Nephew’s Submission

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I had my nephew come and live with me for a while. He was studying at the university which is only a few miles from my home. I had been divorced for three years then and living alone was beginning to seem a little over-rated. I had had several lovers over the previous three years and had many more in the time before I was married but was in a period of self inflicted celibacy having sworn myself off men five months earlier after three guys in a row came with more baggage than I cared to accept. The celibacy was becoming hard to bear, I was finding myself increasingly horny over the last few years and not having an outlet was proving frustrating. I bought some bedroom toys and found myself trawling the internet porn sites a little more than I would care to admit.

My 19 year old nephew, Jamie, was the son of my oldest sister and 16 years younger than me. He had always been a cute kid although a little shy and unsure of himself. He had taken a year off to travel before coming to university and had done quite a lot of physical work which filled out his young body nicely, not that you would really know with the baggy clothes he wore. He moved in with a cheery smile, a bag of clothes and a box of books. We split the chores pretty evenly: I cooked, he washed up; I dusted, he vacuumed; I ironed, he did the rest of the laundry and so on. I charged him a low rent, only because he insisted, I didn’t need the money, my job as a legal assistant kept me more than comfortable.

Over the course of the first month he got more and more under my skin. We had a great friendship, he was witty and fun to be with, but it was his eagerness to please and his shyness that really got to me. He wasn’t obsequious, just eager. It soon became evident that he had a bad case of puppy love. He would do all I asked and more. He was obviously attracted to me and I have to say I found it flattering and the way he would sneak looks at me and feign innocence was arousing especially when he turned red when he knew I had caught him. I started making a little joke out of it by asking him “How do I look?” whenever I caught him. He would always make some eloquently amusing reply that would allow him to show his admiration without being brazen. Sometimes my used panties went missing from the laundry basket and reappeared hours later with fresh wet stains. The whole thing was getting quite out of hand.

It was a cold winter night and I was on the treadmill, running. I had gone to the pub with some of the office crowd after work and I had drunk a gin and tonic or three and now the evening would be shot if I didn’t burn some of it off. Jamie was in the living room watching a movie, something about the gods fighting to save the slaves. The nook with the treadmill is alongside the living room. I couldn’t see his face but I could see him in profile in the mirror hanging on the wall behind him. He could see me and he was not doing a good job of focusing on the movie. We chatted a little, mainly about the movie and the plot, but I started to get out of breath and wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation. I noticed he had been watching me solidly in the silence and his hand was moving in his crotch. He undoubtedly thought I couldn’t see him as he watched me. I looked down at my body, pretty good for 35, tanned and slick with a sheen of sweat, clothed only in hot pick lycra short shorts a sports bra top and a pair of running shoes. I was pleased with what I saw. I watched him for a minute or so then said: “How do I look?”

“Like one of the mecidiyeköy escort goddesses.” He replied jovially, making light of the predicament he was in. I saw his neck colour deep red and he turned back to the movie, watching solidly, his hand stopping its motion. The reaction I had on him was such a joy to behold, I loved the feeling it gave me.

I didn’t reply, just mulled over his words as I continued my workout. Goddess, he had said. Something about that level of adoration from him was extremely erotic and even through my exercise I could feel my body respond to that.

A few more minutes passed, my alcohol fueled mind whirring with the possibilities, my body working harder on the treadmill to try and combat the increased sexual thrill I was feeling. It became all the harder when I noticed him turn his head again.

“How did you say I looked?” I asked, dipping my head down so that I could look him in the eye. He flushed immediately, lifting his eyes from my body to my face.

“Like a goddess.” He replied, with a hoarse catch in his voice. He had obviously been thinking about the implications of what he had said too.

I slowed my pace and stepped off the treadmill. “Say it again!” I said, this time with a little catch in my own voice.

“Like a goddess.” I slowly walked towards him, my eyes on his hot red face. His eyes were drinking me in but avoiding eye contact. My body was thrilling with desire; the power I seemed to have over him was intoxicating.

“Say it again.” I stopped beside the sofa, my sweat beaded torso level with his eyes.

“Like a goddess.” He repeated quietly, as if he didn’t know whether he was right to say it or not.

“What does that make you?” I asked softly.

“Slave.” His admission was so soft and submissive that I moaned involuntarily.

“Who’s slave?” I asked quietly


Ohhhhhhh, fuck. I felt his response all the way from my brain to my pussy, the thrill of ownership was immense.

“This could be your time to show homage, slave.” I said quietly, not trusting my own voice.

He wavered. I couldn’t see his face but I could feel it in him, hesitation, and doubt. I reached down and ran my hand through his thick hair, pulling his face gently to my sweat slicked stomach. He kissed me and the touch sent a thrill through me so erotic that I could feel my thighs clench and my pussy moisten. His lips moved across the flat soft surface sending pulse after pulse through me. I pushed his head lower and I groaned as his face met first my mound then the outline of my hot sweat slicked pussy lips. Inexperienced though her was, I felt his tongue lap at my pussy through the thin lycra of my shorts and my hips ground back to meet him. I looked down at him through glazed eyes as I saw his hand leave his cock tenting up in his sweat pants. His hands reached up and caressed the sides of my legs, up and around, caressing the slick backs of my thighs up to my buttocks. My body was wracked with desire, I felt more turned on than ever before. I was swimming in a pool of desire so deep, I could barely breathe.

With all my strength of will, I pulled back from the brink. I held his head in my hands tipping it up and away from my desperate pussy. Looking him in the face I asked: “Are you sure?”

He looked up at me, ready to reply but I cut him off. “I can teach you and we can explore together, but you will need to obey me completely. You can be mine, but only if you give me nişantaşı escort everything, all of you, it’s all or nothing, do you understand?”

“Yes.” He replied, quietly.

“So are you sure you want to carry on?”

“Yes.” He repeated, quietly but insistently.

I pushed him back across the sofa and followed him onto it, kneeling above him. I straddled his face and I sank down onto him as he in turn lifted up to kiss my swollen lips. The pressure from his mouth through the lycra was intense and brought a cry from my inner self, a deep need for relief. I reveled in the thrill of it, from the whelling desire. I lifted slightly, slipping the crotch of my shorts to the side, freeing the slick wet lips of my sex for his mouth.

“Lick all the way up between my lips, all the way up to my clit.” I instructed him as I lowered myself back down onto his face. I felt his tongue begin to explore me. I moaned and writhed above him as his eager tongue slid up and down the length of my pussy lips, focusing automatically on my clit as he felt my response. I groaned and gasped as he began an earnest assault of his flickering tongue on my clit, a huge wave building inside me. I looked down at his face buried between my thighs, felt his hands cupping and caressing my buttocks. I ran my hands over my breasts tormenting and teasing my nipples, pinching and pulling at them as his tongue drove me wild bellow. “I own him. He’s mine” I thought as the pleasure cascaded over me, making me cry out in ecstasy. Wave after wave crashed through me as I writhed down onto his face, completely lost in wild abandon.

I rocked above him, riding out every last drop of pleasure from the aftershocks. He continued licking and lapping at my clit until I raised my hips slightly, taking my sex out of reach of his greedy tongue.

I reached behind me, feeling his cock encased in his baggy sweats. He was hard and a nice size. Mmmmmmmm! I felt myself respond again.

“Take these off.” I ordered, and then laughed inwardly as he desperately tried to remove them without getting up from his prone position. Lowering myself again so that all he could reach was the lower limits of my lips. He lapped at them and the gentle sensations began to stir me once again, building more pleasure inside me.

He managed to get the sweat pants off and I reached back again. Oh, my! How incredibly hot and hard he was. My body went into overdrive again as I stroked the thick intense heat of him. He was already close to his own orgasm, his young inexperienced body unable to hold back from the onslaught after the teasing he had been giving himself. My pussy wanted him inside, was aching for him from the moment my hand went around him. I stroked up and down his length, thrilling at the urgent pulse in his hips. I heard him moan into my pussy, felt the vibration of his mouth on my sweet sex as he felt his own impending release. I lowered myself to let his tongue flick my greedy clit again and I reveled in the ecstasy as the two met and his eager caresses began again. His hips jerked up into my fist, desperate for release as my strokes slowed, sidetracked by the sensations from my pussy. Coming back to myself I stroked him faster and harder and was rewarded with a gasp of pure pleasure from between my thighs. I moderated my strokes, keeping him close but not slipping over the edge of his orgasm, my hand becoming slick with precum and the oozings of his desperately palpitating flesh. The realisation of the power otele gelen escort I held over him only helped to build my orgasm closer and closer to the brink until I took my hand off him completely and he bucked wildly below me, his hips desperate to make contact with my caresses. His groans of desperate disappointment pushed me over the edge and I crashed wildly over, my pussy mashing down onto his mouth and chin, my body heaving above him as the white heat of orgasm blinded me.

I rode it out, thrilling at the power and the desire it built in me. My body slowing as he continued to kiss and caress my pussy with his mouth and tongue regardless of the lack of release I had given him. I slid down his body and blew on his hot hard cock with my mouth. I felt his hands stroke through my hair and I looked at him.

“Put your hands above your head and leave them there. If I feel them on me again, I will stop what I am doing and leave you. Understood?”

“Yes.” His hands were immediately off me.

“Good.” I said, stroking his cock slowly with my fingertips. “”Yes” is the only response I want to hear from you. “No” is not an option for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” he moaned, his hips writhing upwards, seeking more pressure, more pleasure.

“”Please” is the only thing you can say that will bring your orgasm closer. You will ask me for permission before you cum. From now on, you will ask me before you cum every time. This is my cock now, not your own. You will ask permission. Do you understand?” I held him firmly, lowering my tongue to lap across the taught skin of the cockhead, tickling the sensitive spot below it.

“Yes.” He gasped in an unspoken plea for release.

“Yes, what?” I asked him with another lash of my tongue across his desperate throbbing flesh.

“Yes, please.” He groaned

I stroked him with short gentle strokes, feeling his cock swelling. I took the head of his cock between my lips and sucked gently, taking just the head in and out of my lips, controlling it all with my hand. “And again!” I ordered, lifting my mouth off him.

“Pleeeasse!” He gasped. My hand stroked him faster, more vigorously, the thumb rubbing across that sweet spot below the head. He was panting, moaning below me. is hips rocking up to meet every stroke. A lovely quivering mass of man flesh entirely given up to me.

“And Again!” I instructed with barely contained glee.

“Pleeeeeasse!” He implored with no hesitation.

My hand, slick with the combination of my saliva and his juices, slid with quick rapidity up and down his glistening shaft. I watched in delight as his whole body jerked and he gave himself up to huge panting, gasping moans of release. Cum pulsed up through the thick hot hard length of him, shot out of the head in long creamy ropes, landed in sticky warm strands across his stomach and chest. I stroked him fast and hard, draining every drop of his cum, watching in fascination at the release he enjoyed.

He came down slowly, my hand still gently stroking him, eking out every last drop, before playing my fingers through the strands and pools of cum on his tight teenage belly. I licked a finger, savouring the tangy, salty taste of him. I met his gaze, a dirty thought passing through me.

“This cum is mine too. That is why you must ask permission before giving it up.” I said, trying to sound authoritative. “Someday I’ll show you how good it tastes!”

I whirled my finger in more of the gooey mess, then cleaned it showily with my tongue. More dirty thoughts were cascading through my head, she possibilities were endless, he was so wonderfully obedient and so damnedly gorgeous. I played in the mess with my fingers, silently weighing up the options for the rest on the night. Then I stood up. “I’m going to have a shower. You get cleaned up. We have much to do!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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