley’s hair tightly and pulled just a little bit, not letting Riley go as the brunette went to work on her. Though she wasn’t the most experienced pussy licker in the world, Riley knew what a woman liked, and wasted no time in getting to it. Sliding a finger deep inside of Jessica, the blonde groaned and arched her back as Riley explored the hot depth of her sex. Riley kissed and caressed all around Jessica’s thighs, looking up at her friend for a moment. Their eyes met, and Jessica, through panting gasps, gave her friend one clear set of directions;

“Lick me Riley, fuck me with your tongue!” Jessica said.

Riley grinned devilishly and dove down between Jessica’s legs, placing her mouth right on the girl’s opening. Jessica screamed with pleasure as Riley drove her tongue deep inside her friend, flicking

and licking all of Jessica’s juices with her tongue. Riley found it a bit hard to breath between her legs, but she had found Jessica’s clit and knew that it would just be a matter of time till Riley’s own licking set her off. With another finger now added, Riley alternated between thrusting in and out of

Jessica and battering her clit with her soft tongue. Jessica’s ass rocked back and forth on the bed as she writhed around in pleasure.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Riley, fuck me good. I forgot how good you were!” Jessica screamed, leading Jason to deduce that this was not his sister’s first time with a girl. Jessica’s orgasm was dangerously close to starting. Jessica’s hips bounced up and down now, but Riley held on tight to her friend’s waist, her free hand rubbing and caressing the blonde’s tits as her friend drew closer and closer to orgasm. When Riley put her entire mouth over Jessica’s cunt and pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, it was over for Jessica. Riley drove her tongue in and out, her fingers working the inside of her cunt just

as deeply as her thumb brushed against Jessica’s clit. Moaning with enough volume to make the window next to them shake, Jessica screamed one final time before unleashing her juices onto Riley’s tongue. Riley was prepared for the sudden burst of female cum and opened her mouth wide to swallow as much of it as she could – and there certainly was a lot of it! The sweet nectar of Jessica’s orgasm was

like ambrosia to Riley’s tongue, as she couldn’t get enough of the wonderful taste. Cum flowing down the side of Riley’s own cheeks, the brunette squeezed Jessica’s tits as the girl bucked and bounced on her face, her overly aroused nipples just adding more peaks to Jessica’s orgasm. Riley continued to lick at Jessica until the girl finally calmed down, out of breath and panting, the last little bit of juice flowing

out of her and onto Riley’s tired but waiting tongue. Moving her head from between Jessica’s legs, Riley slid up Jessica’s body without a word and gently kissed the panting blonde on her lips, making sure her

friend could get a sampling of the wonderful taste that Riley had just enjoyed. The girls stayed on the bed together awhile before Jessica sat up and looked over to the closet.

“So Jason? Are you gonna stay in the closet whole day?” she asked, a look of confusion masking Riley’s face.

Slowly, the closet door opened and out stepped Jason, his hands covered in cum. A loud scream filled the room as Riley grabbed the sheets, covering bakırköy escort her nude body.

“Covers? He’s already seen you being eaten out!” Jessica laughed, “And by the look of his hands, looked like he enjoyed the show.”

“Is that right?” Riley queried, a sly grin spread across her face, “You naughty boy!”

Embarrassed, Jason placed his cum soaked hands behind him.

“Don’t be shy Jas, come sit here,” Jessica instructed. Jason obeyed, walking over and sitting on the bed next to the girls. Jessica took his hand in hers, and licked his fingers, tasting his juices.

“Yummy! Too bad you blew your load in there, I’d much rather have it in the back of my throat,” Jess joked. Riley just sat there.

“You better not tell anyone what you saw Jas,” Riley scolded.

“Aww Rie, don’t worry, Jason isn’t going to tell anyone, just like we’re not going to tell anyone he jerks of in you panties,” Jess comforted, as Riley looked up at Jason, shocked again.

“We’re all going to have a wonderful weekend,” Jess continued as she put her hand around Riley’s shoulder.

“Ok Jason, you can run along now, Riley and I are exhausted, we need a little nap,” Jessica said in a soft voice, nuzzling up to Riley. Jason took one more look at Riley who flashed him a quick smile before he left.

“You bitch, you could have told me,” Riley said.

“Where’s the fun in that Rie?” Jessica joked.

Jason didn’t see the girls for the rest of the evening. He went out and dropped off some overdue DVDs, just to get out of the house and have some time to think for himself. When he got back home, hours later, there was a half-eaten pizza in the kitchen and no one in sight. After Jason had a couple slices of pizza and ran through the cable channels numerous times, he decided to go upstairs, take a shower, and call it a night.

He walked passed Riley’s room to his bathroom. As he opened the door, he was stunned to see Jessica in there, nude, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jess, I should have knocked, I didn’t know someone was in there,” Jason apologized as he cowered his head, backing out of the bathroom.

“Don’t be silly Jason,” Jessica interrupted, “You don’t need to knock on your own bathroom door, I didn’t know when you were coming back, I was just gonna use the shower while Riley was in hers.”

“Sure, just let me know when you’re done,” Jason replied, facing the floor.

“Jason, you’ve already seen me naked, you don’t need to look away,” Jess comforted, “Now, were you going to take a shower as well?”

“Uh hmm,” Jason nodded as he let his eyes wander over Jessica’s body.

“Well, you could join me if you like,” she offered.

Jason’s face lit up, “Ok!” he eagerly responded, stepping into the bathroom. Jessica turned on the shower then turned her attention to Jason, helping him lift off his shirt, and lowering his shorts, noticing the bulge in his boxers. She pulled Jason’s boxers down to his ankles, his rigid cock bouncing as he stepped out of them. They stepped into the shower as Jason watched as Jessica’s blonde hair became wet, the cool water cascading all over her, soaking her nubile body. Being naked, he could not hide how hard he was, and Jessica took notice, smiling at him, putting her arms around his neck and stepping up to him. She brought her hand down and stroked his cock as she continued kissing him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He grabbed the soft, wet skin of her ass as they made out in the shower. Jessica broke the kiss and sunk to her knees as water poured down her back and shoulders. Jason’s hard cock was inches from her smiling face as she continued to stroke him, looking at it. She shoved it eagerly into her mouth. Jason moaned as her warmth engulfed his member in an instant. He placed his hand on Jessica’s wet hair, watching her lips glide up and down his cock. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and held it straight up as she lapped at his balls hungrily, sucking on them. Her hand stroked his cock as she licked all over his balls and his shaft. She stood up in front of him, smiling her beautiful smile.

“Mhmm, you taste nice, but I need to be fucked! It’s been ages since I’ve had a cock in me,” Jessica pleaded. Jason slipped his arms around Jessica’s soft, wet body, grabbing her ass. He kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth. They were both breathing heavily into each other’s mouths, pressing their wet bodies against one another. He broke the kiss spun her around. She bent over in front of him in the shower pressing her hands against the cold tiles.

He stood up behind her, his cock now harder than ever. He ran the tip of his cock down the crack of her wet ass, Jessica stayed bent over in front of him, heart pounding, eagerly anticipating.

He placed the tip of his engorged cock against the swollen lips of her cunt. He pushed forward and her lips parted, allowing him to slide all the way inside in one stroke.

“OHHH God! Fuck that feels good!” Jessica moaned as Jason cock slid into her. She pressed her ass back against him, trying to get him as deep in her as possible. Jason grabbed her hips and began to pump into her. His penis slid in and out of her pussy using long hard strokes. He was staring down at her beautiful ass as he fucked her; her cheeks were shaking with each impact, making slapping noises as his groin hit against her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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