Neighborhood Watch

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Dave had moved into his current house five years ago after his divorce. He was 40 years old, almost 6 feet tall, and a fit 200 lbs. Since his divorce he had dated several women, Linda was his current girlfriend of three months. The house he lived in looked identical to every other house in his neighborhood, nice front and back yards but small side yards that were only about 20 feet between houses. The builder however still allowed some privacy as he only placed windows on the front, back, and South side each house. Dave’s house was in the middle of the block with the Cline’s on one side of him and the Parker’s on the other.

Kimberly Cline and her husband Chad were a young couple with a three year old son. They lived on the South side of Dave. Kimberly was a stay at home mom, very sweet and outgoing. Dave treasured her as a neighbor due to her sunny friendly personality, although her pretty face, red hair, slim tight body, and huge DD breasts were quite pleasant to look at too. Chad was an average looking twenty-something workaholic who never seemed to appreciate his gem of a wife. Dave envied him.

Jim and Tina Parker lived on the other side of Dave’s house. They were a friendly couple with two lovely children, Megan and Jeremy. Jim was 44, 5’9″ 175 lbs, and an avid runner. Tina was 41, 5’4″, 135lbs dark brown hair, trim body, and 38C breasts that were proportioned just right for her body. Dave felt as though he had watched Megan and Jeremy grow up as they were now 20 and 18 respectively. Megan was slightly taller than her mother but inherited the same great body just packaged tighter. She had straight blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. Jeremy was 5’10” and just over 200lbs. He was an athletic kid who played every sport he could and looked as though he could have any girl he wanted.

Thursday: 9:30pm

The phone rang at Dave’s house and seeing the number was Linda’s he answered.

“Hi Linda.”

“Hi Hon, are you busy?” She asked

“No, I was just watching the ball game, so what do you need?” He knew she always wanted something when the conversations started with “are you busy”.

“My nephew Drew is going camping tomorrow and wanted to borrow a camp cook stove, I told him that you had one and I would ask you if he could borrow it.”

Dave reluctantly replied “Yes, he can borrow it. It is in the attic but I will have it ready for him to pick up tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you Dave, maybe I will show you my appreciation this weekend.” She said seductively.

“Is that a promise?” He hopefully asked.

“Uh-Huh, you just wait and see. BEEP, Hon my mom is trying to cut in on call waiting; I will talk to you tomorrow. Love you, bye.” Linda said as she answered the other call.

Dave decided he had better go find the camp stove, so he opened the door to the attic and climbed up the steps. He reached for the string hanging from the light fixture istanbul rus escort and pulled. The light flashed and then went dark.

“Damn light bulb, well I change it later.” He grumbled.

Fortunately the bright full moon shining in through the attic vent allowed Dave to make his way to the North side of the attic where he quickly found the stove with the camping equipment stored just below the attic vent. As Dave raised his head he noticed while looking through the attic vent, that a light went on next door in an upstairs bedroom of the Parker house. He moved closer to the vent to get a better view. The Parkers never bothered to close the curtains on this bedroom since it was impossible for anyone to peer inside, after all Dave did not have windows on that side of the house.

Dave noticed Tina Parker enter the room and immediately pull her top over her head. He quickly opened a storage tote marked “hunting equipment” and began to search. Dave found what he was looking for…binoculars. Using the binoculars Dave peered into the Parker’s bedroom. Tina was now only wearing a pair of red panties, her tits were round and full, her pink nipples were hard, and she was laughing. Dave could see Jim Parker in the room without a shirt on and walking toward Tina.

The Parkers embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Tina broke off the kiss, dropped to her knees, and unfastened Jim’s pants. Jim’s semi erect cock sprang out as she removed his pants. Tina placed her fingers in a semi circle at the base of his cock and began to lick up and down the shaft. Dave could see her glance up at her husbands face and while looking him in the eyes she slowly placed her mouth over his cock. Without ever breaking eye contact she pulled his cock into her mouth deeper until he could go no further. Tina effortlessly deep-throated her husband.

Dave used one hand and released his own hardening cock from its confinement and began to slowly stroke it.

Tina continued to suck her husbands cock until he reached down, pulled her up to his face and kissed her hard. Jim lowered her to the edge of the bed, pulled off her panties revealing a slender patch of dark brown pubic hair. He stepped toward Tina spread her legs, kneeled down and began to lick her inner thighs. Her hands went to the back of his head and pulled his tongue toward her waiting pussy. Jim buried his face in her warm snatch. Dave could see Tina breathing heavier. She took one of her hands and began to rub her tits and pinch her own nipples. Soon her back arched as she instinctively tried to push Jim away but he held her in place and continued to bring her to a well deserved climax. Dave could barely hear her voice as she screamed with pleasure.

Jim stood up and pulled Tina’s sloppy wet pussy to his rock hard cock and began to push his large cock in slowly. Jim fucked his wife slowly at first then kadıköy escort began to speed up.

Dave then had a brilliant idea. He reached into the tote again and found an old rifle scope. He looked through the scope and turned up the magnifying power to zoom in even closer.

Dave could now clearly see Jim’s cock fucking Tina’s pussy as if they were only a foot or so away. Jim now backed up and removed his cock. Tina got up, turned around and bent over the side of the bed. Jim stepped forward and again began fucking his wife. Dave noticed that now Jim was using his finger to rub Tina’s asshole. Jim pushed his index finger into Tina’s asshole up to the knuckle. Dave went back to the binoculars and could see Tina arch up in ecstasy. Jim began to thrust into Tina with more power, and he began to arch his own back. Dave knew he was going to cum. Jim shoved his finger all the way into Tina’s ass as he pumped his seed deep into her pussy. Tina was arched up, mouth wide open with a silent scream. Then she just collapsed forward onto the bed removing her husband’s cock from her pussy.

Dave continued to watch the couple as he furiously pumped his own cock. He could feel his own cum rise within him as he emptied his balls onto the attic wall.

Dave watched as Jim exited the bedroom into what Dave knew was the bathroom. While he was in there he noticed Tina reach down between her legs and wipe her slit with her fingers. She then brought the same fingers to her mouth and sucked them dry.

A car door shut outside somewhere and Dave looked down to see Megan returning home.

“If only she knew what her parents were up to.” Dave thought to himself.

Dave again returned his attention to the bedroom where he saw Jim return to the room and Tina get up, grab some clothes and a towel. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Jim still nude lay on the bed, grabbed the TV remote and turned on the television. Dave was just about to put the binoculars down when he saw the bedroom door open again. Megan stood in the doorway looking at her naked father. Jim made no effort to cover himself then said something to Megan that made her smile. Megan walked over toward the bathroom door and placed her ear against it as she held her finger up toward her father. Megan then walked over to the bed where Jim lay and grabbed her father’s cock.

Dave was stunned. He never imagined this. Megan then bent down and began sucking her dad’s limp cock back to life. Jim reached out to fondle his daughter’s tit through her shirt. After a minute or so, Megan stood up and removed her shirt and bra very quickly. Dave could not help but ogle the young girl’s pink puffy areoles on the full perfectly shaped breast. Megan reached behind her and dropped her skirt to the floor. At first Dave thought she was wearing tan panties but soon realized that young Megan’s pussy was completely kartal escort shaved. She walked close to her father who bent down and licked his daughter’s pussy. Megan shoved her father away and then climbed onto the bed and straddled her father’s cock.

Dave grabbed the scope again to get a closer view. He saw Megan well manicured fingers guide her fathers cock into her bald pink pussy. Megan rocked slowly on her father and then sat her pussy all the way down to completely engulf her fathers cock.

Jim sat up and reached his hand around his daughter’s ass to assist her in riding his tool. He began rubbing her asshole just like he did with Megan’s mother only a short while before. Megan reached back and grabbed her fathers hand and helped him shove his finger into her ass.

Dave began stroking his hardening cock again.

Megan suddenly lifted off of her father got up walked to the night stand, opened a drawer, and pulled out a condom and lubricant. She then walked back to her father and placed the condom on his stiff cock. She climbed back on him and squeezed some lubricant onto his cock and her fingers. Megan then placed her lubricated fingers in her ass. She then lowered her ass down onto her fathers cock. Slowly she allowed his cock to penetrate her hole. Jim began to thrust his cock slowly in and out of his daughter’s anus going deeper each time. Soon Megan slammed her body down thrusting her fathers cock as deep into her ass as it would go. The pace quickened between father and daughter. Dave switched back to the binoculars in time to see Tina, still naked, walk up beside her daughter and fondle Megan’s tits.

Dave could not believe his eyes or his luck. Mom was not only aware of the incest but was a participant.

Megan turned and took Tina’s nipple into her mouth. Megan suddenly began to shake, she leaned forward, she stiffened and screamed so loud that Dave could hear her clearly shout “Yes, daddy, yes!”

Jim continued to fuck his daughter’s ass and then as Megan was regaining her composure he made motion to her. Both Megan and her mother went to their knees on the floor as Jim climbed off the bed, removed the shiny condom and held his cock over their faces. Mother and daughter were cheek to cheek with mouths open as Jim unloaded his cum onto their faces and onto their tongues. Tina and Megan then turned to each other and licked the others face clean.

Dave sat down the binoculars and concentrated his own masturbation. Again he stroked himself as he closed his eyes and pictured the events that had burned images into his mind. Soon he sprayed another load of cum onto the attic wall.

When Jim opened his eyes looked though the vent and saw Megan’s perfect ass walk out the bedroom door and then the bedroom went dark except for the glow of the television. Dave grabbed the camp stove and went back downstairs.

He did not know how he would be able to talk to Jim and Tina again without letting on that he knew their secret. He did however know he would be spending a lot of time in the attic. Dave decided to turn in for the night. As he lie there in bed he decided that after Drew picked up the camp stove the next day, Dave would go purchase a camcorder.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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