Naughty Grandpa Ch. 5

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Laryssa is bright and perky in the morning. Barefoot and dressed in a terry towel robe she clatters around in the kitchen making me coffee and chattering away nineteen-to-the dozen. I am beginning to think that she has forgotten her ‘threat’ from last night, when she suddenly stops what she is doing and comes around the counter to where I am sat on the same stool as Jim was yesterday afternoon. I am still wearing my ‘sleep shorts’, but otherwise I may as well be naked.


Laryssa winds against me seductively and rubs her boobs against my arm. The robe parts slightly at her chest, showing me that she is wearing nothing underneath – on her top half, anyway. My half-dormant manhood starts surging to attention.

“Yes, Sweetheart…”

“You know what I said last night? About…you know…?”

“How could I ever forget…?”


“It’s ok, honey, you don’t have to follow through…we were both ‘flying high’ when you said it…”

“Oh! But I want to! The trouble is, I don’t know how…!”

I bring her around in front of me to stand in between my open thighs. I hold her close. The erection inside my shorts finds the in her robe gap below the tie and presses up against her belly. “Oh, my sweet darling! I didn’t consider that…I am sorry…”

She can feel my hard heat and nestles up to it. “Will you teach me, Grandpa…please?”

“Of course…”

“Tell me what to do first…”

She knows that she has to release my cock from its prison, but Laryssa is playing the total innocent, and thus doubling my excitement.

“You have to get my willie out of my shorts first, “ I murmur hotly in her ear.

Her fingers find the base of my shaft and grip me, “Just get it out? Or should I pull your shorts all the way down?”

“Whichever you want to do, Sweetheart…”

“I think we will take them right off…”

My little angel is in too much of a hurry to want to fool around with buttons!

In an instant, I am indeed naked. Laryssa takes hold of me with both hands and tucks me back under her robe. I catch a glimpse of her dark bush. She is completely nude under there. Rubbing me slowly from side to side over her soft belly, she asks, “What next, Grandpa?”

“If you don’t stop doing that, my lovely, there is only one ‘next’ that’ll happen!”

“Ooooooo! I’m sorry! We can’t have that can we!” Laryssa brings my shaft back into the open air. A tiny frown wrinkles her brow, “But your willie felt really lovely against my tummy…can we play doggies again later, Grandpa?”

The question nearly flips me out, causing my cock to leap in her fingers. “Oooooo! Good!” she murmurs with a delighted smile.

Sat on the stool, I am I few inches too high for Laryssa to reach me without straining her neck. The hard wooden kitchen floor will be tough on her knees as well. Therefore, somewhat shakily, I tell her that we should go into the lounge. She leads me there, holding on to my cock as if it is a leash. As soon as I am sat in ‘my’ armchair, Laryssa casts off the robe and drops to her knees at my feet, pushing my legs apart in the same movement. With a wicked smile, the teasing little minx rubs her gorgeous pert boobs all over my belly and, of course, my straining tool.

“Does this feel nice, Grandpa?”

“Too nice…!” I croak.

“Oh, I’d better stop then.” She kisses me, lightly flicking her tongue over my lips, “But before Mom and Daddy get home, Grandpa, I want rub your willie all over me like that and make you to cum on my breasts. Do we have a date?”

My granddaughter is nearly too much for me again, but I regain control and topkapı escort manage to tell her, “Y-Y-Yes!”

I have to stop Laryssa from teasing me any further. My balls feel so full they are liable to burst at any second. So, I gently take hold of the sides of her head in both hands and hold her still. She stares into my eyes seriously for a few moments, then nods her head fractionally. “I can find my own way, Grandpa, but you will have to tell me what to do when I get there.”

She licks my nipples, then kisses her way down my chest and over my belly. Holding me with her fingers, Laryssa studies my cock from all angles. I have been leaking pre-cum since she first snuggled up to me in the kitchen and its glistening trail streaks my crown and the length of my shaft. She bends her neck. For an instant I think she is going to take me in her mouth, but then the feather touch of her breath on my skin tell me that she is merely scenting me.

“Lick it…like a lollipop…” I beg her.

I feel her tongue flicker over the head, under the ridge and against my glans. “Like this?” she asks.


She licks and kisses all the way down to my balls. She twirls the tip of her tongue in among my hairs then looks up to me with a smile. Your pre-cum gets everywhere, Grandpa, and it tastes quite salty.”

“You don’t like the taste then?”

“Ooooo, yes!”

Another droplet of pre-cum emerges from my ‘eye’, “There’s some more up here,” I tell her.

Laryssa picks it up delicately on the tip of her tongue and gives me another winning smile.

“Take me in your mouth!” I breathe.

“How far in?”

“As far as you want!” I moan.

“Do I suck you?”

“You can…some men liked to be sucked really hard, but I prefer it soft and gentle…and lick me with your tongue while you have me inside!”

Wet warmth encloses me and I gasp with pleasure. Laryssa’s wriggling tongue sends shooting sparks of electricity though my groin. She raises her head and surveys the spittle-glistening, bulging purple-red results of her handiwork. “It doesn’t really taste of anything!” she observes in a surprised tone. “Except when some of your pre-cum comes out…am I doing it right?

“Simply amazing, my darling, just amazing! If you want, you can run your fingers up and down me. And you can take me deep and run your lips back up to the head and so on. Do whatever comes into your mind, I will enjoy it all!”

I sit back and let Laryssa experiment, and I relish ever second! From time to time, I have to stop her for a few moments because I am too close to cumming. She likes that because there is lots more pre-cum to taste afterwards when I get her to resume.

Laryssa undoes me totally when she starts to take me really deep then withdraws with her lips circled around my shaft and head until she is completely clear of me, before going back down again with a wide open mouth. She is just like a kid sucking the ice cream from a cone so that it stands up in a high point. It is when her lips begin their upward journey for the umpteenth time, that the first cum-shocks hit me.

“I’m going to cum! Move away!”

Laryssa shakes her head. Her tongue caressing across my glans destroys any faint hope that I will be able to stop my explosion. And when the pounding flood bursts from me, Laryssa does not swallow, allowing the excess to dribble from the corners of her lips and down the sides of her chin. I suddenly realise that she is gently cupping my balls in stilled concentration at the convulsions happening in the musty, sweaty area of my tuzla escort crotch just behind my nuts. Finally, she swallows what she has in her mouth and sucks gently on me again.

A second wave of shocks hits me, making me cry out. She looks up with startled eyes and asks if she has hurt me. I tell her, “No, my sweet, far from it. It feels so intensely good, it is almost too much to handle.”

With a happy little sigh, Laryssa lowers to me again, and works on me with her mouth until the final, faintest of spasms are gone and my manhood is rapidly shrinking. When she kneels upright to ask me, “Did I do ok? I loved the taste of your cum and the way it shot into my mouth!”

I draw her too me and kiss her lips. Her breath smells of sperm and her mouth tastes of it too. “That was the best I have ever had,” I say and thank her with another kiss.

“Surely you have had others better at it than me…?”

“It was my best ever because it was you…”

“Thank you Grandpa!” Laryssa is brimming over with happiness.

I run my hands down the smooth planes of her back. I cup and gently fondle her exquisite buns. I slide my hand around to her tummy and slip underneath to investigate the wetness between her legs, and find that she is almost overflowing. I press my morning-stubble cheek to the petal softness of hers and whisper, “Shall we play doggies?”

“Now? So soon after…?”

“Right now!”

She giggles wickedly, “Well, the Naughty Old Doggie will have to catch me first!” And then she squirms out of my clasp and runs from the room.

What follows next is a laughing, shrieking, madcap tumble over every room in the house. My cock surges hard again, bouncing like a fleshy staff in front of me as I chase after her flying smooth limbs and curvaceous naked form. Panting with wild excitement, Laryssa lets me catch her, lets me take a breast in my mouth, lets me jiggle my tongue between the cheeks of her bottom, and lets me bury my nose and tongue in the spice flowing, juicy folds of her pussy. But, whenever I flip her over onto her hands and knees to mount her from the rear in the way she loves the little witch scrambles away from me and the hunt starts all over again.

At last, I corner her in her parents’ room, on their bed, up against the headboard. There is no escape now. Laryssa’s chest heaves as she gulps in huge draughts of air. Her eyes sparkle like sapphires. The flush on her cheeks extends down over the hillocks of her pert little breasts. She eyes my rock hard shaft as it waves just inches from her face. With her mouth open wide, she dives towards it. For an instant, I think she aims to take me in her mouth again, but then I realise that this is only a feint. Laryssa is trying to get away from me once more!

I allow her to get halfway past then grab her by the ankle. She falls onto her face and shrieks her disappointment, “No Grandpa! The game’s over!”

I cover her with my body, not pressing hard enough to crush her, but with enough force to pin her down. My cock nestles between the lovely globes of her ass and up her spine. “Are you sure?” I growl gruffly, rubbing my abdomen against her deliciously firm buns.

“Yes, it’s finished…let me up please.”

I ease myself off my granddaughter’s back onto my hands and knees. Of course, I will not force her.

Laryssa gets to her hands and knees below me. I detect the smile and the lust in her voice at the same instant as I feel her fingers grasp my throbbing shaft and direct me into her hot, wet entrance to her channel, “Don’t fuck me Grandpa! Don’t shove your pendik escort big hard willie up into little Laryssa’s tiny little kitty!”

I don’t get a chance to not shove my ‘big hard willie’ into her, because Laryssa impales herself and thrusts rhythmically back against me.

Laryssa carries one of my hands to her breasts, “No, no! Don’t hold and squeeze my little titties like that, Grandpa! It’s very naughty!”

I take hold of her soft little boobs in both hands and do what she ‘doesn’t want’ while I respond to her squirming thrusts with lunges of my own.

Laryssa gasps and moans beneath me, “Oh stop it, Grandpa! I don’t like you moving your willie in and out of my cunt like that!” Then after two or three minutes, I feel her fingers at the base of my shaft, pressing her pubis down on me so that my thrusts rub me against her clit, and I hear, “Nooooo! I’m not going to! No stop! No! Laryssa isn’t…isn’t going to…Cuuuuuuummmm!”

I join her howl of pleasure with a coughing cry of my own. Violent, climaxes wrack us both, binding us in a storm of ecstasy. When I finally come to my senses, I find that I have lifted Laryssa completely up off the counterpane, clasped by her breasts and speared on my still pounding shaft!

I lower up both gently to the bed, holding her ‘spooned’ to my pelvis, with my manhood still buried inside her. Faintly, I hear my granddaughter begging me to stay, “As long as you can…and if you can, Grandpa, do it again…!”

Laryssa orgasms again, but not tempestuously this time, before I soften completely and slip out of her. Then, with lustrous eyes, she turns over and wraps herself around me before dropping off into a gentle doze.

The old hag in the lingerie store can hardly contain her disapproval. ‘Just fancy, an old man like that buying such a pretty young thing underwear!’ And when Laryssa bounces out of the dressing room to show me the matching primrose bra and panties she is trying on, the old dear almost has the vapours. Also, in the background, I hear a muffled male exclamation of “Jesus Christ!” followed by a shrill female voice saying, “Arthur! Don’t stare like that!”

After my granddaughter’s eighth appearance in increasingly scanty and transparent scraps of silk and cotton, the assistant is red-faced and sweating. Whether it is with discomfort or desire, I dare not hazard a guess! There is a growing crowd of gaping males jostling for a view through the store window as well.

Laryssa thinks it all is a great joke. Her coup de grace is a stage whisper promising me ‘a real fashion show when we get home’.

I am mesmerised by her beauty. In all I buy her five sets of underwear, all of them her choice, all of them very plain, and all of them very expensive. Laryssa chooses no ‘sexy’ thongs and no ‘boosters’ to make her appear more than she really is. And, consequently, I love her even more for her honesty. As soon as we reach home, she displays herself to me in her new finery; modestly at first with eyes downcast, but then with increasing exuberance, showing me all of her youthful charms in the dance exercises I was too afraid to stay and watch at her class just a few days earlier.

Clad in the final, jet black bra and panty set, my granddaughter drops to her knees before me. She unleashes my rampant manhood and with both soft hands brings me to a wildly spurting release. Pearly white globules splatter the fine black cotton that covers her breasts before she ducks her head and draws the final droplets from my body. Then when I enquire, she laughs with delight and tells me not to worry; she always washes new clothes properly before wearing them for the first time.

In the afternoon, we take Boney for a long walk and then shop for our dinner. Just before six o’clock, Laryssa takes a shower and then sends me to do the same with the promise of ‘a nice surprise’ when I return.

And quite a surprise it is!

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